Day 054: Warband's Return
Summary: The Trikru warband returns to the staging area after the assault on the Mountain, and a ton of wounds are tended.
Date: 25 July 2016
Related: Immediately follows Assault On The Mountain (Trikru) - Part 2 but then skips ahead a bit until after everyone gets back to camp.
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Near the Potomac
Back in safe territory.
Starts on Day 54 after the assult, then transitions to just after midnight on Day 54/early Day 55.

Sargeant Breen is in full gear, his armor well maintained as the group pops downwards. With him are two Guardsmen who keep their assault rifles trained down the tunnels while Nathaniel himself helps up anyone who escapes. His armor is splattered with blood here and there… but nothing major. His warm smile greets them as they come down, his rifle stowed for now.

Richael is one of the last that will come down the chute, she smiles to Nathaniel and says, "Hey Sergeant." She is covered in a mixture of blood, fuel fumes, and has a motley collection of gear. A Mountain radio, which connects to an earpiece in her ear, a Mountain Assault rifle, well two of them, one in her hands and one on her back along with an vest that contains magazine pouches and the magazines to go with them. Oh and the pistol on her hip that she was given at the start of this fracas. She gets to her feet with Nathaniel's help for any other escapees.

One of the warriors in the second Trikru team was Erson, Sage's brother and Britt's on-again-off-again-niron. Britt paled upon seeing him being carted around unconscious on another warrior's shoulder. Having been too close to the explosion in the acid fog room, he's got an impressive mix of burns and shrapnel wounds, including a very hamburger-y looking right arm. Britt has seen enough violence and loss in her day to contain her inner freak-out, but it clearly affects her. And it no doubt accounts for why the second team's leader is so easily able to convince her to give up her guard post in the Harvest Room and see the wounded to safety. She comes down the chute, and then a moment later so does he. Clearly the bloodied woman is going to need a hand getting the hulking, unconscious Trikru out of that chute. "Help me, please," she says to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel gives a nod and a smile to Richael as he helps her up. "We felt the explosions from here, Good job Ms. Wood." Nathaniels baritone is easily heard in the confined space on the tunnels, then he looks to Britt and Erson, face going 'Holyshit' upon seeing the sheer amount of *blood* the two have, "Guardsmen Kace, help me with them." His tone is authoritative, sharp, as Nathaniel gets into position to help with the legs. "We'll take care of this, Ma'am, get yourself some medical attention." Nathaniel gives a nod to one of the Guards with first aid training, who's with them in the tunnel.

Richael nods to Nathaniel as she helps out Britt and Erson too. "Oh and I'll need to talk to the Chancellor when we get out of here. I had a chat with the Mountain's leader. I've also got some intel on why they've been doing these things. Likely the Commander will want to hear it too." She helps Britt over to the healers and she says, "You led us good Britt kom Trikru. I am glad to have been with you. He will be alright, the healers are good at their jobs."

It one thing after the other for Sage, she is standing there on guard, even if she is listing to the side and till leaking blood from her left front shoulder, when her brother is brought it. There is a blink, those silver eyes go wide slowly and then flicker shut, before opening again, where there was nothing before but animalistic fury or a dead blankness, there is now a very human fury. But she let's Britt get to her brother first and help with him down the chute, though her naked form will be send down soon enough with her muttering a growling tone on each bump, bend and bag. So not a good ride!

"I'm fine," Britt says, her tone strained but not unkind. "There are others more badly hurt." She murmurs a soft thanks to the guards who haul out her friend. Richael's words get her attention away from the unconscious Erson. She drags a bandaged hand across her blood-streaked forehead and nods once. "You did well, Richael of the Sky People. Blew the top off the Mountain." Or something like that. At any rate, Britt approves. There's an obvious respect in her eyes. When Sage comes down, Britt offers her a hand to help her out.

Before he departs the Harvest Room of horrors to join the others below, Khesu grabs a few sheets or anything that might possibly be used. There may even be some piles of removed clothing. Once he has whatever he can find, he too drops down through the chute after the others and hits the mattress. Getting himself back out of it may require some help, badly injured as he is, but it gets accomplished. He's barely on his feet, breathing a little hard, but Khesu starts handing out the little he was able to find to those whom were stripped of their clothing. It is then that he notices Sage for the first time and stops cold, doing a double take as his one good eye tries to focus on her.

'I'm fine' gets a snort from Nathaniel, "You're as fine as I was after I got clubbed in the head. You look like you just went through a meat grinder, Ma'am. But you're not in my command, so do as you wish." Sargeant Breen grabs Ersons legs while GUardsman Kace grabs his shoulders and they carefully pull him into one of the prepared carts for the wounded. "Alright, this is dealt with. Guardsman Kace, back to the firing line." Another sharp command before he goes back to the mattress, helping up Khesu next.

Pontus leaned ont eh doorframe and watched through that tiny window. Covering their retreat and their escapes was his role and broken or not he'd do it. He could make himself run. He wouldn't be in any hurry either way. Using what he had available he worked on figuring out if they could trap the door for the next person that opened it.

"Yeah, I said I'd make sure they never use that place again. A lot of rocket fuel, warheads, and a hydrogen bomb will make certain of that." Richael smiles to Britt and says, "But I never would have got there if not for the Trikru warriors. I will make certain our Chancellor recognizes it." She looks back to the line and then says, "Lets make sure everyone gets out of here to enjoy this victory." She looks to Nathaniel and asks, "Do you need my help keeping this place secure or do you want me to go with them?"

Sage takes the hand of Britt and tries not to put to much weight on it, but she has not slept in who knows long, she has been drugged, shoot, is naked with healing wounds everywhere and somehow has keep the dagger and axe in her hands down the damn ThrowAround(tm) that is the chute and bounce on mattresses. But she is up with the weapons pressed into her right hand and moving to get out of the way, muttering something like' "<t> Where is my staff when I need it..>, but then she takes deep breath and turns to look at her brother, only to pause in that as the tall warrior name Khesu starts to step near and offer up a sheet. Her eyes go wide again, very wide and it seems seeing him is breaking a little of her shock and silence, for she just stands there, staring and breathing hard as if she has seen a ghost or something.

Worried green eyes track Erson being loaded into the cart, but fretting won't help him, and Britt still has a duty to her people. She stays by the chute, there to offer a hand to Khesu and then Pontus when they come down. To Nathaniel, she amends. "I can walk and I can fight, so… it is all relative. Why do you call me Mam?" Richael gets another approving nod to her words.

Nathaniel, though he be a Skaikru he does not know, helped him up off the mattress. So the badly wounded warrior gives him a nod for thanks in silence, briefly setting a hand to Britt's shoulder for her help as well. Khesu eyes her in turn, loks for Pontus to make sure his 'brother' is still functional and with them before he looks back to Sage. The sheet has probably been used to move dead Trikru for all he knows but it's all he has to wrap around Sage's shoulders. He eyes her, recognizing the woman, but tore up as badly as he is with a gunshot wound that's punched through his skull at an angle slightly above his left eye, he's not speaking. Maybe she needs a gentle but firm nudge to get moving.

Nathaniel looks up the chute as yet more come along, "my orders are to keep this rally point secure until we have both Ark and Trikru personnel all accounted for. Until I have reason to retreat, Ms. Wood, that's my objective." Nathaniel looks to Richael, then. "If you want to add a body to the firing line, I'm not stopping you, Ms. Wood. Just be sure to let the professionals handle things if they manage to get into melee range." Nathaniels voice is calm, then he looks back to Britt, then shakes his head, "if you say so. You people are stubborn." Asking about being called ma'am though? That gets a smile, "It's an honorific for women that doesn't presume familiarity, but is still formal."

Sage closes her eyes for a moment, but does wrap her private bits up in the sheet, she ties it to one side with a wince that is not hidden, and that alone shows just how very tired she must be. When they open again she look back to Khesu and then shakes her head and turns to walk carefully over the rocks of the tunnels with her bare feet, coming up to Britt, and pauses when she notices the warrior isnt leaving. That means she turns and takes up a spot behind the older woman once more with the borrowed weapons clutched tightly in her hands, probably to simply keep herself from dropping them. She waits are the rest come down, helping if possible, but mostly having to stay out of the way and put herself into the mindset of guarding.

Richael nods to Nathaniel and walks over to join the firing line with her assault rifle, although she takes a moment to take stock of what she has on her in terms of munitions and such while she does so. She then watches down the tunnels and listens to what the guardmen next to her are doing.

Pontus eventually slid out of the chute after the others were down like a pile of dirty laundry and winced faintly on the landing. He winces through bloody teeth informing Britt, "<In Trigedasleng> That's the last of em." He would accept a hand out of that carriage he landed in though. He stooped and took a deep, burning breath and just held the side of his head for a minute where it should be but wasn't. Being jostled didn't make him any less grumpy but hey, they were standing. That counted for something.

Britt gives Pontus a brief nod when he touches her shoulder, then she's glancing to Nathaniel. "Ah. Well I said you could could call me Britt." Her voice has a distracted sound to it, as she keeps tabs of the team coming down the tunnel. Pontus' report gets a brisk nod. "All right. Sergeant Nathaniel -" Hey, she's trying. "Do you need any to stay and help you guard the exit?" She will if duty calls, but a worried glance past him to the cart suggests she'd probably rather go.

