Day 076: Transitions
Summary: Kai and Wren talk about violence, attitude and romance.
Date: 13 August 2016
Related: Follows after Water Towers and Drinking Piss, references Unless They're Azgeda.
Kai Wren 

New Coesbur
The building site.
Day 76

"Not something you should have to promise. Should be something you just do." Wren remarks. "No punches were thrown at you, so no, I would expect that you didn't do anything out of order." He starts moving for his tent, not far off. "Good, I would be displeased having to explain it both Oxfor and then the skaikruheda about it. Makes less work for me."

"Some people aren't made for fighting, Wren, is it wrong that when they are family to you, that you protect them from those who would hurt them? And hurt those who have hurt them?" Kai asks, not following immediately in favor of loitering near the makeshift table for now,"But yes.. the diplomatic reasons, and that I promised you I wouldn't, are why."

"Ask me that question again when we don't have to worry so much about diplomatic incidents." Wren answers. "It's not wrong. But it's also not right to go looking for a fight. I never said don't defend your family or yourself. I told you to not cause trouble. The two are not mutually exclusive. In that same vein, you defend your friend from this…other skaigirl, and you know the person that will pay for your involvement." Meaning him. "Maybe she should learn that she can take care of herself though. That would be the greater gift."

Kai grunts acknowledgment,"And that is why I resisted the desire to do so. Repaying that girl now is not worth the harm that would come of it for you. If it was on my head, that's another story." she gives a faint kind of smile,"She can take care of herself, but she is not a warrior. She is a gentle soul, and was the one who was my friend when I had none. I have watched over her since we met, until the day I chose to leave her at skaigeda to go and find Indra. But, she has a niron now, and he's at least a fair fighter, so she will have someone to protect her even when I'm not there."

"Then don't worry about it." Wren supplies simply, taking a seat in front of his tent, digging around in a back for what's probably something to eat. "Then she's fine. Then she's not alone." Seems pretty simple for him. Then again, everyone he knows also knows how to defend themselves in some capacity.

"I have thought about what I would do to the person who got her Boxed ever since I met her, Wren. And I used to think it was the same guy who I got done for assaulting, but no.. it was her friend, someone she trusted, in combination with that idiot screwing up the investigation into what happened. She was nice to me, when a lot of people weren't. And if you think I don't like talking now.. when they assigned her to my cell was the first time I'd spoken with someone other than the guards in a couple of months. And that was mostly yes sir, no sir, soy again for dinner sir." Kai pushes off from the table to amble over towards him,"<In Trigedasleng> I did not hit Breen also. For noting. Even when he was being rude sooner."

Apparently his daughter is in the talkative mood. Fine by him, he's just going to sit and listen to whatever it is she has to say "You got a raw deal before everything that happened did. I know." Having heard enough of her past to put the majority of it all together in his mind. "Well…good." he can only nod at the other admittance of not hitting the guy that boxed her. "Unfortunate, but it's a long time passed. No reason to continue to dwell on it."

"Long past? That was like.. earlier. Pontus mentioned Rain was happy with the paperweight I got her from the Mountain and he started snidely commenting about looting. And I pointed out it's not really looting as that suggests stealing, and that if he thought me taking the /paperweight/ was bad, then he probably ought to go try and arrest the skaikruheda and all the people on their acquisition team given everything being taken from the mountain now." she shrugs,"He has funny ideas about morality. But I didn't yell at him, I didn't hit him, and I didn't let him upset me. So that should count for something."

"Must be someone else that I'm thinking about." Wren utters, just starting to eat some packaged dried meat that he had brought with him. Bread he's since pilfered from his mother's stock. "Because I have no idea who you're talking about now."

"The jackass that you told me off for yelling at the mountain. Sergeant Nathaniel Breen, who decided that me wanting the mountain dismantled meant I wasn't honoring the Skaikru who were lost to it in some leap of logic that I can't even work out." Kai shrugs,"The other guy's name is Jenks, and I don't even know if he's still alive anymore. I like to think he died a horrible explodey death right next to my first father before the Ark crashed."

