Day 028: Welcome To Alpha
Summary: Natalie, Grey and Jumar waking up in Alpha's medlab get a visit from Kai and Eli and both good and bad news from Lionel.
Date: 26/6/2016
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Infirmary — Camp Jaha
This was only intended to be a secondary medbay, a backup to the main Go-Sci labs. Unfortunately, Go-Sci is still in orbit. There are 20 medical beds, and space for another dozen or so cots, any more casualties have to spill out into the hallways or nearby rooms. Each of the beds has a computer readout alongside it, and several more line the walls, displaying information or patient scans as necessary. Imagine equipment folds back into the wall or the ceiling, and racks of additional equipment line the walls, all the way up to where the top corners angle in to make the ceiling narrower than the floor.
Day 28

Medbay. Alpha Station. Wait.. but how? But it's true. It really is medbay. There really is familiar people from the Ark running around checking vitals on the injured and gassed Delinquents that the Mountain Men didn't pick up.. and there's a Grounder with an axe and a couple of swords and a face that looks like five miles of hard road.. no wait. That's Kai. Who at least really is still dressed like a Grounder, and a well armed one at that, and in addition to the Guard that's trailing her there's now a medtech trying to get her to actually stop to take a look at a right eye swollen almost shut, knuckles that look like she had a fight with a brick wall and lost, a broken nose and who knows what else and is bound and determined to take a headcount. It's not quiet, not in the slightest, and very likely to help stir at least some of the Delinquents from their gas induced slumber.

Silver is relatively unattended at the moment. Aside from some dehydration and malnutrition, there's nothing wrong with the medtech. Not a scratch on her that can't be explained away from working with rough tools or moving through the woods. And with so many injured Delinquents, there are much higher priority patients to worry about. Waking up from the gas, though, is an odd experience. There's the realization that she's alive, which is nice. And not injured. Also nice. And…stirring, she finds that she's not restrained, either. All good news. When she opens her eyes, though, she starts a worry a bit. "Ah, shit," she mutters, rubbing at her brow. "Hallucinating."

Natalie had been trying to get out the front door, eager to follow Lip. And in the hazy, red fog she thought she saw the unkempt wreath of his dark curls on the ground before other human shapes were similarily on the ground. The question forming in her head had been something along the lines of 'why are people laying down?' before everything went all wobbly and… and… darkness.

Now, she's waking up, like someone had thrown a switch back on. And everything is back! At once! "Nu-wah!," she shrieks, legs kicking uselessly against the bed. It was probably meant to be a 'no!' and a 'what's happening?' but instead its just an unintelligent noise and awkward flailing. It might have something to do with her lack of glasses, again. All is is fuzzy and disorientation.

Jumar? Jumar is still asleep. Anyone who was awake already has seen a blonde haired girl at his bedside on occasion. For the most part, they're only brief visits to check if he's awake, though.

It's around this time that Jumar flits away… and a drawled, "thhiss… isn't… the tunnels." Soon, that slurred speech becomes coherant, though, "what the…?" As he looks around, "isn't this… ok, we got hit by hallucination gas."

Grey got his shoulder and head wrapped, a few stitches, and that's really about it. The last thing he remembered was a cloud of red… blood…? And then the dropship deck pressed into the side of his face. This is… neither. It's actually comfortable, even if he's been set up on a cot while the worst of the wounded get the real medical beds — not that there are many of them. When he wakes up, he starts to roll, reaching under his pillow for a knife that's not there. "Wha — ?" And then he falls off the cot. And then pain starts surging through the side of his head and through his shoulder. Ow. Ow. Ow. "M'alright. Wait… Kai? Where'd you get beat up?" First things first. "Wait… where the hell am I?"

Kai makes rounds, Natalie's fuzzy vision gets briefly filled by the ex-C, who assesses before reaching out to squeeze her shoulder gently,"Ree's." offered before a decidedly more battered pair of glasses is fished from her armor to press into her hand before moving on,"Beckinson.. Kennedy.." it's Silver that she twists towards like a hound dog on the scent.

"Miss.." the young Guard starts as the medtech makes a sound of exasperation and turns to run over to Grey. A finger's raised in Grey's direction, she heard him, but it's Silver she zeroes in on to inform her,"Wren is outside. They wont let him in. He's waiting for you." is the information she chooses to impart to the other girl,"I'll be out in a few, tell him.. I want to see how many those bastards took. And who didn't make it."