Nathaniel looks down the tunnel, then over to Britt, "our job is to keep this rally secure so you and yours can get to the staging area without a fuss. If it were up to me, I'd prefer a solid formation with us all going at once, but this tunnels size don't make my fantasy come true. These tunnels can't hold dozens, let alone the hundreds we're probably getting." Sargeant Breen grunts, "take your wounded and go. If you need help, you know where we are, Britt."

Sage, Britt and others may be staying but Khesu is in no condition to be much help to them. He eyes Pontus with his one good eye and puts out a hand to his friend's arm, "<In Trigedasleng> You should come. We'll be of more use … later." Will his friend come with him? They can help each other, and others, to reach the river. Either way, whether Pontus will come or no, Khesu is going to make his way out of these cursed tunnels. He won't last on his feet much longer and needs to go while he can still move on his own. So he goes.

Sage touches Britt's shoulder, and she almost falls for doing that, if nothing else it's clear Sage isn't going to be standing around to much long herself. Her glance moves from Khesu and Pontus and over to the cart where her brother lays and she really can only hope Britt makes the right call and they get moving

Britt nods to Nathaniel. "I don't think there will be hundreds," she relays, mouth pressing together in a grim line. "These were all the Trikru we could find. It should be only the Skaikru prisoners and the third team left. And a few from the second team guarding the top." This saddens her, but then Sage is touching her shoulder and she gets the message. "Good hunting," she tells him (and Richael, if she's staying too), and then she starts leading her wounded team out.

Pontus was really torn on that. He was notorious and stubborn to a fault for being the last man out. He didn't rest until he knew others were out safe. Khesu was speaking sense though. He was bandaged but he was falling apart. Having pushed the trip in the mountain hard he was bleeding through bandages and was starting to get light headed. He looked to Britt. This would take a direct order to make him go, and one he'd never ask for. He was hard up, and those were some angry wounds, but he was staying until the job was done. He waved Khesu on, and found a place to get a good vantage from. Stubborn scout was steadfast. It was just in his nature unless ordered otherwise, and he still had more to offer teh ground team. Not until all were gone.

Sage is just going to have to trust others, this isn't command after all, and while she would never leave anyone behind, well this is different, and if she has to she will head back in. But all of "hers" are out, the prisoners atleast and family, so she moves carefully over the stones, her eyes mostly closed as she moves, using the axe as a prop against the walls when she wobbles to much and finally once out in the light or night, she will find a walking stick somewhere to make it back to camp.

Britt glances back and notices that Pontus is staying, but she says nothing about it. Of course she would prefer he come with them, but she's a squad leader not a babysitter. If he feels he's well enough to stay, she's not going to fight hi about it. She does, however, offer to Sage. "<In Trigedasleng> It's a long walk ahead, lean on me if you need."

Fast-forward to the rendezvous.

It takes the better part of a few hours to get back to the river, and Nathaniel’s team scouts ahead of the last of the wounded. He and his team do a good job with it, avoiding straggling Reapers as they and the Trikru guide the group to the staging area. Sargeant Breen is, by this time, heading to the camp proper, two guardsmen flanking him as he leads the way.

Sev and what small number of healers that were at the temp camp have rode out a day or so after the main group departed. Their job, along with a couple Trikru with wagons, was to ride out to the Trikru side of the way, away from the death line of the fog and wait for any survivors to show up. Likely there would be a small group of scouts and warriors to guard said healers and wagon drivers, but they had to hope that everything wasn't in vain. The agreement was to wait two days, and if nobody showed up, to ride back with the bad news.

Sev obviously signed up for such a task, being one of the older and more veteran healers at the temp camp. He himself rode his own wagon out. Even emptied out his wagon and hoped that nobody stole his stuff while he was gone. That's a lot of stuff! Only took what he needed to heal. So now, he, like the others, wait. Pipe hanging between his lips, puffing away. It's night so, it's a bit more quiet. Though, there was the sound of explosions earlier in the day, so that was a good sign, but without any context for what happened, can't do much more than speculate.

Out of all the Skaikru who came on this daring rescue mission, Cassandra appears to have suffered the worst of it. That's not much of a surprise, considering she's Cassandra — otherwise known as Akorn kom Tri, leaf on the wind, watch how she doesn't soar — not ideally cut out for battle in the first place. Her injury isn't that severe to the naked eye, being a single hole in the side of her neck, especially when compared to the many cuts and scrapes that others have taken; but any trained healer can see that the bullet has nicked her dangerously close to the carotid artery, such that it's a wonder she's alive at all. Her hand has been pressing close to her bandage the entire time she's been awake, out of instinct rather than necessity. Likely with Asher's bullying, it's been seen to that she's among those who gets an easier ride, so that she needn't walk. Every so often when her eyes open, they flicker towards familiar faces, namely Ash, Gideon and Quinn, their rescued blonde not-so-damsel in eerie calm.

A call goes up in the camp as someone (presumably the night watch) spots the first of the war party returning. It's the remnants of Britt's group and the hundred-odd Trikru prisoners freed from the Mountain. The prisoners are easily distinguished by the weird half-underwear things they're wearing, although a few have bits of blankets or extra clothing. The warriors, however - yeah, they've seen better days. Britt is covered in blood, but fortunately most of it is not her own. Yet her face is still haggard with pain and exhaustion, and she'll be helping Sage along if the other woman needs it.

Sometime between escape and here Quinn’s had her arm and chest bandaged, the nice shiny "new" shirt aquired while in the mountain has now received the same treatment as every other item of clothing she's worn has. Blood, dirt, and other gross things. She's kept quiet, and has tended to fall to the back of the group that she's moving along with, keeping her eyes peeled for any pursuit out of a sense of paranoia. After a while, though, even she has begun to move up in the group, watching the unfamiliar faces she catches sight of with that same strange calm that always seems to hover around her when she's not being shot to shit.

Much to her own disgust Sage had ended up leaning on Britt once or twice during the very long walk back to their base camp. Of course the woman has no idea what day it is, or month or time and is just placing one foot in front of the other. She is naked but for a sheet wrapped around her body, which has been bleed on, alot during the walk. Her black braids are dirty, those who knew her before, can see she has lost weight, but maybe not as much s some of the others.

Standing up, Sev claps his hands, knocking the ember in his pipe and snuffing it out with his foot. Time to get to work and his pipe is just going to get in the way of things. "<In Trigedasleng> They're coming, prepare to receive the wounded." he calls out to the other healers nearby. Preparations have obviously been set up in the time they've had to make ready, but as the more venerable in terms of age(and maybe experience), the old nomad seems to be running the show. The wagons have been moved into a large circle to give cover and an open area to bring wounded into. "Worst of the injured to the center. Lesser wounds on the middle and least injured on the outside of the circle." he calls out for both Trikru and Skaikru to understand. "Move, now." he doesn't have to shout to raise his voice. It's the sound of a man steady, even, and who has done this countless times. And he himself starts to direct traffic with who goes where, sending the few healers around to take care of the worst, checking over injuries, evaluating, and decideing who gets first dibs. "Her." he points at Cassandra. "I'll take this one. Put her down over here." No brokering with him. That is an order.

A very long day indeed. Many hours spent in the mountain, hours spent getting out of it and hours in the tunnels then treking towards the river. By this point Khesu's either walking in a daze or others will have to be helping him. His wounds, some of which are gruesome indeed, are not bandaged in any meaningful way that has done anything to help him. The big Trikru finally goes to his knees when they get near to stopping. His bow and axe have had to been slung to his back else he'd have dropped them a good ways back for lack of strength to keep carrying them in hand. He's also in need of water. Making no effort to get up, he lays himself down and may very well black out for all he moves after that. Impromptu forced rest.

Richael brings up the rearguard with Nate, armed to the teeth with weapons, courtesy of the Mountain. The walk back has been the easy part, although while they were in the tunnels, Richael was very very alert to any sounds that might indicate Reapers. Once they are out, Richael relaxes a little as they finally enter the camp. Where they're somewhat safe. Richael turns back to look at Mount Weather, where some smoke still rises from her handiwork inside the mountain. She raises a hand to give a middle-finger salute to the mountain before she turns to the small camp. She herself is thankfully uninjured. Just in dire need of a bath.

"Sev." Apparently Cassandra recognises the trader, for when she's manoeuvred over to where he indicates, she cracks a small, bare-toothed grin. This is enough to make most of the Skaikru accompanying her exchange dubious looks, given her usual habit, even on this mission, is to make life very difficult for anyone who tries to help her. Like telling Cole to fuck off when he carried her injured arse up the stairs.

"I feel…" The Skaigirl searches her lexicon, wanting to impress her teacher, and then settles on a pun. "Wan." The Trigedasleng for death. Alternatively, the Gonasleng word for the nature of her present smile.