"I didn't tell you off." Wren remarks. "I was making sure you didn't take a swing at him because it looked like you were. Also, I had been shot twice. I was in a bad mood and I didn't want to have to pry you off some Guard that didn't know any better when to stop opening his mouth. As far as I can tell, he does that a lot and nobody here seems to be all that much of a fan of him. If it wasn't for your skai-brother, I wouldn't have many good things to say about the Guard at all."

"Same thing." Kai grunts, though there's at least the ghost of a smirk when she glances at him,"I'm not saying you were wrong, either. Just that it was the easiest way to remind you who he is. But, yeh, I did actually say to him earlier how he seems to like to be insulting just to be insulting. He at least stopped trying to call it looting after that though. And he managed to drop a log on himself and sprain his ankle and Afaye had to help him ride back to camp." she itches absently at her bare lower leg,"I'm.. sure there must be some that aren't jackasses? Aside from Leo..? I just.. can't think of any right now. I think it's like.. performance anxiety. The Trikru have been in real battles and war for their entire lives.. and those guys? Like they thought they knew what it meant to be.. militaristic? I guess you could say? And now they're finding out they don't. Leo, at least, is smart enough to know.. and I will give that it's something that we probably both got from Tyler, that you recognize when you're not an expert in something. But these other guys.. I mean, you say I have an inferiority complex.. but those guys. Add in a little technology is superior and I think it kind of bugs the shit out of them to know that there's people out there like you.. genuine experts in fighting and war, and they want to try and.. y'know.. show they're good enough?"

"So they're compensating with the attitude?" Wren raises a brown, breaking the bread in half and tossing the other to her, since she's made no illusions about her fondness of carbs. "All the tactics and planning means nothing until you actually experienced real war." he seems to say about both the Guard and maybe towards Kai herself. "I could tell the stories I like about the things I have seen, and it still wouldn't do it justice. These little spats with the Mountain? Skirmishes. Not real war. When both sides range in the thousands of warriors on each side. So no, these Guards have no idea how to wage real war. They only have ideas and concepts about it. So if they have some kind inferiority complex, like their lover is going to laugh at the size of their cocks, well, that's on them to figure out. They don't deserve to be coddled. They should learn. And it's men like that Breen who I think feels he needs to be better than some barbarian." He waves a hand. "You inferiority complex is a different. And not anything like what they might suffer. I wouldn't even call that. Not really."

Kai's not about to complain about bread, no sir, no how, nope. Other people might want cake, for Kai? Fresh baked bread. And she grins over at him gratefully as she tears off a chunk,"Preaching to the choir, Wren.. I mean, you saw me at skaigeda. I was metaphorically shitting myself. Talking about war with Tyler versus actually being in one was a massive difference. And trying to help with skaigeda another magnitude shorter of that moment when we were first leaving Coesbur and Britt pointed out that we were going to go back, for reinforcements. It sank in just.. how much there was still to learn." but the way she says it, and the gleam of her eyes, for her? Learning it's exciting in its own right,"And yeh, I know they don't, and you know they don't.. but up there? They were the warriors. It's a big come-down for people who thought themselves professionals and now are getting to learn they're.. not. And some people can handle it, and some people can't." she flits her eyes towards him,"But you did. To Oxfor." she points out,"I know that I'm not.. as good as you or Khesu or Pontus. And yeh, I know, I'm still a Second. I'm still learning. But I don't.. want to let down the kru. That's all. You took a huge risk, taking me on, and I want them to see that you were right."

