Day 083: Trust And Peace
Summary: Fiona and Kane talk about the future of the Skaikru and whether Trust or Peace comes first.
Date: 26 August 2016
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Command Center, Camp Jaha
A small room adjacent to the Chancellor's quarters, the Command station is used not only for meetings with the Council and the Chancellor, but also for planning and strategy sessions. a high table runs down the center of the room, tall enough that there is a collection of stools around it rather than chairs. The walls are brilliantly lit by glowing computer screens, including resource allocation plots, ancient satellite photos, and a clear screen with a topographic map of the area drawn on it with glowing dry-erase marker.
83 Days After Landing

Marcus Kane was a busy man. Now that he's Chancellor and they're on the Ground and there's been one war and some serious negotiations, he's even more busy. Ridiculously busy, in fact, which is why he has so little time to even meet with his Council members. The door is open for Fiona, and Kane working on a pair of dataslates, reading one and taking notes on the other. He looks up, adding in, "Come in, Miss Kattegat, and have a seat." Since he's sitting at the high table already.

Fiona moves to the seat as instructed, a dataslate in her hand as well. "Thanks for seeing me." she says, even though it's a matter of course. This is their job. Well, her job at least. "There's a lot to cover. I'm trying to keep track of everything - I really had no idea how you manage to keep all the balls in the air."

Kane sets aside the pair of dataslates, offering a weary, wry smile from within his newly-grown beard, "With a lot of help. I couldn't do it without the Council," a little gesture toward her, "the Officers, and some top-notch aides." He laces his fingers together, "I heard you're sticking a toe in the investigation, I'm glad you've gotten a chance. What are your thoughts thus far?"

"I think that we could adequately prove that we're not responsible for the dropship going off course on paper, and if we were dealing with anyone other than Trikru, it would be enough. But we'll have to show them somehow, and from what I understand, Jumar and Reno are working on that. There's one solid suspect that I think could viably be turned over to Trikru, but the others all have alibis and no connections. I'm…skeptical about the one woman, the food tech? But I don't know how to dig deeper with her."

"Mister Beckinson, Mister Loden the younger, and Miss Ivanovich, yes. I believe they are close, despite some… disagreements with some of their fellow techs." Kane's wry smile is back, just for a moment, before it fades away again quickly, "Well, I think that I would investigate her family, friends, and associates, but I haven't looked into the situation closely enough to find out if that's practical. I don't know if the Coalition will be satisfied with one or two people, but we can only do what we can."

"You didn't promise them a horde of people, did you?" Fiona points out. "We're not only proving we weren't responsible for the system sabotage, we're also giving them the culprits involved in the chain of events." She shakes her head. "We don't need to satisfy the Coalition. We just need to satisfy Lexa. I spoke to her. Before she left. I asked her what her plans were after the Mountain, and if we worked out the investigations."

"No, just those guilty — or myself, if we couldn't find those guilty." Kane lets that skip off, however, nodding at the mention of the ambassador's meeting with the Commander, "Good. And what did she tell you?"

"She wants to fold us into the Coalition as a thirteenth clan." Fiona seems to take his news about sacrificing himself in stride - she's suspected something to that effect for some time. She finds herself not thrilled at the notion of Kane enduring the Death of a Thousand Cuts. "Are you surprised?"

Kane's eyebrows rise slightly at the news, showing off a touch of surprise, but after he thinks about it for a long moment, he shakes his head, "No, I'm not that surprised. It's the only way that they can be sure of controlling us. I suppose that it provides us valuable protection, and makes us something besides 'the other,' but it also means we are subordinate to the Commander and to their laws — and punishments."

"That's true." Fiona admits. "I'm guessing we need to weigh the benefits against the negatives. And there'd be a lot to negotiate. Could we keep our internal laws amongst ourselves? What would happen to all of our guns? But if we did accept, we would be safe, or at least, safer. We'd have more help than we otherwise would come winter, and the question of our right to be here, using this land, won't be in question anymore."