Silver is still a little bit fuzzy when Kai gets to her, blinking a few times at the other girl. "Took?" Wake up. "We're in medley. The ark. The gas. Wait, you mean- It wasn't-" She pauses, looking around herself. "It wasn't the Ark?" Normally untangling that mystery would have her full, undivided attention. Who has that sort of tech? The grounders played at biological warfare, but those looked like launchers and- Wren's outside. She pushes off of the cot, giving the room a quick look over. She knows how this place works, at least. "I'll be back," she says, then moves as soon as she's sure anyone who's nominally in charge is distracted.

Now she just has to find where they decided to put an exterior door.

Natalie lets out a squelched yalp for Kai's shoulder squeeze. Touching me! What's touchi- Oh. The press of battered glasses into her hands at least cancels down some of the panic as she's unfolding and pressing the glasses back on to her head with a practiced if jittery motion. A few jerks of her uncomprehending head around the room and then she's looking at Grey and Kai in clipped swivels of her. "What the fuck?," she squeaks, the sound of Natalie swearing probably fitting ill on her.

"People are talking very well for being hallucinations." Jumar finally starts to get a good look around, "Kai? You're still alive? Thought those lunatics would have killed your group by now." He looks around, then. "Looks like the rockets worked. Thank you technology." Going from confused to 'we're alive!' in under a minute gives Jumars musical bass tone a definite relieved edge, "dropship was good for something besides parts after all."

"It's Alpha Station. We're on the Ground." because that's not contradictory information. But Silver's up and off, and there's another tech to glare at her and the Guard and finally Kai rounds on him to go,"Back the fuck off, Simmons. Go back to your post." and turns away,"I'm still alive. It worked. You guys scorched a whole bunch, the rest listened to the retreat call." it's Grey she's heading for now though to help the medtech with him,"I was making friends. You guys did good. The fucking orders didn't get there in time, but you did it. All of you."

Grey waves off the medtech, "'Mfine. 'mfine." He's not, but he's more fine than many of the others. See, he even got his ass back onto the cot, laying on his right side. He accepts Kai's delay, getting most of the information from what she's saying to Silver anyhow. Still, he echoes Silver's question, "Took? Wait, how the hell am I on the Ark?" Yup, still confused. A little bit of confusion clears, "Ohshit. The Ark came down. Anyone know how many we lost?" Sadly, no one does. Counts are still being made. And then he chuckles at Kai wryly, nodding, "Told you we'd damned well survive, Adams. Pessimist." The last is said with a smile as he offers out his right hand for a power-clasp. Bros be bros no matter the plumbing.

It takes a few more seconds for Jumar to come to his senses completely, then… "so, anyone around here know what the fuck happened with the dropship that set the lunatics off to murder us?" It's obvious the Ark fell to the ground, and he's in it. Stating the obvious doesn't really help… unless said people are *really* stupid, and Jumar has enough respect for the others to not think they are, at least. "I mean, it's basically a miracle we survived that siege… but then we got gassed by something, and now I wake up on one of the Ark stations. So, getting some missing muzzle pieces would be *awesome* right about now."

"Yes, there's chunks of it spread all over the place." Kai grunts, mostly for Grey, but her attention is still flittering over others, back towards Natalie and Jumar,"Still trying to work that out, couldn't get close enough to see. And Grey? There was over a thousand in the main camp." not that it stops something that should cause the world to implode, a Grey and an Adams power-clasping as bros,"It was the Mountain." she grunts,"Nothing we could do about it. I've got to get moving because the Guards are all kinds of hyped right now about Wren being here." into the armor again to pull out her hide maps to hand the injured ex-C,"We're going to check on Coesbur. From there, I don't know. Indra and her people are going to see whether or not we managed to flatten a few more villages. Let's hope we missed." she doesn't answer Jumar. And from the looks exchanged by the medtechs, if they know, they're not sharing right now.

"Where's Lip?," Natalie's question to anyone listening is urgent, if slightly panicked, having looked around at those brought into the medbay to sleep over their gas exposure and found familiar faces but the one she's trying to find. When in the history of the Skaikru has anyone ever asked 'Where's Lip?' with a ton that didn't imply immediate violence was on the way? Today. It's unique position in history probably significantly less important than a fallen Ark, sadly.

