Day 051: Use Your Words
Summary: Asher and Grey have another talk about duty and oppression.
Date: 19 July 2016
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Grey Asher 

The Row, Camp Jaha

The arching ring of Alpha Station rises high above this still-developing shantytown. Living quarters, workshops, and storage have been built out of panels from the uninhabitable parts of Alpha Station. They run down on either side of a pierced-metal plank roadway, ending in a metal-topped dirt ramp leading up to an airlock entrance to Alpha Station. A large section of Alpha Station's hull has been removed to open up what used to be a work-bay, and has now been turned into a garage for the Ark's few rovers.

A metal fence surrounds the camp, with an open space and then an electrified wire fence beyond that. Outside of the wire fence is a rolling meadow, a peaceful lake, a little stream, and then the lush forests of Trikru lands.

51 Days After Landing

Grey has been busy claiming space in one of the new buildings in The Row, and filling out reports, and… goddamn it, more reports. Worst part of being a Guard ever. But now he's pried himself away, wearing his OD t-shirt rather than his armor, and without rifle or shock baton, and he's looking for Asher, asking around until he comes upon the big lug, "Yo, Asher." The ex-Delinquent upnods as he approaches, "How you holdin' up?" And that's with a gesture down toward where the other man got wounded.

Asher returned his gun when he got back to the station and so he's just wearing his normal Asher clothes. He does have his axe on his hip though, though his sword isn't on him today. He's currently outside the station sitting near the metal fence that separates the Ark from the wild. He's not on laborer duty for the next few days on account of getting stabbed in the gut with a spear. Least they could do. "I've had worse…" So many times.

Grey nods to the fence, "You know if you piss on that, you'll get shocked." His lips curl into a smirk, "Least, that's what Dustin," one of the engineers, "told me. I think the jackhole just wanted me to try it though." One hand comes up so that he can nibble on one of his nails, biting off a piece and spitting it short of the fence, "So. Pretty much done with the idea of the militia because you got chewed out by Weeks?"

A glance is spared over his shoulder for the fence and then Asher nods, "I'll take that under advisement." he offers with a faint, if weary smirk. He leans his head back against a set of crates, "I dunno man….Still not sure about being under the thumb of the guard." Of course, they are all under the thumb of the guard, but that's not what he meant. "I get you say things are different. Kane says they are different. But then I'm out for a walk and I see a guard using his shock batons on Cassandra over nothing. Doesn't seem too different to me."

"Under the thumb? Man, we're police tryin' to turn into a defense force." Grey shakes his head, not really chasing the subject. His eyebrows rise sharply at the description of the other event, "Over nothin'? I'm not sayin' there aren't some serious dicks in the Guard, but I don't think anyone's stupid enough to just shock baton someone for shits and giggles." Shrugging helplessly, he adds, "Who knows, maybe there's someone that dumb. But you seen anyone floated? You're seein' an election comin' up, right? Hell, they handed you a rifle, yeah?"

"I call it like I see it, man. I gave it a shot. I figured….Maybe the guards won't abuse their power down here…" Asher replies with a shrug. There's a wince that comes with that shrug, but it's mild. "Cass was bein' Cass. She tried to hit Kai over something stupid. She didn't actually hit Kai for one, and for two if you can't subdue Cass without using shock batons when she's unarmed, then you got no business on any kind of police squad or defense force." A beat pause, "For the record, you guys are lucky I'm tryin here, or I'd have beat that fuckwad to a bloody pulp for what he did." Ok, so Ash might be a little biased here. "I'm glad there's gonna be an election. Honestly, I am. Not sure it's gonna be better. Not like anyone has even the slightest idea of how to lead a group down here." He scratches at his chin then and falls silent once more, "And they gave me a gun for the same reason you gave me a gun once. Because when the shit hit the fans, you count on people who can fight."

Grey actually facepalms at the description of the situation, "God damn, man. It's Cass." He gestures toward Asher, "Cass don't take a shock baton, she takes a stiff damned wind. You know the guy's name?" His eyebrows arch, "And no, we didn't get luck you didn't beat the idiot to a bloody pulp. You know that we ain't gonna stand for people attackin' the Guard. Or anyone." At the last point though, Grey shakes his head, "No. They gave you a rifle, and Morgan one, 'cause I vouched for you. I ain't got pull or anything, but I'm still a Guard. And I stuck my neck out on this one."

"Some Sergeant. Nathaniel I think. Big dude. Totally acted like shocking people in a huddled ball on the ground is standard operatin' procedure. Then he told me he didn't have the authority to arrest her." Asher replies with a glare at Grey. Probably to do with the whole kicking the Guard's ass thing. It's a different time. "Well shit…Next time, give me some warning that you vouched for me. I'll be on my best behavior." To be fair, he did plenty of good out there. And he gave the gun back. That's big.

Grey groans, "Damnit Breen." Grey shakes his head, "Guy's an idiot. You can tell Cass I said that." Rubbing at his temple, he nods slowly, "Yeah. Okay. So I can believe that. Dude's got a stick up his ass the size of the Ark. So… if I'm not vouchin' for you, you're not gonna be on your best behavior? I mean, you did fine to start off, but ya gotta follow orders, man. Even when they're stupid, cautious orders." The last gets a little smirk.

