Day 060: Unwilling Tour Guide
Summary: Britt shows around a group of Skaikru, even if she would rather not be playing tour guide.
Date: 27 July 2016
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Gates of Tondc
A well-worn road of old asphalt leads into a small lowland that marks the entrance to the Trikru capital of Tondc. The hemlock grove thins, leaving young trees and saplings mixed with tall shrubs instead of the staggering giants that dominate this region of the forests. The canopy breaks, giving full reign to the sky and whatever weather it brings. While the asphalt has disappeared, a weathered road of dark dirt leads horses and pedestrians up through the lowland on the opposite side and between two enormous white pillars that mark the entrance of Tondc.
60 Days After Landing

After the election cemented Kane as Chancellor, Nathaniel and a good portion of the Guard were tapped for an invasion force. 'A warband' some have called it… and whenever Nathaniel hears that he just laughs inwardly. Being in Trikru territory right now and not set for active duty shifts just yet, Nathaniel has no gear at all this time. Instead, he's taken to wearing a black sleeveless shirt and short jeans with worn sneakers. The relatively light clothing in comparison to his armor showcases his excellent conditioning, with arms in full display and physique an obviously athletic martial artist. For rejecting the warrior label, the giant 6'4 man sure has the guns for it.

Right now, He's standing on a rock, getting a good look of Tondc from the outside.

Britt spots the black-shirted figure as she's heading back toward the gate. "Sergeant Nathaniel," she offers in polite greeting. "Has the Skaikru warband arrived, then?" She pauses within conversation distance of the rock.

Nathaniel takes a moment to realize one of the Trikru actually *talked to him*, and his blue eyes look for the source. His neutral expression turns to a small smile as he sees Britt, however. "I'll never get used to that. 'Warband'. We aren't dedicated to war, so I don't see how that name applies." Then he turns the rest of himself in Britts direction before he hops off the rock, "Nathaniel is fine. I'm not on duty and we're in your territory. Sergeant is my rank within the Guard when I'm on duty."

Britt shrugs a little. "You are here to fight the war against the Mountain, aren't you? What would you call yourselves?" She inclines her head a little to acknowledge his preference for the title - or lack thereof.

Nathaniel shakes his head, "You Trikru are here to fight a war against the Mountain. I'm here to neutralize their will and capacity to fight us in the first place. I have no interest in fighting them if I can avoid it, and I hope to avoid as much bloodshed as we can in there." Nathaniel points in the direction of Mount Weather. "Way I see it, get rid of their president and they'll probably surrender."

Britt's eyes narrow a bit at his response. "Then I suggest you stay out of our way in there," she warns, her voice hardening. "Blood will have blood. We will not slaughter innocents, but their soldiers? The "healers" -" And one can practically hear the airquotes the way her voice drips with disgust. "who have bled our people dry for decades? The leaders? They are dead men walking."

Nathaniel snorts at that, "yeah, I figured vengeance is the goal in there for the Trikru." Nathaniel doesn't bother to argue the point… apparently he's heard all about the Trikru ideas on 'blood must have blood'. He instead turns around to look at Tondc, "I expected it to be… taller. I've seen the pictures and videos of the old Washington, and I was hoping to see the Lincoln memorial."

A calm voice speaks up, "Peace Britt kom Trikru. We are a people that are not used to Blood Must Have Blood and probably never will be. But if it means peace with your people, we will respect it as our leader requires." Richael emerges from behind Nathaniel before her arm slips around his side and a kiss is pressed to his cheek in greeting before she looks back to Britt. "I cannot disagree with what you say, but tell me what is more important… bleeding the Mountain for all that it has taken from the Trikru or protecting the innocent from crimes they did not commit? I can guarantee any child under the age of 18 in there likely do not know anything that their elders have done."

"Justice," Britt corrects sharply. "Vengeance would be repaying many hundreds of our dead by killing ever man, woman and child in that Mountain." Her gaze shifts to Richael. "As I told Serg… Nathaniel, we will not slaughter innocents. I would have thought I'd proven that to you when I delayed our mission to spare the Maunon children?" But she tries her best to rein in her irritation, and glances to the guardsman. "What is this 'Lincoln memorial'?" The name means nothing to her.

"There's where we'll have to disagree. I don't see justice as killing people. I kill because I'm ordered and in self defense, not because it's expedient. I don't expect you or the other Trikru to share that though, so I'll respect your beliefs." As Richael comes over and slips her arm around him, Nathaniel leans down and kisses the top of her head, "Hello, sweetheart." Nathaniels arm comes up to slide around Richaels shoulders, the giants arm only halfway out, as his arm easily fills the space, "Lincoln memorial. It's an old world landmark that memorialized a man who was assassinated after a brutal civil war in one of the old nations. He wanted unity and fought for it. Are any of the old world landmarks still standing?"