"Lip, where's Lip?," she asks anxiously to the medtech attempting to check her post-consciousness vitals. The medtech just stares at her blankly before asking 'your lip?' with a slow, uncertain quality that can't discern if she's just disoriented or just cabbage headed even as Natalie is attempting to get out of bed, in a manner that suggests that Kai is about to be assailed with this question.

Grey groans at Kai's news, but nods, some of it welcome. "You did all you could, Adams. All you had to. Did good." The calls for Lip get his attention for a moment, and he notes, "Was in there in the dropship, before the gas. Dunno if he's here now, uh… Natalie, yeah." And then he's back to Kai, "Mountain. Damn it. Coesbur. Right. Gideon said they were evac-ing. Should be safe, even if the Mountain comes for them too. And yeah… pray the Ark missed anything important comin' down." And then he takes a moment to stop and wonder again, "Holy shit… the Ark landed. Ish."

Jumar blinks, then. "oh right. this is in the *ground* now. How in the holy mother of fucking hell did *that* happen?" His eyes finally widening at the implications, "what the fuck happened?" He looks over to Kai, then "Did you say 'orders' about the Grounders?"

"I haven't seen him." Kai answers Natalie, granted, she's still checking people, letting her hand slip from Grey with a stiff nod and wets her split lip with her tongue,"Did she say to where?" she asks of Grey regarding Coesbur,"Indra recognized it was not an attack, but she wants to know what happened with the one that flattened Thripoda. I want to know." this is apparently important, for all that the lean girl turns away towards Jumar,"They said something about the Ark being crippled by the last dropship. I didn't catch it all. And yes. We have a truce with the Trikru, only the fuckers launched the attack before Indra's messenger got there." which she might just be a little bit mad about, just a little.

Grey thinks back, past the confusion and the chaos of combat and unconsciousness, "Uh… she didn't say. Or I didn't ask." His eyes drop down for a moment before he adds, "Had other things to talk about. Away from the Mountain?" He lays his head back a moment — it tries to topple off his neck less that way. "Yeah. I wanna know too. You're headin' for C-Bur, or east, uh, Tondc? I'll see if I can find out, let you know when you get back." He hasn't caught the whole 'leaving with Wren' part. "We were gonna bug out, into the woods, for the Ark. But some people were already headed for the dropship. lit off the hydrazine. Melted the door shut or some shit. Got it open, then bang… mist. Gas? Monsters in masks?" Everything goes very, very blurry there.

"Yeah, that sounds about right. I was in the bowels of the dropship when the gas came in, but the gas came after the rest of them opened the door. Our rocket burn roasted everyone around us, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the gang was going to run for it." Jumar shrugs at that, "lunatics wanted mass murder, but we reversed that. Sounds like we got them just before they retreated." Jumar finally tosses his legs over the side of his bed, then… and realizes he's in a gown, "fuck. I wasn't even touched. Why am I in these?" He barks out a laugh, "so, someone grabbed our people when they left?"

Natalie blinks sluggishly at Grey and Kai in turn, hearing them but… there's something about that blinking that might suggest she's not totally hearing all of it. Or just parts. "We burned up all those… people," she states with a sudden forlorn quality regarding the fire bomb last word, for what happened before it all went hazy. The moments before disjointed from the rebuttal. That she's in the Ark seems secondary to her original quest: find Lip, made hazy and interrupted by the facts before them. Standing in the middle of the medbay, she turns and trundles out of the room with a slight lurch that some might interpret as still under the affects of the gas as she heads down the corridor in search of Lip.

Guardsman Lionel Tobias Weeks looks like shit. He has been burning the candle on both ends for what feels like days, and the crash down of Alpha Station has not improved his mental or physical state. That doesn't stop him from sauntering into the infirmary like a bored wildcat, though. His guard armor looks a bit worse for wear, covered in mud and moss and blood. His unremarkable brown hair looks slicked back from its usual mess, and his cheek and jaw are full of unprofessional stubble. He is several steps in, and throws out his arms, forcing joviality into his booming, "Kyler!" Then his hands drop to his hips, and he's staring at Kai with mixed curiosity and, well, shock. "Where the fuck is your hair?"

