Day 029: Two Skaigirls In Tondc
Summary: Kai and Silver arrive in Tondc with Wren and meet the family.
Date: 28th June 2016
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Meeting Green — Tondc, Trikru
The road from the city gates lead into a low lawn of moss and short grasses surrounded by young trees that are leafy in the spring and summer, turning to fiery hues in the autumn and giving way to snow in the winters. The road from the white pillars marking the city entrance create a wide circle around the green, forcing traffic to go left or right, and loop around the nineteen-foot statue of a thin man seated on an enormous, square-shaped throne. The statue has seen better days, cracked in places and its base entirely covered in creeper vines. The man's face is old and wizened, with a trimmed beard and sweeping hairline. He appears to be in an old fashioned suit that has become green with moss.
Day 29

No doubt, somewhere behind Kai there's a Wren and Silver, but the lean girl with the grey eyes can follow a road and hasn't really been keeping track, wrapped up in her own thoughts. The clothes are right; she's certainly dressed like Trikru, hell, it's probably even still recognizable as a set once belonging to Gideon. And the sword currently awkwardly bandoliered across her back? Well that's totally Wren's back-up weapon and it's associated kit. But the rangy creature wearing it with a swollen and bruised face, torn up knuckles, fuzzy black (and grimy) head and.. combat.. boots? Is so very clearly not anyone familiar. Not even a little bit. And is too pale and unmarked by half for having been any kind of Trikru warrior for any significant length of time.

It might just be a young woman and girl, but it is enough to bring the grey-eyed creature to a halt with a twist to look back behind her, startled and suddenly unsure.

It is Rain that sees Kai first and the 10 year old frowns softly at the odd looking warrior, she doesn't react, other than nudge at Starling shoulder and pointing towards the lone woman. That is when blue on blue eyes look up slowly and track Kai as she moves, taking in what she is seeing and what she is not seeing. A tiny frown and then she raises a hand, "Hello stranger.." It's a very hesitant greeting as she is never meet anyone from the Sky before, but the clothing she knows and for the moment, allows her not to.. over react to Kai's lone appearance.

Kai turns her attention back and raises a hand,"Ah.. hi." and then blinks slowly,"You.. speak English." is a slower realization to her, not that she elects to move any closer right now, instead raising her hands in a gesture of 'no harm, I swear' and squats down where she is,"I.. ah. I'm Wren's Second?" she tries as if she herself is not certain.

Starling blinks slowly at the later, and her eyes narrow more on Kai as she puts down the armor she is working on and tilts her head to the side, "Wren's Second?" She questions, her voice hinting at disbelief, but if Kai can read people, it's not because of what Kai is, simply that Wren has taken a second. Starling then shakes her head gently and dips her chin, "I do, if you know Wren, he does as well.." The words are the same even if the accent is totally different. "Where is Wren then?" No introduction yet, but thise whole Wren's second is throwing the woman for a loop. Though she looks somewhere in the agerange of Kai, maybe abit older.

Kai gives a slight nod of her head, from her position, disbelief is to be expected,"Yes, just that.." she pauses,"nevermind." there's a gesture sort of over her shoulder,"Him and Roach and Silver are coming.. I thought they were right there but.." there's a stiff little shrug of her shoulders,"I'm Kai. And I'm.. figuring you worked out that I'm one of the Skaikru." that word still sounds odd in her mouth, for all that her pronunciation is getting better,"Or was? Not sure how that works.. anyways. Do you know if the Coesbur people came here?"

Starling still has her eyes narrowed but then she sighs and whispers something to the child next to her who is just staring at Kai, the girl nods slowly and starts backing away, not taking her eyes off Kai as she moves, but finally with a look from Starling, she turns and rushes down one of the paths. "They are here, yes. And I've never seen the Skaikru, only heard of you. But I know Wren's weapons very well, and the clothing you are wearing. Why don't you sit and rest till they appear.." Clearly she has decided to keep an eye on Kai, maybe for her protection in the long run, but who knows. She then offers, "I'm Starling.."

Kai doesn't move from her spot, though her attention goes to the child, not endeavoring to smile because really right now that would only look even worse. Her hand goes to the belt looped about her with a small nod, settling where she is rather than impose on the other woman,"Is Gideon here too?" she asks of her,"I've got a message for her." there's a pause,"And Tuan, if they found him?" she adds on after a moment,"And.. thank you, Starling. For not.." shooting her full of arrows? She can't help the garish quirk of her lips the thought produces,"With everything that's happened this week I should have paid more attention and made sure to wait for him."

The young woman watches her carefully in her movements but otherwise seems relaxed, when she asks about Gideon and Tuan, her eyes narrow once more, "Your not sleeping with Tuan?" That means clearly that Tuan must be here and safe if she knows he's sleeping with some Skiperson. But Starling then shrugs gently, "You should be able to get your message to her, but I would wait for Wren before wondering to far into things here. I have no idea what is going to happen.." She is blunt and honest but then those lips flicker in a smile. "I so no reason to waste arrows, all you've done is walked in confused.." Not saying she would not but for now the bow stays to her left.

"What?" Kai can't help but stare at that question with the faintest tone of horror in her voice,"Ah.. no. Green Eden no. No." there's even a shake of her head for emphasized adamance before she furrows her brows thoughtfully,"Not me. It's a long story." she elects to rub a hand over her face,"Somehow I wound up roped in to playing messenger for the injured and shit.. and yeh, not planning on it. Last time half your people saw me we were at war and then the goddamn Ark fell out of the sky so not exactly thinking going wandering alone 's anything but dumb. And well, yeh.. that'd be why I'm saying thank you. Can't say I'd blame you if you had taken a shot at me."

"Well, you are wearing clothing like a warrior, you have clothing that I know, you are carrying a weapon that I know well, you did not move from that spot. So even if you are here to no good, I or someone else can have an an arrow in you before you move. So I am going with my gut, and I'd know if Wren was dead, and you'd have taken his main weapon if you killed him." The last is said in such a way that Kai would have been dead before she took another breath if she thought she had done something to Wren. Down the path, the young girl is starting to head back towards Starling, carrying a tiny bag.

There's that horrible grimace again from Kai, it's supposed to be a smile, but with the way her battered face is at the moment it doesn't look like it was supposed to,"Yeh." there's no offense in her words, no attempt to try and suggest she thinks that it's anything other than Starling's mercy that doesn't have her twitching on the ground like a pinned fly,"His axe 'd be too damned heavy, but I'll consider it flattery you didn't just say he'd have crushed me like a bug. Because I've got no illusions about how that fight would go. 's one of the reasons why I'm here." her eyes flit towards the returning girl and then back to Starling with a small upnod of her chin to let her know about the child's approach,"You must be from Coesbur, then. Seeing as you know all of them, we heard they got evacuated so figured that this was the place to check first."

Starling nods slowly and waits for Rain to run up, the girl looks to Kai and then to Starling and then Kai and then back and gives the bag to Starling. Starling looks inside and then moves to stand, ruffling Rain's hair before she whispers again and the girl looks as if she is about to pout, but then squares her shoulders and moves down the path again, peeking behind as she goes.