Richael smiles up at Nate before she replies to Britt. "Yes you did, Britt. And I certainly hope the heda will agree with your actions and seek to spare those she can. But I truly do not believe the Maunon as a people will survive this unless we can remove their current leader. Perhaps not even then." She is standing with her arm around Nathaniel and the pair are speaking to Britt about, touchy topics.

Britt snorts at Nathaniel. "Really? That's rich, coming from a Skaikru. On your Ark, every crime was punishable by death - even that of having a child, and you would lecture me on killing for justice? I bet you'd feel differently if the Maunon had slaughtered your prisoners as they did my people. You lost five. We've lost entire villages." She shakes her head, disgusted. She almost turns and walks off, but something about Richael's words keeps her there. "That reminds me - do you still have that radio you were talking to him with?" With a measured restraint, she finally nods to Nathaniel's question, "Yes, there are some remnants of the old world. Statues and the like."

Wyst has been getting settled into the Skaikru encampment and just getting a fresh breath of air to see what's out there. She gives a look to Nathaniel and Richael as she makes her way over, Britt also getting a once over before then taking in the big statue of the once famous president, "I'm set up." Just letting the guy off-duty know that she's good. She looks to be in good spirits, but quiets as she hears the angry words from the Trikru.

"On our Ark, what we did was a grim necessity that I didn't agree with, but saw the need for. Down here, things are different and we can stop being so ruthless about it, as our exodus charter means. Not being born on the Ark, I don't expect you to understand how finite our resources were. Any second child was a choice on the mothers part, since we could choose when to conceive. Even so, exception for the laws isn't something that should be made lightly." Nathaniel frowns, "we can agree that the Mountain needs to be defeated." Then he looks to Richael, "that radio was put in the armory, wasn't it?" Then he looks back to Britt, "would you be willing to show me?" Nathaniels arm tenses a little on Richaels shoulder, but not by much… then Wyst comes along and Nathaniel nods to her, "I'm off duty, Ms. Fairchild, but I appreciate the update." He gives a smile to her before he looks back to Britt, "just because we have different ideas doesn't mean we can't respect one another. Culture shock is hard for me too."

Grey is out of the Skaikru camp, wearing the black armor of the Guard and with the cylinder of his shock baton at his belt. Evidently, he's either officially on duty or he's just come off duty. He heads straight for the gates, although he slows when he spots the collection of Guard and the singular Trikru. He braces himself to something approaching attention before Wyst, then offers nods to Nathaniel (wary, that one), Richael, and Britt (also a bit wary). It is to the latter, however, that he offers a crooked grin, "Britt kom Trikru. Are ya' ready to be swarmed with militia and Guard lookin' to see what a real city on the Ground looks like?"

Richael taps a spot on her belt that holds the Mountain radio, though it is off at the moment. "Thought I should bring it, to monitor the Mountain during the attack and maybe if they need me to try talking to Cage again. He might take me seriously given he knows my voice." She looks to Grey when he moves forward to give that greeting. "Gee Grey, make it sound like an invasion why don't you?" Her voice carries a mirthful quality before she looks back to Britt. "Why'd you ask about the radio?" The arrival of Wyst gets a glance from Richael, but she leaves her arm around Nathaniel even as she glances to his face to see his reaction.

Britt is clearly not happy, but she bites back the rest of her thoughts with a visible effort as more Skaikru appear. To Richael, she says, "I was thinking if we could contact them when the warband arrives, they might be persuaded to surrender." She shrugs. Not betting the farm on that one, clearly. Grey gets a brief nod of acknowledgement and then she looks at Nathaniel, "I will take you to the meeting green if you like. There is one of the old statues there. You will have to leave your weapons."

Wyst gives a nod as Nathaniel mentions that he's off duty, "Yeah…I'm off duty too. Just wanted to keep you in the loop." She gives an easy smile and glances around, "Wow…this place is pretty amazing." Outside of the Trikru delegation, Tondc is Wyst's first taste of seeing a Trikru settlement, "And I promise not the swarm the place, but I'd definitely be open to seeing more."