"Cbur first." Kai grunts,"Then I don't know. Depends on what we find. Don't know when I'll be back. Or if. And yes. They weren't Trikru." that plus gas canisters makes them Mountain as far as Kai's concerned at least. The Adams, is standing over with the Grey, talking like they're friends, which shouldn't be a thing, but is, apparently, the lean girl dressed like a native, in armor and with a large axe and a couple of swords and looking like she's lost a fight with a truck,"Yes. And I've got to get going before some ass decides to put a bullet in Wren. I'll check in with you guys when I can, yeh? Stay safe." she seems content to try and slip away and then there's.. shit,"Hey Leo. Shaved it." there's a squint in the direction of the door like is Tyler himself about to march through the door and decides that leaving has just upped a few notches in priority.

"Not word one about her clothes, Weeks?" Grey snarks at the other Guardsman, falling back just a little into old Grey-family habits. Jumar's question causes him to blink and look down at himself, "Goddamn it. Where the shit is my shirt, and my armor?" One they had to cut off, the other they took off. Recovering himself, he grumps at Jumar, "They ain't all lunatics, either. Some of them are just fine. Better'n fine." Focusing back on Kai, he adds, "Don't bother with C-bur, unless Wren needs somethin' from there. Ain't gonna be anyone there. May we meet again, Adams." He coughs, looks down again, "If you see Gideon, let her know I made it?" Yes, as if Stone wasn't enough of an example, Grey has now proven that a black man can indeed blush visibly.

"Just because you want to pound one doesn't mean they aren't lunatics." Jumar says pointedly to Grey, "you can try to justify it all you want, but they laid siege to us for something we didn't fucking do. Their blindness and reactionary 'blood must have blood immediately' culture is what caused this mess. We had the excuse of rationing and needing zero tolerance. They don't have one." Jumar pointedly gripes to Grey. That out of the way, he looks back to Kai, "So. Mountain men it sounds like. What I'd like to know is why the fuck do they care?"

Kai nods at the pieces of hide she handed off to Grey,"For you and the others." you-know-what-they-are,"And yeh, not my call. I'll let him know about the evac though. And it's kom Skaikru.. Tyler can go fuck himself." there's a squint with her good eye in Lionel's direction. Yeh. She said it, and reassures the Grey,"I'll let her know." she's shifting towards the door, like that's going to help her escape Lionel's attention,"Not lunatics." she echoes for Jumar,"And I just know what I saw. Red gas. Guns. They weren't Trikru, for damned sure."

"Well, sprocket, you… uh," Lionel is lost to offer a compliment, and lamely goes with, "you have a very shapely skull." Then he glances at Grey, bushy brows arching high over those sharp, piercing blue eyes. "I see that the ground hasn't worn off those Grey edges, Lucian," the older Guard says in a dry reply. He does take a gander at Kyler's clothes, and he frowns again. He crosses his arms at his chest, ignoring the smear of mud at his hands. "The only thing I need to know is where's your damn Devil's jersey?" Priorities. Then his gaze passes between the two, and he frowns heavily. His eyes cut over to Jumar, and then back to Grey and Kai. His frown deepens.

Forcing himself up into a seat on the edge of his cot, Grey scowls at Jumar from underneath his bandages, "Yeah, those Trikru were dumb jackholes. No shit. And the dumb ones? They're all dead." Probably not all of them. All of the dumb Skaikru certainly aren't, including Grey himself by some accounts. "But they ain't all like that. How about Que comin' by to help out? And Wren," he gestures toward Kai at that, rolling up the pieces of hide and tucking them into one pocket of his thankfully-still-intact cargo pants, "And Gideon teachin' us archery and shit. Oxfor givin' us a good deal for… well… for mostly nothin'." He shrugs his shoulders at Lionel's response to him, "Just Grey now. Now that I'm the only one. And I've had a shitty day, I'm allowed." Finally he looks back to Kai, studying her a moment, then nodding a little painfully, "Kai then. That's gonna take some gettin' used to." Something reminds him, and he looks down, rubbing at the med-bracelet still on his left hand. He snorts a little laugh, shaking his head in amusement.

This only gets a scoff, "fine, you two can stay blind to their ridiculous 'blood must have blood' and the implications of that for their entire clan if you like, and I'll keep my eyes open to be sure that we're ready for the next time we somehow fart in their general direction and get them set off again. Mark my words, they'll find an excuse to attack us again, truce or no truce. It's what they are. They see us as invaders now, and lunatics like them don't stop when they see a threat." Jumar starts to stretch as he gets off the bed. The dark brown hair bounces just a bit on his shoulders as he does so, "at least this time we'll have some help." He looks to Kai, then, "so, that aside, has anyone talked to you about a plan to find those that were taken?"

