Day 017: Visiting Hours
Summary: Cassandra comes to visit Mags and runs into a Kai
Date: 31 May 2016
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Cassandra Kai 

Primary Passenger Hold - The Dropship
This was once the main passenger cabin of the dropship, holding rows and rows of seats and a small communications console along one wall. Since landing, the seats have been removed, and it has been turned into a combination sick-bay and storage. The deck, ceiling, and walls are all bare metal, and several "wings" jut out from the main area, forming little cubbies that still provide exactly zero privacy. One of the cubbies has been repurposed as a makeshift medbay, with an equally-makeshift table and several small bundles of supplies. There is usually someone sitting around here tending to the medical supplies or just watching over them. Two ladders descend to the cargo hold below, one of them also rising up to the top level of the dropship through a hatch that can be locked from below.
Day 17

For wanton teenagers enjoying their first taste of freedom and coming off from a hangover, the Delinquents are an uncommonly busy bunch today. The death of one of their own has cast a grim pall over the camp, and having just concluded the trial of Mags Trentin has everyone on edge.

One youth who opted not to attend the droll affair is Cassandra Bonheur, former prime suspect for the murder of Evie Williams, mercifully acquitted by the capture of the real culprit. Perhaps knowing she would have shared Mags' fate was in part her motivator for shunning the the teenage court and stating her desire the night before that banishment would be a better solution, but she wasn't alone in her beliefs. She's been busy since, with the proof on her wrist, where in place of her formerly intact Earth Monitoring bracelet are a series of small puncture wounds and swollen skin to mark its removal. She comes trudging up the Dropship ladder in a hurry around noon once the news has spread, intent to see the prisoner before the execution set for this evening.

Kai was present at the court of public opinion, both as witness and as guard. And the one who, while people were bickering over guilt and punishment, frogmarched the girl back into the dropship alone. At this point, though, the lean ex-C has a buddy to keep her company, and after a few hours worth of having to listen to her complain about the punch to the jaw finally gagged Mags to get some damned peace. But the sound of someone coming up the ladder lures the Captain's daughter into squinting down it suspiciously, calling down drily,"No, you can't stone her, stab her, punch her and I'm not taking bribes to free her either." she utters in the tone of one who has possibly had to say something similar at least a couple of times so far.

Cassandra looks up when she recognises the guard on duty by the sound of her voice. Oh, shit. It's Kai. She had been really hoping it was someone smaller, weaker, nicer, easier to manipulate. "I'm not here to stone-stab-punch or free her," the disreputably shady brunette calls out. "I just want to see her. That okay?"

Her attention goes to someone else on the level above as she expels a breath, a rifle coming in to sight briefly as she slings it over herself and it seems like for the moment at least the lean girl's going to come down,"She still looks the same as she did out there." asserts the grey-eyed girl as she clambers down to the second level and gestures for arms up. She's still got her bracelet on. She might not have been anywhere near the Tech tent to try and talk to her parents or Jaha or anyone else, but she also hasn't taken the damned thing off, yet, the flash of it clear when she motions,"No weapons, and before you ask, no, we're not going to leave the room." but also from her tone she's not emotionally invested one way or another.

The sight of Kai's rifle has the longer-haired teen raising her hands in abject, preemptive surrender. She isn't suicidal. "Come on, Kai, don't you ever get tired of being uptight? The girl's about to get floated, I figured I'd come be nice to her just for a few more hours," says Cassandra, who has never been nice to a person in her life. She quirks her eyebrows plyingly at the ex-C, throwing into sharp relief about the only thing this unruly, underprivileged Farm Station girl has with the Guard Captain's daughter: resting bitch-face.

Kai doesn't unsling the rifle from across her back at least,"I've known nicer rocks." the lean girl utters with an expellation of breath,"Save it. You want to talk to her, I don't care, first I'm going to make sure you're not armed though." the first twelve days the female ex-C had barely bothered to do more than show up for food, and though she's finally resigned to the fact she's stuck here she certainly hasn't bothered to even pretend to be nice to date,"Though I'm curious.. why the hell are you even bothering?"

Lowering her hands now that she's visibly waved her white flag, Cassandra climbs back down the ladder with an echoing thunk on each rung, and draws her fingers to the hit of the Grounder-made machete at her hip. "She has information," the sly delinquent admits, lifting her dark eyes contemptuously up towards the ex-C. "I'm not handing over my machete. Enough people have threatened to kill me around camp. What am I going to do, carve her up in a suicide-murder while you shoot me? You have guns." She pauses, tuning into the metallic timbre of the occupied passenger hold above. "Who else is up there?"

"Yeh, she does, and you're at least the third person to come up here so far trying to get it out of her." Kai notes as she follows down,"And I don't want your damned machete longer than the time it takes you to talk to her." even if it /is/ a pretty nice machete compared to the ship scrap she's got stashed up there,"And it doesn't matter who else is up there. Doesn't change things. No weapons. I would have said no-one would have been dumb enough to murder one of the rest of the madhouse, but apparently I was wrong. So. Yeh."

Cassandra may not be the most loving person, but it's clear she loves her machete. The two have been nigh inseparable since they first met on the field of battle where she killed its former owner and promptly emptied out the contents of her stomach — and since her return from Coesbur, she hasn't let it out of her sight. They are quite literally joined at the hip. "What's she saying?" If Mags won't give up information, maybe Kai will, so Cass settles to interrogate her instead while walking backwards from the ladder. "I heard something about Kane. Kane killed Jaha? That true? You used to work for him, didn't you, so how do I know he didn't hire you too?"