There's a gesture from Nathaniel to Britt as Richael asks her question. "Her question. I can agree with Britt on trying it, at least." Then he looks to Grey and gives a warm smile and a nod back, before going to Britt, "I would appreciate it, Britt. As Mr. Grey put it, most of us Arkers haven't seen the wilderness yet, let alone any cities. It's mostly the Guard patrols that have seen outside Canp Jaha." Then he looks down to Richael, "Sweetheart, I'm going to take a look around the city with Britt since she's offering. Do you want to come with me, or should we meet back at the camp after?" As Wyst speaks, "looks like you might have more interested." Nathaniel gives a glance over to the Guardswoman.

Grey shrugs helplessly at Richael, shifting the armor on his shoulders to protect more of the bandage across the back of his neck after the gesture, "I'm not sayin' we're hostile, just… yeah, lot more of us than Tondc's had to deal with before." Nathaniel's reference to him causes the ex-Delinquent to shrug again, "Just Grey, Sergeant." That's a new development, since landing on the Ground, "Like Prince or Madonna or Fabio." Yeah, he definitely watched plenty of 'classic' video clips up on the Ark. It could also be said 'like a Grounder.' "Shouldn't be so many people headin' straight for the bathhouse this time though, Britt, not since we got showers hooked up in Alpha."

Britt nods. "But you do still have it, though. I will mention it to the kruheda." Grey going on about Prince and whatnot gets a confused peer, but then she nods. "Well, good. I will show you what you wish to see." Since the heda wishes them to cooperate. Even though it's clear that she's not exactly thrilled with the idea. She looks around at the Skaikru, and then starts walking towards the gate. There's a box there, which she gestures to, "Weapons in there. You will get them back when you leave. Or in your camp, as you like."

Wyst isn't wearing any weapons outside of a hunting knife in her boot. She pulls up her pant leg and asks, "Are you disarming folks for knives or are you talking about batons and rifles?" It's clear she wants to get a clarification on what is a 'weapon' since the hunting knife could be considered an eating accessory. She is polite about it.

Richael smiles to Nathaniel before giving him a squeeze and says, "Go, have fun. I need to get our spot in camp sorted. I'm certain I'll see it soon enough when we come again here hopefully in better days." She smiles to Britt with a nod and says, "Very good. Hopefully the Mountain will see the warband and surrender, if we can find a cure for their sickness. But I do not hold hope for that while Cage Wallace remains their leader. His father might have seen sense, or so I've been told."

Nathaniel gives a nod down to Richael and leans down to kiss her on the lips before he releases her to get their spot dealt with, and turns to Britt, "looks like we're all yours." He flexes and stretched a bit, the sleeveless, worn shirt stretching just a little as he brushes off it and his jeans. He looks over to Wyst, "I imagine it applies to all potential weapons, Ms. Fairchild. They obeyed our laws at Camp Jaha, only fair we do the same in return."

Grey shows no hesitation in unclasping his shock baton, setting it into the box, and then pulling the dropship-metal knife from the small of his back and putting it in as well. Even if it's not necessary. "I'm more interested in just seein' the market and the orchard again, so don't worry 'bout showin' me 'round, Britt." The mention of Mountain Men surrendering draws a helpless shrug of his shoulders though, "I wouldn't expect most of them'd surrender. I mean, the Security folks we ran into didn't seem very interested."

Fiona emerges from the tent she'd just finished erecting, possibly with Tuan's help. She knows there's a gather up for a tour, and so she starts making her way to the makeshift entrance of camp so she can join. She's been to Tondc before, but it's good to have a fresh perspective.

Like Tuan would let Fiona set up her tent alone. That would completely ruin his reputation or some such, so he also is walking alongside the woman commenting quietly about something before looking up and seeing Britt, a smile coming to his lips. "<In Trigedasleng> I am glad the sun has found you Britt. It's good to be back with ours."

Britt shakes her head to Wyst. "Keep your knives, it's fine. But your guns, batons, swords if you had them." She nods to Richael. "We shall see. I don't expect them to surrender either, but if they have any sense, they will see that they can't stand against an entire army." Famous last words, though, as the scar on Britt's face and her sour frown attests. But she nods to Grey. "You are free to go where you will." She gives a little wave to Fiona, and nods to her and Tuan. "<In Trigedasleng> Glad to see you both."

Wyst gives a look to Grey who she has limited knowledge of, "So what would you suggest I visit since you've been here before." Nathaniel and Richael get a wave off as she prepares to head off deeper into Tondc to explore. Fiona is recognized as a Council Member, getting a nod of respect. Tuan, her companion, gets a silent greeting as well.

"Britt!" Fiona beams when she sees the older woman, but manages to dial it down a few notches and not actually try to hug the redhead. "<In Trigedasleng> It's good to see you. I was glad to hear you made it safely out of the Mountain." Looking around, she returns Wyst's nod with an easy one of her own. Grey of course, gets an upnod.