"Gave it to a friend." Kai grunts for Lionel,"And Grey's good, Leo." yeh, she just vouched, for a Grey,"We are invaders you idiot." she snaps at Jumar,"Like it or not we crashed in their land. And if people are dumb, yeh, guess what, shit goes bad. And this.. all of this? I'll be working on finding them.. but not here."

"Invading implies one intentionally attacks. We did nothing of the sort, and still haven't 'idiot'." Yeah, Jumar can snap right back at Kai. "They had their chance, and they blew it. They can go float themselves." With that, Jumar starts to stand, then stops… "has anyone here seen a blond girl, this high, was on farm station? Usually wears a jump suit?"

"The line of people allowed because they've had a shitty day is about, oh… maybe six hundred people long," Lionel quips back to Grey dryly. The Guard just blinks over at Jumar, and his tongue licks dryly at his lips. It has been a long day, and he's only tracking about every third word by now. He blinks owlishly at Kai, and then casts Grey a suspicious look. "Well… Kane… that is… the Chancellor is giving all you former cadets a big promotion to Guardsmen." His expression turns a bit sober. "Kai… when you got a bit… we should catch up." Lionel is not a sober person — in various definitions — so this cannot be good.

Elias walks into the infirmary still wearing somewhat loose Grounder clothing and war paint. Because he hasn't washed up yet since having come back. Sleep was needed and didn't leave a whole lot of time for changing and washing. Slowly, he pans his gaze over the wounded to see who all is present and alive. With a rise of a brow then, he makes his way further inside towards Kai and Grey. Giving them both an upnod, he finally blinks his eyes. "Any word about Agro Station?" he asks, flicking his eyes between the two of them. Lionel is given a nod as well as a look offering the same question forth.

"Kane can float himself too, Leo." Kai informs the older guard as politely and firmly as she can while eyeing Jumar. One of the medtechs no doubt volunteers to Jumar that she's been there, yes, because the Adams girl hasn't seen her,"In the last three days I have hiked through I don't even know how many kilometers of hostile territory, ridden a damned horse, been frogmarched to the leader of a hostile army, had my face punched in, marched back in time to find out that half my friends are dead, hurt, or got captured by a bunch of hostile lunatics with guns. I'm not interested in being a Guard, and I don't care about whatever it is dad told you to tell me. Sorry Leo, but that's how it is." and there's Eli and she's sidling past so she can go and slide an arm about him with a shake of her head, she hasn't heard at least.

Grey glances to Kai when she calls Gideon a friend, and he grunts softly, "Shit. Ad — Kai. I thing it was in camp. In my tent." He winces, "Might still be there?" He doesn't sound very hopeful. Shaking his head at Jumar's continued venom, Grey is about to look down to his wrist again, then shakes his head in answer to the techie's question. "Nope." And then it's back to Lionel, "Longer'n that, Weeks. Hundred or two Trikru had a real bad day too. And anyone that a piece'a the Ark dropped near." He blinks at the Guardsman's news, then looks down at his bracelet again, and snorts, "Hah! Paris' kid made the Guard after all. Screw you, Isaacs." That would be one of the Guardsmen who tormented him the most in the Box, including a couple of good smacks on the way to the dropship. Elias' entry gets an upnod in return, and the gown-and-cargo-pants-wearing Grey offers out his right arm to Elias as well, "Eli. Good to see you made it." And then he's looking aside to the other ex-C, "Don't burn your bridges, Kai." Not that any of the bridges down here look particularly flammable, not the ones that survived, at least.

It doesn't take long for Jumar to start walking around a bit unsteadily, checking his meager belongings, "it'll be good to actually have tools again. First things first though… a goddamned *shower*. Maybe a forge after that, we'll need to get the basics up and running first. Is there even farmable land here?" With the 'grounders are lunatics' debate settled (at least far as he's concerned) he moves on to the obvious logistics issues, "we'll probably be scrapping the station for weeks." Yep, definitely a techie, "if you need technical help out there once the search starts, you know where to come."

