Day 021: Two Grounders And A Horse
Summary: A visitor and a new 'Delinquent' stop by the front lines of Project Pigsticker for a chat.
Date: 10 June 2016
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Forests Around The Camp — The Wilderness

This forest is a mingling of hardwoods and temperate evergreens, with towering oaks and cedars mixed with slender alders. The ground is covered in grassy mosses and thick ferns — some with sharp, sword-like leaves and others with tight spiraled stems that unfurl toward the crowded canopy. Beyond the trees and ferns, the forest also hosts arching, moss-draped vine maples and flowering blackberry bushes as just some of its flora occupants.

Toward the west, the forest begins to break as the mountains climb, revealing meadow balds and the broad web of the divided Potomac.

Day 21

The Delinquents.. at least, some of them, apparently took the borrowed time and are doing what they can to prepare. The wall is up, people are moving about. There's shooters up in the snipers nest to no doubt watch for.. and outside of the gate? There's a few people, including the lean, grey-eyed ex-C moving about, stripping low branches off of tree's and sharpening them into spikes. At least, it's the 'spike' portion that Kai's working on right now, sitting in the dirt amongst the tree's with a rifle across her back and a crude knife in her hand, watching her surroundings as much as her work and from the state of her, likely hasn't bothered to catch much in the way of sleep in between.

Wren is leading Roach through the trees, being careful how he approaches the camp. There's a frown on his face, but he's walking with a steady gait towards the gate, which only swerves when he spies Kai off aways a little. "Skaigirl." he says, putting his hands up. "Do you remember me?" he asks her carefully, as if he's trying to show he's not a threat to her. Though that very large axe sheathed behind his back might say otherwise.

Tink makes a beeline to Kai once she asks around and figured out where her roomie went. She's just a bundle of nervous energy as she comes up to her but then pauses as the Big Dude arrives and is carrying a hugh axe on his back. There's a moment when she just looks at him with that curious expression before she then gives her attention to Kai, "I need to know where the ammo is so I can do something that doesn't involve me blowing up things." She gives a smile at Wren and does her best not to look very dangerous even though the earlier mad scientist thing might not have worked out as planned.

Instinct, the rifle is reached for at the sound of an unknown voice, but Kai squints in Wren's direction, and after a moment's assessment, takes her hand off the weapon again,"Yeh. Sec." and she stretches to her feet to hold up a scrap of white attached to a stick, just in case the snipers spot. Signal, probably, that they're not to shoot. And there's a Tink,"There's some with the rifles. Stone can tell you where. The rest is already distributed. Talk with Stone, he's spearheading that." she grunts for the shorter girl before turning her attention back to Wren,"I'm Kai, by the way. And thanks again for what you and your friends did."

"I had no wish to see you slaughtered for something you didn't do." Wren says, keeping his distance just enough. "And you would've taken heavy losses. You would've been able to kill all ten of them, but it's not likely you would've been able to stand against the entire vanguard. What I…what we did was to prevent that." There's something on his mind. "I am Wren. No need for the 'kom Trikru'. This is Roach." he tilts his head back at the large horse next to him.

Who then farts.

"Don't mind him, he always does that."

Tink doesn't want to go back to where she last left Stone and the Grounders are interesting to her so rather than head off to go check for ammo, she actually sticks around and makes her own introductions, "Oh…hey, I'm Tink." She laughs when the house farts. She nods when he mentions that he didn't want them hurt and tells him, "Yeah…well…thanks for that. We were going to be in big trouble last night when the wall that Cole built." Not here, "Went down." She flashes a smile at Kai and looks to make sure it's okay to hang out here.

"Yeh well, still don't know how to prove we didn't do it.. so we're still fucked, but at least it got a few of them motivated to take it seriously." Kai utters drily,"Let's be blunt, Wren.. they're all dead. All of them." is her fatalistic opinion, even as she looks at Tink, then back to Roach. Horses are awesome, she's jealous of horses, even if it farting does startle something resembling a laugh from her,"I'm not real keen on that happening, so if you can tell me a way out of this I'm all ears." she doesn't order the other girl back inside, which might count as 'permission' at least for her to stay for now.

