Day 023: Training Tinkering And Talking
Summary: Shi, Reno, and Max discuss Gideon's training, Reno's tinkering, and the offer from the Grounders.
Date: 13 June 2016
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The Delinquent Camp
May 21, 2149 (23 Days After Landing)

Max has been hunting alone lately, attempting to skirt Grounders and catch small game when he can, but today he didn't go out. Instead, he goes looking for Reno, who he hasn't seen since he came back from the disastrous second dropship crash that landed it on Thripoda and the attack that had happened on the camp. Despite being the elder of the two by a year, he's a couple of inches shorter than his younger brother. Coming up behind him, he claps a hand lightly on his shoulder and says, "Hey. Whatchya workin' on?"

Reno was sitting on a metal box and hunched over a makeshift desk. He had a bruise under one eye and a scratch up one forearm, and likewise, seemed to think nothing of it. At the familiar voice the nebbish, diligent engineer looked up. His blonde hair was a bit unkempt and he was a bit in need of a nap and a shave. Reno was eyeballs deep into some project that has kept his fascination for longer than recommended, but that's how he was. He just sort of went until he stopped. A finger pushed his glasses back up his nose and a lopsided grin formed welcoming his brother back. A screwdriver was used to gesture at what might be broken radio parts. "Trying to see if we can't get the radio working if I can salvage pieces and make a mag coupling out of it. Trying to figure out a small portable stovetop for those that go hunting." Because it's never occurred to him to rub two sticks together. He doesn't know sticks, he knows wires.

It is towards the two brothers that an unusual sight appears, it's Shi, that is not odd, but it's Shi in very dirty clothing, with a rip along her leg, splitting the pants down the side, waddling on one foot, a boot in one hand, and dried blood running in her white hair and along her forehead. She is muttering towards herself and not looking at anyone, or anything for the moment.

Max squints at what it is that Reno is working on and nods a bit. He has a passing familiarity with electronics, enough that he points out a wire that seems to have come loose on one end, but beyond that his brother is far more the mechanical type. He grins a bit then and says, "Can't have too many radios but uh, …" You know what, he doesn't bother to mention rubbing two sticks together. Instead, he just gives Reno's shoulder a squeeze. He seems happy and absorbed and that's what matters. Glancing over at the movement out of the corner of his eye, he nods to Shi, and then double-takes and raises an eyebrow "Hey… come here and let me take a look at that." Because blood.

Reno has been slowly refinding his purpose, even if he overthinks things. The lopsided grin grew a bit at his brother's approval. They've slowly been catching up, and the years of learning things in the dark seem to be paying off at least. When Max addressed someone else his attention looked up curiously, and as if part of his expression, his glasses slid halfway down the bridge of his nose while one eyebrow shot up. Shi! wait… he squints and headtilts "Shi?" Hey he knew SOME people. Confusion and situation caught up and he finally realized oh hey, she's not in the greatest of shape. The expression on the younger, taller brother melted to one of concern. "Wow are you alright? I mean you're ambulatory but did the ground eat you?"

Shi pauses at the voice and slowly looks up, when she sees Max and then Reno, she pales a little, if it is possible for the tiny girl to become more pale. But she sighs and squares those tiny shoulders as she very carefully makes her way over towards the pair. "The ground, Cameron, practice blade, some chick I don't know. I can go on." Her voice is husky and tired and so very embarrassed as she wobbles and comes to lean her tiny form against the desk that Reno has made. She at least still smells good, that hasn't changed, even if she is clearly dirty and by the looks sunburned as well, she's lost her hood.

Max leans over to take a look at her head and asks, "You hurt anywhere else?" Once he's done taking a look at the injury, he says, "Should be okay. Just keep it clean. Doesn't look deep at all." He then leans back a bit to give her space again, not seeming intent on embarrassing her further.

Reno blinked and didn't really know what to say. No one was freaking out and he wasn't about to start making it a problem. The concern was there though in the furrow of his brow. Remembering finally, he shoved a finger up the bridge of his nose to poke his frames back up there. In an effort to keep things casual he offered to her, "Well, when they said they were going to test dirt samples… Well I applaud you for putting your heart and soul into it. Ya know. For science and all. Oh!" He winced and stood up, and gestured to the box he was sitting on feeling like a total heel right now. "You should, um, look ya did enough for one day. Sit. you earned that one."

So, Reno is adorable, check. Max not making a big deal, check. Shi wincing and just pulling her tiny form up to drop her ass on Reno's metal desk? Check. "Thigh, ankle, foot." She then blushes but sighs, "Chest, but they will all be fine. Just… not made for this. And I lost my hood." She mutters more about that than anything as she reaches up to push white hair behind her ear. "Did I interrupt?" She asks curiously, those violet eyes look from Max to Reno and then back, she also gives Reno a smile, "Oh, a gentleman, we need more of those, but I'm fine up here." Because on the box she would look like a child next to them both.