Starling walks over towards Kai and hands her the bag, "Drink and eat something, and tell me more about why your here.." SHe moves to settle back in her spot and then nods slowly, "I am, Wren's my brother.." A hint of amusement there but she is watching Kai carefully still.

Kai can't help but venture another smile at the girls pout, electing to stay where she is in her crouch to give Starling the advantage of height. She accepts the bag with another quiet 'thank you', settling the bag on the ground between her feet to search for the water first,"Your brother." she can't help but repeat blankly and then gives an abrupt bark of laughter,"I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.." is offered almost immediately,"I just.. up there? We didn't have brothers or sisters.. or rather.. that was enough to get you Boxed by itself." oh great glorious water,"He offered, and I accepted." she grunts afterwards, revived at least a little because well, yes, next time she will remember to fill her canteen before flouncing out of a place with epic maturity. And it takes her a moment to think to add,"I was.." she scratches at her chin,"I'm not sure what you.. know? About what was happening? Wren came to the camp.. coupla times, actually. Kicked my ass pretty soundly. Which is how I met him. And then when we finally elected a.. bandrona?" she only knows a few Trig words, and those she doesn't know well or pronounce correctly at all,"I went with her to speak to Indra. I gave him my word that once the bandrona was with the rest of them that I would become his Second.. so.." she spreads her hands like 'tada'. The girl hasn't seen bread before, which is probably obvious in the way she picks it up and sniffs it, turning it over in her hands and digging her fingers into it as if it is just absolutely delightfully fascinating to her.

Starling settles down and then picks up the water that was sitting next to her and takes a sip now that Kai has her own, she still watches her though, curious, and not unkind, but still very wary as she glances to what she is playing with, she is about to say something but changes her mind and gives a half smile. "I only have heard rumors. I normally don't go out with the warriors, so my news comes when they return. So, if you want to tell me about yourself and well up there, that's fine. If not that is fine as well…"

Starling is sitting at the base of the statue, to her left is her bow, and a small pack, sitting to her right looks to be the leather armor she was working on. It's clear she is there to point others in the right direction. But she also has Kai sitting abit away, with a bag in front of her that looks as if she was offered food as the pair talk. Though Starling's eyes are always flickering back towards the gates.

Kai's crouched a respectful distance away from Starling to make sure that she's.. well, as inoffensive as an armed and armored girl with a battered face can be at least. And currently regarding bread like this is an amazing thing, tearing off a bit of it to munch on experimentally,"Silver's better to explain it than me." she's no shame in admitting,"At least I think she's the one that explained it to Wren, because he already knew when I tried to explain it to him. The frame of reference is completely off though.. this place is so huge. There's.." she shakes the bread,"And more water than I can honestly say I ever conceptualized. Like the stuff that I'm sure is completely normal to you just.. I don't know. There's no real comparison. And who I was up there isn't who I am now."

Speak Wren's name and he shall appear. Though he's not alone, there's another woman with him. This is one of the healers that came from the camp to heal Coesbur's sick, so any of their villagers would obviously have an idea on who she was. She is perhaps a little more wary, so she sticks close to the bigger Trikru warrior, who's leading Roach by his reigns. "Stay with Roach." he tells Silver. "Once I find out where the Coesbur refugees are staying, I'll take you there." Then he's moving forward, eyeing Kai. "Been causing trouble with my sister already, Kai?" he asks, the largness of his frame beginning to loom forward. Another look is regarded to Starling. "Giving my Second the stinkeye, Little Bird?"

Starling notices her brother arriving and then she beams bright and pulls herself up to rush at him and give him a hug, it's tight and firm and then she steps back and wrinkles her nose at him, "What I was doing was giving her something to eat and drink so none would bother her. But your second? You get to tell Mom and Dad.." She winks and him and gives him one more hug before peeking over his shoulder at the horse holding Silver. But instead of asking she turns back to look at her brother. "We are down the lane to the right, everyone is set in place, and Tuan and Benning's families are next to ours.." She updates him quickly before glancing towards Kai again and then she frowns softly, "They will not let her in the warriors barracks.." She offers as she bites her lip. "But…" She glances over at the Healer Skiperson Silver and then back to Wren again, "But one of them can have my bed.." Now where /she/ is, well that doesn't come up.

Kai doesn't endeavor to stir when suddenly there's a Wren and a rushing Starling, nope, she's crouched on the road and entirely content to rescue the bag so that she can make sure that the other goodies tucked into it don't end up crushed, because food is important and it's rather interesting to her to watch the two Trikru hug,"It's true." for Britt's reference, she's still dressed like she was at war camp, only it looks like she picked a fight with a wall and lost, her right eye still mostly swollen shut, split lip, nose is probably dodgy and her knuckles not exactly any better. She munches on the bread contently,"Once I realized there was someone I stopped 'n case they decided I might look better feathered."

Britt makes her way at a slow and careful pace to the meeting green. A bandage is wrapped diagonally across her face, covering her left cheek and eye, but the archer has gotten a little of her color back, at least, and no longer looks like death warmed over. The uncovered eye scans the faces in the crowd, clearly looking for someone. She's left her bow and armor behind, given the truce, but still has her belt with its pair of daggers. A slight frown attests to the fact that she doesn't find the one she's seeking, but her gaze lights on Kai and she does a double take.

"She is. Said so to the kruheda myself. Did not feel the need to lie to her about things to her face." Wren remarks languidly, hugging her in return, kissing the top of her head in brotherly affection, happy she's alright. "I will tell our parents. But taking Kai as my Second was /my/ choice and I stand by it. She is worthy and she has the potential. As for Silver…" a look back at medtech who's nearby Roach, looking a bit at ease standing next to the animal. "She wouldn't want to anyways, she would prefer to remain amoung the Coesbur refugees. She has no affection for her people's ways and she wants to help build peace between ours and theirs. Plus, she felt she could do more good here than there. I have not hidden that both of their paths will be a trial for them both." The explanation give, he gives one more squeeze to Starling before breaking away. "Next time, Kai, wait. Patience is a virture in such things. Keeps you alive longer. At the end when Britt appears, he gives her a look. "Seems you survived. Good."

Kai's attention can't help but be drawn by the arrival of another, the skaikru girl crouched on the road while nearby Wren and Starling hug and further back a second Skaikru girl (Silver) hangs out with Roach (Wren's horse). And Britt's appearance can't help but draw some puzzlement onto the battered face of the skaigirl before she raises a hand by way of acknowledgment,"Look if I've got to sleep aside because people are pissed at me being here, that's just the way it is Wren. And I wasn't.." thinking, is the word she leaves out, replacing it with a grunt,"if I'd known we were closer I would have stayed closer, but well, I stopped, right? It is what it is."

Britt veers over to the trio by the statue, a perplexed look on her face. "Kai kom Skaikru," she observes when she gets near, sizing up the girl, her clothes, and her apparent injuries. "What are you doing here?" The question is not overly hostile. Just confused. "I would have thought you'd be back at your camp by now." A slight nod is given to Wren. "In one piece, more or less." Starling gets a friendly nod in greeting too.

