Day 031: Visiting Eli
Summary: Kai goes down to Alpha Station/camp Jaha to visit Elias
Date: 29th June 2016
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Forests Around the Camp — The Wilderness

This forest is a mingling of hardwoods and temperate evergreens, with towering oaks and cedars mixed with slender alders. The ground is covered in grassy mosses and thick ferns — some with sharp, sword-like leaves and others with tight spiraled stems that unfurl toward the crowded canopy. Beyond the trees and ferns, the forest also hosts arching, moss-draped vine maples and flowering blackberry bushes as just some of its flora occupants.

Toward the west, the forest begins to break as the mountains climb, revealing meadow balds and the broad web of the divided Potomac.

Day 031

It was afternoon when Kai set out, on a horse, to head down to Alpha Station as she still thinks about it. At least she knows which direction to head in, but it takes some time to actually get to a point where she can see it to help guide her in, not helped any because it's a goddamn horse and she's still a novice rider. Not that it impresses the guys at the gate any. At first glance of course she looks like a Grounder; she's armed, armored, and that's no longer the fake stuff coating her face either. But she's absent a glove on the right side, having declared it too damaged to bother with. A hand is raised by acknowledgment as she gets close enough to make out that this isn't actually some unknown quantity, but she's still quite content to stay on the damned horse on her side of the gate given the cold shoulder she gets from at least half of the guys on duty right now,"I'm here to see Eli. Lapointe. If ya'll can send someone to let him know I'm here." it's only sort of a request. But maybe to them.. better than her coming inside.

When the guard comes to summon him, Elias is inside Alpha Station putting together his lab the best he knows how. Not his lab, really but rather Elliot's and Cameron's when he gets back. The specs have already been sent to engineering for the hothouses. At the moment, he's working out an equation for the space needed for the hothouses and what part of the new homestead they will take up space in. "Lapointe," comes the summon. "Someone for you by the gate." Elias gives him a curious look, but rises from his seated position and starts heading back towards the gate. He's freshly-showered, shaved, and has a fresh change of clothes on. Looking healthy enough, he looks up to Kai on her horse and lets his mouth hang agape as he studies her. "Kai…I. Is everything alright?" His brows creases and he looks a bit worried.

Kai slides from the horse when he appears, she's.. well, clean, underneath the paint at least, and she's washed the rest of her shit, but it's still the same shit. The horse's reins are kept a hold of as she nods,"Yeh, everything's fine. I got some free time and I needed to practice so I figured that coming and seeing you was the best opportunity to train, and see you." there's a quirk of her lips and an eye for the guards. She'll wait, pointedly, for them to open the gate before she comes in to give him a hug, the stitches along her arm still fresh and poulticey, a combination of Ark and Trikru work in one wound,"How are things here?" how are you, is the real question, just that she doesn't quite ask it directly.

Elias has maybe become at least a bit of a big deal around the Ark as he's been working sunup to sundown on a number of things around the new…town? It really is a huge place, but is mostly composed of rubble and scrap still. Regardless, the guards do open the gates for Kai when he gives the guard a signal to hurry up and open up. The faint quirk is caught and he takes in a breath when she tells him she came here to see him. As soon as the gate opens though, he's right there to wrap both of his arms around her body to give her a squeeze against him. There's no question about whether or not he's missed her and it shows in the way his arms cling around her waist. Both of his hands slide up along her back to pull her in closer, but her's careful of her arm. The last question is considered and he gently slips away from her, but keeps hold of one hand. That hand is tugges gently to beckon her further inside the gates of Camp Jaha. "Oh, it's busy," he says evasively. "I have hothouses in the works so that we can grow crops year round, but I still need to get back to the cave for Cameron's tomatoes. But I have a pen now? So…yay?" He glances back to her again as he leads her through the gate and on inside.

Kai returns the hug with equal ferocity for all that she can't let go of the reins right away. A look is cast at the guards as she leads the quite shoddy and placid beast away, because not like they'll trust her with a decent horse yet. Still she finds a likely spot to tie it off to,"A pen, huh? I'd love to get a pen and some paper, but somehow I don't think I'm on the acquisitions list." she can't help the slide of her eyes back to the gate with a wry smile, slipping her arm about him rather than just hold onto his hand because it's more contact,"We were out at Coesbur yesterday, if you guys send patrols out that way, be advised that there's Reapers out there.. which are.. they used to be Trikru? But they're not anymore. They're.. well, they say they're mindless cannibal's. The Trikru definitely hold a 'no mercy' policy regarding them." she elects to explain,"If you see Grey, let him know I saw Gideon and she's fine. And Fi that Tuan is also alive and well." she leans over to plant a kiss on his temple, letting him lead and simply enjoying his company for the moment,"Next time I'm out I'll stop by the cave and collect the plants for you. Though really you should come up to Tondc and take a look at the garden and talk to Starling and Benning, they'd be able to trade for seeds I reckon. Is there fish in the lake? I haven't seen them serving fish, so if.. y'know, there's fish.. the camp might be able to trade them." she knows she's chattering, she doesn't care, it feels like it's been ages since she's seen him.

After the horse is tied properly and as they walk along, Elias blinks his eyes at her and then looks left and right. "Um, I can get you a pen and paper," he says more quietly. "I have some stuff. Just have a pen that's my favorite." Their course takes them right into the Ark and into the north corridor of Alpha Station. Pausing a moment just outside of his lab-to-be, he turns to her and looks her in the eyes once again. "I miss you," he says finally, pressing his lips together. "My bed's nicer, but I'd still rather be on the ground in my crappy tent with you." Sighing then, he blinks his eyes and looks down for a moment. Snapping out of it then, he wipes his hand over his nose before gesturing to the room. The equipment in there is mostly badly in need of repair, but he's got the beginnings of a decent lab in there. Stopping then, he listens intently to her news. Several moments are spent in silence before he finally gives a nod. "I'll let Grey know about the Reapers and Gideon. And Fi about Tuan if I can track her down. I haven't seen a lot of anyone. Mostly just…work." Another shrug is given then and his leg bounces a little restlessly. "I haven't checked the lake yet. Might come out here sometime and try."