"Again, I'm not saying with it you it's bad. It means, or at least to me, it means you're eager. Too eager at times. Barely two months. That hasn't been a long time in the grade scheme of things. You are far too eager to simply fling yourself into it. Which is fine, but too much and you may miss something important. No, you are not. It is a large hill to climb. Likely, you will still not be good as me or Khesu or Pontus when you're our age. I have been training since I barely more than ten years old. And it has been my life." He barks out a laugh, tearing off a piece of bread for himself. "You think I'm done learning? No, Kai, we are never done learning. There is always something new. Some lesson not yet taught. Even people like Oxfor and Britt would say the same. Even for them, they still learn. You never stop learning. Folly to think otherwise. You're a Second, the only way you're going to let anyone down is by not learning the lessons taught to you." He gaze grows a little more fond. "I'm already right. You've already proven. Oxfor himself accepted you. Approved of you. I'd daresay he even likes you. If he didn't, he would've likely ignored you."

Kai can't really deny his words,"Barely two months, but at least now I don't.. go into the bathhouse and have them stare at me because I'm too pale and too.. plain, to be anything other than obviously Skai. While on one hand.. all of my wounds have hurt, and hurt a lot, I am.. proud of my scars. I'm not at all interested in actually competing with Pontus and his collection of them.. but now? I don't feel like I stand out like a sore thumb. I don't feel like everyone's waiting for me to give up and go back to Alpha. It was important, that I pushed myself further than I thought possible some days because I.. wanted to make you proud and show them you're right. And it doesn't mean that I'm going to try.. less hard, but it does mean that I'm not.. scared that they might be right, anymore. I sit here.. and I know, in my heart, that I am happier here, than I could ever be in Alpha. I'm surrounded by people I care for and whom I respect and who respect me too. As you say.. I'm proven now. And I have you to thank for that. But it also means that I look at some of those Guards and I try to recognize those.. bits of me, in them. Too."

Wren is something of a giant of a man compared to Kai. All hardened muscle and sinew, covered in bold thick lines of swirling tattoos that almost look like some kind of black waterfall running down him. "Look at you…" he sighs, getting up to sit down next to her. "So young. Full of potential and particular innocence. Apart of me sometimes hopes you'll always look like that. But you can't. You'll have to face this world like the rest of us. And we both know the world can and is a cruel place. It's full of predators. They hunt for people that're different. Those who look or act a certain way. The way the world or kru thinks they should. When they judge, when they mock, when they laugh, they're desperately trying to enforce the status quo. And if you don't fit inside their neat little box of how the world should be…they hurt you." Seems like it's important, something he's been thinking about. So he continues.

"And that scares the hell out of me. Because whether or not you can face the world rests on my shoulders. And I'm scared I'll send you out there, only for the world to prey on you. Scared that I'm not up to the job. That I won't prepare you for what's out there. That I won't say the right things…or worse, say nothing at all, when I really should be telling you," he puts a big ol hand on her shoulder. "just how strong you can be." Thoughs of a father, must be. Or a First. Or both. He frowns a little. "What if I fail? What if you can't confide in me? What if I try my best…and it's not enough?" She's his responsibility, and maybe it's a little fair that he would feel this way. "I'm sure I'll make mistakes along the way, but, I need you to know something." That's when he seeks out her steely-grey eyes with his own light blue ones. "When it feels like the whole world is against you. When the world has you questioning, and everything you stand for. When the predators sink their claws in. When you're close to doing something you might regret….just promise me you'll remember this. That I'm here for you. Whenever you need me. And I've got your back." Finally a bit more of a kind, private smile. "Always."

"I know you do." it's not just words to Kai, there's a weight to them, a trust in her eyes,"Though y'know, I'm not sure I fit any definition of innocent anymore." there's a small smirk to that,"The whole world's never against me now. I have my family, I have my kru. I've known what it's like to have no-one there, Wren. And yeh.. I admit that like I said.. I was scared and not sure that I could cut it but you were already there. And now, yeh, I worry about the Skaikru.. but I worry because I've had a lot of time to think about it, and I've had conversations with you, and Gideon, and Britt, and the steheda.. and I understand where my duty is if war does happen.. and on one hand I know that I will do what is necessary for my kru.. and on the other hand I don't.. want to be in a position where I might end up shooting my friends. You know? I don't think that's an.. unreasonable thing to worry about.. is it?"