"We cannot give up our firearms, so if they insist on that, we cannot join the Coalition." Kane spreads his hands helplessly, "There are fewer than seven hundred of us, and thousands of warriors in their army. Without the force multiplier of firearms, we're a busy afternoon's work if we do something they dislike." Then, he simply nods, "But that is neither here nor there, I suppose. You're right, we do need land, and we do need to work with the Coalition."

"We're hung out over a fire." Fiona says. "At the end of the day, all Lexa has to do is decide that if we don't do what she says, she'll roll right over us. But I'm thinking maybe we can point out that without our firearms, the Mountain wouldn't have been brought down. We're smaller than the other krus, and we're so different than them that maybe there's enough we offer that will balance things out. We could become significant for our advanced medical practices and for our engineering. I'm hoping the improvements for New Coesbur will prove that." She flutters a hand. "But none of this matters necessarily, if we don't satisfy Lexa and Indra. And even if we do…there are people among us who hate Trikru, who would reject any effort to join with them, regardless of the sensibility of the notion."

"And here we hoped we'd never even see an open flame in our lives." Kane's wry humor is back, apparently. "Yes, I think that we can sell the idea of keeping our firearms, if we do end up having to join their Coalition. And you're right, selling the idea of joining it to our own people is likely to be even more difficult. Some will leap at the chance, no doubt, but there will be resistance. If you have time between your own efforts to connect with the Trikru, it would be good to have someone working on softening that ground up."

"I actually think we'll have more support than you think." Fiona says, "The contingent of dissent is pretty small. But if they get proactive it could get ugly. I'll do what I can."

"I think that the majority of the One Hundred will support the move, but I'm less certain about some of the Guard, the parents of those who died on the Ground, and some of the scientific community." Kane sits back in his stool, unlacing his fingers to look down at them for a moment, "From the point of view of someone whose life is dedicated to the advancement of technology, a person wearing dirty leathers, wielding a sword and riding a horse is pretty much a barbarian, no matter how rational, reasonable, and logical that person may be." Still, he nods, "But they're going to have to get over that. The Coalition is going to be our only chance to find out what happened to Farm Station, given that I don't think the Azgeda would appreciate us sending scouts up into their lands."

Fiona leans back in her seat, worrying her lower lip. "I can put feelers out and talk the idea up, I'm just hesitant since we haven't formally received the offer. We have at least one culprit and the means to demonstrate how the dropship off course - do you think that's enough? Should we at least tell Trikru how it's progressing?"

Kane frowns in thought, "If it comes to that, we may have to request entrance. If it comes to that. I would prefer to remain an independent entity with a small section of land, just enough to support our people any any immediate expansion of our population, but I don't think that's likely. As for the investigation… I think unless it's me, the Trikru will not be satisfied with a single victim, unless we can conclusively prove that others were not involved. I think it likely that we will have to place anyone we can tentatively connect to the plot before the joint tribunal, and let the determine the guilt or innocence of those who may be involved. I do think that Mister Beckinson, Miss Ivanovich, and Mister Loden the Younger's demonstration has promise, but I want to save actually showing it for the tribunal. I have, of course, no complaints about talking about it."

Fiona nods to that. "Do you want me to take your implied agreement to Lexa? Either directly, or through a messenger?" She adds, "The New Coesbur residents are allowing us access to their village. Maybe it's time we offer them a bit more of a warm welcome ourselves."

Kane shakes his head at the first question, "No. Definitely not. I think that's putting the cart well before the horse." He pauses a moment, actually able to picture the saying now that he's seen both items. There's a thoughtful little grunt, and then he rubs at his beard, "Let's make sure we have a peace before we talk about what comes after. I don't want to lose sight of that goal." The final question draws a thoughtful frown, "You'd like to allow them into Alpha Station? I'm still a little worried about some of our people who aren't making the transition as quickly as I would like. I'd like to provide them with a refuge for a little while longer, to limit violent reactions. There's also the matter of the Guard to settle, and arranging the tribunals…"

"Small steps. They're allowed in the Row. Allowing them access to the mess hall, offering them access to medical, these could go a long way. My parents have their quarters in thr row, and Tuan kom Trikru's had dinner our home." Fiona looks hopeful. "We need to build trust. If they don't want to accept it, that's on them, but at least we'll have tried." Fiona takes a breath.