Kai laughs softly,"I don't want you to get in trouble. They're probably watching you already." she goes with him through the corridors, ignoring the looks cast her way. Back to that north corridor has her looking in the direction of medbay at least briefly, but she settles her gaze on him when he looks at her,"I miss you too. I'm currently sharing a room with Silver and Starling, but it's got a roof? And Wren's family is huge." she touches his arm with a carress,"It's gone. All of it's gone.. well, you saw. There's nothing left of any of it.. sort of depressing in it's own way." she sighs herself as she looks over the place with a faint smile,"'s good, that you have stuff to work on again." but really what she's interested in is turning to him and pressing a kiss to his lips,"I know you have work here, but you should at least come and see Tondc. They.. you know, it's not that they're friendly, but shit at least I don't get greeted at the gate by armed guards. Wren's giving me ten days a month where I can come see you, and permission to look for the guys that the Mountain took.." her expression falls,"But they're pretty universal on the concept that people that get taken by the Mountain never come back."

There's a smirk there to Kai as she mentions him getting in trouble and he rolls his eyes. "It's fine," he says with a shake of his head. "You need stuff like that, you know." There's another furtive look and just a little awkwardness, but not for the way that people look at Kai. The caress to his arm is covered gently by one of his own hands. A nod of understanding is given as he lightly strokes a fingertip against the back of her hand. Ten days a month makes his expression fall just a little bit, though it is better than nothing at all. The kiss is returned in full, though kept brief for their conversation. "I'll visit. Just…I don't have a horse or anything to get there quickly. I'll have to wait until things die down a bit." With another sigh, he leans forward and presses his head against Kai's. "We'll find them."

"Oh I'm hardly a quick rider, but you know.. I want to take you there. I could take you there now.. at least for a visit? I know that Starling would love to ask you questions, and some of the others, too, they ask about food and about how the 'Sky City' stayed up in the sky and all that sort of thing and I'm not super good at those kind of explanations, and the Coesbur people are mostly okay.. especially because now I'm.. blooded? They call it? I've shed blood for the village." she holds up her wound for him to see,"Mostly I was stupid and just didn't see the guy until he'd already tried to cut my arm off, but apparently it got me points. They were actually mostly talking English on the way back. Though it's fucking maddening like.. you know when you're young? And your parents would spell shit out so you didn't know what it meant? It's like that. Like.. I know they're talking about me, and they know I don't understand them but they do it anyways."

His lips quirk into a smile and he squints his eyes at her. "Well. How long a ride is it?" he asks after a moment, seeming to warm up to the idea at least a little. It's true that there's a lot of work for Elias to be doing, but the prospect of learning a little about Grounder culture does hold merit. Pressing his tongue out between his lips then, he lets that question hang while he addresses other things. "Are you shitting me? They want a science teacher?" A laugh escpaes his lips then before he finally gives a nod of his head. "Well, how good is their English? My Treeslang is…nonexistent." Looking to her arm then, he gives a slight wince. "Looks bad," he remarks. At the mention of Treeslang, however, he continues on. "Oh, I remember. It /is/ maddening. Have you just stopped and asked what they've said?"

"You wouldn't be back for at least a day." don't ask Kai specific hours, she doesn't know,"Between travel and spending some time there, I'd probably count at least a couple, if they can spare you." there's something hopeful in her voice,"Why wouldn't they? I mean.. as odd as it is for us to conceptualize what life has been like for them.. at least we understand shit like gravity. I was trying to explain to them, because they asked if the sky city was tied to anything.. about how the ring turned and the thrusters helped provide gravity and she was kind of offended, she thought I was lying." she sighs softly as she is entirely content to press herself up against him, even if it means that people walking by might see them through the door. Close proximity is desireable, the opportunity to inhale his scent,"It's not bad, actually, I don't know if Wren taught them or what, but they all speak English reasonably well. And yeh, it was pretty serious. I had to leave the bracer strapped to it until we made it back to Tondc, and let me tell you it hurt like a bitch and I just kinda wanted to curl up and cry but like.. they're fucking /machines/, I haven't seen a one of the warriors that doesn't have gnarly scars and tattoos and everything." she laughs softly,"Y'gonna love me when I'm all scarred and ugly? And no, they're deliberately saying it that way knowing I don't understand, but it's okay, Benning and Starling are going to teach me how to speak properly."

"Well," he says, drawing the single syllable out a little bit. "I guess I could spare a couple of days," he says. "I mean - I still need all of this equipment up and running so that Elliot can examine the chemical compounds of the poison and antidote the Trikru use. That way we can reverse engineer it and keep the antidote in production. Just until things…settle down. You know." Clearing his throat then, he stops rambling to give Kai a look. "Anyways. Yes. But Grey and Fiona are going to want to know that stuff sooner than later. Let me at least get notes to them?" It's moving quickly sure and he's kind of caught up in it. With his mind racing the way it is, he makes sure that he's taken care of everything possible. Taking a deep breath then, he looks around for a moment and then ducks inside the lab for a moment. He takes a pen and a pad of paper from it and hands it over to Kai. "That first," he says before flashing her another smile. "I could certainly try to teach them. I dunno, though. But of course I'll love you with all your gnarly scars. All of those tough guys around and you still want your Ee-Ess nerd boyfriend around. Or well…Agro-Tech now. Pretty much the only one running the show."

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