"Hey, look… the Grey kid says something wise," Lionel says seriously to Kai. "I was seated almost two people away from Kane when he got up, and started walking out of Alpha to sacrifice himself so we could all get down here. He was also responsible for going all over Go-Sci and gathering up as many people as he can while we were basically floating adrift, losing oxygen by the seconds." His throat tightens. "You don't know the shit that went on up in the sky, Adams… so, I'm asking you because I love you, kid… don't go telling anyone here to go float. We don't got room for that angry bullshit anymore." Then Lionel regards Elias, and the kid is given a warmer, more relaxed smile, but it is tired and strained. "Someone, ah… I think it was Morris… he said he saw Farm coming down to the North, but I gotta say… none of us were really paying attention to trajectories while trying not to piss and shit ourselves."

Elias grasps Grey's right hand and gives it a firm shake, the quirk of his smile going lopsided. "Get the fuck outta' here," he says with an incredulous look and a 'pfffft' to fo along with it. "I'm too pretty to die. Good to see you walking, buddy. How's the head?" There's a nod, of course, to the bandage. Relinquishing his hand then, he turns his head to Kai when she curls an arm around him and then gives a look to Grey. Lionel's information is regarded as well. Elias' jaw clenches, but he gives a nod of his head. "Welcome to the ground, Weeks. Fun, right?" Levity in this case. The young man does acknowledge the information, but he doesn't talk about it for now. Instead, he briefly leans his forehead against Kai's. With a look over to Jumar then, he takes a deep breath and then speaks calmly. "They lost an entire village. Seven-hundred people. I don't know how I'd react if I lost seven-hundred of you. Mistakes were made in both directions." There is a look to Kai then, somewhat nervous. And then a glance towards Lionel.

Kai gives a quiet grunt of acknowledgment for Grey's words, a flicker through the mobile portion of her face,"I haven't seen Tink. Does anyone know where Tink is?" that's the one that bothers her,"Or Cam? Where's Op, for that matter? I don't see Lip or Cookie or Quinn, even. We've got people missing, Grey. Our people." she turns her head to Lionel and dips her head stiffly in acknowledgment,"Fine." she agree's with him,"Doesn't change that we're leaving, Leo. If dad wants to talk to me he can come and do it his own damned self. But right now? I've got obligations and you have plenty of hands here to do what needs doing." she gives Elias a squeeze,"North is probably the direction we're heading? We can keep an eye out for Agro." she offers him quietly.

"You just named off a few of those who were probably taken. They were all ground floor on the dropship when we got the door open afterwards. I was probably lucky in that I was in the tunnels about to sit tight. I still want to know why the fuck they care about us." Jumar shrugs as he starts to shrug on his old outfit, "I'd wait for context and to see what is actually going on. They didn't even bother to ask us what it was that dropped down, or why. Only 'missile' because they're ignorant and assumed they knew better than us. If you recall, I voted against the Mags execution, and I abstained from Fiona's expedition. Capital punishment only makes sense somewhere like the Ark. We're not on the Ark anymore."

"Fuck the ground," Lionel says without missing a beat. "Though, have you guys seen the sky?" Oh boy, the older Guard is almost gleeing. "You can see the entire fucking Milky Way… it like… cuts across the entire sky, like a big tear in the sky that is spilling out tons of stars." How poetic, but he doesn't go on when Kai mentions leaving, and the man blinks hard. He is trying to process this news, and then his throat tightens. "Your dad… shit, Kai… the bombing… he's dead, Kai. Has been since Unity Day." He clears his throat, looking down at his feet while he continues to brace his hands on his hips. Lionel's expression has changed from his relaxed, always-on-the-brink-of-something-smartassed to sombered and pained. He looks up to Kai then, brows heavy over his steady blue eyes. He casts a glance to Elias briefly, and then back to Kai. Jumar is still mentioning events that Lionel is way out of the loop on, but he listens all the same, even if Kai is his main concern.

"I think it's the air down here." Grey snarks at Lionel, because old surroundings lead to old habits, "Improves bloodflow to the brain." And out over the face, if his bandaged self is any indication. "So maybe there's hope for you yet, Weeks." Still, the talk of what Kane did causes him to frown, confusion and a sense of the world just not fitting together right settling over his features. "Wait, he did what?" As he's trying to process, he picks at the second bracelet on his left wrist, the braided cloth one, "How 'bout Arrow? Anyone know where Arrow is?" Jumar's got some good things to consider, but only the last one matters, as do Kai's words, and he nods sharply, only to press a hand to his bandaged head. "I'm out there as soon as I can stand up without my head falling apart. I mean to keep the promise I made to the people in camp." Where he'd come for every single one of them if they were captured. Even the assholes. He shrugs left-shouldered at Elias, "Feels like a good night of Unity Punch, without the Unity Punch. You headin' off with Kai and Wren, Elias?" Lionel's news for Kai causes him to wince, even if he didn't like the jackhole much better than she did.

