Day 024: Warnings Are Important
Summary: Kai catches up with Stone before leaving for the Hail Mary. Stone manages not to get kicked in the head while they chat war, lists, and futures.
Date: 19 June 2016
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Kai Stone 

Camp Sniper's Nest
Mid-day of Day 24

It's mid-day on Day 24 and after an embarrassing morning, Stone's went right back to his avoiding of people on the List and all the embarrassment therein. Still, he knows the Hail Mary is getting closer to going, and if he doesn't catch them before…he may never again. But…that's hours away. So for the moment, he's hiding out in the sniper perch where he's practically taken up residence at times, and at the moment scanning out over the horizon of trees for any sign of movement.

Kai's probably been visible below. Having kitted herself out in Gideon's old armor and been exercising to try and get used to the unfamiliar weight and bulk of being armored. And that's why, at least in part, that she elects to climb up into the sniper's nest in it. The other reason being that Stone's on the list of people she plans on actually having a word with before she goes. So his 'safe spot' is invaded by Kai-warrior-princess clambering up over the edge before sitting herself down because it's a little warm and the armor is more than she's used to,"There you are." the first huffed words offered with a finger held up. It's no accident she's sat herself right on the rope leading back down, though that's at least partially because she needs to unzip and catch her breath.

He saw her coming towards the ladder, and with resignation had given in to the idea of either jumping to his likely demise or else waiting and having this chat. So wait he did, and there's the big guy, back propped against some of the seat cushions there in the nest for comfort of the shooters, his rifle with the little skull carved into the stock (so he can identify it when he checks it in and picks it up later). He looks shy and a bit uncomfortable, but as she comes up, is murmuring that horror-rasp voice of late. "Heya, Kai." Then, as dark eyes actually flit over her, he's snorting a bit and adding. "Ya know…the look actually sorta works for you. I sometimes wonder if we're becoming Grounders ourself bit by bit down here." Oddly, Stone is one of the few who says that in a way that isn't disturbed or dismissive, but just thoughtful.

"Hey." Kai grunts, wafting the armor a little to help air her sorry once-white tee underneath because at least the breeze up on the perch beats that on the ground. There's a grunt from her,"Long term.. you know.. if they don't kill us all.. we're going to need to become Grounders, Stone. That's the reality of it." is her opinion as she scrubs her hands over her head,"I expect Cole's already told you about needing a sharpshooter to set off the mine's he's building at the moment, and you're our best shot." she elects to start out with, all business, of course.

Stone, for his part, stopped looking over to her about the time she started 'wafting'. It's an embarrassed sort of lookin down, shy even again, and might make her realize the effect such motions might be having on t-shirt and what's under it. But either way, the big guy is taking in her words, murmur-rasping back to the 'Grounders' bit with a thick-shouldered shrug. "Mmm, don't have a problem with that. They can fight darned well." And then taking in the talk of the mines, and nodding a second time. "An' don't have a problem with that either particularly when it comes to it. Though I'm hopin we can train up a couple other rifles, since I can't live up here 24/7 waitin' for the twits to finally come attack us. And there's other crap to get done in between takin' shifts. When it comes to it though, I'll do my part." A pause, a grim sort of respect in tone. "Just like you're doin' yours."

Kai's slow on the uptake. But at least mercifully for him, realizes before she opens her mouth to ask what the deal is,"Yeh they can." she agree's,"And me either. I admit, at first I just sort of.. ignored it all. Didn't want to know. But I'm realizing with this war that these guys know more than I can even imagine about this shit. And that kinda scares me." but only kinda. Maybe more than kinda from the grimace and dip of her eyes before she rubs a hand over her head with a slow sigh,"That's going to be all you guys from here on out. With the vote completed.. and I heard Fi's Grounder friend arrived a bit ago, we're going to be going tonight. I know it's a shitshow here.. waiting sucks, but really for as stupid as it sounds I'm counting mostly on you and Grey to keep this place standing. If anyone can, it's you lot."