Once she's seated on the desk, Max reaches down to check her ankle for broken bones. If she doesn't swoon and pass out, they're probably not broken. It's a cursory sort of examination, just making sure that things are, for the most part, intact and not going to heal all wrong. But once he's examined her ankle and foot to make sure nothing is broken or busted up too badly, he leaves her be, shoving his hands into his pockets. He shakes his head and says, "I just got here and interrupted him first. So I took care of that for you." He smirks just slightly.

Reno sat back down. Now whether it was so she wouldn't have to crane her head out of politeness or because that's what he was doing when people walked in is another story. Either way he seemed satisfied with the choices of others and at this time looked back to his brother. Finally, he asked the other question on most people's minds, while he let Shi have the moment to recoup her dignity. Nimble fingers gestured to something attached to some wires on the other side of Shi as if asking her silently to pass it His eyes looked up to Max though inquiring with a wry grin at Max 'interrupting him' first. "Well, did you guys find anything? Everyone make it back ok?"

The tiny girl winces but she doesn't kick him so not only is Max lucky but things don't seem to be broken, she gives him a smile as he backs off and then wiggles to turn and look at Reno, then over to the wires, and then she swings around her feet landing on Reno’s lap as she gives him what he asked for. Not feeling odd in this position her violet eyes move to Max and she tilts her head to the side, "Well, good, I'd hate to be blamed for that." She winks but she also is curious of his answer.

"A lot of death. The dropship crashed into Thripoda and killed a lot of their people. That's why they've been attacking us, why they're coming with more," Max says, expression turning grim. "That's why they wanted us to sacrifice seven of our own, to delay the coming army. Screw that. I'm not seeing seven people dead because somebody ELSE crashed a drop ship into their village. It's not like we told them to or we aimed it. Guilt by association sucks." Max shakes his head a little bit and then says, "I mean it was horrible, but they attacked us, and yeah, we made it back. Lip and Grey were hurt pretty bad but we got'm stabilized and back here. Both of them will be alright."

Reno looked at the feet in his lap. They were dirty, and her ankle was swollen, and sort of looked in a way like porcelain doll feet that have been through hell. He felt bad for her but there was empathy, not pity. It sucked, sure, but she was proud too and he wasn't going to take that from her. Long fingers wrapped around her good foot resting on his leg and gave it a squeeze in support as he listened to Max's tale unfold.

Reno's heart was really worn on his sleeve and his expression mirrored Max's own. He looked for words which suited his purpose and to Max he said finally, "Yeah, I'm completely with you on thinking guilt by association needs to stop." Because if anyone knows how unfair that is to others? Ask a second sibling. He still felt a bit guilty even though he shouldn't. He thought of a few other things too, and his hand tightened a small bit. "Hey, Max, you helped get them back though, I mean, that's good. These… people… attacking us? I mean do they KNOW we aren't part of that or is this more stuff just decided for us?"

Shi can't help but look down when Reno touches her foot, she tilts her head but just smiles at him, and if her cheek were not only red from the lack of a hood, she might even blush. But for now, she just wiggles her toes against him in a return squeeze before she looks up at Max with those pale eyes. A soft little sigh comes at both brother’s words, "They are hurting and they are savage, it is how they grew up, they want blood from blood and since we are the only ones they can come after, the truth doesn't matter. But… there are plans and counter plans and we are not giving up 7 of our own. I mean, if giving myself to them, could stop this whole thing? I'd do it in a heartbeat, but that isn't what they want."

"And it won't stop it," Max points out. "It will just delay their coming." He frowns a bit, looking at the ground between them. "I met Oxfor, the leader of Coesbur, the village that Gideon comes from. He seemed pretty reasonable, I mean, given the situation and all. There's suspicion all around, and not without reason. But these new people attacking us… us… yeah, it's because we're the ones that are on the ground and not up in the sky that they can't reach."

Reno scowled at Shi agreeing flatly, "Well it's not what we want either, and you shouldn't be walking anywhere without shoes anyways." Because people who are about to die worry about proper foot care long term clearly. He thought about it and sighed, "Well it's not like anyone deserving up in the skybox is apt to volunteer either, being ya know, vented and all." Man this was a difficult one. It was why he really got on with electronics more than people, and even gadgets loved to be difficult and rebel. At the flustered Shi he said, earnestly, "Shiva, They're not taking you. We'll figure something out. I trust Max and the others." Not that he was absolved, but also in no place to make people choices on behalf of anyone. "Soooo this 'Oxfor', Max, what was that like? They people or something else exactly?" he didn't know what but he wasn't going to assume since he was raised to KNOW that no one could survive here, so it was really new ground.