Pontus was trudging along with Khesu. Between the pair of them it was agreed that they were getting too old for this. That wouldn't stop then of course, but there was at least consensus. By the time they got to teh river he wasn't moving very fast at all. Sure his legs were fine but breathing was a nightmare and getting his heartrate to stay up was harder with blood loss. He was missing half his face which appears to have been hasty in field bandaging and a few holes in his chest and arm too close to things he'd rather keep. How this man wasn't straight up dead was anyone's guess, but force of will alone seemed to keep him moving. He wanted to collapse on the ground but that would take effort at this point and intsted fell sideways into the nearest tree to prop himself up. His remaining good eye looked and assessed the gathered, the other looked red and nearly blown out.

With the camp in sight, Sargeant Breen and has squad come out of scouting stealth and into plain sight as they start to head for the camp proper. Britt and Sev can easily see the Guards coming out of the forest, their black coloring blending lightly into the night. Upon coming into audible distance of the camp, Nathaniel looks to the Guardsmen flanking him. "You're dismissed, Guardsmen. Get yourselves cleaned up." With that, Nathaniel starts to actually assess around him. He finds the nearest healer… which looks like Sev, "most of the teams are severely injured. You'll probably need to call for more personnel out here." Then a few of said wounded are starting to collapse, and Sargeant Breen heads over to help them move, his giant stature and heavy musculature being put to work.

Sage doesn't collapse when they get to the staging area, but she does sway on her feet before she opens her eyes finally and see Khesu's collapse. There is a moment where it's almost as if she sighs, but then she is moving carefully on feet probably gone a little blood to grunt as she comes to a kneeling position next to the down warrior and moves a hand to lay on his chest, to see if he's breathing and then will do what she can to get him back to his feet and over towards a wagon.

Quinn's wounded, but at this point in time she doesn't even think of herself as being that badly wounded. Whacks to the head have been a thing since the big fight, but thankfully the escape did not feature yet another one. As such, well, she doesn't move to join the wounded as they head for the spots pointed out to them. Instead she looks for the nearest out of the way location to drop to the ground, a hand lifting to rub at her face in exhaustion.

There's an odd look on Britt's face when she spies Sev standing there waiting to meet the wounded. "Sev," she greets quietly. Cassandra gets a brief nod of acknowledgement. "Pontus, Khesu and Erson are badly wounded," she reports in a taut voice, jaw tightening when she relays the latter. Her eyes drift over to Sage when the other woman goes to help Khesu. Britt, however, moves over to walk beside the two Trikru warriors who are carrying the still-unconscious Erson.

"You will be quiet." Sev simply says easily, if steady, taking off his satchel that had been slung around his shoulder. "Talking wastes life right now." he utters, indicating where Cass needs to be set down. Things are taking out of it, using campfire light to look after her wounds. "Bullet wounds." he feels under neck. At least it was a through and through. Nothing to dig out. There's some giving out of orders to look over Sage and Khesu and Pontus, being the worst of the lot, but he has to focus on the Skaikru girl at the moment. Water, bandages, salve. A phial is plucked out and the stopper pulled. "Drink." It's a yellow-ish colored liquid and it tastes on a combination of weird and bad. "Slowly." Then he gets to work, cleaning. "Someone heat my knife. And I will require someone to hold her down."

"I will get to them soon, Britt." Sev adds, without looking at her, but hearing her voice. "You lived. Told you."

Khesu is not a small man. Sage can turn him over to lay in his back but she'll have to drag him because he's not getting back up on his feet. Semi conscious at best, he tries to move. The left side of his face is a bloody mess, a nasty gunshot wound to his head right above his left eye. He's been shot in the neck as well as the chest, and lesser wounds to arm, head and chest as well. He'll have lost a lot of blood by now. All of that, Pontus is still probably in worse shape. Khesu tries to focus on whom ever is trying to move him "<In Trigedasleng> Where is Pontus?" That's all he cares about. Where is his friend? It comes out a mumble.

Unfortunately, Cassandra cannot return Britt's nod, largely because moving her neck would cause her to scream in pain. She looks to the green-eyed woman, trying to meet her gaze, and hopefully that can suffice for acknowledgement. She eyes Sev as he prods at Morgan's bandage and reaches out to drink the phial he offers her without question, but the humour in her expression doesn't fade until he says the words 'Someone heat my knife.' Now the look on her face says she knows exactly what it is he intends to do. Her response? She closes her eyes and tilts back her head, declaiming out loud, "Fuuuuuck."

Sage growls softly as she ends up slowly dragging Khesu as carefully as she can into the light cast by the fire setup for such things. Leaving him laying in the dark does nothing to help him, and the warrior knows this, so it's grunt, a growl, flashing of leg and back and everything else as the sheet refuses to stay in place before she gets him where he might get attention soon. ONce there Sage drops down next to him, as blood starts to leak faster from her wounded chest and she is growling and out of breath when she answers. "<In Trigedasleng> Alive.. here.." She has figured out who Pontus is in the walk atleast. But while she isn't moving for a moment, her pale eyes are moving to find Britt and in doing so her brother and her lips narrow at the later. If Britt looks her way, she tries to catch her eyes, a silent' Let me know if he wakes' is given with that look.

Whaaaaat. Quinn's head snaps around towards Cassandra and her healer. She blinks faintly before she gets to her feet, starting to head in that direction at a bit more of a quick pace than she shuffled into the camp with. "Excuse me….did you just say heat your knife?"

"Barely," Britt says to Sev, her voice hollow. "But I suppose it still counts." She does catch Cassandra's eye for a moment but then is moving on. The Trikru lay Erson down in the area of those waiting for healing. They did what they could to stabilize him back at the Mountain, so his wounds are at least bound with blood-stained bandages. Britt sits beside him, unnaturally quiet, and starts taking off her armor. This entails a great deal of wincing, as the wounds of her own protest the movement. They may be minor compared to most of these folks, but still painful.

Oh yeah, there have been knives heating in the few fires about the impromptu camp for this exact reason. And two of the warriors come down, one handing Sev his knife. Hands wrap arond Cassandra holding her down. "We must seal the wound, Cassandra." Sev says plainly. There's a look at Quinn. "You are not deaf. Good. We are going cauterize her wound. Otherwise, she will keep bleeding into her body." That is all the explanation she'll get, because he is in no mood to explain, even if that tone is exactly monotone and almost apathetic. "Cassandra. This will hurt. Prepare yourself." The end of the knife is glowing hot. It doesn't have to be pressed against her neck for very long to seal the wound shut. Which seems like it's a process that's been done over and over.

Pontus looked at the Skaikru walking toward him and pointed instead to Quinn? The guy had a walking gunshot jaw and holes in his chest but staggered to a sit and waited for… well who knows what he was waiting for. He really couldn't talk but he pointed to Quinn to have him take care of his own. Old habits die hard. His good eye watched Akorn. It amused him. Tough as hail that one. Broken as he was he just couldn't bring himself to trust Skaitech.

Richael watches quietly as the healers go to work, her eyes going a bit wide when she sees them intending to use that hot knife on Cassandra. "Damn…" It's things like this that drive home the point. They're on Earth now. Not much in the way of fancy tech to help them when they get hurt now.

Cassandra just can't bring herself to look away from the glowing red end of the knife being held above her, her short, practical fingernails digging into the slab she's been laid out on. She barely has any time to prepare herself before it's pressed against her neck, and she lets out a blood-curdling scream, enough to wake even the deepest sleepers among the wounded in their party. Whoever's holding her down is going to have to hold tight, because she kicks her heels and thrashes thoroughly.

When the man points, Nathaniel just makes a face, "fight with Arkers in the Mountain, and now you're getting cold feet? You Trikru are weird." The Sargeant just gives a shrug as he looks around… then hears Sev say 'heat the knife'. What? He heads over there, mumbling, "That's what passes for Trikru medicine? Medieval level knife and a prayer?" He looks down to Cassandra as he approaches. "Say the word and I'll have one of ours tend to you, Ms. Bonheur."

Quinn's upright and moving on her own, despite her wounds. She doesn't appear to be after anyone's help, or healing. Which, well. Hot blades…'nuff said. "No, I'm not deaf." She replies to Sev's comment, one brow twitching upwards a bit before she crosses her arms over her chest, despite the bandages that make the gesture awkward, and painful. As the knife hits flesh and Cassandra screams she winces just a bit, but doesn't move away from where she's posted herself at near by.

In truth, it's not just Cassandra that's screaming. There are the sounds of other people getting the same treatment as the skaigirl. These are sounds Sev is used to, and really, expects. Healing can be painful. The hands of the two warriors hold her down the ground, one having their hand on her head so she doesn't move into the knife. And yes, the edge of the knife is away from her neck. Both the front of her neck and the back are sealed shut. "Let go of her." he tells the two warriors. "See to the others, I have this one." he says, looking at Cassandra, holding her face for a moment. "Look at me. You are still alive. You scream because life still holds onto you. You have done well." Three fingerfulls of the salve is slathered across both wound of her neck and suddenly the pain from both starts to dimish the moment it touches her skin, in a cooling, soothing sensation. But he did have to use a lot for that. A roll of bandages is taken next, wrapping her neck. "Lie still. You." the last word for Quinn. "Get her some water. Second wagon to your left. Go."