Richael nods to Britt and says, "If they expect that death is all that awaits them, they will fight to the death. Like someone once said, Better to die on your feet than on your knees." She smiles and returns the kiss to Nate before she heads off to set up their tent in the Skaikru camp.

Grey upnods to the Councilor, "Hey Fi." Not so much formality there, despite the Guard still being in his armor. Tuan gets a glance, and then he just goes with, "Hey, man." Somehow, it seems less presumptive than using the man's name, especially since he's only really talked to him out in the field. He nods his thanks to Britt, then looks over to Wyst at her inquiry, "Well, I like the orchard, with all the fruit trees, and the garden next to it. Marketplace is cooler if you like action over quiet. Always someone tradin' something to someone. There's a whole buncha old marble scattered around too, some big pyramid on its side, the statue of some dude," Grey, for all his knowledge of old football and Internet videos, is not a student of history. "The 'now's 'a whole lot more interesting than the 'before' though, Corp, least to me."

A nod towards Grey, uplift of the chin in acknowledgement, is given before Tuan looks to Britt once again and speaks towards her, "<In Trigedasleng> Where have we been reporting in for the Coalition?" He shifts the pack that is over his shoulder to slide the weight some. Realizing there is a large number of Skai people about he switches language, "I need to report to my First."

Britt actually returns Fiona's smile with a wan one of her own. It's not that she isn't happy to see the younger woman - she is! But it's been a rough couple of days (a bandage on her left hand is still visible) and she's surrounded by Skaikru she hardly knows. Britt is not entirely in her comfort zone. "<In Trigedasleng> Thank you. I hope you are well." Richael's remark gets an indifferent shrug. "Then they will die. That is their choice" She gives the Skaikru a moment to deposit their weapons in the box, and then leads the way through the gate. As she goes, she answers Tuan, "<In Trigedasleng> I'm sure Oxfor is around somewhere. I have not seen Thesda."

Upon being corrected, Nathaniel just gives a nod, then crosses his arms as he watches the rest… then Fiona come out and she gets a nod with "Councillor." Not knowing Tuan, Nathaniel just gives a nod to him. The 6'4 giant moves back over to the rock and hops back onto it, getting a higher view as he waits for the others. "A statue of some dude?! I weep for my history teacher." Then Britt starts to head in, and he hops down again, following.

Wyst gives a nod to Grey as he talks about the different areas of interest, "Hmmm, I'd love to see the marketplace." She flashes everyone a smile, "A good place to people watch and see how everyone interacts." She gives a nod to folks there, "Even if I don't understand the language." Yeah, she's not familiar with the Trigedasleng, so most will go over her head but she's got enough curiosity to give it a try. Once she breaks through the gate, she heads her own way.

Meeting Green, Tondc
The road from the city gates lead into a low lawn of moss and short grasses surrounded by young trees that are leafy in the spring and summer, turning to fiery hues in the autumn and giving way to snow in the winters. The road from the white pillars marking the city entrance create a wide circle around the green, forcing traffic to go left or right, and loop around the nineteen-foot statue of a thin man seated on an enormous, square-shaped throne. The statue has seen better days, cracked in places and its base entirely covered in creeper vines. The man's face is old and wizened, with a trimmed beard and sweeping hairline. He appears to be in an old fashioned suit that has become green with moss.
60 Days After Landing

Britt leads a group of mostly Skaikru through the gates, speaking back to various people in the group as they enter the city proper.

Upon coming inside and being led to the Meeting Green, Nathaniel stops, staring at the statue. "Amazing…" The 6'4 giant moves over to the old, weathered thing and puts a hand up to it. "The rest of it is gone… but it's amazing it survived so intact." The mans blue eyes stare up at the mans face.

Grey shrugs helplessly at Nathaniel, "Can he run a 4.4 40, take down a running back goin' sideline to sideline, or kick serious ass? 'Cause if not, Sarge, the past is the past." Weep indeed for the history teacher of the Ark. He does, however, seem in complete agreement with Britt's description of the fate of any Mountain Men resisting.

"That's Abraham Lincoln." Fiona offers to her fellow Arkers. "He was the sixteenth president of the United States." She could go on, but perhaps wisely, she opts not to launch into a full on lecture. She seems comfortable with the tall Trikru who stands next to her, briefly looking up at Tuan and smiling.

