Day 013: Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
Summary: Fiona and Morgan get together to plan until they can find Quinn.
Date: May 22 2016
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Fiona Morgan 

Fishing Hole - The Wilderness
There's a fishing hole. In the wilderness. It has water and fish in it.
Late Day 13

Upon Fiona's return to Coesbur, bemused by the incidents at camp and with opportunity to get Quinn and a few necessities, she's pretty prompt about flagging down Morgan to talk strategy for the summit. With Quinn occupied elsewhere, it may take some extra effort to all get on the same page, but opportunities must be taken when they arise, and so after some consideration, a trek to the fishing hole is suggested. "Cole finished the map in time." she informs Morgan as they approach the area. "i have it with me."

"Finished the map?" Morgan asks, reaching up to run a hand over his hair. "Did I miss something when we were captured? Did he make a copy for Oxfor?" Because his own thoughts about maps were running along those lines. Picking out a tree, he goes to sit under it and lean back against the trunk.

Fiona shakes her head, moving to join him. She sits criss-cross applesauce, picking absently at the grass with her fingers. "So Alison approached me - which was kind of weird, since she and I are on total opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum regarding our current situation - but she did. She said that when she talked to Jaha he had a topographical map of the area and that he wanted to know safe sites for landing the other dropships. He doesn't want them coming down on a village or a crop field or anywhere that might be detrimental to our relationship with Trikru. So I asked around for someone to re-draw it for us down here since it was just viewable from the video monitor and have it ready for the summit so Oxfor can show us the best places for them to land."

"That's exactly what I was thinking." Morgan agrees. "They can't come down by the dropship. There's no water. We need to start thinking of leaving it ourselves. Find a good place to live and strip the ship completely of anything useful. We should tell Jaha to print out that map too and bring down multiple copies. That kind of thing is useful and we can give one to Oxfor and another to the leader of the Trikru."

"If he has the means, sure." Fiona nods in return. Resting her palms on her knees, she notes, "We also need to have an idea of the topics we want to address. I mean, there's no way to account for everything that Oxfor will ask us, but we should be in accord for some points. The one disadvantage of having three people instead of one making the decisions is that we all need to be on the same page, or at least have a majority. And even if we don't tell them, we have to determine how much authority we think we have to speak for the Ark, unless we just want to speak for the Hundred."

"I don't think we should speak for the Ark." Morgan answers. "Oxfor isn't speaking for the Trikru, he's speaking for his village. And so we should speak for our own. We can make some generalities about what the Ark intends but that's it." He shrugs a shoulder. "I thought at first he was talking about a Summit with /his/ leader but he wasn't. It's just him. Which makes things easier in a way."

"Less weight on our shoulders." Fiona seems relieved by that too. "So basically…landing sites for the rest of the Ark population, a location for re-settlement for us. I think we should also put the Mountain Men on the agenda and get some particulars about what makes them so dangerous."

"Definitely." Morgan agrees. "And find out if there are any other similar dangers. The first two should be a 'we'd like your input on this' kind of thing, making it clear we're willing to listen but it'll ultimately be our choice and that of the Ark. Say, have you gotten any idea how their economy works? Is it all communal? Barter?"

"I've only witnessed some casual social bartering so far, but it may be different in other clans, or when two clans trade." Fiona admits, tugging absently on a lock of her hair as she frowns in thought. "And we're really only seeing what they want us to see. On a bigger scale, though - I don't think all the kids are going to necessarily go back to whatever society forms when the Ark comes down. What if they want to form their own community, or integrate in some way with Trikru?"

"I'm not going back." Morgan decided that about three second after it became clear the Ark was coming down. "What I'd like to see is those who want to go back, do. The rest of us build our own village. We can have ties with the Grounders and the Arkers. I know Cam doesn't want to abandon the Ark but he's not going back either."

"An independent community." Fiona is intrigued. "You know, I think my parents would probably love that. Assuming the new community would welcome adults who wanted out from under the Ark's thumb as well."

Morgan hadn't really considered recruits from the Ark and it's clear in his expression. "I think I could be okay with that, depending on who they are." he decides after a moment. "There's got to be people who were never happy with the Ark but never quite crossed the line to get Boxed. Even if things end up differently down here, and Jaha claims that's what he wants, they're still the ones who just stood by and let people get floated without saying a word."

"The only ones who get boxed are below majority age. Anyone else just gets floated." Fiona says ruefully. "My parents were always quiet about it, but I know my dad hates working in waste reclamation." There's a cock of her head. "I can't blame anyone for wanting to save their own skin. Or had people to think about for what might happen if they got floated."

Morgan nods to Fiona. "Yeah. I might be angry about it but I can understand it. But too many just accepted it, willing to be led because that's what the Council said was necessary. I blame those as much as I blame Kane and the rest."