"There may not be a way out. Indra likely wouldn't accept any evidence you present to her. If I were to guess, none of you can be trusted. Words will persuade her. And besides, she has already made up her mind." Wren remarks evenly. "They will come, the most you can do is try to survive the assault. There are no witnesses, no evidence, and nothing but your word. That might be enough for Coesbur. Enough for them to not act against you or for you. Your only options, right now, is to prepare and fight. It is very likely for Indra, the time for words is over, but…" he folds his big arms across his chest. "I get the impression some of my people have been waiting for an excuse to wipe you off our lands." Then a headshake. "And perhaps you /are/ interlopers on our land, but from what I see, you for the most part with to be left alone. Still…I cannot stand idly by while you die for others who're guilty of the crime. There is no honor in that. And I will not fight a battle where there is no honor."

"Do others feel that way?" Tink asks as she listens to his words and looks up at him with a thoughtful look, "Are there other warriors…even war parties that can choose to abstain?" Because that might make it a little easier if folks just walked away, "I mean…I have been on fire, thrown off a space station, crashed into a world that is weird, beautiful and different than anything I saw in my life up there. It would really suck to get through all of that just to die because of someone else's mistake."

Kai gives an accepting grunt for Wren's words, as if that was pretty much her assessment, even if she doesn't know the name offered,"If it were up to me, we'd move the fuck off your land, or at least see about trying to make a deal for making it our land, but hey, if wishes were fucking horses we'd be overrun with them." there's a vague kind of smile and a shrug of her shoulders before she reaches over to Tink to grasp her shoulder,"I got the feeling that him and his are doing what they can, T, but I also believe he's telling the truth when he said we're going to be facing an army. You know what it's like to get blamed for other people's shit and have no way of proving you don't deserve to die for it. Well.. they're the Chancellor, and we're looking at the airlock. Some of those idiots haven't worked it out yet. All the rest of us can do is work together and hope they buy a clue before they get Floated." there's that quirk of her lips again,"S'how can I help you Wren?" she seems content to sit back down where she was and pick up her knife again, after all, there's work to be done and it's not going to do itself while she's flapping her gums.

Wren shakes his head. "Doubtful. You have not done anything to show any other village that you mean no harm. And Indra is our…your word for it is 'chieftain'. The other villages will follows and call to arms because she demands." Big shoulders shrug. "But not I. And that is a dishonor that I will have to live. For not following her. But if one's morals means nothing, why do we have them if we cannot have the right disagree?" There's an internal discussion going on the warrior's head. "I have come to a crossroads, Kai. …Kink?" Yeah, that's what he's going to call her. That name doesn't roll off his lips very well. "There is one within your camp who is very dear to me. One that has brought me to the point in my life. She has changed my path, and I stand at the crossroads of it. To lend you my aid personally, because I can teach you how to fight my kind. But doing so…" he frowns. "You have not been upon the ground long. You deserve a chance. Another warrior would help you. But…I risk at great deal. So I have come to…think."

Here comes Gideon, and she is looking incredibly not like a Trikru save for her chosen attire — she has not changed yet, it seems. Her hair is wet, but washed to its golden-brown color rather than the dark ashy locks they normally are. Her lightly tanned skin is free of oil smudges, leaving her black and blue tattoos stark against her skin. She is carrying her scout's bag over her shoulder, but she is without Delano who has been stashed away somewhere, or returned to Afaye for safe-keeping. She slows as she advances the wall, blinking as she spots Wren. She immediately looks over her shoulder, debating whether or not to duck back into the forests. But then she dedicates, intaking a breath, and heading toward Wren and the two delinquent girls.

"Tink…Tabatha Imogen Nimue Kinsey…my initials are T-I-N-N," Tink tells Wren cause she is not Kink…not even in the slightest, "And hey…I'm like more the merrier but folks here don't really listen to me." She glances at Kai to see what she thinks of the idea, "I'm just the tech…I build and break stuff." She considers everything around her, "But yeah…I would be willing to learn stuff. Figure out new ways not to die."