Rinnan's got no respect. No respect, I tell ya, for historical figures in an Earth-before based on the way that she's managed to sit on the base of Mr. Lincoln's one time much more glorious, less crumbly marble thrown. Now, instead, it's been co-opted as a place to smoke dope and reflect sourly upon matching entry and exit wounds that begin in her chest and exit out the top of her shoulder. Her wounded right side has been immobilized with a ad hoc application of bandages and a leather strap. She upnods at Britt, the joint hanging from her lips before her eyes narrow at Britt and her expression seems to quirk for the sour expression that Britt is wearing. "<In Trigedasleng> So goes the day," she offers in greeting before her gaze travels on to Fiona, Grey and Elias in recognition. "Fay-owna. Eee-lieus. Gru-ay," she states in English, in recognition though her pronunciation of their names not necessarily getting better. The adult among them, Nathaniel, gets a wary stare as she exhales a cloud of slightly oil, THC loaded smoke.

Tuan gives Fiona a reassuring smile as she looks to him before his eyes go up and look at the statue others are marveling at. It is just a pile of rocks for him, but sitting there is Rinnan who does earn a smile from the man as he calls out, "<In Trigedasleng> Rinnan, did you forget to duck again?" He nods his head towards the bandages about her side for emphasis.

Britt gives Grey a blank look. "A four what?" She has seen the statue a million times, so she just stands by and plays the (not-so) patient tour guide while the Skaikru study it. Rinnan's voice is a welcome distraction. "<In Trigedasleng> Rinnan. I am glad to see you up and about. We are being invaded by Skaikru," she says dryly, with a gesture towards the assembled with her bandaged hand. And a smirk at Fiona, knowing that the young woman can probably understand her fully well.

It's easy for anyone in the vicinity to hear Nathaniels deep baritone. Rinnan gets a "Nathaniel. A pleasure to meet you." He doesn't expect Rinnan to really care, but there it is, politeness. "He was a president over a divided nation. He fought for some ideas at the time that turned into a civil war, and was killed near the end of that war." Nathaniel runs his hands over the base a moment, before he turns back to Britt. He flexes his shoulder again, the sleeveless shirt folding in on itself just a bit as he does so. Yep, he's a fidgeter, Then he gives a 'sigh' glance to Grey before he replies, "he kicked serious ass as the president who presided over a war." Then Britt, "I've always wanted to see the old Washington D.C, and I never expected it. Tondc has a lot of history behind it."

Fiona's nostrils flare momentarily, her mouth quirking in a grin. "<In Trigedasleng> Hello, Rinnan. Good to see you." To Britt, she just laughs. "<In Trigedasleng> Only as much as you invaded us, when you came to visit. Don't mind Grey, he's talking about an old game from before. He loves it."

"A four-four forty. It means runnin' forty yards in four point four seconds. It means you're fast. Real fast." Grey's getting closer and closer to a subject he will go on and on about forever. The warning signs of a fanatic are there, too. His eyes light up, and he barely gives Rinnan an upnod of vague recognition before he's back to his explanation, "They used to test football players, to see which of them were worthy of playin' with the best. Speed was one of the tests. The fastest guys ran it in four-point-two-somethin', but four-point-four generally means you qualify as 'fast.' Hard to time yourself with just a dataslate, but I figure I'm about a four-point-seven. I got some work to do." It's like he's speaking another language. Nathaniel's accurate historiography, added to Fiona's, causes him to snort, "President. They never do any real ass-kicking. Except in that one movie… what was it… the aliens, that big white mansion being blown up? Right! Independence Day. There was a President who kicked ass."

"Washington DC." Britt echoes the words, then says, "Sometimes I forget it has another name." She gestures further in the city. "There are some other statues and old things as well, if you like. Perhaps Feyona knows the ones that would be most interesting to you." And Fiona, speaking of, gets another smirk. "<In Trigedasleng> True enough." She tilts her head to Grey, curiously. "Football. Is that like baseball?"

"Nyth-anyul," Rinnan repeats, the name another in the many curiosities that go for Sky People names. She pauses ever so briefly to contemplate, before she nods faintly as if this information is now known. Or she's just high. Britt's response in Tri gets no immediate reply, her eyes keying over to Fiona's greeting and laugh. She upnods her head to Fiona and offers her rumbly grunt in return, which if run through a Conversation to Gunshot Wound translator probably goes something like: greetings, friend! I like your hair today!

"The Maunon touched me with his fayogon. I needed his ear for my Horse," she advises Tuan with slight sneer, for the sllllight miscalculation that resulted. Her eyes tick over to Grey with a sort-of acknowledging stare, which may indicate he was there or that she's trying to figure out his sermon about Saint Sunday and his choir of Linebackers. The faint upnod from Grey seems to spur some kind of look towards Britt. "<In Trigedasleng> We need to talk before I send in my report to Heda," she advises her, with a flat rendition that seems less than keen on the contents forthcoming.