She'll probably be ashamed of this at a later date and deny it ever happened, but at the moment, Cassandra cries like a baby. Not so tough after all. She squeezes her eyes shut, giving the barest nods of her head at Sev's reassuring words. When her eyes open, it's only to offer Nathaniel a very predictable reply — one which, tellingly, she doesn't offer the Trikru trader who just stuck a glowing knife to her neck. "Fuck off, Breen." When the warriors release her, she doesn't get up, but steadies her shaky breath.

Yes, that's enough noise, that screaming, to rouse even Khesu. I don't know about Pontus, but his right hand scrabbles in the dirt trying to reach around behind him to draw his axe. Are they under attack?! He breathes harder and is lucky the bullet in his chest isn't lodged in his lung. With extreme effort he manages to sit up and try to look around, "<In Trigedasleng> What?" Oh boy. His one good eye can see Cassandra thrashing over there beneath the hot knife. No envy for her. That has got to hurt like a mother frakker. A few quick breathes and Khesu leaves off the axe and lays himself back down. He tries to wipe at the blood over his left eye but there's too much mess and swelling to tell if he's lost the eye. He gives up on it. Sage is there in his line of vision, "<In Trigedasleng> Mead … in my flask. You should drink."

Nathaniel only rolls his eyes at that, "I can see you're not going to die immediately," Definitely some snark in there, "have fun with that." Sev gets a glance from the Sargeant, then he starts to look around, checking for any spots that need his help. He is, after all, One of the uninjured… so he sets to dealing with the aftermath before he heads out for scout patrol.

There's a look of sympathy from Britt when Cassandra screams. Yeah, she knows how that feels. All too well. The exchange between Nathaniel and Cass is noted, even if Britt doesn't catch all of it. Her armor is tossed into a pile next to her, and she uses the bottom of her shirt to wipe some of the blood off her face at least. After that, she takes Erson's hand - a rare display of open sentimentality from the archer. Khesu stirring causes her eyes to drift over that way in concern, but Britt says nothing.

Quinn's brows shift upwards when she's told to go get water, but instead of arguing she just turns to head towards the indicated wagon. There's some rummaging around, poking, things that really don't need to be done before she turns to bring some water back to Cassandra. No comment about the tears, just a quiet offer of the water before she crouches down next to her.

Sage has heard alot of screaming lately, wayway to much, and her eyes shut tightly as Cassandra let's out her scream, the warrior has to breath through the reaction and anger that brings up in her and is breathing very hard by the time it's over. Enough that she doesn't see Khesu moving or reaching for his axe, but finally enough to look at him with eyes gone so pale they are almost white. His words, causes a tilt of her head and she reaches over carefully to pull the flask out and moves to gently nudge him up so he can drink, she thought says in that husky voice, "<In Trigedasleng> Drink, Breath, your alive. I.. drugs.." She frowns clearly she has no idea what they put in her but she doesn't think drinking right that matter if a good idea. If he drinks or not, she starts to pull that sheet back around her using a touch of the mead to wet the edge and starts to pat at her wounds, tiny little growls coming at the pain, which probably Khesu and Pontus not far away might hear, but they don't carry.

Sev takes a long moment to look over Cassandra. "Rest now, the worst has passed." he says down to her, gathering his things. "Your friend will look after you. Try not to move your neck for a bit, it will only cause pain." he gathers his things. Few healers and a lot of injured. This is what triage does. Makes you do what you can and then move on. "If you need me, have someone come get me. But you will live, and become stronger." A hand gives a squeeze to her forearm, a rare displayof sympathy and he gets up, taking his satchel with him, moving over toward Britt, but his focus is on Erson. The knife is placed back in a nearby fire to heat up again, and his hands are set into water basin, washing his hands that were covered in Cassandra blood. Towel from the satchel dries his hands off and he's stripping off his faithful leather jacket, looking over the male archer's wounds.

Rinnan, a late comer, limps in with the help of some babyfaced kid that has probably been someone's second for a hot minute. Her arm is around his adolescent shoulders, his face is fixed in a grimace. He probably heard the screams as they were edging up this way. Rinnan, herself, is looking fairly fucked up (a medical term). Her armor hasn't yet been removed, which while black from being soaked in blood and smelling extra great is probably keeping the gunshot wound to her upper abdomen in check. It also looks like it hurts, just a touch, by the way that she's ashen colored and sweaty. Her teeth are clenched, poised to be ground into dust. "<In Trigedasleng> Any chance Arlin has returned from Polis?," Rinnan grunts, her fingers digging painfully into her trauma cabana boy's shoulder. I'm sure that doesn't hurt at all. Her face scans the crowd, a brief look of recognition cast the way Khesu, Cassandra, Pontus and Britt.

Taking the offered water, Cassie tracks her damp gaze to Quinn. Though still shaky, she tries to lighten the mood with humour, as before. "Q… I took a bullet for you. I think that makes me a hero. Counts for something, right?" She takes a swig, drenching her throat and grateful to at least have full use of her limbs, which is more than can be said for some people. Sev's words have her looking to him with assent and gratitude, evidently aware that despite the pain he's caused her, it was necessary. She waits until he's moved off before she murmurs aside to the blonde, "We thought you were dead."

Pontus leaned against the tree watching Sage quietly. His hand held the bandage at his jaw and looked to Britt for her reaction to that. THey tried to hit Sage up with the red stuff? His eyes quint and waited. it was when the screaming started rising up again and Khesu went for his axe that his hand instinctivly went to the blade kept at his lower back to go flying if ned be. Jumpy. Everyone was to some extent.

Seeing the situation is well in hand in camp by this point, Nathaniel grabs a cloth to wipe the blood from his armor, then starts to head out into the woods. He disappears into scouting patrol for the perimeter.

Quinn grins at Cassandra's first statement, "Yeah, it counts for a lot. Soon as you're up on your feet I'll totally show you what heros get." She reaches a hand up, giving Cassandra's shoulder a quick squeeze before letting her eyes roam across the camp. A slightly grim look passes over her face at the latter words, however, eyes shifting back to Cass, "They told us that everyone else was dead, that we were all that was alive. Said the Grounders attacked just after we got knocked-out…but it didn't sound right to me." She shakes her head a bit, baring her teeth for a split second, "I knew you all weren't dead."

Aye, he'll drink. Khesu is thirsty, drinks a little of the mead. Then he'll lie there and close his good eye to rest. He hurts and he's tired and if he somehow makes it through the night and doesn't die of his head injury, then maybe he'll be all right with time. He dozes or slips unconscious, no longer aware of what is going on around him where he lies.

Britt shakes her head to Rinnan. "<In Trigedasleng> No, he's still there." Or at least he was last she knew. She looks up when Sev comes over. "<In Trigedasleng> It is bad," she says needlessly, her voice hollow. And indeed, Sev can see that at a glance. Erson's team did not escape the blast zone of their bomb in time, and he was caught in the explosion. Under the pressure bandage that kept him from bleeding out, his right arm is well shredded, bone visible in places. There's more shrapnel peppering his torso, and a gooseegg on his forehead that probably accounts for his continued lack of consciousness. His clothes and skin are singed from burns. She swallows hard. "<In Trigedasleng> Khesu and Pontus need you too." And probably have a better chance of living to fight another day, though her face is anguished to admit it.

Sage hears Britt, not all of it but enough, and she starts to get up with another look for Khesu, with him breathing and Pontus watching her, though she knows nothing about the red juice, and so doens't know why. Well could be because she is mostly naked still but that soon ends when she wraps the bloody sheet around her again and somehow gets to her feet and starts making her way over to Britt and her brother.

Now that there's no longer a glowing red knife in her face, it's Quinn that Cass can't stop staring at. "I was sure you were dead," she tells her quietly. Why then she came is a mystery. "They hurt you, Q? Wait 'til you see the new Ark. They're the good guys now." Her throat is too sore to make clear the deadpan tone of her voice, unfortunately.

While Sev knows that he should leave Erson, that he might be beyond hope, he looks at Britt, sees the look on her face. He dumps the entirety of stuff out. If there's still a chance, the healer will risk it. "Water. Now. More bandages. From my wagon." he states to Britt, giving her a look 'you don't want to watch what I'm going to do'. Infact, nobody is probably going to want to watch what he has to do. And silently gets to work. "I require complete silence. If anyone bothes me, you will require healing." That's even-toned threat to just about anyone near him. With that, hands start to move, careful each time they do anything.

"Not really, no." Quinn shakes her head, glancing down at the bandages wrapped around her wounds, then she frowns a moment, the expression turning thoughtful before she reaches for Cassandra's hand, curling her fingers around it, "Well, I'm here…also pretty sure that I'm alive, judging by the pain. Thanks for coming, even if you thought I was dead."

Pontus watched and watched as things were delegated. He saw where this was going. His expression was grim for his friend and though he was tired and exhausted and a mess he patted Khesu's shoulder and went to help hold Erson still. Yup, this was going to be bad. It was the least he could do. He gave Britt a sympathetic glane; one of respect, not pity. In passing he reached out and gave Akorn's shoulder a squeeze.