Fiona opens her mouth, considers, and closes it. "Okay. So. Ceasefire. Ark dropship landing sites. Mountain Men. We can offer them technology, medical knowledge, anything else? Because I don't know that we should be offering weapons or anything like that at this point."

"Definitely not weapons." Morgan agrees. "We can't even promise technology if we're only speaking for ourselves. We can promise them knowledge. Anything we know ourselves is good. But tech means we'd need to get it from the Ark and he's not high enough in rank for us to make that kind of promise. Now, we can certainly imply things. After all, Jaha has pardoned us. He put all his hopes on us. We're the scouts. Which reminds me; I don't know who but someone's been telling them all about us. How we're all criminals and got sent down against our will with nothing."

"We have people with enough experience and knowledge to provide them with technology, even if it needs to be built from scratch. So we still have leverage there." Fiona presses her hands against the grass again, mouth quirking. "And I think telling them who we are and why we're here might be more helpful than harmful, but I'm willing to be talked down about it. I think it's all in how you spin it."

"My point is, they already know. Maybe not the specifics about each of us but in general. Gideon already asked how they could trust us to obey their laws when we wouldn't obey our own. I probably didn't respond to that one well." Morgan admits. "So if it comes up, I'm not taking it. But I've been thinking about how to answer us being the outcasts. Out of the entire Ark, we were the ones they chosen to send down. We were the ones they decided had the best chance to survive and provide information. The dropship's comm system shorted out, remember. Had it not, we'd have been able to update them regularly." Whether they would have or not is a different question. "That's how we should spin it."

Fiona thinks about this, and seems to agree, at least tentatively. "We have the new one, though. Which I'm not suggesting we give up, but it's a basis for demonstration. We just," she sighs, rubbing her face, "We have to convince them at the very least that we're not worth just killing. And if they decide they want to leave us to our own devices, we need to know what we should or shouldn't do to avoid conflict."

"And we have the new one." Morgan amends. "I kinda think that's the wrong attitude to go into this with though. Not that I don't agree; not killing us is a priority. But I think we need to give off an attitude that that's not even on the table, if you know what I mean? It's just assumed it would be a bad idea for them so we're not even talking about it. Like, if things fall through, it means we just leave each other alone. We need to go into this being equals not asking them not to hurt us." It's a macho thing.

Fiona points out, "Our essential priorities don't need to be naked. And it is an essential priority. I agree that we don't need them to think we regard ourselves as the weaker party." Even though in her mind they actually are.

"Yeah, but it's an attitude thing and it can show. You've seen how they regard warriors. Strength is important." Morgan's seen enough videos to be sure of that! Not to mention being in the Box for two years with murderers and other bullies. "So him, us, equals. His people, our people, equals. Helping each other equally. We're not here to ask for help but to trade."

Fiona leans back on her heels. "Okay." Fiona isn't too stuck on having to be right about things, and Morgan's stance is completely on point. "And once we brief Quinn, we'll all be on board. Since we're working as a team, what do you think each of us is best for? We have to appear a consensus, but if there are particular topics that each of has a strength for, we should use that."

"Well, obviously I know medicine. We might not have the tech down here but as you said, it can be made. For instance, they make needles to sew with." Morgan notes. Fiona might have noticed some of their clothing is actually sewn and decorated. "And those tattoos of theirs. Which means they can make surgical needles. Sewing up wounds means faster healing and less chance of infection. My original idea for transfusions might have been too dangerous a risk of infection but I think direct person to person bypasses that. So medical knowledge is a big thing. Quinn was a cadet but I'm not sure if there's anything she can teach them about that kind of thing." And Fi…?

Fiona hesitates a moment, and then looks…well, embarrassed. "There's not much I can offer, skills-wise." she admits. "I

Fiona hesitates a moment, and then looks…well, embarrassed. "There's not much I can offer, skills-wise." she admits. "I'm good with people. Talking, getting them to listen, listening to them. My parents didn't want me following in their footsteps. They pushed me to learn history more than how to repair urine filter recyclers."

Morgan nods. "I noticed that. It's one reason I wanted you to be one of the three. You're good at that kind of thing. I'm not. Quinn certainly isn't either. Far as I'm concerned, you should be the main talker. At least when someone needs calming down or made to think in a certain way. I'm too confrontational."

"Thanks." Fiona means it. "I know on a level it's stupid, but I have moments where I feel like I'm not contributing at all. Which is why I at least will try to volunteer for things where if I can be given directions, I can at least follow those, you know? I guess it's okay that I knew how to situate latrines." She chuckles, noting, "You've been doing okay so far, from what I've seen. And Cameron can be pretty charismatic when he turns it up."