Stone gives a kind of embarrassed, still downcast nod to that, but glances up briefly to her to see if she's no longer 'wafting' and manages to murmur out with surprising confidence. "And we're countin' on you lot to save all our butts with this hail mary." A hint of a lopsided smirk, and he's quipping. "I think I'd rather be on my end. You've got a heck of a task before you." Pausing a second, smile dying a little towards somberness, he adds. "I'm not gonna say goodbye to you, Kai. Fudge that noise." He seems almost vehement about that. "I will say good luck though. Get there, get it done, and get back safe. I'd say that's an order, but you'd probably come kick me for tryin' to order you." It's clear now the big guy is worried. Not about the party as a whole, but Kai in particular, and probably Fi as well. Given that 'list' that got heard, maybe that's not that surprising.

Kai's just naturally airing out for now, at least, her gaze shifting off to the forest around them restlessly,"I've done all I can here." is what she utters quietly,"One extra gun isn't going to make a difference.. but getting Fi to Indra might. And thanks.. I'm sure we can use all the luck we can get.. I mean.. there's only about seventy well-armed veteran warriors out there who want to murder us slowly.. what can go wrong?" hey, it amuses her at least, that gallows smile twisting her lips but leaving her eyes undisturbed,"I'm going to get her there, Stone. Not going to pretend I'm not scared. But whatever it takes the truth is that she's the only one with a snowball's chance in hell of calling this crap off. I'd love to have the entire pack of ex-C's with us but that would leave the camp a sitting duck and make the whole thing pointless."

"Yeah, smaller's better. And having help of the C-bur folk is good. I'm confident." Stone's words roll out after a lopsided grin at the grim gallows humor. And the last word itself is particularly telling. For Stone doesn't lie. In fact, he's utter shit at it. The fact he says he's confident, even if there's a definite thread of worry beneath it, means he genuine is that hopeful. Always the optimist to her outward pessimist, that's Stone. Then again, he suspects that deep down she's an optimist too, so he's giving her all the support he can. After a moment more, looking out over the forest as well, cause looking at her while asking this isn't an option. "Anything…else you want to bring up while you got the chance?" PleasenotthelistPleasenotthelist!

Kai's grey eyes slide his way,"Your list?" hey, he asked,"As much of a 'with' as there is around this place.. I'm with Elias." there's a vague shrug of her shoulders,"I don't particularly go for any of that love and romance crap anyways." a pause, as if she's considering those words might be a little rude and trying to find a way to soften them.

"Heh. Nah, that's cool. I mostly just wondered if you were gonna kick me in the head for you bein' on it." Stone quips back, seemingly actually _relieved_ that she's so dismissive of the list, and relaxing with her taking it not too seriously. Did he really think she'd kick him in the head for something like that?

There's a grunt from Kai, but she elects to say,"Look, it's not that you've not got plenty of good qualities, Stone, but just.. yeh." there's a shrug of her shoulder,"Can't say I realized, sorry. But I probably would have broke your nose if you'd tried to kiss me or something." yeh, hard to tell from the tone, but the dry smirk certainly suggests she's at least joking off the fact she already did that one at least,"Your good people, and I'm sorry that I didn't realize that.. up there. Not that it would change anything except maybe I'd have been less of a bitch to you." she squints off at a glimpse of a moving figure in the distance,"I'm glad that they haven't attacked again yet.. but I'm not. If that makes sense? The longer they wait.. the better, but the flipside is that the anticipation is killing me."

"Yeah, I worry what they're prepping that takes this long…" Stone grunts out after staring out into the woods again, having taken all the rest of the words with a relaxed sort of smirk and a slight waving of hand as if to say 'water under bridge' if that is even still a saying the Arkers use. "The other alternative…that they're just planning to try an hold us back from water or food long enough to kill us that way…that doesn't sit very well either. Have you asked the C-bur Grounders why they think we haven't been attacked?"