Sage doesn't leave as Sev gets to work, again she has seen and heard alot in a short time, and that after the Ice wars, also, that is her brother under Sev's hands and so she tries to be as useful as possible, and not bleed on her brother or the healer as he works. That is is Sev doing the work? Well that might be why she does say anything as he goes back trying to save Erson's life.

Britt has seen enough battlefield triage to know when someone was likely to be passed over as a lost cause, and the fact that Sev doesn't do that here earns him a look of intense gratitude. "<In Trigedasleng> Thank you," she whispers. She locks eyes with Sage when the other woman approaches, her expression saying enough even though her mouth says nothing. It's clear that she doesn't want to leave, but when Sev commands her to get him stuff, she nods once and rises, wincing as she does so. She actually grabs another passing Trikru to send for water, but obediently goes to fetch the requested bandages.

Rinnan just nods in response to Britt. The question seemed to know the answer, anyway, for one. For two, there are other things happening— such as Erson. And that's decidely bigger than whatever she's going through. Which at the moment includes being helped to a propped up sit against fan of a wagon wheel by the babyfaced anonymous second. It's a slow, gently agonizing process to sit down which does not end in screaming and violence but there is a good moment in there where Rinnan turns a shade of gray that signals: unconsciousness, come forth!

It refuses though, unmercifully. "<In Trigedasleng> Put me in a triage queue," she voluntells her teenage escort, who looks slightly at a loss as to how to do that but drifts off to accomplish that sort of thing. "<In Trigedasleng> And help her too!," Rinnan adds, in a slightly hoarse tone her finger stabbing at Britt as Britt wanders off to find supplies.

Cass appears to appreciate the support from both Pontus and Quinn, oddly enough. Being shot in the neck has made her all kinds of friendly. She glances at the hand curling around hers, then up at the blonde, silent for a moment. "So… how are things with Max?" she idly wonders.

The worst part is having to amputate the ruined arm that Sev, or anyone else for that matter, Skaikru or Trikru, would be unable to heal. There's a certain look to Pontus when he asks for the machete at the man's hip, then telling him to hold Erson as still as possible. This, like so many other things, is not new to him, telling another Trikru to have his knife ready the moment he severs the limb. And yeah, they can hear that chop sound of the limb being removed where the damage is the least, right above the elbow. The machete is tossed aside quickly, taking the knife, sealing cleanly cut and bloody stump off, searing the flesh shut. That'll at least stave off infection. Salve and bandage applied to the end, then he gets to work and getting that lung to start working again.

Britt is not gone long, since Sev's wagon isn't that far away. She's returning with bandages, stopping short when - even from a short distance away - she sees that machete glint in the firelight and hears that sickening chopping sound. She just stands there for a moment, pale and numb.

Pontus held Erson's good arm to his chest and gave him a stick to bite on. Hey it worked for pregnant women it would work here. The blade was given up and it hurt. One other came to help hold Erson still. it was more of an effort than he was ready to expend, but Erson had his respect and he wasn't going to leave the man hanging. This mission was hard on everyone. He winced and did all he could so Erson didn't buck and make the cut worse and take longer.

"Same as always, I guess." Quinn replies, one corner of her mouth kicking upwards a moment, "How're you and Asher doing?" She counters, brows inching upwards just a bit, her smile widening just a fraction, fingers giving her hand a hard squeeze.

Sage eyes are closed, she is used to be in the dark, that and.. she is not going to watch as her brother's arm comes off, not think of what that is going to do to him, not.. anything. She just stands there, keeping her brother's body as still as possible, even if he's unconscious and tries not to..throw up, pass out, cry or any other such thing. One thing after another, after another for the warrior and she is close to her breaking point.

Asher wasn't on the wagons and, despite his injuries, had spent most of the trip back at the fore of the group or at the rear, keeping an eye on things. Eventually though, he is relieved from guard duty and moves off to Sev's wagon at the best run he can manage right now. Something about a blood curdling scream from that direction quickening his pace. At least he waited till relieved to go. He gets this soldier thing after all. He arrives too late to hear Quinn's question, but it'll take him a few moments to get into the wagon, so maybe he can eaves drop on Cass' reply.

"What happened with the other group?," Rinnan asks, now switching to Warrior's English. Her question is generally asked, the assembly hovering around Erson and beyond polled while she waits for her turn in the likely enormous triage queue.

Sev continues to work.After taking care of the arm, he sets out of direct sight. He'll take care of that later, nobody wants to see a random severed arm just laying around. But he contineus on, can't stop now. He has to make an incision in his side to be able to reinflate his lung. Which is done with a small hollow tube of bone that he found…somewhere. Likely some kind of bird. Once he does that, it looks like Erson's breathing becomes a bit easier, less ragged. He starts pulling shards of sharpnel out of the man's chest and abdomen, having to be careful while he does it, not wanting to cut or nick anything important. Sweat beads on his forehead and his focus is about as intense as someone can get. Still looks relatively cool and collected, but the sweat betrays him as his hand's are a continuous swirl of movements. "Knife." he'll say at random times. "Water." he has to wash his hands occasionally. "Salve. Bandage." What seems like to take forever as he works. He says nothing else to anyone.

A glance around her is enough to help Cassie realise just how lucky she really is. She can't move her neck much, but she stares as best she can towards Sev, watching him cut off some guy's arm with a bleak expression of her own. All she had to deal with was a burning knife to the neck, unleashing that scream that seems to have piqued Asher's interest, and could have probably woken the dead.

"Yeah, we ummm…" Cass starts to answer Quinn lamely, searching for the right words. "…Fucking." As if the canny blonde hadn't already figured that out. "Together…" As opposed to independently? "You know, like you said. Same as always. He still won't let me ride his horse though." For the moment, she remains unaware of the approaching fellow in question.

It's Sage who gets Britt's feet moving again, though her gait is unsteady in a way that it wasn't before - even with wounds and exhaustion taking its toll. This is something else entirely. "<In Trigedasleng> Here," she mumbles, hands trembling as she sets the bandages down next to Sev. Rinnan's young companion brings water at some point. Rinnan gets a silent headshake in response to her question. Then Britt comes over to stand behind Sage, placing a bandaged hand on the woman's shoulder. Whatever Britt is feeling, she has to imagine it's ten times worse seeing that happen to your big brother. She watches Sev work, unshed tears in her eyes.

"Uh huh…together? Better than on your own." Quinn replies, with a grin, amusement lacing her voice at Cassandra's answer to her question, laughing slightly, "His horse is still alive? Shit…I thought he was really going to turn that thing into a steak or boots or whatever."

The tall warrior is /not/ watching, you simply can't make her open her eyes right now, maybe later she will see it as a sign of weakness, but if anyone is allowed one moment to simply not think/feel or watch. It would be Sage kom Trikru. It will not last, and comes to an end when she is touched from behind, but the soft movements she knows, or maybe it's simply because she is not going to react as her hands are still holding her bodies body still. A flicker of lashes that discharge a few rolling fat tears and then she turns her head to look at Britt before turning back to watch her brother's face. The voice that comes in harshly deep, a rumbling growl that somehow suits her but it's whispery soft so not to interrupt Sev. "<In Trigedasleng> He will live.." Now if that is a good or bad thing, a curious or a wish, only time will tell.

"Steak and new boots. Picking just one would be wasteful." Asher states as he clambers into the wagon. He looks to Sev and arches a brow. Someone just had an arm taken off. Gross. Still, Asher's seen and done worse and far less precisely. He doesn't falter. "You doin' alright Cass?" Asher's injuries were sewn up, which is more than she can say for how Cassandra's wounds were treated. He glances to Quinn then, nodding to her, "Good to see you alive still."

Cass opens her mouth to reply to Quinn, but then there's Asher showing up to chime in. While he speaks, she finishes her water in a long, painful gulp, before she smacks her lips and deadpans, "Maybe some day he'll love me the way he loves that horse." Unlike Sage kom Trikru, she retains her morbid curiosity, her gaze never roaming far from Sev's grisly work.

"So." On to business. Now that the boy in question is here, Cassie gives Quinn a serious look. "Ash and I got something we want to tell you." She looks towards him expectantly, answering his question with only a, "Yep." Never mind that her eyes are still damp, because she cried like a baby when having her bullet-wound cauterised.

Sev continues to work, nodding once to Britt when she brings him what he asked for, but at the moment he in this laborous process of pulling out sharpnel out of Erson. The larger gashes are cauterized, the smaller ones simply packed and bandaged, deciding for himself which ones warrant what. It's hard work, probably the worst of those he's seen so far. His head is then wrapped, just to give padded for that goosegg he's got on him. When it seems like he's done everything he can, Erson does, for the moment, at least look like he's been stabilized. Not out of the woods, but it looks like he's at least going to live. And all that stress and focus drains out of the nomad for a moment, having to take a knee with bloodied hands, trying catch his breath. "<In Trigedasleng> I have done all I can. He will live if his body favors him. His arm…I am sorry. He would never be able to use it again and risked death by blood sickness. Better to lose it and live than die with it." He takes a moment for himself, that was mentally jarring, before rising up, collecting his things. "I have to move on. There are others who need care." There's a look at Pontus. "You. You're next. Go sit down." he says rising up to his feet. The man will give everything he has away, that much is clear.