"Well personally it seems like leaving them the hell alone is the best way we can prove we mean no harm." is Kai's opinion on the matter, though from the flicker of her eyes at the word dishonor, she at least recognizes it's important to him,"That your friends and you are taking a big risk means a lot to me. The only one of your l.." she realizes that's not really a polite way to refer to them and self-corrects with,"the only.. Trikru? I had met previously had me pretty sure that they were waiting for an opportunity to kill us all. I'm glad to be wrong."

Then there's a look. A /long/ look, first at Wren, then at Tink, and then she smirks, because hell no she's not addressing why 'Kink' is bad in favor of nodding at Wren,"I'm looking to keep as many of them alive as I can. Tell me who and I'll see they're stuck as safe as I can get 'em." is the promise she elects to make to him,"Especially if you can show me how to fight them." she gestures with the spike in her hand, tossing it onto a pile and collecting another stick to start on,"Right now I'm pulling from what I remember of books old before I was even born and riot control up there is a hell of a lot different from a ground fight here I'm realizing." her eyes spot Gideon and there's a slight shake of her head, a bare warning before she realizes that she likely recognizes another Grounder way better than she could.

Wren's eyes kinda cross at the long-winded name of Tinks. "I think Kink sounds better." is all he says on that matter. Because he's sure as hell not calling her that whole thing. That's too much breath to use. Going back to Kai, he considers, and like the Captain's Daughter, he also takes his time in replying. "Your weapons lack the ability to fight close range. And eventually, you will run out of bullets. And some of you look like you have never held a sword in your life. I can show you how to use one. But I cannot make warriors out of you in a day. And…" His jaw sets, before nodding. "Silver. She is…important." He does not elaborate on why or how. But looking past Kai's shoulder he sees someone he did not expect to see. "Gideon." Stepping past Kai, he looks at her. "<In Trigedasleng> I would like to say it would funny to see you here, but I can't say I'm surprised." He eyes her carefully. "<In Trigedasleng> Care to say /why/ you are?"

Gideon offers Kai a small nod of her chin, and then she stops within a few paces of Wren. Her hazel eyes — now free from the kohl of ash — lift to stare at Wren. She casts a glance to the dropship, and then back to the axeman. "<In Trigedasleng> What am I risking, Wren? Indra cast me aside, Oxfor has nearly done the same… I'm on the brink of banishment… I might as well find myself a use somewhere." She grimaces then, ducking her head slightly. "<In Trigedasleng> I will not kill our own, but that does not mean I won't find a way to assist." Her mouth thins, looking around the trees. "<In Trigedasleng> You are risking a lot more than I by being here…"

Tink frowns as the big guy insists on calling her Kink and she has this horrible feeling that a whole nation of grounders are going to call her that. Her cheeks flush and she mumbles, "Ummm…yeah, good talk." She looks to Kai and mouths, "Kink…" Like it's the worst thing in the world to call her something like that. As the two grounders talk their talk, she listens closely. It's neat hearing this new language and she tries to pick up words or something that will help her understand but no such luck so she just moves over and sits down next to Kai, "I can't win…my parents cursed me forever."

"We have some close range weapons, but.. nothing of real quality.. and most of them haven't held a weapon period, but they're going to get the opportunity to do so tomorrow because somehow I don't think this Indra is going to care." Kai nods her head in gratitude anyways though, accepting the name and clearly filing it away as her eyes roll up to 'Kink' with another quirk of amusement, attention shifting back to the two Grounders as they talk in that weird Treeslang she has no clue about,"Y'got a knife on you? If so.. start sharpening." is what the ex-C has to state for the other girl,"Or you can go grab that Devil's jersey from my pack and check to see if there's some pants somewhere that'll fit, yeh?"