"Seventeen years old is still young and mildly innocent, regardless of whatever you and Nix kom Trikru have been doing. No, I don't want to hear about it." But the matter of fighting the Skaikru, he laughs flicking her ear. "Kai. Stop worrying about that. If you can solve your problem, then what is the need for worrying?" he asks her, before then following up with another questions. "If you cannot solve it, then what is the use in worrying? You worry that somehow, down the line, we will be at odds with the Skaikru, thinking we will go to war them. You are looking at a very small chance of that happening. A chance, yes, but I believe it is a small one. You are focused on that. Rather, you should be focusing on the fact that we are not. But you are not the first to change krus. Nor will you be the last. A Podakru that joins the Sankru. What if they go to war with each other? It is the same question all over again. It is simply something you cannot worry about. Or Oxfor will be right. You will be grey before you turn twenty. So stop."

"Oh well clearly you don't.. OW!" Kai starts, smirking even as she shifts her head away from the flick,"Yeh. I figure I'll try and go talk to them.. like they're human or something.. sheesh. And I'm not focused on it." she protests,"And shit I already got an extra part in my hair thanks to that Reaper." she tilts her head back towards him like 'see? Right there',"I thought I was like.. the only one. But now it's like.." she purses her lips,"They think they can save the surviving Maunon. They have some work to do to make it safe, still, but they might be able to make it so they can come.. outside. And most of them? Are children. I've been.. sort of thinking that maybe.. maybe like.. Pontus with Rain.. maybe I could adopt one of them? Or is that stupid because I'm young and still learning myself?"

"As much as I might think you'd be prettier with actual hair, I'd rather not see you go grey before I do." Wren offers, rubbing over her shaved head. Though he looks at her for a moment, pulling the collar of her to the side. "Still need to give you that other mark." he grunts, letting the finger go. "You…want to adopt one of them?" That gets a little surprise out of him. "I…well. I'm not going to say no, but I would ask that you take a long time to think about that. Understand what that would mean. You would be, in a sense, a mother, but perhaps not a real one. If you did, I would say one very young, perhaps not old enough to remember what happened to them. But raising a child, Kai, that is a very large responsibility. You are not even finished being a Second yet. I'm not saying it's not an honorable thing to do. But you want to finish one large task before taking on another. And I would also speak with Oxfor before considering even doing such a thing. It is one thing to take a Skaikru and make them one of the kru. But a Maunon? You see where I am going with this."

"You and grandma both." Kai grunts with a totally teen wiggle of complaint,"Any guy, or girl, for that matter, that wants to share my bed, is going to have to deal with my hair.. it's too damned hot for long hair, even without the considerations of battle. And I told you, I don't think I earned a second mark. I only struck two when we went back to the mountain.. the one who shot you, who Gideon finished off, and the Maunonheda, who survived." she protests, then gives a little shrug,"Blame Pontus, he.. kinda accidentally put the thought in my head? He mentioned the group that him and the others ran into the first time, and how there was this one girl that he thought would make an excellent Second. I'm not going to be able to have a child for another two years, at a minimum.. and that's presuming that I don't lose the ability to do so to injury or something else.. then there's nine months of pregnancy and however long until they're not super clingy any longer.. without even addressing the obvious problem of not having a niron or houmon. Adopting a child I don't have to worry about those bits mostly.. and really, how many people can even understand what it's like to change kru's?" she looks in his way, clearly it's not something she's just sort of come up with on the spot,"But those are some of the reasons why I am not decided, yes. I have a duty to finish being a Second. The likelihood of someone wanting to be with a girl that has a child.. at least in Skaikru, is thin. It would make a lot of things a lot harder, and there is the consideration of whether or not the kru would accept them at all. In likelihood, there will be enough people among the Skai to take them in, but it is still something I think about."