Pontus was worn down and was glad to have help holding Erson still. He was on the opposite side of him and held Erson's head still On the upshot Pontus wasn't the most expressive soul ever, not to mention his jaw was presently scrapped so that he showed no alarm was really only benefiting Erson not that he was caring about the people around him so much as the unearthly riot of pain upon him. ANd then? THe worst was over. They bandaged him and Khesu's flash was passed to him. It was passed back to Pontus and he knew what was next. He was not lookign forward to this. He took the flash back becuase yeah. He was going to need that. A lot. Funny enough he followed direct orders better than when he was asked about things and went and parked his ass next to his other battle brother and cleared out so Sage and Britt could be with their own.

"It's good to see you alive, too." Quinn replies, giving Asher a nod before she pauses, a brow inching upwards just a little. There's a small part of her that seems to hesitate, but then she just gives them both a level look, watching them for a moment before she nods, "Sure, what's on your minds?"

"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you, Sev," Britt whispers, and if he catches her eye he'll see an anguished but grateful expression in them. She does not seem to blame him for what he did. Blood sickness is a danger she knows all too well, and part of her suspected this outcome when she first saw the injuries. She sits down heavily, lifting Erson's head up slightly so he can use her leg as a pillow. It's a tiny blessing, at least, that he's remained out cold throughout all of it.

There are times to beat around the bush and there are times to be blunt. The is probably a time to eat around the bush, but Asher just went through hell to help save Quinn, he thought Cass was shot to death and he's been shot multiple times today. He simply doesn't have the energy for bullshit today. So he sets his icy, murderer's gaze on Quinn and says, "We're having a threesome." A beat pause and he looks to Cass and then back to Quinn, "Not right now. After everyone's all healed and shit." Which means never really, so no big deal.

Asher then looks at Cassandra and adds on, "Hey now, I let Steaky go before, I stayed for you. That's gotta count for something."

Helpfully, Cassandra adds, "It's why we saved you." She flashes Quinn a blithe smile at Asher's assertion, though it doesn't touch her eyes. Apparently letting Steaky go before doesn't count for much, because she doesn't address it for the moment. Priorities.

Sage will sit down now, nope, she is going to lay down for a few moments. Somehow she leans over and kisses her brother's forehead and then she walks about three paces and lays herself to the ground and then lays flat. It's not good for her chest but she has been unable to stretch fully out for however long and takes the moment to simply lay under the stairs she didn't think she'd get to see again. Thankfully the sheet covers the naughty bits and she doesn't totally look like a covered corpse.

"<In Trigedasleng> You will never have to thank me, Britt." Sev says after a moment, catching her look. He looks her over. "<In Trigedasleng> I'll take care of you soon enough." Then he passes by Sage, blinking at her. "<In Trigedasleng> …Sage?" There's a question of 'what are you doing here and why are you dressed like that', but he's busy at the moment. Instead, he just nods, moving for Pontus. He has work to do. Then he just look at him, giving a little sigh. "You are going to want to lie down. None of this will be pleasant." A look back to the scout assistant. "Heat my knife again." Because it's always with the knife heating isn't it.

Quinn's brows inch upwards, eyes shifting from Asher, to Cassandra, then back and forth a few times before she laughs, shaking her head at them both, "Alright." She replies, hanging onto that amusement like a lifeline at the moment, "When everyone's healed up." Which seems to be a never sort of thing, these days. She gives Cassandra's hand another squeeze before she shifts back off her heels and onto her rear end, settling in, "You should let her ride the horse." There might be a little bit more amusement lacing her words than really is required given the seriousness of the entire camp and situation.

Sage doesn't open her voice at Sev's calling of her name, for she knows he is going to move on to the next patient and she knows of no less than three that are worse off than she is. But she does turn her head and he sees those silver-grey eyes which does indeed make her that Sage and she gives him a slightly up lifted turn of a lip. Not a big smile, but something done out of habit, she then goes back to watching the sky. She can answer questions later, when they ask, for hell she knows they will.

Well that was surprisingly easy….Asher just nods to Quinn. "Ok then." Business resolved. Asher is super romantic bee-tee-dubs. He moves over near Cassandra and sits down by her in the cart. He reaches out to take her hand, somewhat absent mindedly. "I let her ride once. We almost died. Steaky is still getting over it." Stupid horse. "We'll get there…" Eventually.

With one of Cassandra's hands squeezed by Quinn and another claimed by Asher, the girl who's now been promised a three-way — which will probably never happen — looks rather cosy sandwiched in the middle, for now. She continues watching Sev and Pontus, with a wince when the order is made to heat up a knife again, but takes her comfort here where she can. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Q. Knew we saved you for a reason," she says. Almost as an afterthought, she adds, "Hey, Ash… before I forget… wanted to say thanks." She doesn't look at him when she says it.

Pontus looked at teh flash in hand and debated trying to figure out how to drink it and just handed it to Sev to put on him. He sighed and winced as he laid down and staired up at the dark canopy of the trees flickering in teh firelight. Obviously this was not the first time Sev or someone's had to glue him back togehter. Funny thing about that was it wasn't the sort of thing one just got used to regardless of how it looked otherwise. He muttered through clenched jaw that he held with his hand, "<In Trigedasleng> Khesu, you are soooo next, buddy." He took a deep breath and waited. Hey it was hte life he chose. No room to complain now.

"If you want to ride one of those crazy four-legged beasts…that's on you." Quinn replies with a bit of a grin, shaking her head just a little, leaning back comfortably, letting her eyes roam around. She doesn't seem to pay any more attention to one thing than any other, just looks around, watching, absorbing the fact she's no longer in a mountain. After a moment she glances over at them both, sobering up fairly quickly, "Thanks for coming to rescue us."

Sev has gone from seeing Erson, one particular slice of human injury to Pontus, which is probably the next slice. And then onto Khesu. So he's going to have a busy night. He just stares for a moment. "<In Trigedasleng> Well. Where to start." The two new extra holes in his cheeks can wait for the time being, so he starts on the two bullets that are lodged in the man's chest. Thankfully, the two them are not horribly deep and didn't penetrate any vital organs. "Hold him." he tells his pair of burly assistants. "This will be unpleasant." he tells Pontus, giving him time to mentally prepare himself before he goes about the process of digging out the pair of bullets with a pair of forceps that he's collected in his ruin hunting. Yeah…that doesn't feel good. No, it outright hurts. Every now and again he'll ask for water to wash out the wound or a cloth to wipe blood up with, but eventually there's a pair of 'clinks' into a metal bowl that he has on him. "Searing knife." he then asks for, cauterizing both of the chest wounds shut.

A brow is quirked at Cassandra, "For what?" As far as he is concerned, her getting hurt is his fault. He's the dumbass who made her stay and then join this crusade. She wasn't built for this. Asher glances to Quinn and smirks at her, "I'm not that big of an asshole. I wouldn't leave all you stuck in there. Even if I did have to join some stupid Militia and take orders from Guards to do it." He frowns just a touch and adds on, "Things were simpler when it was just us on the ground." Deadlier too. But simpler.

"Thrilling heroics were all my idea," Cassandra explains to Quinn, holding her gaze, brown eyes brimming with sincerity. "Took so much convincing to get Ash to come along." Now does the sound like Cass? She looks back to Asher himself with a faint smirk, but no trace of apology for her claim. "Breen got what was coming to him. Three days in the brig." Breen, as in Sergeant Nathaniel — the one who was hovering nearby before she told him to fuck off in Sev's presence. "So thank you." The sincerity in her eyes this time is more subtle this time, perhaps marking it as true. There are no theatrics this time, and she soon glances away, back to the ex-C. "Guess you'll be wanting to join the new Guard at Camp J, Q."

Pontus wondered if Sev meant unpleansat for him or the people holding him. Oh, yeah, that answer came quickly enough and he knew better than to move. This? This was why he hated guns. Superstition came second. At least in a knife fight they didn't have to recover the knife. THere was a sharp hiss of air through the broken jaw at the digging around for buried treasure and man the sky got a dirty look. It only got sharper when the blade seared his skin/ His hands squeezed into fists and his breathing increased rapidly. Not long… not long. And then it was over and his head dropped back down. His chest and his arm hated him right now and frankly he couldn't fault them.

"Militia?" Quinn's brows inch upwards before she glances over towards Asher, the desire to dig further is clear, but she lets it go for now. She then glances at Cassandra, nodding, "I bet…I can just see you convincing him that heroics was required. He made you look great, too." The other question, though, just causes a shrug, "I haven't exactly thought about joining the guard."

It seems laying down isn't going to work for Sage and she pulls herself up with a long hiss and blink lashes as she finally decides enough is enough and pulls herself to her feet. It takes her a moment to get her balance but then she is walking over towards a supply wagon because she knows what those are and start hunting for something like clothing, bandages, food or soap. Yes, her one weakness and indulgence is soap, so she has to see if there is anything there. If it's Sev's wagon? She might find what she is looking for, or atleast one of the above would be good.