"<In Trigedasleng> You talk as if I don't know they're watching us. Ones led by a madwoman who can see only death." Wren grins lightly. "<In Trigedasleng> I made my opinion very clear during the Thing where I stood. It didn't make me any friends. There is no honor in this war. You know it. I know it. Even Tuan knows it. Who I suspect is somewhere nearby. We both know neutrality will come back to haunt Coesbur. But I will not kill these people. Perhaps say I join you. Not to kill our own, but assist." Then a tilt of his head. "<In Trigedasleng> You certainly look like you could use it." Kai is given a snort and a nod. "Your wall will not keep you safe, you have already seen that. A delaying tactic nothing more. You'll need to know how to swing it rather than just doing so without any care to the method."

"<In Trigedasleng> Sonia is not mad," Gideon says, almost reproachfully, "<In Trigedasleng> Sonia has her reasons, Wren… we should not just assume that our people have set aside reason and logic. Families are dead. This is not about the loss of warriors, this is about the loss of our people." Then she drops her eyes, looking more or less ashamed. She doesn't say anything for a long moment, and then looks up at Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> As my friend, I would want nothing more for you to help, Wren… but as my friend, I cannot. I have nothing to lose here." Beat pause. "<In Trigedasleng> You do." Then she glances over toward Kai as Wren starts to school the girl, and her mouth thins. "And you guns are loud, and give away your positions. Arrows are quieter, and just as lethal in the right hands." Her hands, of course.

Tink looks at all three of them and says, "Okay…I am not going to give any good advice here." It's probably an accurate statement, but a little odd, "I'm going to work on what Cole me to do Kai…and track down Stone so I can get back to work." She gives Wren and Gideon a jaunty wave, "It's been a pleasure…" She tries one last time, "And the name's Tink. Like in tinker." She pauses and then she's got nothing so she bails, back to the land of techie.

There's a shift of Kai's eyes between the two as they talk, fascinated and puzzled all at the same time as she endeavors to repeat random words under her breath simply because damned if she knows what they're saying,"I'm not relying on the walls.. or this shit.. or any one single other thing. I'm going to use everything I and others can possibly think of and make in twenty four hours and the more that they can be slowed down, the more that can be taken out before they break those walls down, the better the chance of our survival." is what the grey-eyed girl growls in low frustration,"They aren't warriors. Up there.. they didn't need to be warriors. Even the ones capable of violence aren't warriors. Believe me I fully appreciate that we are a bunch of idiot fucking children that are going to die tomorrow.. but as the options boil down to lay down and die or do my damnest to try and stop this Indra from slaughtering everyone.. I'm going to do what I can. There's a lot of them that don't see allies.. they don't see help.. they just see Grounders and they're too stupid to realize how dumb that is." she barely glances over at Tink as she heads back, shaking her head and looking at the spike in her hands before starting to work on it again,"If I thought I could be more effective with a bow in twenty-four hours than a gun.. I'd use it. If you want to teach them and they'll learn.. I'll take it. Sword lessons? I'll take it. I'm not the leader here.. I'm just smart enough to know we're fucked and try to stop it."

"<In Trigedasleng> If that was the case she wouldn't of acted of her own wishes. She would've followed orders." Wren remarks with a shrug. "<In Trigedasleng> That is the mark of one who has made things personal. But listen to me, saying such things when I'm standing here considering doing the very same thing. Perhaps I am no better than her in regard. People are dead, yes. Families, but how many were upon that ship? Because I believe it was a ship. I still believe that the skiakru responsible have not yet reached the ground, but when they do…" There's a shrug at that. He'll gladly kill them. But Gideon also gets a smirk. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes, just so you can get your mitts all over their relics, right." But he sighs, suddenly becoming a bit more serious. "<In Trigedasleng> You have no burned all your bridges yet, Gideon. You do not have to be banished." But he doesn't step any closer to the camp. Perhaps that's as far as he will go. Tink gets another look. "Kinker? Like a kink in a rope? Ah yes, that makes much more sense now, Kink." Nope, she is burdened by the fact she get to live with that name. He walks away a bit, putting his hands on his hips, thinking for a bit longer. "Give me time to consider it, Kai. I will consider teaching you what I know, but I will not fight my own people. Not until it is the very last recourse for me. My friend here thinks my presence here would be a….problem." Beat. "She's right about that."