"Considering they're fluent in the use of biological warfare for all their technological limitation.. being starved out because their blood fever went off too soon would not surprise me in the least." Kai grunts,"Wren was sure they were going to attack. They didn't. A few of the Coesbur people have come back and forth across the lines, so clearly for whatever reason they aren't stopping them, which is it's own kind of why. Like if it was me.. it'd be because I'd want to know who our allies are as the next problem on the list to eliminate. Or it's simply a case of they have less than one-for-one odds at the moment.. why attack and take a risk on losing people when in a few days you'll have 2 to 1 or 5 to 1 odds? The first bunch I think were just that pissed they couldn't stop themselves.. and they learnt the painful way that they need more people." she itches at her scalp as she slides down the rest of the way into the bowl just in case someone else might come up,"Or C-bur is putting themselves out further and buying us more time to get our shit together. Fi wants to swing by their village, I've never seen it before.. so that should be a thing."

"I someday hoped to get over there. See if I couldn't find someone my size that'd trade for some armor." Stone's eying Kai's armor a little jealous of being able to fit in such, but going on to nod to her. "In any case, whatever's holding it up. It'll come eventually. We'll have as much readiness as we can and we'll win. It's just that simple. May cost something, but we'll survive it. And if the hail mary lands, we won't have to be ready for the next wave. Maybe then we can start working on long term thinking."

"Wren's shorter than you, and he's the biggest one I've seen." Kai grunts,"Though Tink was talking about prying this thing apart once I'm done to see what it is. Really I think it was once some kind of sports gear? Maybe? Only it's had a whole bunch of stuff added to it.. probably because it's not exactly designed for arrows and so-one." there's a nod out towards the tree's again,"Just don't blow the wad too early. From here you're going to have the best tactical view. But those mine's? They're not replaceable in short order. The walls? Tactically we're in a bad position and while we've got a few rings of defense, if they get over the wall and overrun the camp the only thing to do is close the doors and roast them all." a pause,"And hope whoever is up here is far enough from the flames not to get scorched. But.. we have beans for planting. Cam has tomatoes. We have plenty of plant and soil and rock nerds.. we just need to make peace and give up our obsession with guns and tech. Though I totally feel naked still without my rifle."

"I'm happy with a blade as I am with a rifle. But I…got an obligation to the rifle for now, so I'm at home with that." Stone murmur-rasps back after her comment, having nodded thoughtfully through the tactical talk, looking out on what preparations he can see from here. The talk of lighting off the dropship if they get inside the gates, and he's not loving that idea. Still, it might be worth getting someone to rig a remote start up to the sniper's perch for him for a last ditch possibility. "Can you imagine either of us farmin' tomatoes, Kai?" It's a question that comes out of nowhere. Not even a smart ass one like it could have been intoned. It's a genuine almost wistful curiosity.

"Oh fuck no, I'm going to run away and join the natives." Kai utters with a flippancy that says she's already seriously made that decision or she's entirely joking, it's hard to tell.. but she is currently dressed like one of them after all,"You wanna farm tomatoes, you go right ahead.. but from the sheer number of warriors and scouts we've seen it's pretty clear that when they're not planning on murdering the hell out of us they have other people they're fighting." there's a shrug of her shoulders,"That Wren when he was here, he said I reminded him of his sister.. I'm taking it as a compliment."

A laugh escapes the big guy at that and a nod (as much as he can give with the bandaged throat). "Yeah. I didn't foresee it for us either. I could see myself runnin' around in Grounder gear with a big axe and sword though, so…maybe I'll end up runnin' off to join the natives, just not the farmers. There's gotta be farmers. They had a trader with seeds and such. We just see so many warriors cause…ya know, we're like the big bad Skaikru enemy or whatever."

"Oh I'm sure there's farmers." Kai agree's with a dip of her head,"And well, C-bur just seems to think we're pathetic children, mostly.. which by their measure.. we so totally are." she purses her lips,"But like.. if we survive this? If we make peace?" she plants her back against the side of the bowl next to him and stretches out her legs to cross at the ankles,"I want to learn everything I can from them. Even if the rest of the Ark comes down.. I'm not going back."