It's a dirty job, and somehow it's Sev's. Who are we kidding, deep down, he likes healing people, even if he doesn't show that on the outside. He is clinical, methodical, and detatched as he works over Pontus. Just like any Trikru healer should be. Granted, some might be a little more compassionate, and he is, in his own way. "You bore that well." Praise from the man, such as it is. "Hold his head." he then tells his assistant. "And you. Do not move." A new knife is set in his hand, the last thing to really contend with being that pair of holes in his cheeks. He has to be a bit more ginger here, making he's folded all the lose skin into what he believes to be how the skin should look before the flat of the hot knife is pressed once agian, searing each hole closed. And then, like his chest wounds, those get salve smeared over and the of them a bandage applied. He kinda looks like a chipmunk with a full mouth but…better that than an infection.

"Yeah, some crazy ass thing Cage cooked up. For those who want to fight, but aren't good enough to be guard." Based on Asher's tone around the words 'good enough' he likely doesn't mean at fighting. To be fair, noe one is likely to make Asher a guard, and this is the only way he gets to use the only skill he has. And then Asher looks to Cass and nods to her once. It is a sincere nod. He understands better now. "Told you I'd take care of him." Without landing himself in the brig for the next several years. "Someone hurts you, I hurt them." In this case, it was his reputation Asher hurt, but perhaps that was the point, and the greater pain. Asher must have picked up a trick or two from Cassandra.

Pontus flinched as the old bandage wa peeled off of him and yeah well he wasn't getting any prettier anytime soon. When Sev started working on his torn face and broken jaw he gripped the side of the makeshit cot and had to resist screaming becaue he didn't need Sev missing. The good and the bad eye welled with tears and there was a clenched scream that growled from deep in his chest like a stabbed angry bear. His knuckles turned white clenching the edge of the pallet he was laying on. 'Fuckfuckfuckfuckfukkityfuckfuck' went the Trikru in his head. Yeah that, as they say, is going to leave a mark. Hey, he didn't move.

Doing what he can, he leaves Pontus seared and bandaged. Is someone cooking out? It's start to smell like barbeque out here. Oh wait no, that's just the nomad burning so much flesh that it might seem like it. "<In Trigedasleng> That's as good as I can make it. You'll live. Now rest. Let your body heal. So I hope none of you plan on going to run off into battle again anytime soon." There's a pat on the shoulder from the older man before he gets up, gathering his things. Then he's moving off to take care of other people. His work is never done.

Britt watches Sage when she gets up, but otherwise hasn't moved from her spot. The crispy-fried Pontus gets a sympathetic look. So many wounded. She casts a grim glance in the direction of the Mountain, though it can't really be seen from here in the darkness. Damn Maunon.

The back and forth about Breen causes her brows to furrow, and she frowns, "What happened?" Quinn wonders, sitting up just a little to give them a bit of a more direct hit before she then slouches back into place. "So they have a militia…for those not good enough to be guard?"

Pontus was exhausted and glad, SO GLAD it was over. He'd been stitched, burnt, bandaged, and broken. Yeha, done for the day. The mountain was nothing like it seemed in the brochure. His eyes watered more and he just lay there depleted like a dead fish. A look drifted to Britt and he gave her faint nod. They were all in one piece. She made the good calls. Mission success. A hand flailed and he pointed very vaguely over towards Khesu lest Sev forget. He wouldn't, but it was habit to look out for those right and left of one's self. The conversation at the far end drifted over him and he jsut tried to let sleep take him as soon as it would.

Sage 's mostly naked ass pulls out a pair of pants and a old shirt from somewhere in one of the wagon's that she knows as owned by someone she knows. Once they are in her hands, she stands there for a moment to get her balance and then tries to catch the attention of one of the healers or runnings and growls out a question about bandages and water. Once she gets what she needs, her pale eyes look towards the river and she seems about to head that direction before she stops by Britt and her bother. She looks down at him for a long moment as her hand touches Britt's shoulder a soft squeeze and one word, "<In Trigedasleng> Clean.." It's been a very long time since she was clean, it's doubtful a bath will even help.

Britt returns Pontus' nod, strain evident on her face. When Sage touches her shoulder, Britt tilts her head up at the other woman. "<In Trigedasleng> River's not far." She nods her head in the direction of it.

Sev had gone and made the rounds. He went around and looked after a number people, doing what he can with what he had on him, always on the move. The groups had finished their battles and returned, and now the old nomad healer wages his own battle with death. And it's a battle he seems to be doing better with than others. He won't be able to save them all, one never can. But near the end of it, he finds himself near his wagon, looking about as bloody as any of the warriors that came back to be worked on. Stuff like that, it always seems to age a person, going to sit on the steps to wagon. Just needing a break for a moment.

Sage nods slowly to Britt, the only other warrior she knows has passed out and been treated, so she really has none to say anything to on her way to the river. But then Sev returns to his wagon and she pauses in her very slow walk to turn and move towards him with the clothing in her hand. Her bare blood feet pauses at the edge of the stairs and she looks at the Healer for a long moment. "<In Trigedasleng> I owe you trade for the clothing.." That is as many words that sound normal that she has said since Britt found her. The clothing she is trading for is in her hand and she wiggles it at Sev.

A shrug is Asher's initial response. Luckily, he clarifies, "Cass tried to deck Kai over something. Super Guard, Sergeant Breen shock batoned her for it. And not in camp or on the Ark, but out in the woods. He didn't even bother with standard tactics to restrain her." A glance to Cass, "Just your standard bullshit guard tactics." And then he nods to Quinn, "And yeah, someone like me can be militia, but you better believe they aren't giving me armor and shock batons, or letting me have a gun all the time." Like the guard. "I'm good enough to get shot up, just not good enough to get armor when I get shot up." Case in point, he's been shot, twice.

Quinn's brows inch upwards a bit, "Huh." She replies, her expression turning thoughtful for a moment before she shakes her head, "Sounds like same shit as usual…I figured the bullshit was going to be the same…even if even I admit I was hoping that it was going to be different." She slouches some, giving Cassandra's hand another squeeze, "I'm tired of men with guns and shock batons being mindless thugs and no one holding them accountable."

Asher could just be silent here, but he decides telling her the rest is important, "Yeah…I get it. On the plus side, I reported him." Instead of beating him to death. That part is unspoken, but absolutely true, "Cass refused to give testimony, but Morgan and Kai, who saw it happen did. They put that fuckwad in the brig for three days. Something about being a jackass in public." Those aren't the exact charges, but they are close.

Sev looks up at Sage, who may of just been rummaging around in his wagon without asking him to. There's a soft snort. "<In Trigedasleng> Considering the circumstances…" he says, rubbing at his face, which just gets more blood on him, which might suggest how exhausted he might be at the moment, "<In Trigedasleng> …we can consider trade later. Because I don't think you much to offer at the moment if that's all you're wearing." he says lamely. "<In Trigedasleng> It's fine. You need clothes anyways."

Sage let's her eyes stay on Sev for a moment, and he knows that something has changed the woman in front of him, since she doesn't try and force the issue. A little nod comes to his words, "<In Trigedasleng> We can speak.. later…" She shakes her head a little, only pulling at her wound but she moves to step away from him and slowly move towards the river. "<In Trigedasleng> You should rest, clean up as well.." This is offered from warrior to healer in passing.

Britt gives Sage a little nod as the other woman moves toward the river. And while she may agree with the advice to Sev, she knows well enough that the healer still has a long night in front of him. The same might be said for all of them.

"<In Trigedasleng> No. I will find no rest tonight." Sev hauls himself to his feet. Clearly, he's not as young as he used to be. He could go all night when he was in his prime. Maybe it's not as easy as he thought it was. Getting up, he comes back over to Britt and the unconcious Erson, kneeling down, perhaps to check over him. Probably the worst one here. Nobody else had to lose a limb.

Dull green eyes track the healer as he approaches. "Khesu and Pontus - they'll be all right?" Britt asks softly. It's an interesting toss up, really, whether the archer or the healer is wearing more blood on them at the moment.

"They'll live." Sev nods, putting his fingers to Erson's throat, closing his eyes. "They will both ben in pain for the coming days, but they will eventually be alright." He's silent then. "Steady beat." He seems pleased with that, as well. "Many of them will live. A very small number will not survive the night. Nothing any of us I can do. Too much blood loss. Their fight is over."

Britt bobs her head in the tiniest of nods. "You did all you could." Of that Britt sounds certain. Her bandaged hand rests atop Erson's shoulder, watching him while the healer checks his pulse. Her face is drawn and pale. There's only a thin thread of stubbornness and worry keeping her from keeling over from exhaustion.

There's a look at the two of them. "That is my hope." There's a look over at the other healers scurrying about, but at least the cries of pain are starting to dimish. Which can either be a good sign or a bad one. He watches her for a moment. There's no talk about what happened in the mountain, whatever she saw. Hell, there's no talk about the last night they saw each other. "Britt. You should get some rest. I'll watch over him." Another beat. "I am…happy, that you came back."

Britt shakes her head once. "I will find no rest tonight." She echoes the words he said to Sage, though hers are considerably weaker sounding. At his latter comment, her lips twist in a grimace that probably would've been a smile on a better day. "We were lucky." While true, that wasn't what she really wanted to say. No, that requires a second effort. "I'm glad too." It's always a relief to not be dead. "Would you get me some water please?"