Wow, in the list of news Kai didn't expect to hear, that takes the cake, and it actually stops the lean girl dead in her tracks for a long, stiff moment while she endeavors to process that information with her arm still about Elias,"Wow." she breathes softly before she presses her battered lips together with a slow nod of her head,"I'm sorry for you, Leo." at least that's offered with somber politeness,"My mother?" she elects to ask while she's on the subject before shaking her head at Grey,"Bits were breaking off all over the place.. it was only the lack of explosion that told us that Alpha didn't actually.. crash." her attention shifts to Jumar, then Grey, then to Eli to ask in that same muted tone,"You ready to go?"

Elias nods curtly to Kai then, clearing his throat. "North, then," he says and then turns to Grey. "I pretty much have to, man. We've got people out there. I don't know what she'd do without me anyways." A nod is given then to Kai with another quirk of a smile. "My folks too. That's family." When the word 'bombing' comes up, he blinks at Lionel and looks at him wide-eyed. "Bombing?" he asks and then slips an arm around Kai to give her a gentle squeeze. "What happened up there?" This look is given to Grey as well. As of yet, he hasn't heard of what events took place. Jumar's mention of Mags is just given a hard look.

Jumar gives a sober nod to that, "you two look like you've been through a meat grinder. I'd suggest waiting and resting at least one day to get your strength back. You'll be no good to anyone half dead." Once his clothing is back on, he looks to Kai, "I'll be staying here myself to help get things running and to get a bit of rest. Those walls took way too much sleep from me. Once you have something for me, I'll head out to check on it with you."

Lionel's shoulders tighten, and he looks at Kai beneath the heavy fall of his brows. "Your mom is fine, down working getting a wall up around the perimeter." Then his fingers flex, and he shakes his head as that dark cloud continues to form. Elias steals his attention — but he hasn't forgotten that Kai is talking about leaving. "A bomb went off during the Unity Day pageant… a group was trying to kill Jaha and the Council, but mistimed it… it went off, and killed most of the Council and dozens of citizens… including Captain Adams." His mouth tightens. "Chancellor Jaha lost his son in the blast too… and then, well…" He shakes his head. "The Rees got their little group of terrorists to take control of one of the dropships, heavily damaging the Ark in the process… we're only down here because Jaha and Kane got the engineers to rig up the thrusters so we could break atmo. We would have been dead in a matter of days, otherwise." He grimaces, looking a bit hollow now. "Not the way Exodus was supposed to go down, and here we are…" His gaze slides to Kai, and he frowns worriedly.

Wait… bombing? Grey mentally rewinds, reviews the injury-twisted tape, and looks between Kai and Lionel for a moment. "Bombing. Shit. You guys did have it rough too." Elias gets a little shrug, "I mean, yeah. I guess. Just… come back from time to time, yeah? Gonna need sane people 'round here." He nods carefully to Jumar, to make sure his head doesn't try to fall off again with the motion, "I'm not gonna work myself to death." Been there, nearly done that. Will probably try to do it again, no matter what he says. And then he subsides, listening to Lionel's news. Luckily, he doesn't remember Natalie's last name, or he would be looking across the medbay toward her. Finally, he grunts, "That's goddamn brilliant. At least, in this total non-tech's opinion. Shuttles too broken up to go down, take the whole damned Ark. Shit, takes some brass ones to think of that and then do it."

"Thanks for your concern, Beckinson, but we'll be fine. And yeh, I got no doubt you guys will be on it when you're healed up." Kai offers with a tight smile,"Walls are good. Our walls were good." she reaches out to touch Lionel's shoulder,"If it managed to avoid any of the villages, should be fine. Everyone's down here, at least, now. Everything else can be dealt with." there's a nod for Grey,"Depends on stuff. I'm.. they call it a Second? I'm working for Wren. He's going to train me."