"I don't think there _is_ a back." Stone replies to that, agreeing to an extent. "Don't get me wrong, despite the unpopularity of it, I'm still loyal to the Ark and Council, and will want to rejoin them when they come down. But things down here will _never_ be like they were up there. They're gonna have to understand that dang fast, and they're gonna need _us_ to teach them or they'll all end up dead and all this will be for nothing. So yeah…forward. No back."

"They're not going to want to give up what they know, Stone. They're going to fight for it with everything they have.. which is fair enough, but you and I both know that while these rifles are saving our collective asses right now.. they themselves are a source of stress even for our allies." Kai opines, shading her face with the crook of an elbow,"And you can be loyal to whoever you want to be, politics don't mean shit to me.. for me it's very simple.. I can either go back to living in my father's shadow or I can not. I choose not."

"Fair enough. But yeah, the guns are…gonna be a problem long term, but it's one to deal with after." A big shrug and the giant's sighing as he looks out over the forests. "As for what they'll share or not…I think if we can impress them, they'd accept us in more readily, but I guess we'll have to see with that long term too." Another lopsided sideways grin to her. "Either way, I plan to be here for the long term to see where we all go."

"No argument." Kai agree's regarding the rifles,"And well, apparently they're okay with teaching us how to fight, which right now is both useful, and not something you'd teach someone you plan on going to war with. So if we.. if Fi can make peace with them.. we'll be in good stead. Maybe our nerds and their nerds can get together and make something that'll give them all nosebleeds for weeks and we'll all be family afterwards. But, yeh. If we pull through this it'll be interesting to see where we all go." she squints from under her elbow,"You think the rest of them will make it down?"

A thick-shouldered shrug. "I think they'll try. It's not in our nature not to try." For the eternal optimist Stone's being hesitant to put too much optimism behind that one. After that crash that killed the Grounder village, and the communications going down after…he just doesn't know enough to even try to guess. Apparently optimism only goes so far.

"I hope they do. I hope they succeed." Kai murmurs quietly,"There's lots of good people up there.. but this thing.. the ship crashing and all of that.. I just.. don't know. I don't regret selling my band to that merchant.. it gave us the maps to even try to pull off the Hail Mary, but.. yeh. Seems sort of pointless wearing them now."

"Yeah…I lost mine early to the grounder axe." He rubs the ugly scar where his arm was nearly bisected. "But yeah, I hope they come down safely too." A sigh then, a hand reaching up to scrape over his tight-shorn head. "Speakin' of those maps though. Has anyone tried making some copies in case we need to figure something out while you're gone? Or…would you be willing to let them be copied? I mean…they're yours, but might be good for all of us obviously."

"If they can get it done before dark, I'm happy for someone to do so. There's a kid that's been working on a map, so I was going to at least try to transpose the towns over. Not that it's likely to be relevant to you guys here.. but in case it fails.. Indra's coming from Tondic. There's a lot of other settlements around too, though I'll hafta use the relational of C-bur to here to get the rest of them laid out properly.. but, yes. It's information that shouldn't be lost, even if I can't afford to leave them behind. Fi's Grounder friend is going to lead us there, but if we lose him.. those maps are the only way I can find where we have to go."

Stone gives a solid, appreciative nod to those words, then suddenly is rising up in a fluid play of muscles and bulk. "Sounds good, Kai. Shouldn't matter, cause you're comin' back. But it's still good planning." A wry sort of grin and the big guy's adding. "Now then, I'm gonna hug you on your way off unless you kick me in the head in the next three seconds. Not about the List, just cause I won't see you for awhile and I consider you a friend." Could she even get a jump kick up high enough to kick him in the head? She might be considering it. But if she doesn't, and if she doesn't actively discourage it, she'll be getting a big-armed hug from the gentle giant, and then sent off to finish her prep indeed without saying goodbye. Cause they're all gonna survive.

Warning's are important, especially when it comes to hugging. And with the warning, Kai tolerates it.. about as well as a cat tolerates a bath, but still. A hug is given before she heads towards the way down again,"Be safe Stone. Or I will find a way to bring you back so I can kill you myself." she grunts as she slips off.

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