Day 018: Two C's And A Rifle
Summary: Two ex-C's discuss a 'missing' rifle.
Date: 03 June 2016
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Kai Quinn 

Kai's Hovel - The Camp
The scratch of dirt lean to that Kai's named hers.
Day 18

So the NPC cadets that got around to asking Kai where exactly the rifle she had during Mags execution and didn't have when she eventually came back in the wall hours later were unsatisfied by her answer, and they kicked it up to Quinn. So far the lean Captain's daughter hasn't endeavored to escape the camp again, though it doesn't take much to hear that she's prepping to head out with Elias and others in search of the missing hunters. Unhurried and seemingly unconcerned about the missing equipment as she moves about bundling up her blanket and what few small things she possesses in preparation for the trip in the crude little lean-to she's constructed against one of the walls. Her clothing is filthy. The rain didn't really help, though in addition to the grease from the rifles there's a whole lot of mud ground into her clothing, too, not that she hasn't long since given up worrying about staying clean.. or dry presently.

After word reached her Quinn took the time to seek out Kai, her hands tucked into the pockets of her jacket. She steps up to the lean-to that has been pointed out as the best location to find Kai. "Kai."

"Quinn." Kai responds without immediately looking up in favor of rolling her blanket up into a tight roll around the smattering of small things that consistute her belongings,"Grey's going out to Coesbur, if he hasn't left already, and then on to meet the group heading out to the crashsite. Elias needs me to go with him and some of the others in search of the hunting party that went missing a few days ago." it's not that she doesn't understand that it's not what the other girl is there about, but used perhaps as deflection.

"Uh huh." Quinn isn't really that easily deflected, perhaps either already knowing that information, or just not caring. "So, your rifle?" She pulls a hand out of her pocket, absently checking her nails, "I'm pretty sure that it didn't just walk off on it's own."

"I lost it." she's got no deception, which is probably really why she got caught in the first place, and now why she says it while looking at the ground,"I couldn't help it.. wasn't expecting there to be so much fucking blood.." at least that much is true,"And then the world exploded. Sort of lost track of it all."

"I somehow don't believe that you just lost track of it." Quinn shakes her head a fraction, "Look, I don't care….and I do care. If any of the Grounders see it, they'll flip out and kill you, and the peace is going to be called off. So if that's your intent, just tell me now."

There's a small nod of her head before she slowly looks up,"It's not where they'll find it." she elects to say instead,"The one of them I met is a giant fucking jackass and I think our staying here under their sight and control is looking for a disaster, but it's not a disaster I want to cause to happen. If it does, especially right now.. we're all dead."

"Mmmhmm." Quinn replies, frowning just a little before she nods, "Alright…just be smart about it. Don't go killing random people, keep the nut jobs away from it."

"Yeh. It's hidden. And I'm not planning on killing anyone with it. I just prefer knowing that if the camp explodes that we're not entirely fucked." Kai pauses,"Are you staying here to keep an eye on the place? We need to keep an eye on that main hatch. I wasn't worried about it earlier, but if Mags has people here.. the hydrazine's definitely a danger of the explosive kind."

"Yeah, I'm staying." Quinn replies with a nod, her eyes flicking towards the main part of the camp, "I figure one of us needs to stay and make sure that people don't do something stupid."

Kai gives a slight nod of her head,"Morgan's already getting anxious about there not being enough people around to protect the place if the Grounders are mad about the crash and half of us off wherever. I've spoken with Grey about the guard Mags mentioned, but I'm not going to investigate it. I'll leave that up to you guys. One of the others already reckons I'm involved simply because of my father, so the only way I can avoid it looking like a conspiracy is if I'm not involved. Anything I can offer information-wise to help, I will.. but I've got no illusions that I've got any kind of fans in this place."

"None of us really have fans, I think they just tolerate us because we're able to get some shit done." Quinn shrugs her shoulders just a fraction, "I don't think they'll attack…they knew people were coming down. But we'll see what happens. As for Mags and that shit…I'll talk with Grey about it."

Kai gives a quiet grunt,"Don't know how long that will last. If we're going to train some of them.. we need to decide who, and when. Some are already getting anxious and unhappy about the fact that we're the only one's that are carrying." there's her own shrug as she starts to tie the blanket together with cord at either end,"I don't think so either, but everyone's high strung at the moment. I don't think it will take much for half of them to decide to rabbit off to their own corner of the woods.. and I don't think that will impress the Grounders at all."

"It's been days." Quinn rolls her eyes a little, "It's not like this'll just happen over night. Anyways. Be careful out there, and I'll keep an eye on things here."

"And they're a bunch of scared kids who just got the reminder that some of them don't play so nice with others." Kai passes a hand through her hair as she rises,"I don't think anything will happen. If Eden's out there, I sure hope to fuck it doesn't. But yeh. This is going to be scouting. Recovery if we can find them and it's safe.. but otherwise, mark and retreat. Can't afford to lose anyone else right now." at least in her opinion.

"Nope, probably not." Quinn agrees, nodding a bit, glancing towards the camp again, "Hopefully this all evens out in the end, I don't think we can handle more Mags incidents."

"She needed to die." Kai opines as she squints out at the camp itself,"Though if there's a next time? Once they're found guilty.. quiet, private, out near the graves, and buried without making a fuss of it. Hopefully it sends a message to those that really.. it doesn't matter what they did to end up here.. down here.. like it or not.. we're stuck together.. so in the least we shouldn't murder one another over empty promises from assholes in the Ark." there's a pause and a dip of her head,"Thanks. By the way. I was prepared for interrogation, but I'm not going to complain about being on the same page. I don't want the Grounders to see the rifles and flip, but damn if I don't prefer knowing that I've got an ace in the hole if I need it."

"No problem…just…" Quinn frowns, "I doubt Grey will see it the same way. As far as the rest are concerned it's missing."

"Yeh." Kai agree's,"And I'm well familiar with the Grey's brand of justice. Paris was a dick, too. Lucien less so than his dad. Mostly. Doesn't mean I don't think he wont beat the shit out of me if he works it out." she doesn't sound terribly concerned about it, as if it's a fact she took into account beforehand,"I don't think he noticed, so as long as no-one points it out to him I probably wont wind up in med."

"He probably has already been told." Quinn crosses her arms over her chest, frowning just a little, "And Grey is a lot less likely to beat you up than you think he is. His parents may be dicks, but he's not that bad."

Kai shrugs her shoulders,"Then he hasn't decided to take it up with me." she grunts, eyeing the crossed arms and the frown before her lips quirk,"He's a criminal. Just like the rest of us. Whether he likes me or I like him is sort of irrelevant as long as we manage to work together rather than against one another, yeh? I'm not interested in picking fights. I was actually kind of impressed with the way shit was going until Mags pulled that bullshit."

"It wont be the first time, or the last time, shit goes wrong." Quinn replies, uncrossing her arms before she starts to step away from the lean-to, "Anyways, I'll let you finish doin' what you're doing, and go back to keeping an eye one shit."

Kai gives a nod of agreement,"Yeh. I got to catch up with Elias and them. Good luck."

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