'Fayogon' gets a 'wtf' look from Nathaniel, but he doesn't question it. There are a ton of those little things the Trikru do that just makes no sense to Nathaniel, after all. Then he backs off and gives the statue some space so he can take it all in. "I should have brought a camera," Nathaniel confirms. Then he looks to the others, "sounds like Britt wants to hand over tour guide to you, Councillor." Nathaniel gives a smirk to her before he looks to Grey… and stares a moment. Football and baseball are things he knew about from Guard training with the other cadets… but he never really got into them. His hobbies turned to martial artist pursuits.

Fiona's eyebrows lift as Rinnan talks so casually about removing a fellow's ear. But she still takes it in stride, snorting to Grey, "Lincoln freed the slaves. I think that's pretty badass." She notes to Britt, "<In Trigedasleng> If you ask him, Grey will tell you all about football. He's always wanted to play the game under the blue sky."

"Baseball," Grey scoffs, shaking his head, "You know, in baseball, the goal is to 'be safe,' and 'go home?' In football, you 'blitz the opposing team into submission' before they can 'unleash their aerial attack' or 'punch holes in the enemy lines with their ground assault'" A grin splits the young man's face, "No, Britt kom Trikru, the only way the two are like each other in that they're both games. Baseball's like… somethin' you play in the park, on a sunny afternoon. Football, football's the game of 'hedas." Since he got bitched out for calling it the game of kings earlier. Oh, right, more about Lincoln, and he nods slightly at Fiona's description, "Sure, slavery bad, yeah. Freeing slaves is good." Clearly, Grey lives in a post-racial-prejudice society. He hears his name and 'football' in Trigedasleng, narrowing his eyes at Fiona, "You're tellin' them about how I want to get a Skaikru-Trikru game goin', right?"

Tuan gives a soft snort at Rinnan's rebuttal to his observation of her poor dodging habits but lets it drop after he smirks at the woman. The conversation between Fiona and Grey however does draw his attention. "Perhaps we could play some Trikru games when you are here and the Mountain is defeated. I would enjoy showing your people how to play cut to sleep."

Britt nods to Rinnan. "<In Trigedasleng> I gave mine already, but sure - we can talk. Did you want to now? I mean, once I get the skaikids sorted." The adult guards are lumped in with the kids, just out of habit. She shrugs to Nathaniel. "I will guide you, but she seems to know more about it, that's all. They are just old stones to me." Grey's impassioned speech about football gets a blank look, which she then slants to Fiona. "<In Trigedasleng> He feels very strongly about this, I see." Then back to Grey. "You want to play this 'football' with us?" Strange. Tuan's remark, though, gets a weak chuckle.

"What's cut to sleep?" Now Nathaniel turns his attention to Britt, "I'm fine either way. I'm just looking to see some of the old landmarks myself before I get into exploring myself." Then Grey goes into a giant rant… and he blanks… for a moment, "I've actually seen some games of those from my cadet days, Grey. Baseball is more rigid in organization compared to Football, but they both throw around balls, and they both have goals."

Fiona cocks her head at Tuan like he just suggested they go see a three-headed dog. "What is cut to sleep?" she asks, trying not to chuckle and, well, failing. She then adds for Nathaniel, "Dad wants to see Tondc so badly. You know how he is about Martin Luther King, Jr." She then pauses. "Oh. Oh. Now you've done it." she tells the tall guard.

Rinnan's un-trussed up in a sling arm raises, the burning joint put back between her lips, in order to point her index finger with thumb extended in the international sign for gun before her hand jerks back in a silent report. Her eyebrows raise at Nathaniel in a sort of 'get it?' expression before she removes the joint from her mouth and offers it casually to Tuan, watching Grey with a similar blank stare for his ardent telling. "I like this game," Rinnan looks at Tuan, nodding in agreement. "In Polis," she says, looking back at Nathaniel and Fiona. "We use our best knives. The loser sleeps for a very long time," she informs him, a very sage nod for her telling before looking at Britt. "Now is fine," she mutters, her resentment for a general lack of anything else to do showing. Something something fun and games until something something guns.