Kai slowly unfolds herself from her spot,"Not much left of the camp." which is something of a sadness to her,"Most of them got evac'ed to Alpha station." it doesn't even occur to the girl that maybe some of these words don't have context for the others,"My duty to the bandrona finished when she reached Alpha, so now I'm fulfilling my promise." there's a nod in Wren's direction,"What happened to your face? Not the Ark, I hope? So far I haven't.." she purses her lips,"like merciful Eden so far it seems like it managed to miss hitting another village, but the debris field is.. yeh."

"She is here to train, Britt." Wren supplies. "She is my Second, and she is here to learn. Because everything leading up to this point has been the wrong kind of training. All method, no understanding. And it would be a shame to see so much potential go untapped." Another look over at the silent Silver and Roach. "And she is here to try and earn her place amoung us. She wants to build peace, has no desire to live amoung her people. In the end…it is their choice." A frown at Kai. "Manners, Second. Britt is a warrior of respect, you will show it." It's said not as a chastizement, but more of a reminder. "And you have only just arrived, let's not consider sleeping outside lest it reach that point. And you weren't thinking, I know, it's alright." At least she's getting the picture a little. Though now she's stealing his catchphrase. But, maybe that's not so bad.

From the village being heralded by the bold and ever running somewhere 10 year old, Rain, stalked a hooded and forboding armoured figure. Hitting light he appears at first glace as the terrifying victor of a wrestling match between a potentially human being and a wood chipper. There were scars that were healing up that seemed to quilt him together in stubbornness and ink… If that was called winning. Hey he was the one walking around! The gait was purposeful and the expression was anything but friendly. The silence that followed was not one of reassurance. Steel grey eyes locked on Silver and Kai immediately. A rough, scarred hand stopped on the child's shoulder and guided her around him to his back quarter where she watched. There was no warm welcome here, but no one had a dagger in their eye yet either. There was a glance to Wren wherein one tattooed eyebrow ridge arched, but no words were exchanged as he surveyed the 'interlopers'.

"Alpha Station?" The name means nothing to Britt, as her blank look attests. She is unsurprised by Kai's assertion that little remains of the camp, having seen the destruction wrought by the rocket blast, and just nods slightly. The question about her face causes her lips to press into a thin line. "No, not the Ark. One of your Skaikru guns." She doesn't elaborate on that point, but instead turns her head to arch an eyebrow at Wren. "Your Second?" Her expression is somewhat masked by the bandage, but she glances past him to Silver and says dryly, "<In Trigedasleng> One Skaigirl wasn't enough? Are you a glutton for punishment?"

When Britt smiles in Starling's direction, she returns with as soft brightness and a dip of her chin in respect for the warrior, but then she slips away from her brother and goes to hug Britt, because, well, Starling does such things and none are on duty there at the moment. That done with a soft word of welcome, Starling is moving back towards where her bag and some armor is laying on the ground near the base of the statue and she leans over to pick up the bag and pulls out two apples. She ponders something long enough that she notices Pontus and his stance before slowly making her way over to him, a hand reaching behind him to ruffle Rain and offer her an apple before she looks up at Pontus and says something softly before simply leaning against his side.

"Sorry.." Kai offers, first for Wren, then for Britt,"I didn't mean any offense. Ma'am." and then eyes Wren out of the corner of her eye at least briefly. But there's Pontus arriving and well, yes, the lean girl in the borrowed armor decides that it's the better part of practicality, shoves the remainder of the bread into her mouth and stoops to collect the bag that Starling had let her borrow earlier, dusting her free hand off on her pants and offering the bag out towards Silver,"I.. yeh. It's part of the Ark.. it survived hitting the ground, some of the people survived too." she at least covers her hand with her mouth as she mumbles around the bread, because that's polite, right? And can't help but wince,"I'm sorry." she offers for Britt, totally keeping an eye on Pontus just in case.

"<In Trigedasleng> I don't expect to liked. Or even respected for my choices, Britt." Wren is really all kinds of patience right now, to the point where he needs to draw in a breath, exhaling. "<In Trigedasleng> I told them both exactly what would await for them if this what they wanted, The life they wanted. But this is the life they want, it is not by my right to deny that. They want to prove themselves, build peace, I say let them try. At least they have gotten farther here than I did there. I was not even allowed inside their Sky City." As to the matter of Kai being Second, he shrugs. "<In Trigedasleng> I told the kruheda directly, said it was my choice. I have made it." Pontus and Starling get another look, an even harder one when the latter leans into the former, narrowing his eyes a little. But no comment on it, merely a snort.

Pontus stayed uncomfortably still. There was no welcome to be had, but he wasn't the only one. This was not an anomoly and Wren did say they were warned. He was leaned on, but didn't shoo her away, or budge either. His focus was accutly attuned to sizing up the Skaikru in their people's village. There was not a need for discussion, but, still, he spake nor raised a blade to them either. Wren, in return for the hard look given to the scarred hunter, only nodded to him in return listening and waiting.

"You're fine," Britt offers to Kai, not seeming offended. Perhaps she has different standards for respect than Wren. "Your people fought bravely," is all she says in response to Kai's apology. Wren just gets a tiny nod of acknowledgement. "<In Trigedasleng> Good luck, then." She blinks a little at the hug from Starling. Not bothered, per se, but it might be apparent that the warrior woman is not normally a hugger. She accepts it with as much awkward grace as she can muster, then steps back with a bemused look.

Kai can't help it, she looks between Britt and Wren, trying to keep the furrow from her brow as she listens to the Trigedasleng flow over her with no real comprehension of it beyond 'skaigirl' and 'Britt', folding her hands behind her back and adopting an 'at ease' position out of well, habit, more than anything. There is a slow blink of her eyes for Britt's words for all that she's still got that one good eye on Pontus mostly because out of the gathered he's the unknown quantity to her,"You were.." of course she was there, and the girl can't help but straighten her back but as she opens her mouth there's the looming presence of Wren nearby to remind her as much as Britt's words herself,"I.. yes. They are not warriors, but they were not going to just wait to die."

Starling does not seem upset at her touches and hugs give different reactions, she has decided on her course of action and follows it to the end, including still leaning again Pontus and speaking softly as she watches her brother and his woman. A tilt of her head at the snort and she rolls her eyes in amusement but does nothing at all, like moving. But she does speak softly, "<In Trigedasleng> She did well on arriving, seemed shocked I could speak her language, and I don't think she understands our food, but not a horrible showing.." Like anyone cares what the crafter thinks, but hey, it happens.

Wren can already feel the headache he's going to have for the next couple of months. Somehow he's gotten himself roped into this task of playing peacemaker when it wasn't something he was really looking to do. This is what he gets for coming from a moderatly-minded family. A sigh rumbles from him before moving over to sit at the foot of the statue, giving a flick of his hand for Kai to follow. No pont for her to just stand there awkwardly. "You have a lot of work ahead of you. You will have unlearn what you have learned." he grunts, easing himself down onto the worn stone.