"Very well." Sev nods, not going to fight her on it. Really, he has no right to. "However, if you fall asleep, it will not be my fault if you wake up in my wagon." Indeed on a better day, that might carry innuendo with it, but right now, it's just fact. "At the very least, let me take care of your wounds. I won't have you bleeding all over yourself." A water skin is produced out of his satchel, offering it over before he kneels down next to her, getting out his things. "You don't get to say no to me taking care of you."

A soft thanks is murmured when he provides the skin. She holds it awkwardly, both her hands wrapped in bloody bandages. In the Mountain, adrenaline kept her from feeling the pain too keenly, but now? Ouch. Still, she manages to bring the water skin up to her lips, drinking greedily. Then she splashes a bit of water on one hand and uses it to wipe her face some. "I will not say no, but… do not give me anything that will make me sleep." She would suffer the pain sooner than she would abandon her vigil. "This is the worst, I think." She holds out her left hand, where a bullet cut a deep groove along the base of her palm, near the wrist joint.

"I won't." Sev promises, taking her hand, undoing the quick wrap job. Then another look over, taking note of blood spots on her stomach. You've been shot twice there too." Noticing the one looking worse than the other. "Appears I'm going to have to dig a bullet out of you." he says, dealing with her hand first. It's cleaned first, making a motion to his helper for a knife. She knows what's coming. "Hold onto me if you need to." Then he will sear the wound shut with a light of the hot blade. Well, that's one way to hold her hand.

Britt takes advantage of his offer, since she really has nothing else to grab onto except Erson. So poor Sev's knee becomes the thing she squeezes hard enough to leave a bruise on, letting out a strangled howl as the hot blade burns her hand. It doesn't matter how many times it happens, that's something you never quite get used to. Does passing out count as sleeping? Britt's vision does gray a little bit there around the edges, and she slumps sideways toward him, but she doesn't fully slip into unconsciousness.

The knife is dropped onto the ground, the assitant picking it up. The healer gives a grunt at the grip on his knee, but Sev has enough wherewithall to catch Britt in his arms, steadying her. "I am sorry, I know that is never anything pleasant. But your other hand still has quite the grip." He still has her other wounds to look after, but not like. Need to get her to at least lay down at some point. "You're alright." he comforts quietly, holding her until she comes to.

"I'm sorry," Britt murmurs, though whether she's apologizing for nearly passing out or for squeezing the hell out of his knee is anyone's guess. Maybe both. She's content to be held for a moment until the dizziness passes and her ragged breathing returns to some semblance of normal. She then turns the offending hand up for him to see. "Can you just clean this one?" she mumbles. "It is not so deep." Indeed, that one is just a scratch across the back of her knuckles. Her dark shirt, coupled with the darkness, makes assessing the wounds on her torso difficult. But his keen eye can still see three fresh tears in the fabric that glisten a little with damp blood around them. One on her shoulder, and two others on her side.

"It's alright." Sev says, maybe resisting the urge to keep her next to him, and slowly guiding her to lay down. "I'll clean, but I need to get that bullet out of your side. I'll clean the other two and your hand. We can't leave that in you." he tells her, going about the process of cleaning, salving and wrapping the lighter cut on her hand. Which is an easy to do. Pulling up her shirt allows him to look at the wound without having to ask her to take off her shirt. Forceps are grabbed, and he feels around the wound in her side, trying to get an idea where the bullet is. Which may not feel all that great.

Britt offers no resistance when he guides her down to the ground, injured hands held up in a slightly awkward pose as she's not really sure where to put them since he's fiddling around near her side. His probing fingers elicit a soft, pained groan. With her shirt pulled up, he can see the puckered hole of the entrance wound in the soft flesh above her hip bone. The bullet isn't right near the surface, but he at least gets a feel for the trajectory. Probably isn't too deep, or she'd be a lot worse off from internal damage than she appears to be. There's another groove on the surface right next to the first, two bullets apparently having hit in a cluster. And a good deal of bruising. "Their rifles are terrible weapons," she murmurs shakily. "It was like running into a whole band of archers all firing at once."

"So it would seem. Not the first time I've seen these kind of injuries." Sev nods, trying to be gentle, but he can't be so right now, mostly because he needs to find that bullet. "Ah. There we are." The old forceps are taken up in his hand. There's a look in her eye, maybe a little apologetic. "Britt. This is going to hurt. Prepare yourself." He doesn't lie with things like this. The forceps are cleaned and ready. And yeah, he has to sink them into the opening of the wound, which means pushing injured skin back. There's a little bit of digging into her, but he feels the scrap of metal. The end of the forceps grip onto it, and what may end up hurting the most is the extraction. "Look at me, Britt. Keep looking at me. You're alright." Doesn't need her passing out at the moment. Finally, he pulls his hand back, bloodied forceps holding onto an equally bloodied bullet. And now she bleeding again. The tool is laid down, cloth pressing down on the wound. "Knife." The hot knife is handed over. "Hang on, almost done." And yeah, there's that painful sizzling noise of the wound being seared shut.

Britt is a tough woman, but there are limits. Having someone dig around with metal forceps in your side, without anesthesia (which admittedly is her own dumb stubborn fault) far exceeds those limits. An anguished cry escapes her lips. Not quite as impressive as Cassandra's howl earlier, but still probably wrenching in its own way. She tries to writhe away, until Sev's burly assistants jump in and pin down her shoulders and legs. At some point the fight goes out of her and she just slumps. After that, even the cautery elicits only a soft, pitiful sound. Face drenched in sweat, breathing in gasps, she mumbles, "…be sick." Yeah, she don't look too hot.

Shit. Sev knows what that means, shooing the two assistants away from her, to give her air. But he reaches for her, picking her up enough to get her on her knees. "Bucket." he tells one of his assistants, who may make it just in time. No need to get that all over where people are working and bleeding and stuff. He'll help hold her up, because it sucks to lose one's lunch like that. Hey, he even holds her hair out of the way. "Water when she's finished." he tells the other one. "I suppose this makes up for the time you didn't throw up when you were drunk." he offers a little lightly. "Next time, you can hold the bucket for me."

Britt manages to hold off long enough for the assistant to grab the bucket, but then she starts retching. It continues until there's nothing left in her stomach to bring up, and then she spits a few times for good measure. Ugh, what a horrible feeling. She notices Sev’s tender care, even if she doesn’t comment upon it. She stays hunched over the bucket for another minute just to be safe, though at that point her hand does drift to hold her injured side. Light humour is completely beyond her at the moment, so his joke gets only an inarticulate grunt in response. Finally she sits back on her heels, her face showing just how miserable she feels.

"Lay still." Sev says once she's finished with all of retching, making a motion for the bucket to be carried away, urging to lay back down, if only so the world stops spinning for her. He lifts up her shirt enough to finish what he started, salving and bandaging her wound. And then he goes about the same process with her two other ones that don't require any cauterizing. Grabbing his jacket that he had taken off, he rolls it into a ball, placing it under her head. It smells like him, that earthy, herbal scent. Then he takes his water skin, gingerly lifting up her hand. "Drink. You lost all your fluids throwing up."

Britt drinks the water obediently, then lets her head sink back down on the jacket. "I don't feel well," she admits weakly. Reaching over with her less-injured hand, she tries to clutch at his forearm. Maybe if she just closes her eyes for a second, everything will stop spinning. Wait, she needs to keep an eye on Erson. Shit. He'll understand if she passes out, won't he? Her eyes open again and focus on Sev. "You'll stay and watch over him?" He did offer earlier, but maybe she just needs to be sure. Never mind that he has other patients to see, or that it might be a crappy thing to ask of him. She asks anyway, watching the healer's eyes. There's an uncommonly-seen vulnerability written all over her face.

"I would think not. You're injured, you've been treated, and you threw up. You've run quite the gauntlet today." Sev lists off easily. "Just please don't get the runs to complete things." He was about to move away, seeing how she's been looked after when she reaches for his arm. He stalls, looking at her. Then a nod. "I will. For you." is the singular answer, answering as if that wasn't even a question he had to debate. "The other healers seem to have things in hand. I will watch over him. He will be fine. As for you," he pats her hand, "you rest."

The mention of running the gauntlet causes an oddly distant look to come across Britt's face. "I thought we were gonna die. The things we saw…" Haunted, yes, that's the word. But she doesn't have the strength to speak of that more right now, instead just letting the thought trail off with a little shake of her head. "Thank you, Sev. You're… good man." When he pats her hand, she tries to catch his in a light grip her fingers curling around his. She watches him for a few more seconds and then her eyes drift closed.

"But you did not. For which I am glad." Sev says softly, shushing her gently. "Quiet now. No thoughts, no dreams. Only sleep." She catches his hand, and maybe there's a little surprise in how she laces her fingers with his his. A little sigh, other hand smoothing the hair out of her eyes. "You will never have to thank me, Britt. I am just a man. But thank you for thinking so. He returns her gaze before her eyes close. Her hand is softly put aside on her stomach and he leans forward to press a small kiss on her forehead, then getting up to begin his watch over Erson.

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