Then Gideon says something that has been bothering her, something she hasn't been able to put her finger on yet, "<In Trigedasleng> We don't know she isn't following orders." She looks up at Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> The runners to Tondc have not returned yet from Indra, we have no idea what she has ordered. We are not part of the armies… let's face it… we know almost nothing about what Indra has planned. All I see here is Sonia utilizing the sickness too soon… nothing more." Then she releases a slow exhale, shoulders sinking. She only looks up with a smirk toward him when he mentions their technology. "<In Trigedasleng> It is more than that." Then she returns to gonasleng, looking over toward Kai. "I am risking more than you may know… I can't ask Wren to do the same. He may have a future after this is over… I am not so optimistic."

Kai gives a faint smile,"You yourself said we have two days, tops, Wren. And I'm not asking you to fight your people, but I will totally accept learning how to fight them." she notes before she dips her head to Gideon,"We're at war and you're picking the wrong side in their view. I'm perfectly cognizant of the fact it means you're just as fucked as the rest of it. 's why I will personally help make sure you're safe. Like I said.. I'm not stupid. I wasn't the chieftains daughter up there.. but my father was.. is.." she corrects herself,"he /is/ one of the.. more powerful warriors.. I guess.. would be the equivalent. I don't know shit compared to him or you guys.. but that doesn't mean I don't recognize the lay of the land."

"<In Trigedasleng> If that was the case…" Wren doesn't like the sound of that. Even if the thought had already been in his head, as if he was suspecting something like that. "<In Trigedasleng> I fear what might happen if you're right about that. Coesbur may be in more danger than either of us know. Especially if Oxfor continues with this stance of neutrality." He seems to let the matter drop, but for his own sake, he doesn't come any closer to the camp, because he knows there are eyes on him, watching. "The ony thing that stays my hand is the idea that it would give the idea that my village is not neutral, that we're sending help in secret. /That/ and only that is what stops me. Because while I think doing nothing is worse I…have no desire to see my village come under fire when it didn't have to." Still, even that said, it's not like he believes that won't change the inevitable anyways. Not from his point of view. Gideon gets another look. "<In Trigedasleng> Is it. How so."

Gideon looks grim at Wren's words, and she nods slightly. "<In Trigedasleng> He won't be able to, Wren… and if he does… he is accepting the Death of a Thousand Cuts for refusing to send his warriors into battle. Our steheda is willing to accept death for this. He must have known." Then she sighs, considering his question after he looks at her again. "<In Trigedasleng> And I am risking the same… exile at best… death at worst. I don't want you to do the same, Wren." Then she considers Kai, and she offers a small nod of her chin. "You would be better off leaving your camp entirely and finding more formidable ground… but relocation alone puts you at risk." She thins her lips. "Grey has said many times that your people are sending more of you to the ground… that was just the first dropship… there must be something your… warriors can do. Can you not speak to them?"

Kai gives a dip of her head in acknowledgment to Wren, setting aside her latest spike and pausing to flex her injured hand with a grimace,"Understood." she murmurs for him before her gaze shifts up to Gideon,"We would be.. strategically this is a shitty location for a fight, but we don't know the lay of the land, where your other villages are, whether or not they would accept us walking past.. there's a hundred variables even if we could get everyone to agree. Even getting them to not try and kill Wren and the others after they stopped us from getting our asses handed to us and people ignored being told to retreat." not that she's frustrated, not at all. She dumps her knife between her legs to run her hands across her hair before shaking it,"We lost contact with them a week ago. On their end. The thing they're blaming us for was the second ship.. something went wrong and we don't even know what. I can't… there's no point in hoping they can do anything. We're on our own right now and if this Indra or Sonia or whoever isn't going to listen to we didn't do this.. it wasn't an attack.. it's.." she gestures at the spikes next to her with a wry smile,"There's still time to run like hell.. at least you wouldn't wind up dead too?"