Pontus hasn't moved. Seriously Scouts were some creepy people in that regard. One hand remained on Rain's shoulder so he knew where the kiddo was in regards to the rest of everything. It was just good awareness when one had an unknown factor in their launch arc. Starling seemed to be catching the hunter up which won her a bit of a faint nod. What he didn't do was voice an opinion on the matter (though one might appreciably try to guess), not speak out to Wren in any retalitory manner. As Wren came dwn off his horse the hunter gave Starling a bit of a nod and then crossed over to Wren to greet him with something quiet.

Britt actually offers a tiny smile of thanks to something Starling says quietly to her during the hug. But then she's distracted again by Kai's remark. It's hard to keep everyone in her field of vision with one eye covered, so she's doing a bit of back and forth like someone watching a tennis match. "Yes, I was there," she confirms evenly, not shirking from the fact that she quite possibly killed some of Kai's friends. "And he's right. You have your work cut out for you. But you have a warrior's spirit. Good luck." She says, "If you'll excuse me…" she says, preparing to go. Presumably to continue the search that brought her here.

Kai also can't quite help the furrow of her still mobile brow, for all that she does follow belatedly with a glance towards Silver, nodding vaguely at Britt,"Well, at least you didn't fall into any of my traps. And yeh, I know it's going to be hard, but I'm still here." uttered with sincerity but perhaps not great forethought, entirely puzzled,"And.. uh.. thank you. I think." she murmurs, trailing to the spot indicated by Wren and squatting down again to peer over at Pontus again from this new vantage,"I understand that. I'm trying, Wren, okay? This is all a little weird to me too."

Starling keeps her spot for now, mostly to wrap her arms around Rain's shoulder and let the young girl stay within the group but be out of the way. As Britt moves to leave, she holds up the other apple she has and is going to toss it to the warrior when she notices, but not out of the blue with the eye issue. Once that is down her eyes flicker back towards the horse and the girl sitting there, she is studied again but then those blue on blue eyes move back to the warrior gathering, biting her lip for some reason now.

"Be careful what you wish for." Wren muses a little darkly to Kai. "But, this may be the worst part. Just…learn to appreciate a new kind of suffereing. But at least you won't be attacked, you'll have food, water, shelter. Everything else…" he kind of shrugs. "We will not start our training yet. Give you a few days to become used to things." With the approaching Pontus, the big man eyes his non-blood brother, going silent when he speaks quietly to him. "Yes to your first question. No, to the second. I suspect that mother will be…" Beat. "Accomadating once I explain things to her. I hope. She is…well, you're aware that she's a hard woman."

Britt bobbles the apple a little but manages to catch it before it hits the ground. "Thanks," she says quietly to the craftswoman. Kai's comments about the traps gets a single arched eyebrow. "Your traps," she echoes, consideringly. "Well, perhaps then Wren has not made such a foolish choice after all." There's a hint of respect in her voice there, but a soft tension keeps her from smiling. She bobs her head to the general group and then leaves.

"People hating me for existing aint new Wren." Kai doesn't bother modulating her voice, it's not even an angry thing, it's just the way things are as far as she's concerned,"At least your people have at least some reason for it, yeh?" there's a nod for Britt, but as the warrior walks away and Pontus is talking to Wren, her attention shifts to Starling to go,"That was bread, wasn't it? I mean.. I've seen pictures of it? But we didn't have that, up there.. or meat, really. I mean, the first generation probably? But most of it was just.. soy.. textured soy. A lot of soy. It took a while to get used to the sheer.. variety of things down here.. food wise. Not to mention working out what the hell was actually edible in the first place. I mean.. they gave us classes, beforehand? But it was based on how things used to be and they weren't expecting us to be having to scavenger. Supposedly. Never mind they figured there was a good chance we'd all just die from the radiation."

Pontus leaned a glance past Wren at Silver and then shifted those steely eyes back to Wren. If he spoke higher than a mutter it might be an event. He crossed his arms at rest over his chest tilting his head to the side. Apparently Wren had a point on the latter part. A scarred, and worn hand rolled in gesture as the murmured Trigedasleng followed. It was punctuated with a long, hard look of a tightened jaw. What he didn't do was turn around. You don't turn your back on 'unknown threat' and he had no doubts that Starling was protecting Rain, or sometimes the reverse.

Starling tilts her head to the side as she watches Wren and Pontus, it's clear that she is more than curious about those questions but is distracted as Rain tugs on her shirt again. She leans down and can't help a little smirk, but then kisses the girl's forehead and nudges her on. She peeks over at Pontus and if not stopped Rain turns and makes her way towards the area set aside for the villagers. Clearly off to probably inform.. people of what is going on. This leaves Starling standing there and she just moves back to her things, that happen to be settles there on the steps. At Kai's words, she tilts her head to the side, "Yes, that was bread, a little different tasting than what we have at home, but still bread. You will learn about things in time. If.." her eyes flicker to Pontus and Wren and then back to Kai, "We have time, I'll try and go over things with you, you will need it when you go out.." She nods towards the land before she ends up settling on the steps next to her bag and reaches for the leathers she was working with. It might be noted that she does watch Rain the whole way down the land till she mets up with another child about her age and they dash out of sight.

When Britt leaves, he nods back at Kai. "Well, that's a start. If they won't like you right away, at least some will respect you. Sometimes, that's enough. More than enough. Some people prefer it that way." There's a shrug at that. Maybe that's his way of thinking. Certainly, he probably respect people more than he actually likes them. The man has never seemed to be the sort to have many friends. People he respects? That's probably a larger number, strangely enough. Pontus talks again, and the other man slowly looks him over. A mild look of surprise, as if curious that the 'younger brother' is questioning the elder. "We'll talk about it later." he finally says, a certain ring of finality to it.

"I'd appreciate that Starling." Kai offers to the other woman with an inclination of her head before giving a faint smile,"The area where the camp is was apparently no good for wheat. Though I admit, that's more Elias' thing, I don't know anything when it comes to farming.. I was born on Alpha. So it was.. kind of strange to see it from the outside.. down here." which can't help but bring a frown to her face again before she shakes her head, distracted by Wren, nodding vaguely,"She just.. took me by surprise is all. I mean, she went with us to Indra, it didn't.. occur to me? I guess? That she would go and try to kill my friends. But well, they obviously tried to kill her too.. so I suppose it kind of makes things even? Sort of?"

Pontus nodded once to his elder battle-brother once and then Kai spoke. And for better or worse his attention landed on her taking in word for word. It woudln't be hard to imagine that Britt was the only one there hunting Skaikru, nor suffered losses from them. In fact, that might be several around here. He reached up and slid the hood off his bald head that highlighted the many places his flesh reknit back together lined with multiple inked lines all over, some looking like thors and others half circles in very careful symmerty. Not a pretty sight. His English was not great but he wanted to make clear Kai understood when he answered her musing in a quiet rasp, "Blood for blood." It was what their laws demanded. It was what it was. A look swung back from her finally as if emphasizing, yes, this is a whole new world of suck and circumstance to Starling. He nodded to her, glanced to see Rain was fine, and then back to Wren. He moved out of the way between Wren and his sister and said. "<In Trigedasleng>Unpack. We eat." It seemed both greeting and invitation.