"I really don't know if it's me you should be having this talk with, or your grandmother. Because in mind, I didn't become a parent until two months ago. And I inherited the hardest part of raising a child. Their teenage years." Though knowing Peake, she would likely make some kind of remark about maybe she should have her own first before rising one not of her own blood. But maybe she also wouldn't care either. Hard to say where Peake stands on the issue, having done both. And is currently doing one of them right now. "You make it sound like all those 'other bits' are so horrible. I helped raise Rain. And Starling and Lark. It's nearly as horrible as you might think. Besides, no one is going to expect you to carry a child until after you're finished being a Second. Priorities being what they are. I can't deny that it's not a bad idea because you would have an idea of what that would be like. But you do realize you're opening yourself up for being scrutinized once again. Not for being Skaikru this time, but for raising an avowed enemy of the kru. Not saying all would, but keep in mind what we've been through. Those memories will not die easily. Hell, Arlin was banished to the Wastelands because of it."

"Oh you think I'm problematic?" Kai arches a brow at him with an evil grin, then grunts,"Fat, moody, and then you push something bigger than a loaf of bread out of places that shouldn't have something that large in them.. and then you have to deal with screaming, puking, nasty little bundle of germs until they turn into something like Rain. Yes.. I'm so looking forward to that idea. Presuming I don't take a sword to the ovaries or something in the mean time." there's loads of dry snark in there, though she dips her head,"I know, which is part of why I'm undecided.. but a child isn't an avowed enemy of the kru, they're just some poor bastard that wasn't lucky enough to be born Tri."

"I think you would be very funny carrying a child. And you say that now, but I know from plenty of women that sound just like you, often tend to turn into the fiercest of mother bears in regards to their own child. Despite the hassle, I think you would be, in your own particular way, be very happy. Even if you'd be just like my mother and never exactly show it." Wren says dryly. That all said, he still looks uncertain. "I know that, Kai, I just…give this a great deal of thought. A child, especially one you don't carry yourself, should not take precedence over your training. And it would. Caring for a child is a fulltime ordeal. Your training would suffer for it. Maunon or not, I would say the same thing on the issue. Think about this long and hard. In the end, I'll support the decision, whatever you make. Just don't spread yourself too thin."

"I'm glad one of us thinks it'd be funny." Kai grimaces at him before sitting upright with a grunt,"I am.. that's why I'm talking to you about it. Because it's not a decision I feel I can make alone, specifically because it's not just me that would be effected. However.. right now it's sort of.. wait and see.. if they can fix them, and if they can find homes among the Skai, I think that's best. For everyone. But if the choice is they have no-one, or me? Then that's a choice I'm willing to make.. because at least then they have a chance of not growing up to be our enemy."

"If the skaikru doesn't take all of them, then at least…" Wren pauses, really thinking about this. Then he sighs. "Damnit, Wren you just don't know when the leave well enough alone, do you?" he mutters more to himself than to Kai. "Then, yes, save one that you think you'll be able to. At least we can try to raise them as one of the kru. But, let's wait to see what Skaikru does about it. Flame knows they need more people if they're going bolster their numbers. I don't expect the winter being very kind to them either." Then a shake of the head. "Be glad I love you, daughter. Any other father would knock some sense into you for having thoughts like this."

Kai grins at him wolfishly,"You just know I'm right. That even though it's an epicly horrible idea to top all horrible ideas on one hand, that on the other hand.. I'm not entirely crazy." she raises a finger,"Fortunately, I'm also sane enough to realize that I don't particularly relish the negatives of it. And that in terms of technology and values they would probably transition more easily into the Skaikru.. but if Pontus shows up with a new kid… they're Tri. And family. Even if the rest of the kru thinks they're the devil incarnate. He's done good with Rain, and even if it makes people squint at me funny someone's gotta help make 'em believe that they're not just a Maunon."