Silver knew there was going to be sickness in the camp when she came back from looking for Cassandra and Asher. But she went back anyhow. She's a doctor, and she insisted on treating as many people as she could. It almost seemed like she might escape the infection…until she didn't. She's been sick, too sick to lend even her meager talents to the defense of the camp, but now that she's up and moving again - if carefully - she's come to investigate what's happening outside the walls. She's pale and there are unavoidable bloodstains on her clothes, but she's on her own feet. "There's the caves," she croaks as she approaches the group. "They've got water. But if we couldn't hold the mouth, they'd just be a different death trap."

Wren pales visibly when Silver shows up, and there's an urge, a physical one that seems to suggest he was going to move to her. But something unsaid holds him back, unable to. "<In Trigedasleng> He would die to keep the ceasefire? Die for these teenagers?" he seems perhaps surprised, and yet impressed at the idea of such self-sacrifice. "<In Trigedasleng> I knew there was a reason I liked him. But…Gideon, you should not be alone in this. You should not…" he chews on his lip, perhaps unaware what to do. "This is a bad place for a last stand, yes. Not very defensible. So unless you have skaikru tricks up your sleeve, it will be a very short-lived defense. But…say I venture to these caves that Silver speaks of. Because they are good hunting ground. If say, some of your people just happened to be in the area. And I had a few extra swords and some time away from prying eyes…" He lets Kai connect the dots on that one. There a trade of glances between Silver and Gideon. "<In Trigedasleng> You want to know the reason I would give up everything, Gideon? Look to your right, and you'll have your answer."

"Not suggesting to run… just suggesting a relocation. They will chase you to the ends of Trikru, and then you will merely enter another Kru's lands, and this starts all over again for you" Gideon grimaces, looking rather uncertain. "There is very little I can offer you." Then she looks over at Silver as the woman emerges, and she draws her shoulders back a bit. "Your people may still come," she offers softly. "Your heda may still be able to explain all this." Then she shakes her head, exhaling as her shoulders tense and release with each passing moment. Then she starts to step toward the gate. "I should see to my attire… then I can help your people as best I can." She glances over her shoulder to Wren, and then to Silver. She nods to Wren in understanding, continuing to make her departure into the camp. She understands, there is no doubt about it.

Kai was one of the sick, but now, she's.. well, as good as she's going to get at least, and more nursing where an arrow decided to try and run off with some of her hand yesterday. Silver's voice, however, brings her attention up. Flit to the girl, flit to Wren, and she dredges herself up to at least help the other girl the rest of the distance to the spot she was sitting in,"More people here and more quickly defensible to work with what we have here than to chance it, is the reality. It's not the battleground I'd choose, but it is what it is." there's a slow nod of her head,"They're.. a good hike from here. We should go hunting, but there's balance in all things." from her words, she understands, even if she doesn't explain it directly,"Our.. heda? Is that.. chieftain.. or whatever? If so.. our Heda might well have been on the ship that's now spread all over that village. We don't know. It's not an option we can afford to rely on." there's a nod towards the gate,"Find Tink. She's got a shirt of mine that will fit you and was looking for other stuff. Let me know if anyone gives you shit. I might not be leader here but we haven't got time for bullshit."

"We can explain until we're blue in the face," Silver grimaces to Gideon. "It's going to be moot unless they're willing to believe us. And given the level of tech involved in the ship and the Ark, I'd be surprised if there was anyone on your side who could independently verify our claims. Thanks," she smiles briefly to Kai, willing to take the support. "So I'm going to guess all that noise wasn't the sound of us reaching a peaceful agreement with the locals, then."