Starling flicks a smile to Kai at her thanks, it is clear that Starling is one of those that judges via a personal interaction, over unknown and second hand knowledge. "Who is Elias?" She questions curiously, because well, who knows who/what an Elias is. But she is watching her brother and Pontus carefully, those blue eyes narrowing in thought before she turns back to Kai and then moves to stand slowly, sliding her bow over her shoulder. "We hunted earlier, there is enough for everyone.." Though Wren will still have to introduce Silver soon enough, Kai has probably been the easiest to understand in all this.

"Why would it? Have you ever been given an order that you personally didn't agree with but followed it anyways? It is the same with Britt." Wren replies slowly. "The difference between loyalty and idependence. If Indra had ordered me to the warband, I would've done so as well. But nothing in my heart would have made me enjoy it. I would've hated it. So I suppose I'm grateful it didn't come to that. But…that is what duty and loyalty mean to us, Kai. It was war, it is not war now. There is a chance for peace, it's something to strive for." That's said to Kai as much as it's said to Pontus. "A war without need is a pointless one. There is no honor or glory in it. The mention of Elias he'll let the Second field, but there is a perhaps mild look of guilt on his face. "We're being invited to dinner, Kai."

There are Trikru.. and not Trikru, sitting on the steps in front of the skinny guy on the marble seat. And nearby is Wren's horse with another not-Trikru person next to him. Kai's dressed in Gideon's old armor, and has Wren's sword slung across her back, clearly talking with the Trikru present. Pontus speaks, and the injured girl looks up at him, assessing those scars before she grunts acknowledgment,"She spilt, and hers was spilt." at least, that's how she see's it, shifting to turn her attention to Starling again,"My.. mate? I don't know the word for it. We share beds." there, that's a great way of putting it. She watches Starling rise as her attention dances back to Wren with a dip of her head,"I understand the concept.. it's just.. there was never a war up there. Ever. You did what the law said or you died." she picks herself up when he states 'dinner', however, offering automatically to the prompt,"Thank you for the invitation."

Benning had spent the morning getting her camp set up and then went off to seek Starling because there was something mentioned earlier about having dinner together. She comes walking towards her friend and then notices the others present. Wren gets a wide smile, for she's been friends with the twins since they were little and there's always been a fondness there. The Skaikru present gets a look as if she's considering the situation but still gives greeting, "Starling…Wren…Pontus." She gives nods to the others present who she doesn't recognize.

Pontus stood there with his arms crossed and arched one tattooed eyebrow at Wren's words. It was not surprise or challenge, moreso a possible thoughtfulness. Maybe it was 'did I leave the campfire on?' but who knows. At the end there was a nod of… agreement!? to his other-than-blood brother and turned to head back to where they might break bread. There was a Benning thoughand the faintest curl at the corner of his mouth warmed to her. "<In his native tongue>Benning. Breaking bread if you want to join. Star…" He didn't finish the thought but gave her the 'Luck, yous got some 'splainin to do' look.

Starling turns as Benning appears down the lane and a bright smile touches her lips, "Benning, I was just heading to find you. It seems we have a few extra for dinner.." She tells her friend before she looks back to Wren and then Kai and finally to Pontus before she turns her attention back to Kai, "Your Niron then, but he is not here.." She looks back at Wren, remembering the guilty look and arches an eyebrow before turning back to Pontus and arching an eyebrow before she nods slowly, she knows what he is not saying, and oddly enough she doesn't seem upset but she does peek at Wren once more. "<In Trigedasleng> Brother I also need to speak with you soon.."" She then nibbles her bottom lip but kinda shoees everyone along to where dinner is.

Pontus was NOT, reapeat -not-, the welcome wagon anyone wanted. He was gruff, scary as hell, and not at all a touchy-feely sort. He likewise made no open threats, and seemed to mind the laws of hospitality still in a traditional sense. Wether he wanted to or not was not entirely apparent, but he did as a tradition bade for tradition's sake. Right now that was breaking bread. Maybe not entirely so Hulk, smash, burn as one might gain at first glance. As Starling was addressing the 'panther in teh room' on current events he waded over to where a small camp was dropped the previous night. It was not what one would call fancy, but hey.

"<In Trigedasleng> Apparently more than one." Wren remarks with a sigh at both Pontus and Starling. Yeah, family talks will have to be had at some point. "War is not personal…except when it is, Kai. Most of the people in the warband only knew their orders. Though I suspect that the ones that followed Sonia had a bit more…personal motivation to see you dead. The hundreds of others? They simply followed their kruheda's call to arms. Little more than that, though that is of course a generalization." That said, Benning is given a nod. "Benning. Good to see you." And then he's standing up, nodding for Kai to follow.

Kai can't help but at least try to smile at the latest arrival, even with her face still healing she probably shouldn't,"Hello." she offers her with a glance at Starling,"Neeeron." yeh, she'll get it, at least she's trying,"And no, he stayed at Alpha with the others." there's a slight shrug of her shoulder,"His family is from Agro? So he wants to be there to help look for them? And him and the Bandrona have to tell the new Cha.. heda. Heda? About the treaty with Indra. It's.. more important for him to be there." she's got no complaint about following, and indeed, apparently reckons it's safe enough that she doesn't have to keep that good eye peeled on Pontus, nodding instead for Wren's words,"Just one of those things, Wren. I don't think the fact that I was born on Alpha would stop them shooting at me now if it came to it, for what it's worth?"

Starling moves on to where the camp is set up, wagons wrapping around a few of the buildings, and somehow Starling's family and those close to them (Benning/Tuan's families) have claimed one of the buildings. There is a table that has been placed outside, long with benches and there is food already out and a few others tables have the older family members but there is enough room for the group and Star is the one who motions to the table. "We hunted well this morning…"

"<tr>Which is good because I spent the morning setting up," Benning tells Starling with a smile. She joins in to help set up, never being one to stand idle. She does glance over at Kai for a moment, recognizing Gideon's armor and murmurs to the Skairu in her tongue, "It seems you also know my sister, Gideon." She flashes a glance to Wren as if there must be a story there.

"Feels strange. Does not feel like home." Wren utters, walking inside, but standing aside to let Kai and Silver through(the latter who has mostly been very quiet and observing). Starling and Wren's parents are likely in the area, but being the 'old people' that they are, going to let the youngins have their time to commune, though yes, even they give Kai, and especially Silver strange looks. Maybe Kai gets by on at least looking the Trikru part. "Gideon gave Kai her old clothes in trade for other ones. I think." There's a look to Kai to confirm that story, as he may of heard that fact secondhand. "She was certainly wearing different clothing the last time I saw her."