Grey narrows his eyes suspiciously at Tuan, "Somehow, I think that if I played cut to sleep, I'd end up cut, and sleepin' forever." When Rinnan chimes in, Grey points a finger at her, a sort of silent 'see?' Still, he chuckles. "Don't mean I won't try it. 'Specially if you give football a try. You'd make a good defensive end or outside linebacker if you bulked up a bit." Did he just suggest that a Trikru warrior bulk up? "I'm a little undersized myself. Probably have to play safety or runnin' back instead of linebacker where I belong." Yup, totally different language. Nathaniel gets a sad, sad shake of Grey's head, "Sarge… baseballs a game. Football's a way of life. And the hell baseball's more rigid. More boring maybe." Finally, he looks back to Britt, "And yeah. I'd love to get a Skaikru team and a Trikru team and teach everyone how to play. Hell, the Washington Sentinels used to play not far from here." He points off to the northeast, "Big round place that grows grass really well, ass-ton of seats around it? Maybe some big yellow poles sticking up out of the ground at either end of the field?"

At Rinnan's offer of the herb, Tuan takes it from her and then turns to Nathaniel. He holds up the joint for demonstration. "First, you use this to soften ones senses." He takes a drag and then offers it back to Thesda. After a moment he lets it blow out then produces a knife from his pocket. "Then, you cut your opponent. You take turns with one cut each until someone finally falls asleep." He tries to say it so seriously but there's just this twinkle in his eyes that anyone who knows him, would recognize as the 'I'm screwing with you' twinkle.

Britt stares at Grey. He's speaking English, but it's like he's speaking a foreign language. Huh. The mention of the stadium gets a slight nod though, and a squint of consideration. "I've never seen anything like that, but I'm not from Tondc." Tuan's explanation of the game gets a smirk. "I think the Skaikru game sounds less dangerous. I would be curious to see it." Rinnan's comment gets a nod, then she addresses the others. "If you'll excuse me, I need to speak with Rinnan." She gives a tilt of her head to Rinnan, to see if she wants to wander elsewhere.

Wait. Baseball is boring? "Footballs a bunch of people running around trying to tackle each other in a chaotic, disorganized mess. Baseball has clear, organized rules and places and with a lot less chance for getting a leg blown out." Yeah, Nathaniel is clear on his preference, just another thing for Grey to hate him over. Then he turns to Tuan, "That sounds very painful. I thought that was how you Trikru punished disobedience?" Nathaniel is standing just a few feet away from the statue, his shoulder fidgets on occasion in the sleeveless black shirt and short jeans.

Fiona eyes Tuan a moment, and then smirks. "<In Trigedasleng> You are full of shit." Fiona tells him in rather excellent Tridegasleng. She looks to the others. "Should we walk in? Or head back?"

Grey looks over to Rinnan and Tuan, narrowing his eyes as he looks between the two, and then he just grins broadly, "You're on. I cut first." Challenge… accepted. He nods to Britt as well, flashing a grin, "Bet you'd make a good quarterback yourself." No one remember the horrible things Grey's said about quarterbacks in the past, no one remember the horrible things Grey's said about quarterbacks in the past, "Also called the 'field general.'" And then Nathaniel is insulting the greatest game in the world (according to Grey) and praising boring-old-baseball, and Grey looks at him like he's got three heads (two would be too normal). "It's only disorganized if you don't know what you're doin'. And baseball's… lame. It's all just… standing around waiting for one guy to hit a ball with a stick." Nathaniel is certainly right about the legs getting blown out though, so Grey just won't touch that one…

Britt smirks at Fiona's remark when she realizes Tuan is just pulling their legs. Then a glance to Grey. "Quarterback?" When he dubs it as field general she hmms. "Interesting. But if it is a game that destroys legs, I shall just watch." She's had enough of that in war, thankyouverymuch. The back and forth between him and Nathaniel is noted, as she watches Rinnan.

Tuan just grins, chuckling softly at the Skaikru as he finishes his story of the cutting game before he shrugs his shoulders. "Well, if the cutting game is a bit much I am certain we can find some other sorts of games that would be more entertaining." He finds himself shooting a grin over at Rinnan as the ideas start popping into his head before he leans towards Fiona to speak quietly to her. "If you will all know my leaving, I must check on my sister and nephew."

Yep, yet another thing for Grey to hate Nathaniel for. The off duty Sergeant just smiles wistfully up at the statue again before he looks to those gathered, "so, I'm ready to continue. I'd also be interested in seeing if any Trikru around here might be interested in sparring with me before the invasion. Anyone know someone who might be willing to accept that?"

Rinnan's expression is a too even keeled, slightly heavy lidded look. It's the bakedness that may make it harder to tell if she's joking about that whole knives game, especially since she nods in a strict nod to Tuan that agrees fully about these highly suspect rules. And well, it's Trikru, so… they probably play sportsball with human heads so why not this game, too, right? "Your home one should bring a bucket for you to bleed in," she advises Grey in English, with a smirk. Challenge accepted… accepted.