"If only. Then I wouldn't feel the need to be here, debating doing something I'd likely regreat much later in life." Wren remarks to Silver, giving her perhaps an all-too knowing look. "Just saying, Kai. Hunting may be a wise decision for you if you can spare the people for it." If she's playing along with the offer, so will he, he's good for that. There's a headshake as Gideon leaves. "<In Trigedasleng> Sometimes I envy you." he grunts, then back to Kai and Silver. "Let's hope he was not. If there is anyone who may be able to stop this madness beforeit grows any worse, it would be your heda. So I would hope, for your sake, that he is still in the Sky. And Silver is right. Your words will do nothing. Nor even if you had evidence. So you must survive this. What you're doing, this? Is not a bad idea. Spike traps…I like it. I'll make sure I watch where I step from now on."

"You are not a heda," Gideon says to Silver. "Coming from a heda means much more than coming from exiled criminals." Then she nods to Kai. "Your heda… your commander. I believe Grey calls him a Chancellor. He carries the weight of your people, and so can speak to our heda as equals." She hesitates. "Or am I incorrect?" She will wait to hear yes or no in that regard, but then she looks back to Wren in passing before she heads into the camp. "<In Trigedasleng> Don't envy me." Then she offers a wry smile over her shoulder to Wren. "Leidon lukot." Goodbye, friend.

"I wish." Kai offers with a humorless laugh for Silver, letting the other girl set the pace to come and sit down before she moves to collect her knife and her spike collection again,"I'm waiting to hear a report but I'll gather a few people to go.. hunting.. in a little while, yeh." there's a sober nod for Wren,"I've told them not to shoot unless it's obvious they're planning to shoot, but that rely's on the person on watch being someone more afraid of me than you lot.. and that's not a lot of them." there's a wry smile from the ex-C before nodding for Gideon,"The Chancellor would be our.. heda.. yeh." so many new words she doesn't even try to remember them all right now,"And if Jaha showed up here I'd fucking kiss his feet myself and weep for joy.. but I.. we.. can't rely on that."

"Being heda doesn't mean they know anything about mechanics, either," Silver snorts softly, settling down on the ground with Kai's help before she looks back to the grounders. "But if they'd believe it coming from Jaha, then we'd best hope for some sort of damned miracle. The worst part of not being able to reach anyone right now is wondering if it's our equipment or theirs that's at fault. And if the Ark's lost radio? There are a whole lot of other systems to be worried about." There's a glance for Wren, cautious, though she's trying not to be too obvious about it.

Wren looks conflicted. So conflicted. Gideon was…/is/ one of his closest friends, and he regrets the fact that hadn't been able to see her more since after they were captured. But since she went and vanished for so long…there's the sinking suspicion that he missed on a lot of time. And while it's rare, there'a distinct look of hurt on his face. One that makes his jaw set, perhaps hiding whatever emotions that're roiling under his rocky facade. But he doesn't say goodbye. "<In Trigedasleng> For now." he simply says, and he has to walk away a little to stand next to Roach, just trying to collect himself. Because right now, he's a bit emotionally compromised. "I appreciate that, Kai. The whole 'not being shot' thing." he mutters, leaning his head against the horse's thick neck.

For once, Roach doesn't fart. That would ruin the moment.

"I heard that it was at their end." Kai says for Silver with a shake of her head,"But there's really no point in wondering what the hell is going on up there.. that's their problem." there's a nod in Wren's direction,"If I'm going to shoot someone it's gonna be because they were trying to kill me first. Trying to kill helpful people's just goddamn stupid. But.. yeh. Hunting." there's a look from Silver to Wren as she sticks away her knife,"The snipers in the nest can see you from that spot, Silver. I already flagged them not to shoot this direction, I reckon I'll.. see about that hunting party."

"Thanks, Kai," Silver smiles faintly back to the other girl, glancing over her shoulder toward the nest. "Unlikely I'd make it far right now. Biological warfare. Low, but effective. Noted for reference." Turning back to Wren, she pulls her knees up toward her chest, wrapping her arms around them. "Wren," she calls over softly. "I'm glad you're all right. I hope you can stay that way." Translation: Don't get yourself killed.

"I don't like agreeing with Cass, but I do like 'wily as fuck'." Kai grunts, collecting her spikes and ambling off for now to give them at least as much privacy as she can.

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