Kai is just.. yes. There's siblings, and then there's the concept of a whole /family/ like.. enough to warrant wagons and tables and buildings, which might just slow from the way the Skaikru girl slows as they enter the guest village area. Some of it's nerves, yeh, even she's not got balls of titanium, but just as much is the sheer culture shock of trying to mentally process the situation she finds herself in that causes her to stop in her tracks, only belatedly realizing she's being spoken to,"What?" she says to Benning, then mentally reviews to add distractedly,"Ah, yes. Gideon. If she's here.. I ah, have a message for.. is that all just.. one family?" the concept kind of more than quietly boggles her,"I.. uh.." suddenly want to run away. She doesn't finish the sentence, she just glances back the way they came, slow to even realize that Wren's talking to her,"Actually this is.." wow, it's suddenly way more awkward to talk about that sort of thing when she's actually surrounded,"I did give her my grandfather's Devils shirt, and some of the fatigues from the ship. Uh.. hi. Everyone."

Pontus stopped when Wren spoke of home. He frowned slightly and shut his eyes leaning an arm on the door lettinghte others get settled inside. Looking up he glanced to Rain exploring like 10 year olds do with infinite curiosity near Peake. Wren's mom gave him a nod which he returned in an unspoken chat. It didn't do much to change the matter so he did what he did best and stonewalled his feelings for now. He stepped inside silently. The Scout glanced over the spread of the gather, and one hand gave Starling's elbow a bit of a squeeze just above. It was a job well done. He didn't often use words to commune such things. but the aknowledgement was enough.

Starling glances up at Wren and nods gently, "But everyone is trying to make it atleast be a home while we are here. It gives alot of people things to think about.." She moves over and hugs Benning and winks, "Just still trying to out do everyone.." She teases as she moves to get a few cups and a pitcher or two. At Kai's question, she tilts her head to the side, "Mmm, yes and no. Many of us are related, or put of the family and others are friends and close to the family, so we set here together.." Anything else others want to add, well they can. When Pontus comes in and touches her arm, she looks up at him and smiles, a hand reaching up to touch his cheek before she nods towards the table.

Benning gives Kai an encouraging smile and then shakes her head, "No…it is not just me. Our parents are also here in camp. Although, they are not here at the dinner tonight. They had other plans." Or perhaps there's more there but clearly Benning is being more diplomatic on the matter. She does not seem happy to hear what her sister traded the armor for but doesn't outright say anything. She returns Starlings hug and tries to brighten, not wanting to be rude, "But I already promised my friend here that I would be at dinner." And for moral support perhaps when other matters are spoken of.

"I.. wow." Kai breathes as she edges herself into a spot against the wall because that just seems like the safest thing right now, wetting her lips. A look is shot Starling with a nod before she elects to scrunch down,"So.. Gideon's sister. I'm Kai. It's nice to meet you?

"I will make introductions." Wren moves his bulk into a more clearer view. "This is Kai kom Skaikru and Silver kom Skaikru. They have, of their own violition, wished to join us. To try and establish relations and perhaps eventually peace. Kai is my second, stated before the kruheda herself. She did not speak against it, and her approval is final." So yeah, if anyone has a problem with Kai being Second, they're going to have take that up with Indra. And who really wants to do that. "Silver, as most of you know, a healer that was pivotal in healing the sick in Coesbur. She wants to help now as she did then, and help..ease tensions." Then he starts to pick people for the two skaigirls. "Starling kom Trikru, my second youngest sister, twin to Lark. By the way, we have an older sister as well. And she…" he spares a chuckle, "…and she terrifies all of us. Myself included. She is very much like mother." Their mother, who is in the other room. A woman of raven-black hair with a lithe frame and elegant features. But a hard-looking woman. Obviously she doesn't talk much, everyone in the family knows that. "That," a nod to Benning, "Beening kom Trikru. Gideon's sister and..hrmph, Starling's partner in crime." Then to Pontus and Rain. "Pontus kom Trikru and Raven kom Trikru. They are, for lack of a better word, our siblings, but not by blood."

Silver steps out of Wren's shadow when he starts the introductions, smile faint. It might not be unfamiliar to Kai - it's not so different from how the medtech was in the box. Quiet. Polite. Out of the way, but observant. Weighing her options and finding the safe paths without alienating anyone. And you can bet she's marked how Wren's introduced her, too. "Starling, Benning, Pontus, Raven," she nods to the introductions, echoing each name before offering in careful Trigedasleng: "It is nice to meet you."

Rinnan wanders in, as one does with a bag of what appears to be toasted pecans, sweet smelling compliments of carmelized maple syrup. Likely, procured from a food stall somewhere within the depths of the marketplace stalls. The assembly of half-familiar faces gathers her wandering in the direction of the assembly, Wren getting a upwards nod of the chin. "Keye," she offers tepidly, her gaze searching the crowd beyond them with a brief accounting given for attracted stares. "<In Trigedasleng> We are eating here, yes?"

Pontus found a place to sit where he was between the door and the rest of the group. Habit really, and sitting so he can keep an eye on it. Serious trust issues in Pontusland here. When Wren mentions that Oriole terrifies them all there's a rare wry grin and a tilt of the Scout's head. Apparently the notion of that amused with as much as it was absolutely true. It faded but made an appearance. Cool. Introductions were made, and the stoicism broken gave Starling fleeting warmed smile and he tilted his head. Those steel grey eyes looked back to Wren, and the scarecrow-scout drew his attention back to the open door. People were moving around outside unpacking and checking in on neighbours. His attention was everywhere keeping track of everything. He responded to Rinnan, "<In Trigedasleng> We're breaking bread with our…guests and Wren's new Second." That he opened with that one was interesting on its own. "<In Trigedasleng> There's pleanty."

Starling glances towards Benning, letting the other woman take over as hostess with a wink, but she glances over her shoulder and waves to Rinnan, "<In Trigedasleng> We are, just starting, pull up a seat.."" She then glances towards Kai and motions towards the table. "As second, you are welcome at the table Kai.." Then she glances towards Silver and tilts her head to the side, "As healer, you are as well. Anything else, we will figure out in time.." With that said, she moves over and takes the seat next to Pontus, sitting a cup in front of him before her eyes move to Wren. "<t> I have requested to go with the party tomorrow. Having someone there to fix armor should come in useful if we are gone more than the day.."" Her eyes flicker to Benning as she knows why the other girl came and then she glances up at Pontus a moment and leans against his side. Yep, she has gotten everything out in the open now.

Benning takes over starting to put out food on the table, playing the hostess now that Starling has mentioned the news to her brother. She gives a nod to both Silver and Kai, indicating places for them to sit next to Wren. As she walks by Wren, she lightly puts a hand on his shoulder and a look asking for him to go easy on Starling's decision but otherwise stays out of that conversation. Instead she talks to the two Skaikru who are joined in their gathering, "We typically wait till everything is place before starting to eat." Knowing that they may not know their traditions.

Kai's not even going to attempt to replicate Silver's greeting of the gathered,"Hello. I'm sorry, I'm still learning.. the language. My apology's." she opts for only to glance at Starling like oh god really? At the table. She worries at her bottom lip with a small nod of acknowledgment as she reluctantly eases forward with a glance at Wren to make sure it's okay before she gingerly takes a seat. There's a nod for Benning's words as the Skaikru girl takes a sweep of the room and, recognizing Rinnan, offers her a tight kind of uncertain smile.