"I told Gideon I wouldn't obey their laws if they sucked as much as ours did." Morgan says dryly. "Not the best response for our situation." He shrugs. It pressed his buttons but done is done. "Yeah, Cam's very charismatic. He's also too idealistic and enthusiastic. I don't know you well but from watching you in the camp, I get the feeling you'd make a good politician." Which is either a compliment or an insult. "Which is what we need here."

Fiona actually laughs at that. "Is that a compliment, or an insult?" she asks, because it was literally in her head anyway. "My dad used to tell me stories. People like King and Meier and Ghandi and Trudeau. Those are the ones I want to be like."

"It depends on whose side you're on." Morgan answers with a grin. "You also didn't seem like you were ready to run right back to the Ark the second they landed but you're not like Quinn and wanting to stay as far away as possible. I thought you'd be a good compromise in place of an Ark apologist."

"While you and Cam want to forge a brave new world." Fiona observes with a smile. "Lead a community, maybe? Get a farm going? What are you two hoping for?"

"I don't want to be a leader." Morgan states fervently. "What a fucking pain in the ass even this much has been. I don't want to deal with all the idiots who don't have a brain in their head. And I certainly don't want to be the one who has to decide what to do with them." Cause that'll make him like Jaha and it's way too soon for that. "I don't know what Cam wants, really. He wants to help the Ark get settled and make sure there's no Council like there was. He wants to help his dad. But for himself? In the long run?" He shrugs, not even sure what he wants. It's been two weeks.

"It's the long game. None of us expected to be here." Fiona leans back, bracing her hands on the grace so she can look at their surroundings. "While I was back at camp, Faolin told me he's afraid of having too many choices. A lot of people are probably feeling that way, now that I think about it."

Morgan was obviously still thinking about the question when he says "I want a dog. And a horse. And maybe a tattoo on my arm to symbolize my new life on this planet. I'm told that's what a lot of those tattoos mean: something important in their life." he explains then blinks. "Too many choices? Isn't that what freedom means? We're finally all free."

"And you don't think freedom might be scary for some people? Because it sure can be. Safety is comfort, freedom is risk. When you have the freedom to choose, it also means that there's a risk of making the wrong choice. Some people can handle that, but not everyone. They want what's familiar, what they know." Fiona doesn't appreciate such a stance, but she understands that it exists.

"Well, yeah. I'm sure it can be. I just didn't think it would be for someone who was Boxed. After all, they made their choice to go against how things work on the Ark." Morgan points out. "The sheep just do what they're told. Everyone down here already decided to risk death. After that, isn't everything easier?"

"People do what they're told for a lot of reasons." Fiona points out in turn. "And if you want to make them see change, if you want them to not be afraid, you have to consider them from a perspective that doesnt include contempt. You know it's funny," she says suddenly with a laugh. "When we first touched down we called ourselves canaries in a coal mine and you talk about people as sheep, but none of us have ever actually seen a real live canary or a sheep, for that matter."

Morgan smiles at what Fiona says. "I was talking about the sheep with Cassandra when a Grounder overheard us and asked if we had sheep. He had a dog with him and he let me touch it. So now I've touched a dog, a horse and a deer." The smile disappears. "A dead deer." One shoulder shrugs it away and he asks "What is it you want?"

"I was so excited when I got to ride a horse, it was pretty amazing." Fiona admits, though is momentarily distracted by the idea of petting a dog. But then the question, which is so much easier to ask than to answer. "I want to help build our community." she says. "I don't know if that means something built off the foundation of what we had on the Ark or something completely new, but I want a voice in it. And I want a world where we can value art and music and creation as intentional pursuits, and not just hobbies. It used to be like that, you know? Entire buildings the size of a station, dedicated to music and paintings and sculptures and plays and operas.'

Morgan nods. "I've seen videos." Not documentaries or histories but about things that never happened. "So would you want to come join our community that's neither Ark nor Grounder but maybe a bit of both that's something completely new and different? And bring your parents? I bet Cam would want his dad to join it. And we could have dogs and horses."

"Maybe." Fiona can't help grinning, almost blushing. "I think a lot depends on how we get ourselves established, but that would be a very real possibility. There are things I can think about down here that I couldn't really consider before on the Ark."

"And you could do art. I bet Cam would help you." Morgan points out. Cam's all about art. "You know, that's really not a bad idea. I hadn't actually thought about any details when I was talking about living away from the Ark. But something in between the village and wherever they land wouldn't be bad. Take the best of both cultures and just be ourselves."

"Music." Fiona counters, but excitedly. "I want to make music. I think the Trikru have music they sing, but I haven't had the nerve yet to outright ask. There's more important things to focus on, or there has been."