Shi wrinkles her nose at Reno and reaches over and ruffles his hair, like she always has, "I know, there is a line of those who might not let me, but it doesn't stop how I will and what I would do to keep you all safe. /You/ should have a life, you need to learn what being around people is like, what freedom is about. /That/ is why I'd do it Reno, not that I am, but that is why…" She tells him, those eyes looking into his for a long moment before she blinks and drops her eyes, clearing her throat before looking up at Max. "Yes, umm, what is he like?"

Max glances between Shi and Reno, lifting his eyebrows just a little bit, but then he doesn't say anything at all, just letting the two of them go back and forth for the time being. Though when they ask about Oxfor and the Grounders he says, "They were here the whole time. When we were in the sky, they were here on the ground, left behind. This is there world, their villages, their people. They learned how to survive here while we learned how to survive up there. They speak their own language, but some of them also know ours. They fight with bows and arrows, swords. They don't have guns like we do." He'd told Reno about the run that they'd gone on — he, Quinn, Lip, and Alison to go find supplies, hoping for medical supplies, and found weapons instead, as well as the new duds that Max had acquired to replace his torn ones. "Oxfor… he's a big guy. Strong. Confident. Everything you'd figure if you think warrior chief. When he came here, he saw us all squabbling and at odds with one another. He sneered at us because we are… a big group of disorganized criminal kids." He looks over at them, "No offense. And it was rough. But they agreed to a summit, and they came to an agreement with us. It was good. But now… this second dropship smashing one of their villages — it's ugly. Coesbur and the Trikru from there are just one village and we hadn't even truly gained their friendship… the trikru have more villages and there are those who will still attack us, like Sonia and her people. And those more that are coming."

Reno said with a straight face to Max, assuring him he took no offense at the title. "It's ok. I was born bad." He nodded sagely and left it at that as if simply existing suddenly was a thing to be feared in the underbelly of society. Oh his sense of ironic humor was not left in the floor panels. During Max's story he sat and listened and held onto Shi's foot as if she was going to be framed and thrown away by people again. That's the price you pay when you're built to be portable he supposed. That he actually HAD all both of his people back he wasn't inclined to see things happen to them all over again and was certain that was clearly shared. His brow furrowed into a thoughtful expression and he seemed to drift out for a moment. Still in thoughtful revelry he asked, hesitant but decisive, "They have knowledge of the area and this place but before? We thought our way to safety. We might have to again even though, well it didn't work out like we thought it might on paper, but ya know, it's a new day. We might start thinking more about what we have and try to fortify better so they don't get ideas of their own. I mean, it's… it's something right? And man" Long fingers went through his now-tousled hair. he adjusted his frames and said "I'm at a loss here. I dunno what we should do. We've got to find a way to co-habitate because we have where-all else to go back to."

Shi shrugs gently at both males, "I don't have an answer, we are trying what we can. I mean look at me, I'm trying to dodge arrows, huge people and falling all over myself. Who would have thought that above? But we have to do something, so really. If we /do/ things, try to make this work, it's better than doing nothing…" The girl stretches slowly and winces but keeps her feet in Reno's lap nevertheless.

"Well… we tried. We tried to go out there and help and we got shot at for or trouble," Max points out. "We're trying diplomacy. We're trying fighting. We're doing a lot of things. And we're surviving, at least so far. With a lot more of us than we could be all things considered," Max says. It's not exactly hopeful sounding, but it's not as grim as it could be either.

Reno hrmmmmed thoughtfully and looked around. It was definitely that look that they both ought to know well. It was Reno's thinky face looking at everything around them, not as whole things, but as an assembly of parts that might be put together into a much more useful configuration if he could just figure out what or how. Right now though? He honestly had nothing. Not yet anyway. "Max," The words he was inclined to say were 'please don't die on us'. It was Reno however so the words that followed were, "I'll lob a wrench at Tink and see if we can't come up with ideas to support you guys. Keep us posted if you think of anything though?" It meant the same thing, but he was far too pragmatic for his own good, or maybe enough so to their benefit. Time will prove one way or the other. Brown eyes scanned Max, to Shi, to Max, to Shi and for her he only said in earnest, "Hey ask Max sometime how it smelled when I first started to use a soldering iron and I accidently melted some of hte plastic wire housing in our pod and HE had to explain it." A faint grin formed as he looked back to his brother and found amusement in the distant memory. "Neighbors kinda decided he was not cut out for electronics. Weren't even his fault. But anything worthwhile takes time or like everyone would do it and your sprained ankle wouldn't be nearly as cool a war wound. You'll figure out how to make it work for you and find your advantage like ya always do. We'll all figure something out even if that something is figuring out how to move our settlement. I mean we weren't even planning that RIGHT right here was even a thing right? So maybe… I dunno. Maybe we should consider all sorts of things. Not that it's not a terrible plan, but I also don't want to be killed and eaten either. Seems a bit anticlimactic after being hurled through space at some pretty neat looking plants."

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