A woman wearing a leather vest and green-tinted long skirt sweeps into the main room, hanging in the hallway. Peake kom Trikru, matriarch of this family. She's watching, much like how a hawk eyeballs mice from a mile in the air, dark brown eyes sweeping over Kai, and then Silver. Arms folded over her chest, she leans against the doorframe. "<In Trigedasleng> I see that my children," and yes, Pontus and Rain are included in that statement, "<In Trigedasleng> Are going to make a fine mess of this room. Do remember to clean up." The older woman's voice is stern, flinty. But that's kinda how it's always been. "And you two." she focuses on the pair of skaigirls. "Mind yourselves in my home. By the grace of my sons and daughters you are allowed. It is a privelege that can be revoked." That said, the older scout deigns to leave the younger generation to their gathering. "<In Trigedasleng> Pontus. The next time you leave your filthy underthings under your bed../again/, I will have your hide." she clips off in parting, going into the other room.

Wren can't help but nudge his brother in the ribs. "You're still doing that?" However, the fact that Starling has volunteered to go along gets a frown. "You did wha-" he cuts it short, mostly be the save from Benning, while nodding at both Kai and Silver to take a seat. "You think that's wise, Starling?" he decides to say, instead saying whatever else was on his mind.

Rinnan pulls up a chair stiffly, the bag of roasted pecans contributed to the mix while she settles in. "<In Trigedasleng> If they've taken over the village, I don't think we'll be stupid enough to charge straight in," Rinnan offers to Wren with a dry shrug, the No Jenkins approach at least in her playbook. "<In Trigedasleng> Too many sneaky things, they do." Potus, Benning, and Starling each receive a polite nod, Rinnan falling silent for Peake's entrance and subsequent exit but Silver and Kai do get a moment of regard while Peake gives them the run down.

"Yes, ma'am," Silver nods to Peake without hesitation, making no effort to translate that one. Better to get the respectful message across than any other part. She sits after the others have chosen spots around the table, a small smile flickering gratefully to Benning's explanation as she nods.

Pontus likewise, laid no hands on any of the food yet. At the levying of Peake's expectations he nodded dutifully. However he was absorbed into this strange family, he never questioned her wished nad saw them as absolute. At the chiding one tattooed eyebrow arched and his head hung. "<In Trigedasleng> M'am." It was agreement in any language. A rough hand rubbed his scarred face. What he muttered after sounded like it might pass as obsenitiy in teh form of kicking himself and then in the most animated anyone's seen in a long time using more words than ever before in total in the same sentance even said to Wren, "<In Trigedasleng> I came back from hunting was tired, dropped got up changed and was on the watch. I forgot. Hard enough we were pushed out of where we were supposed to be." He paused and looked from Starling to Wren taking a deep breath considering it heavily. "<In Trigedasleng> Thesda, myself, maybe Britt, others going. Reavers are… likely. Gonna try to sweep Coebur."

Starling takes a deep breath, though she flashes her mother a little smile, because well Starling smiles and isn't flinty and her mother seems to accept the way of her elderst of the twins. But then Wren is reaction and Starling's eyes move to his face, she watches him control his question and answers truthfully, "I truthfully do not know how wise it is, but it seems something that needs to be done. I sa Britt and her wounds, I know Pontus's wounds, something needs to be done about the armor and that is something I am good at.." She then frowns her brow gently as she goes on. "You taught me well, Po has, Britt even. I can walk softly, I can hit a bird at 100 yards. I will stay out of the way, but if they have taken the village, we need to know and one more bow might make the difference.." She then frowns softly, "And.. I owe it to Lark, to see what she did, to truly understand what she gave her life for.." Twins are different after all. She does shudder at the word Reaver, but her eyes do not waver.

"<tr> Her mind is made up on the matter," Benning tells Wren, chiming in after Starling gives her speech. It's clear that the young woman is worried for her friend but she also knows when Starling has made her mind up. She finishes adding the food to the table, satisfied it is a generous spread for their family and visitors. She then offers Wren the honor of cutting the deer to distract him, give him time to think before he offers voice to his sister's words, "Would you like to cut?"

"Yes ma'am." Kai echoes Silver, for all that with so many people in such close proximity the ex-C is battling with trying to keep the sudden anxiety from leaking through into her battered face, stealing looks at Silver simply, well, familiarity in a sea of the unfamiliar as her gaze shifts between people, blatantly endeavoring to decipher at least some of the discussion going on around her.

Silver looks between the others at the table, silently tracking the conversation as it moves between languages, and marking the reactions between the people for relationships. So many new things to learn. And she's still working on keeping up with the language, especially when there are multiple conversations going on at speed. "What is a Reaper?" she ventures, echoing the Trigedasleng word.

"If you're going, we're going." Wren says. "I'm not going to let you go running off when Reapers may be in the area." There's a look at Kai. "You will come as well, Second." That seems to be all the big man is willing to say on the dark matter. To Benning he nods. "I would." then drawing out a large hunting knife from his boot. "Rinnan, good to see you. You bring any after-meal desserts?" he asks. Which is obviously lingo, no matter the year of 'you holdin, brah?'. The knife starts to cut into the meat, the better cuts, from the hind quarter, not going to sit here all night and up the rib meat. "A Reaper, Silver…" he sighs, glancing between the other Trikru. "Are those of our people that have gone mad. Become little more than animals. I…all of us," he looks between Rinnan and Pontus specifically, "..have had to kill people we once knew of as friends. Without thought…animalistic. The eat the flesh of…" he stops, suddenly realizing that Rain is in the room and stops. "Some of your Skaikru called us savages. No, they have no idea what that truly means. Not until they've encountered a Reaper."

Rinnan nods in response to Wren's question briefly but says no more. She instead picks up a wooden cup and sniffs at its contents thoughtfully. "<In Trigedasleng> Some in Polis believe them a fairy story," she offers, before taking a tentative sip at her cup. "So, your people accept that you are no longer their clan?," Rinnan asks, switching to English as she looks at Kai.

Pontus watched with that flinty gaze. This was close to home for him, and apparently very, very personal. The word of Reapers had the ten year old frozen in teh doorway. Pontus didn't shoo teh child out. It was, perhaps, something uncharastic of him for most, but his body language completely changed. One might easily mistake him as a widowed parent rather than brother given the extreme age gap. A rough hewn hand extended to his small sibling and finally she pulled herself away from teh door and he just looked at her with a very human sympathy. The scout leaned over and kissed the top of her head and kept one arm wrapped around her returning to the business at teh table. It was English. He looked to Silver and said, "Thank you for helping her, Silver." It took a lot for him to say that to a Skaikru but he was a man of fairness, and she did keep the girl from dying form the flu that kicked through thier camp earlier. To both of the joiners he said quietly, "You believe in protecting your own? You hunt what need be hunted. You protect yours from others." He was losing words for it, not because he sucked at English (he did) but because he wasn't one to use words much ever. "They hunt our own. Our families. Those we gave our -word- to protect." This was, okay very close to home in a sticking point. He reaches over and gave Starling's hand a squeeze warning only, "Do not make that choice lightly. You are needed alive, and you are needed whole." He said nothing of he and the rest of the scouts who weregoing without questioning it. Rain? Rain hugged her guardian. He took his hand back and hugged the kid who was,(he was proud of her) scowling and not crying about the terrors in the hunt before them. "<In Trigedasleng> Rain, I'm coming back. Do I not always come back?" What ever it was the girl hesitantly nodded. He was nearly wrong before.