"I love my brother, but he's an idiot at times." Wren says sourly, eating at dried meat he's been playing with. "You're right in that is a potentially very bad move. On the other hand, it could also be a good thing. There are too many unknowns about it. And if my brother decides to suddenly show up one day with a new child and he says nothing to his mother? Well, you and I will be very far away when that conversation happens, before we both wind up with arrows between our eyes." It's headache he already sees coming in the future. "Just don't…pin all your hopes and dreams on it. Let the Skaikru handle it. They have the science to figure out how to help them, we certainly do not. For now, it's in their hands."

"Aren't we all?" Kai asks as she resumes chewing on her bread at last,"And that's.. exactly it. It's a puzzle without a definitive answer one way or another.. but yes.. if he arrives with a child.. I think a trip to Polis might be in order.. or somewhere else.. somewhere far, far away. And I'm not pinning my hopes on it. I'm just.. I think. It's what I do. When I'm just moving stuff.. like the logs, or laying there trying to sleep.. it's stuff like that I try to assess."

"You need to meditate more. Clear your head." Wren replies slowly. "Or go pay Nix a visit. You're always in such a better mood after you see him." He withholds a chuckle. Partly. "I wonder why. But yes, I get it. Just don't think too much. Focus too much. We have enough to do. And you paying too close attention to the details will eventually drive you mad. Focus on the building. Focus on the training. Everything else, will come as it may."

"I'll remind you that you said that. When you're cringing about what I was getting up to." Kai grins,"Meditating doesn't work, for me, it's like concentrated all-the-shit-you-can't-fix bundled into one. But I am.. or I'm trying, at least? Though seriously.. I feel like I'm oh-my-green-eden out of shape trying to lug around these logs and shit. It's a whole new kind of workout, and my legs already feel like water." she sighs,"But you know.. one problem at a time, if I can manage to not yell at people for being stupid.. I think that's a start, right?"

"Because you don't know how to clear your mind first. How to empty it beforehand. You think I don't have worries? Concerns? About you. Silver? Mother? Kru relations? I worry more than you think. Meditation simply puts a way to allow myself to not lose myself in it. Keeps me calm, focused. For all a know, sex does that for you." Wren does ponder that a moment. He doesn't say it out loud, that sex might be her form of meditation, but hey, if it works, it works. "And yes, it's a start. You are learning discipline. And calm. Bit by bit."

"It wears me out. Grandma said that sex was a battlefield.. and she was right.." likely too much information for her adopted father, but still,"It's an.. enjoyable war. But it's also.. distracting, and tiring. And I can't let that sort of thing distract me too much from the other stuff I need to do, no matter how much fun it is. And no, I'm no good at clearing my mind first. Silent time was always strategy time up there."

"Flames, you make it sound like getting laid is distracting. Do I really need to tell you how much sex Silver and I have?" Wren eyeballs, figuring no, she really doesn't want to know. "It doesn't get in the way of my duties or my job. It's not a distraction. Simply something to do when I have the time for it. And please, don't say that phrase again. I have no desire to know how my mother abuses father." There's shiver, as if someone just walked over his grave. "Ugh-huhuh…nrgh." he grunts. "But yes, that's what you need to do. If you don't clear your mind beforehand, you will never really fin the peace and your center that you're looking for while trying to meditate. Think about that before joining me next time and then getting up five minutes later because you're frustrated."

"It is distracting." Kai grunts,"And no, really, I don't want to know. And maybe it's cos.." no, just.. no, she shakes her head because her brain just came up with all kinds of images that really she doesn't want to even contemplate, made worse when he brings Peake into it. Though that just makes her laugh aloud,"Clearly, I need more practice. And perhaps a lot more time with logs and salmon ladders and other such things so that it is not like a nagging wound the next day. And that's why I go and move logs, instead, I don't want to interrupt you, and you know.. I got to keep myself useful."