And then comes the getting up part, which like the sitting down part is slow, labored, and painful. "<In Trigedasleng> Fuck a mare's sour cunt," she snarls as she stands up, all with the express purpose of moving off with Britt for a heart to heart about Tri leadership.

This is all so NEW. Quinn took the time to wander around, where she could, and not in peoples way, before her wandering brings her to where other's have gathered. She's got her hands in her pocket, and a frown tugging the corners of her lips downwards.

Britt holds up her bandaged hand to Nathaniel with a little shake of her head. "Not I. But you may have luck over at the training ground." She presumes there is no shortage of warriors who would love a crack at a Skaikru guard. Then she's moving off with Rinnan. "<In Trigedasleng> Don't hold back," she observes dryly.

Grey waves a hand dismissively at Britt's concern, "Only if you're playin' it wrong." Beat pause, and then he admits, "Or, you know, you get unlucky." By the tail end of the look Grey gives Nathaniel, it's not so much hatred directed the Sergeant's way as pity, and 'dude-be-crazy' (totally an emotion). It's not like Grey is good at hiding his emotions, either. Rinnan's accepting of his counter-challenge causes him to blink, shuffling his feet a moment before he nods, "Yeah. After the Mountain." And then he spots Quinn, lifting a hand in greeting, "Hey, Q. Whatcha think of Tondc?"

Speaking of Grey's home one, here she is. Gideon is striding very cautiously past the gates — trying to look like she belongs, but knowing she doesn't. She does not look terribly Trikru these days, dressed in clean fatigues and what looks like a very old motorcycle jacket from decades long dead. No ash, no oil, but the Grounder stoicism is still in full force. She still bears her bow and quiver, and both are carefully shrugged up on her shoulders. She glances at a Trikru as she moves past, but her gaze quickly drops away before she can catch whether or not there was a look of disdain from her ex-clansman.

Nathaniel looks to the hand, then gives a nod. "Tell you what… since you'd rather be doing something else, I'll ask the Councillor to play tour guide later, if she's interested. Can you point me in the direction of your Training Ground?" Grey almost gets a look… but then he says after the Mountain, so he keeps quiet about it.

Fiona nods to Tuan and they exchange a quick kiss before he strides off further into Tondc. With that, she suggests, "I'm going to head back to camp for now. I'll see you two later. Don't get in trouble." There's a grin, and the young woman is off.

When Grey calls out she lifts her chin in return greeting, making her way in Grey's direction, "Hey. It's certainly…not what I expected." Quinn doesn't seem to be afraid to admit it, either. It's different, and not at all what she would have described if someone had asked her to.

Grey gives a brief wave to Britt and Fiona alike as they depart, "Me? I never get in trouble, Fi." Usually because he's already there. He nods slightly at Quinn's response, "Yeah? Have you seen the orchard yet? That was the bit that really blew my mind." Beat pause, "Since I'd seen the bathhouse in C-Bur." He glances behind him as he notices a passing Trikru scowling in that direction, assuming it's going to be another Skaikru… and it is, in a manner of speaking. Gideon's arrival draws a grin onto his face, "Hey, Dee. Over here. You've met Q, yeah?"

As the rest of the group starting to talk among themselves, Nathaniel starts to move off. No tour guide and free roaming… what can go wrong for a giant Arker Guard Sergeant looking for a sparring partner?

Gideon keeps her head bowed as she continues through the meeting green. Her gaze lifts toward Grey when he calls her name, and her smile lifts just slightly as she adjusts her steps to bring her closer to Grey and Quinn. When Grey asks the question, the archer offers a slightly bemused look. "Yes… we have… well, it was not a friendly greeting though." She was probably the one who shot Quinn, after all. She nods slightly all the same. "Nice to meet you…"

Quinn's brows inch upwards, "Orchard? No." She shakes her head, although anything else she might have said comes to a slow end when Gideon is called over. She frowns a bit, then she nods stiffly back, "Yeah, same to you." Is she sore about the whole being shot and kidnapped thing? Maybe!

Grey steps up alongside Gideon, shifting his weight in an attempt to rest his forearm atop her shoulder. The coolness from Quinn causes him to snort softly, "C'mon, she shot me too. Twice." Once was only a graze, and the other a blunted arrow, but… you know. "But yeah, the orchard's pretty great. Trees in rows, fruit on 'em all."

Gideon offers Quinn a soft smile and slight nod. She doesn't say anything else beyond that, and she glances toward Grey. "You mean the orchard here?" Her head tilts slightly. Then she offers a gentle warning, "Don't forget to work the garden before you take from it."

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