"Finding out stuff about them is important too. You should ask. For all we know, it's very important to them and that's something else we could trade." Morgan points out. "We barely know anything about them so who's to say."

"Fair point." Fiona concedes. "Alight, so…you think, once we get Quinn's input, we're good to go on this?"

"We want a cease in hostilities, an opportunity for safe landing for the dropships, and the opportunity for our communities to communicate with each other to establish further peace." Fiona tags each point off on her fingers in a list. "And an understanding of why they want us to keep away from Mount Weather."

"And an exchange of knowledge." Morgan adds. "But I mean, how do we explain it all? Do they even remember what voting on things is? I don't know how Oxfor became leader. Do you?"

Fiona shakes her head. "I imagine he's the one who took charge, or somehow proved himself to be the best at it. Maybe he's the best warrior, or at least, the smartest." Fiona muses. "I know that Trikru is just one clan in a greater nation, and that there's a clan leader and the commander, but beyond that, I'm still trying to talk to people and figure out how it works."

"Twelve different clans total." Morgan agrees. "Gideon let that slip but then she wouldn't explain further. And that's only here. This continent is pretty big if I remember right. And there's supposed to be seven continents right? We couldn't have come down in the one place where people survived so there's gotta be a lot more people than anyone thought. And barely any radiation or we'd have run into more than just one deformed deer."

"We know this is North America." Fiona points out. "And it's still pretty big, but I'm pretty sure the old maps from before the bombs aren't much use. The coastlines have probably changed due to the nuclear impact."

"I wouldn't assume that." Morgan disagrees, shaking his head. "If there was that much damage, there'd be a lot more radiation. Not that the shape of the coastline matters. It just doesn't make sense when the war was supposed to have been so bad that there would be no survivors and the planet would be uninhabitable for three centuries. Could they have been lying to us all this time in order to stay in power? Only sending us down when they had to?"

"If the coastline is different than the relative placement of everything on the map is going to be different." Fiona insists. "And it's only been ninety-seven years. We thought we needed, what…two more generations? Jaha said there wasn't a choice about sending us down."

"Two more centuries. That everything is breaking down is one of the few things I'm willing to believe without argument. Plus Cam's mom said as much." Morgan says. And moms would never lie to their kids about something important. "It just doesn't make sense why everything isn't as bad as it should be."

"Bigger problems for another day." Fiona suggests. "Right now we just have to take care of our people, and make sure that the idiot adults don't start a war."

"We're adults." Morgan points out but he's smiling. "But I know what you mean. We also have to make sure that the idiot kids in the camp don't start a civil war. Because if they do… What are we going to do with them?"

"Pick sides." Fiona says, brows cinching together. "And I really, really don't want to."

Morgan nods. Though he knows what side he'd pick: his own. And whoever happened to be on it. "That actually wasn't what I was asking. Let's say that a small number refuse to cooperate. No matter what. What do we do with them?"

Fiona doesn't answer at first. She's giving it some thought, shifting her seating position so that her her knees pull up to her chest and her chin rests on her knees. "My suggestion would be to disavow them. Cut them out of the group, refuse them resources, or give them a limited supply and send them packing, assuming we couldn't find a way to work out the differences. But I'd want to at least try, first."

"And if they refused to go?" Morgan asks quietly, watching Fi. "Or if they started raiding our supplies? Ambushing our hunters?"

Again, silence and thought before answering. "It's never so simple as one person's solution. I know what I would suggest, but I also know someone else's solution might be better. A lot of the problem with this kind of thing is that the people who answer it speak from the assumption that their best solution is actually the best solution. I don't know if mine is. We could try shunning, if they refuse to cooperate, and if they tried to steal resources or hurt us, we should respond accordingly. It's not like with Trikru, where it was about what we didn't understand."

"Respond accordingly." Morgan repeats. "Up to and including killing them? We don't have a nice, clean airlock to throw people out of."

"I'm not under the illusion that killing is never necessary. I know that sometimes there's no choice." Fiona replies resignedly. "Life is hard here, and we need to remember to value it as best we kind. Of course I'd want to look for other solutions."

"Yeah." Morgan agrees with a sigh. "Other solutions would be nice. We don't want to end up what we hate." He stands up an d stretches. "I'm going to go look in on the Grounders that are still recovering. I'll be somewhere around there if see Quinn. Then we should all go talk."

Fiona nods. "Okay," she says, scrambling to her feet. "Meet back here? It's a good spot, and we should see anyone coming if we don't want to be overheard."

Morgan shakes his head. "Who knows when we'll see her? Come find me. And if I see her first, where will I find you?"

"Check the main square. It's usually where I get people talking to me." Fiona says. "Or the orchard." With that, she'll head off.

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