"She hasn't said anything except 'ow my fucking jaw hurts' since I brought her back inside." Kai has no qualms at all about admitting openly, content to lean against the ladder for the moment even if it means the rifle gets shifted to her hip instead,"And no, that was a lie." she's been asked that one, a few times, though asking if she's been hired makes those eyes go all kinds of flat and hostile,"How about I haven't been by the Tech tent? Yeh, I know most of the guards, chances are good that if she talks, I'll know who she's talking about.. but I've got even less interest about working for anyone on the Ark than I do with being the Grounder's bitch, either. And if I /were/ her conspirator? I'd either kill her or let her ass escape, not be wasting time patting people down who want to talk to her."

Obviously a bit of a sadist, watching her comment find its mark to put Kai on the defensive has Cassandra smirking. "Why are you watching her, then?" The Earth Skills expert continues manoeuvring her way back from the ladder to give the ex-C space to come down, one foot coming back behind the other as though she were circling wild game in preparation for an ambush.

Kai slithers down the ladder after the other girl and sets her back to it, probably missing the smirk until she's already down,"Because I'm sure as fuck not interested in getting knifed because some dumb asshole let her escape." she grunts, eyeing that smirk suspiciously as the movement itself,"Who's to say you're not working with her?"

"No one," says Cassandra blithely. The teenager has a wild, varied and often implausible reputation; for whatever reason, she's seldom been known to deny a thing said about her, and now is no exception. "Definitely could be working with her, for all you know. Just like you could be working with her for all I know. None of us know shit except that Evie's dead and the Ark's on their way down — probably with whoever hired Mags in the first place. So much for our pardons and freedom, eh? We got less than forty-eight hours before we could all be lined back up to be boxed and floated."

Kai can't help but eye her suspiciously,"We don't even know they're really on the way down. It cut out, on their end. For all we know they managed to blow the damned thing up." she lean girl utters bitterly,"But yeh. If Mags' hirer won, and if they launched, couple of days from now we're going to be overrun with assholes. The smart money would be on finding somewhere else to be before then." not that she seems set to be moving right now.

Cassandra's smirk fades when Kai suggests the Exodus ship, or perhaps the Ark itself, may have blown up. "I hope so," she says coldly. She sends another glance up towards the ladder with a calculating look in her eyes, but whatever strategy she may be scheming doesn't appear to move beyond, 'there is still an ex-C with a rifle in the way'. She stays put. "So you agree with Mags," she then surmises. "Still doesn't explain why you're guarding her. She isn't going to knife you. She was hired by people who want to knife you after being told that if she didn't knife Evie, other, scarier people on Evie's side of things would knife all of us."

Kai grunts for Cassandra's 'I hope so',"I wouldn't go that far." she remarks about agreeing with Mags,"What do you care why I'm guarding her? Or who is going to knife who? We're in a camp of fucking criminals, at least half of whom are classified as some kind of violent." her eyes drop towards the machete,"And that's not touching on the one's who have proven to be violent since we got here. But you know what? In 17 days there might have been beatings and all kinds of bullshit.. but at least mostly what we had to worry about was the Grounders deciding to murder us. But now? Everyone's going to stop playing nice."

"Which is why," says Cassandra, speaking very slowly now. She lifts her hand off the hilt of her machete, following Kai's gaze, then points up towards the ladder. "I said we should not kill her. You're worried about people not playing nice? Setting up a Groundbox is a good way to do that. Mags is going to be floated today for murder. I have this feeling it isn't going to stop there." She steps, and even turns back this time, evidently having resigned to not getting up there to speak with the prisoner. Her palm returns to rest on the Grounder-made sword. "I wouldn't worry about pacifists like me, Kai." OK, so she is an incredibly violent, aggressive person, but at least she doesn't advocate killing people. "I'd be more worried about whoever else is up there with you guarding Mags. The ones who are going to march her up to freaking icing-sugar-on-top Cookie to bash her head in with a rock."

"You're about as much a pacifist as I am." Kai snorts,"And while the rest of you were bickering about it, I brought her up here. Like it or not, we need rules. In a couple of days we might just end up getting slaughtered by whoever won up there, assuming anyone won.. but it doesn't change that some things? Just shouldn't be allowed. Yeh we're all criminals," and doesn't she haaaattteee even suggesting she's in that group at all,"but in the least we shouldn't be killing each other. She did. So in this case.. the most efficient solution is to kill her. And I'm okay with that if it stops the rest of them from deciding it's open season."

Finally, Kai says something that Cassandra wants to hear. She turns right back around, eyebrows high on her tall forehead. "Wait, won? Won what?" Having missed the trial, she's a little out of the loop; but it doesn't stop her shooting one last jab. "You realise that even Jackhole Jaha doesn't float under eighteen year-olds, right?"

"Ask the Tech guys." is what Kai grunts before there's a slow, sardonic smile that crosses her lips,"Right. I also know that there's ninety-one of us that have managed to not kill each other to this point and that bitch had to break the streak. Considering the number of convicted murderer's running around here that have not managed to do that based on whatever fucked up sense of community we've got going here? Yeh, I'm all for floating her."

Foiled again. Cassandra narrows her eyes and scowls at Kai's sardonic smile. "Thought you said you hadn't been near the Tech Tent," she replies to the ex-C suspiciously. "Careful what you wish for, Kai. That's all I'm saying." She turns back towards the entrance of the Dropship.

"Nah, but I was there when the feed cut out. And I heard what Mags had to say." is what Kai responds, not electing to move from her spot as she shrugs her shoulders,"I wish for a fucking pony, and a nice little cave a long way from here.. but instead I'm stuck listening to people try to convince me to let them knife her or let her go. Lucky me." she's content to wait.. or rather, too lazy and suspicious to climb back up until she watches Cass go.

Cassandra also wishes for a pony. This is probably why she spend so much time around the only person at camp who has one. Allaying Kai's fears, she heads back out into the rain, eyeing the ominous gathering of stormclouds overhead.

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