"Small steps indeed. After the first tribunal, if it goes well, we'll open the mess hall to them. Medical… well… if there is an emergency, I'm happy to let them in for treatment." Kane's frown deepens further, "But I'm concerned that having them inside the Station will lead to further incidents until we have peace."

"We can't have peace until we have trust." Fiona points out, but she doesn't push the notion beyond that. "Are we prepared for the first tribunal?" she asks. "If the demo is ready, and we have the first accused, could we at least get things started?" Fiona frowns in thought. "I think the longer we leave things hanging, the more uncertain our footing will be."

Kane nods, "And we can't have trust until we have peace, because we still have to treat them as a possible enemy until then. It's a neat catch-22." The question that follows draws a nod, however, "We'll hold the tribunal we will lead, for Sonia's followers, as soon as possible. That should give you time to go over the interviews and provide several people to stand before the tribunal, to allow it to judge their guilt or innocence. I don't want them on trial piecemeal, because I worry that the Trikru might rush to judgment, insisting on a guilty verdict no matter the evidence just to get their justice. Especially if it is Indra rather than Lexa leading the tribunal."

"There's nothing we can do about that, though." Fiona points out. "You made an agreement, and we need to keep to it. We can do as much as we can to make sure the people we put in front of them are genuinely guilty, but there's a point where if we're too discriminatory, Trikru will call foul."

Frustration flashes across Kane's face, "I don't think that you're understanding what I'm saying, Miss Kattegat, or perhaps I'm missing what you're saying. The tribunal we are to lead is ready. The tribunal they are to lead, of those involved in the Rees' plot, still needs more investigation. In fact, since you expressed an interest in looking into the situation, I had actually been hoping for a report from you. I don't want to send our suspects piecemeal to the Trikru for judgment lest they rush to judgment. I want to have a full battery of suspects, plus whatever evidence we can gather, before we present it to them, but if we linger much longer, we may have to simply provide them what we have now, which is two or three suspects and a demonstration of how Mount Weather interfered."

"I'm sorry. I did misunderstand." Fiona admits eyes casting down. She's also frustrated, but with herself. "I'll let you know as soon as I have something. I hadn't known where to begin, only knowing that the food tech seemed the most suspicious. I'll focus on her for the moment and let you know what I have in the next day or two. I'm sorry for failing you." This kind of investigation is new to her.

Kane nods slightly, reaching out to touch the youngest Councilor's forearm briefly before withdrawing again, "But it's something that I've been doing all my life, and I'll be looking over things in the end. The best thing you can bring to the investigation right now is fresh eyes, a persuasive voice, and your view of how the Trikru might approach the suspects. Ingmar Wull," the Mecha Station maintenance worker, "Aetha Swain," the food service tech, "and Rita Consuelos," her alibi, "and Natalie Rees may be the most promising leads, but I want you to look at angles that Mister Beckinson, Sergeant Breen, and Corporal Weeks might have missed."

Fiona cocks her head. "I'd been wondering," she confesses, "What exactly was the alibi that Consuelos provided for Swain?" She has a hunch there may be something to that.

"I've only looked at the overviews provided to me thus far, so I can't tell you off the top of my head," Kane admits, "I want to have all of the information in front of me before I dig into it, so I'm not prejudiced by what I've already learned. But I think that could be a valuable avenue to pursue."

"Alright. I don't want to take up more of your time…but thank you." Fiona rises, and then pauses with a moment's hesitation. "Was there anything else you need me to do?" Put the seeds out of rumors concerning joining the coalition, investigate the suspects, continue to foster Trikru goodwill. Just another shopping list.

Kane spreads his hands in a slight shrugging motion, "Continue to do the job you've been doing, I think, calming the hotheads on both sides and working to better relations with the Trikru. Unless there's anything else you'd like from me, I think that's everything."

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