"Kai, it's only distracting because you make it distracting. Ever consider the fact that maybe that's all in your head?" Wren offer, giving her a light poke in said head. "Don't overthink it. If you enjoy sex with Nix, or hell, anyone else for that matter, do it. You're an adult enough to know when it is and it's not becoming too much of a focal point. It's really that easy." To the meditation part, he all but shoves her. "You are an very frustrating child, Kai, you know that?" he laughs at her. "You are always doing something useful, stop thinking about what others perceive you to be in terms of usefulness and just help. It's enough you don't have to be moreso than anyone else. Really," he eyeballs her. "Don't make me beat it into you. Because you won't win."

"No, feeling sore the next day is totally not in my head. And I don't overthink it. I don't want another niron, or a houmon. He's just.. fun." Kai erps as she's shoved, totally intentionally rolling with it to sprawl like she was so murdered by it,"At least that many that any younger siblings will be easier than me?" she grins,"And hey, I punched out an Azgeda with one hit. So. Y'know. It might take you at least five second to kick my ass now."

Getting up, Wren squats down next to her, nudging her ribs. "And does Nix even want to your your niron? Ever considered that you might be just fun too? Could it just be that simple? Maybe if you're both on the same line, you could simply just keep doing that. I'm not saying this because I want to have some kind of large involvement in your sex life, daughter. But because I want you to find a little time for yourself. If that means with him or someone else, so be it. Just…have fun. You work hard, nothing wrong with playing hard too." He nudges her again, but this time, pokes her in just the right spot to make it tickle. "You did, I have to give you credit for that. Though, five seconds might be a bit generous." Joking aside, he pats her cheek. "You're good daughter, Kai. Just take some time for yourself. Whatever that might be. It's not always about work. We would be a boring, miserable people if we were."

"Oh I know it's just for fun with him, too. That's why I don't mind." Kai grunts and rubs her ribs where he nudged her, then acks as he tickles instead,"I know it's not, Wren, I do take time for myself.. I took some books from the Maunon.. and I was out swimming in the lake with some of my Skai friends the other day. I'm going to teach Morgan how to set snares so he can bring in rabbits and squirrels for them.. cos he's doing like I was, and trying to hit them with an arrow.. and like.. that's harder than it looks."

"Good. So long as I know, that's good enough for me." That seems to be all Wren needed to hear on the issue, because he gets up, offering her hand to pull her up, which she will be pulled into a bea hug. "You go on doing what we're doing, and I'll make time for training when we can. But I'm happy. Really. That you're getting out and doing stuff for yourself. Being a teenager. You being happy, that matters."

Kai accepts the hand up, for all there's an oof when she's pulled into a hug, returning it with her usual awkwardness,"Training on top of log hauling and climbing and all the rest of it?" she groans,"You're evil. You know that? I'm telling mom on you. And she's probably going to tell me to suck it up, and then I'm going to fall over and break my ankle or something while we're practicing and it will be all your fault." she insists with as much emphasis as she can put on it, which would probably be better if she wasn't trying so hard not to grin.

"You can try to guilt me, but we both know that Silver doesn't deal well with griping. Or tattling. If she doesn't take it from me, she's certainly going to take it from you. And if you break your ankle, I'll just say that you and your boytoy were having a little too much and I had nothing to do with it. Besides, you want to train, don't tell me you don't. I just won't push you too hard. Just on the days when you're extra sore. Get you to dodge better yet." There's a little squeeze and kiss to the top of her head. "Love you." he says a bit more quietly because that stuff is all embarrassing to her. "Now, get going, I have to get back to work and I'll see you back at the time for dinner."

"Yeh, I know, definitely a wicked step mother." Kai tschs, then snorts,"Of course I want to train, and of course you would.. you horrible task master." there's a squirm there before she grunts,"You too. And yeh, I'm probably going to get my ears boxed if I don't get back to it, too." even if it does mean putting on her shoes and such all over again. There's a groan,"Maybe I'll just.. go fish.. we'll need food for dinner later.. and it's too freaking hot by half."

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