Starling squeezes the fingers that Pontus offers to her, she looks at her brother, then Po but it's Rain that she finally turns her eyes to. The young girl has been raised along side her and she has taught her as much as others, something passed between the pair with that look and Starling dips her head to the child before she looks up at Po again. "I do not make the choice lightly, but this one time. I need to be there.." Something then passes between the pair before she looks towards her brother and offers a sad smile. "Thank you Wren…" She then falls back and takes a deep breath, "But, I have taken the evening enough now, Wren has cut the deer, Benning has set the table and Rin has brought desert. I say we should all eat…"

Silver frowns at Wren's explanation, a thoughtful expression that has her back to thinking of why. Or how. Puzzling out the mystery, as she does. "The more I hear about them, the less I like it," she murmurs, though as she looks to Rain, she clears her throat, moving away from the topic. No use in scaring kids. "<In Trigedasleng> It was my…good thing…to be able to help," she smiles faintly to Pontus.

There's a nod from Kai for Wren,"Sounds bad." There's no questioning, he says they're going, there's no argument from her. The question from Rinnan draws her attention to her, the grey eyed girl grunting acknowledgment, then recalling Wren's earlier words as she slides a look his way and back,"Several heard me say that the new Chancellor can go float himself. So. Yeh. Pretty sure they got the message." warrants at least a quirk of her lips before she hears Pontus speak,"I haven't seen the Reapers. But the Mountain took some of my friends. After.. the retreat, when we got close to the camp there was red smoke and they were.. taking them. The Guard picked up the rest, but there's several of them missing. A dozen at least but.." she realizes with Starling's words that it's not the place or a topic for around the young and clamps her mouth shut, scrubbing one of her hands across the back of her head as she squeezes her unswollen eye shut, pressing her lips together tightly.

Benning motions for everyone to eat, not commenting on the conversation at first and tries to facilitate to the visitors their customs on taking a plate and then passing it around. Kai's questions causes her to frown and then she offers to the woman, "I am sorry that your friends were taken but they are most likely lost. None that have gone in the mountain come out. Our people are strong of mind and body…but those men of the mountain have their ways."

"Yes." Wren holds up a hand at Kai, even while he starts dishing out thick slabs of deer meat onto each plate. "We watched, hidden, as the Mountain Men came down, incapacitated the Skaikru, and took many of them. But..they were chased off by the…Guard of your Ark City. It was..unpleasant." he looks between the other Trikru at this new information, and hard lines on his face crease into lines. He shakes his head. "They have taken many, but not so many as the Reapers. And the number…I have lost count. Beyond counting. I fear they are…gone. Or worse. The Reapers we have captured alive, we have…not been able to save them. Our healers are unable to cure whatever madness infects them."

"<In Trigedasleng> Perhaps then they will draw from different resources for a while," Rinnan submits to the table, the utterance clinical for good or for ill. The morality or appropriateness of the question not dwelled upon, Rinnan's head turns towards Kai once more. "<In Trigedasleng> Is your Chan-sew-lore chosen from birth? Do they become the Heda by the traditions?"

Pontus let the others talk. The kiddo was well enformed and for 10? Well Grounder kids were aware of the reality of their world. What was universally agreed on was she didn't need the minutae of what 'attack' entailed. She knew enough to be afraid, and she was trying to be a big girl in the sense of trying to handle it doing her best, most quiet immitation of Peake that she could. She held the stern face.

Pontus let his plate be filled with things and let her have first picks off of it. A glance to Starling witha faint nod showed support in her decision for what enthuasim it lacked. The Grounders didn't shirk or hide from the call of duty, but they likewise picked their apprach wisely. Their battlefields didn't havemuch room for mercy or mistakes. that said he fell back to watching cracking a faint grin, "<In Trigedasleng> I know you'd be coming, Wren." As if it were even in question other than would he be back in time.

"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you." Silver takes a plate from Benning, passing in turn as she looks between Wren and Kai. "I couldn't say without seeing them, and it doesn't sound like it's something I want to see. But rabies could cause something similar. Outside of that, the right sort of psychotropic drugs, or…" Trailing off, she shakes her head. "Gas is purposeful. Maybe they're trying to get information about us. I doubt they like people falling out of the sky any more than anyone else here." At Rinnan's question, she looks between the woman and Kai, watching Kai for comprehension.

"May I be excused?" Kai asks of Wren in a low and quiet voice without opening her eyes, uncertain about the protocol and unwilling to cause offense but suddenly completely not hungry at all for probably the first time in her young life, hand working at the back of her neck simply to give herself something to do as she waits for his answer. Rinnan's question just gets the barest shake of her head, the mangling of Chancellor is sort of recognizable, and she knows the word Heda, but right now her brain refuses to even try to process the rest of it,"Please." is added on as Silver starts talking about rabies, her raw fingers digging into her own skin as if this is somehow going to help distract her at least temporarily from the thought of her friends being questioned by unknown party's.

Starling passes along the food till all have a plate and then she simply leans against Po a little more, she doesn't seem greatly hungry, but one never passes on a meal, so she nibbles slowly as she glances towards Kai as well at Rin's question. But otherwise it's clear she has talked enough for now, a glances to Rain with a tiny smile and a nod.. mostly in support of the young child's reactions.

"<In Trigedasleng> As if you'd doubt that." Wren remarks at Pontus easily, still passing plates down the line. "If you could see one of the Reapers, Silver.." he starts, eyeing her. "Do you think that your Sky City healing could give a different idea that we may not of thought of? You healed our sick before when we could not." he trails off, shrugging a little. She'd sure make a lot of friends if she could figure something out. "She asked how your heda is chosen from birth or if it's done some other way. I actually don't know myself." he translates for Kai, but then he's looking at her carefully, then simply nodding. "Go, if you need some air. Just don't go very far."

Benning looks to Kai and her distress with a sad look. Many in her village have been lost to the cruelty of the mountain men. She understands how hearing it could be upsetting. She takes the food on her plate and keeps from speaking further, just listening to the others speak around her. Silver's words have no meaning or understanding but perhaps the Skaikru have tricks that their own people do not.

"Elected." is the one word response that Kai manages for Rinnan, not even about to pretend that the second that Wren says go she is going to stay put, eye fluttering open as she stands up abruptly and heads for the door with more haste than grace because air is so very completely needed right now.

Rinnan raises her eyebrows from behind the raised position of her wooden cup, watching Kai make a somewhat hasty beeline for the door. It manifests no further commentary at first, instead Rinnan's hand stabbing out for a roll. "<In Trigedasleng> Elected," she meditates, her mouth pursing in an attempt to treat with an altogether foreign concept by the look on her face.

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