"So you're telling me that the guard employs idiots who torture citizens before they've even actually managed to break a law? Because that's what it sounds like you are telling me." Asher offers this up quietly and a moment later adds, "I reported him. Instead of kicking his ass. Who wants to bet the worst he gets is a slap on the wrist?" A wry smirk flickers across his features. He falls silent then and seems to weigh this for a few moments. Then he nods to Grey, "Look, next time you vouch for me, I'll follow orders. For you, I'll do that. But honestly I didn't even hear Weeks call it out."

"To be fair, attackin' someone's a crime, even if you don't land the punch." Grey rubs at his temple some more, making a placating gesture, "But it didn't need a shock baton." He considers a moment, thinking hard, "Uh… unlawful… uh… discharge of a weapon? Three days or a week in the brig? I think that's right." And then it's on to easier subjects, not annoying-ass policies, "That's part'a the problem, man. You gotta keep your head on a swivel when you're part of a team." There's a beat pause, and then he adds, "Even if you think your team's full of assholes. 'Cause if you don't get the message, someone gets hurt."

"If you're gonna get nitpicky about every time someone throws a punch, I'm gonna go to jail. A lot." Asher retorts, smirking just a touch. "It ain't gonna matter. I doubt Cass will cooperate when they question her. As much as I don't trust the Ark…she doesn't trust it more." Which is weird, since he's the one who has to fear some guard killing him for what he did to some other guard. "Look, you know I best if you just set me loose and point at the bad guys. I kill them, and people stay alive. That's how it works." Of course, if you give him a gun and point at the bad guys, he shoots them 33.3% of the time. "And for the record, I was keeping someone from getting hurt."

"Then don't use your fists, ya dumbass, use your words." Grey gestures back to the wreck of Alpha Station, "Like it sounds like you're doin' with Breen." He rolls his eyes at the mention of the lack of trust, but lets it slide, focusing instead on the fight, "Look, I get that. And I went back to get Kai. But I was doin' it to get us the hell outta there, because those were the orders. Even if I woulda kept everyone close in." He pauses, shifting his feet a little, then comes in from another verbal direction, "Think of it like this, man. You go out there ragin' and hittin' things, you tear 'em up, and you come back all full of holes. You stand back with a bunch of folks with rifles and bows, they cover you, you cover them, and you still tear people up when they get close, but you don't get left out on your own and poked full of holes."

Asher rolls his eyes, "If you expect me to use my words, you don't know me very well." comes his reply. He sighs and nods to Grey. "I dunno man…Following stupid orders is stupid. And is also likely to get people hurt." In theory anyway. In this particular case they didn't. He shrugs, "Yeah, fine, I get it. We work together, it's better than me workin alone." he nods, "But who says I want to fight for the Guard in the first place? I'm doin this for Quinn and the others that got took. That doesn't make me a soldier, Grey. After we get em back, I got nothin' tyin me down here." Except for food…medicine…a bed.

Grey shrugs slightly, "Yeah. I don't much like followin' stupid orders either. Don't tend to do too good with that. But these ones weren't stupid. Just cautious. Old." That gets a little smirk. The suggestion of Asher being a Guard draws a snort from Grey, "Seriously, man? You ain't got what it takes to be a Guard anyhow." The flash of his smile makes that a bit of a challenge. "And yeah. Gettin' our people back comes first. Always. But what about after that? Whatcha gonna do then? Lift heavy boxes? Go join the Trikru? Forage for yourself? You know if you try to join the Trikru, you're gonna get a whole lot more orders than in the militia, right? And when you don't follow orders there, you don't get chewed out, you get cut." A nod indicates where the Coesbur people were given their punishments so recently.

On that point, they agree. Asher has no desire to be a guard. Militia may still be an option for him. "After that?" Asher shrugs, "I dunno, man. If Cass goes Trikru and another war with them starts up…" Because that is TOTALLY possible, "I can't be on this side and her on that." He shrugs, "But no, I doubt they'd take me in the first place. I'm not interested in fucking Wren, which appears to be a pre-requisite." Hey look, a joke! Asher smirks. "For now, I'm content to see what they do to fuckwad Sergeant Nathaniel. If he gets off? I'm gone, because this is the same corrupt ass guard we had up there. If not, then I'll try to play good soldier for a bit and see what happens." That's encouraging.

"I know what you mean. Gideon and me, we worried about that early on." Grey isn't even trying to deny anything there anymore, and he snorts a snicker at the mention of Trikru prerequisites. "Yeah, he's got pretty hair, but he ain't my type either. Guess there aren't many Trikru willin' to take on Skaikru Seconds, and why should there be? Screw that, why should we be their Seconds?" This has apparently been grinding Grey's gears for a bit, since anger filters into his voice, "Screw them, I'm no one's Second." Blowing out a breath, he nods, "Don't have to be a good soldier, man. I know that ain't your style. Just gotta listen and be part'a the team."

Asher falls silent for several long moments. This is a lot of bromancing. "This is a lot of bromancing…" Asher makes that fact more self evident. He is silent again, then pushes himself back up with a grunt and a more serious wince. That required abdominal muscles. "I'm gonna go check in with the infirmary, make sure they don't think I bailed again. I'll think about it…ok? Seriously, I'll think about it." He offers a quick grin and then starts off to enter the Ark at a limp.

Grey snorts again at Asher's comment, "Everybody needs a good bromance, right?" Beat pause, "Nope. Totally don't." He nods at the promise, "'Course. Don't punch anybody." And then he's off for his own duties. Or, you know, finding Gideon.

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