A… second? "Are all you physical types usually one to ignore your obvious injuries? No, don't answer that." Jumar just shakes his head as he lays down again, now in his comfy clothing. "You're going to be *learning* from them?" Jumar moves to lay down in his bed again, his exhaustion already set in, "I'm tired of losing friends to this insanity. I hope you don't end up losing yourself to that 'blood must have blood' insanity'."

"Of course, man," Elias says to Grey with a smile and a furrow of his brows. "If our people are being taken north and that's where Agro Station is? You do the math. If there's a chance I can get there quickly, help with the wounded, and lead people back here before they get hurt…" The shrug is returned and he sighs. "I'll be back, though." He shifts his attention to Lionel then to listen to the man with a light nod of his head. "Shit," he says quietly, just blinking in disbelief. "That's…I hope people are holding up alright." Another shake of his head is given then before he heaves another sigh while then looking to Jumar. "They know the land. Learning from them might not be such a bad idea. It could cut months off of soil-sampling if we can learn their methods of growing crops."

Lionel looks down at the grip on his shoulder, and then up at Kai. There is something a bit pained in his blue gaze when she talks about leaving. "Cm'on… I haven't seen you in weeks, sprocket… and look, we've got tons of resources here. The moment Kane's got the briefing on what happened with the kids at the dropship, he's going to be throwing a lot of effort into that. This is about all of us… don't go off because you think otherwise." He doesn't say anything about being trained by this so-called Wren, but Lionel doesn't look terribly happy about it. It hasn't even been thirty days since The 100 were sent down. He's having a hard time processing the fact that it sounds like Kai just wants to leave. Again, Jumar's words earn a rather thin look from Lionel, but nothing more. "I have a guard shift coming up, but… look, stick around a bit. For me?"

Grey blinks sharply at Kai's description of her new relationship, "So you're gonna be a Trikru now?" A frown touches his lips at that, and he picks at the edge of his hospital gown. Jumar's question draws a shrug of his left shoulder, "Don't see me gettin' up, man." Not yet, at least. "I'm gonna sit here 'till I'm better." He says that every time, but he'll sit there until he's not in constant pain, or in danger of swaying and falling over. He still has the cauterization marks from his last wound stark on his side, and he fought just last night. "I'm gonna… maybe a roll call?" He grimaces and decides not to sit up, "Maybe we can get one of the medtechs to do a count. Gotta know who we lost. Bring back the bodies." And then there's the question of, bring them back to the Delinquent camp for burial, or will Alpha Station's resting place be their final resting place. And then he starts to lower himself back down onto the cot, "You'll want some of us with you, Weeks. We've been down here a month," almost, "We ain't Trikru," he pauses, dark eyes flickering to Kai, and then pushes on regardless, "but some of us got real good at trackin'. And that's what we need right now. Guards with guns, and some Ee-Ess nerds to help us track." His words start to trail quieter as he settles back onto the cot, his weariness catching up with him despite his enforced nap-time.

"Shit don't wait just because you don't feel like it." Kai utters for Jumar with a look at Grey,"It's already done. He told Indra himself. So yes, I'm going to be learning from them, and in a way I guess that makes me Trikru now. Don't mean I hate the Ark or anything like that, but that's.. where I'm at." she gives a painful shrug and the arm about Eli a squeeze,"Leo, right now my boss is being very patient with the fact that there's a whole bunch of people squinting at him like he's about to go rabid, and I've got his weapons just to make sure that someone doesn't think he's trying to pull something. Parts of the Ark might have fallen on his village, and it's been evacuated to who knows where, including his family. Instead he came here. So if he says it's time to go, I'm going to go. That's the deal. That's how it works. You want to get them to stop pointing guns at him and start treating him like he's an ally and maybe he'll put that off a little longer, but he's already been plenty patient about things as it is. Eli's going with us, so I'm sure we'll come back this way. And you're in Trikru lands so it's not like this is forever goodbye, but it's what it is."

"Grey, you're a Guardsman now," Lionel smirks at the former delinquent. "You go tell Kane what we need to pull off a search party. I might be the senior guardsman hanging around here," he says, voice a bit haughty, "but, you got the power to go tell Kane what's what, too." He then moves toward the door, reaching to grab his rifle in the little rack he had left it in. He slings it across his back, and looks over his shoulder to Kai. "Your boss, huh?" He shakes his head, and his shoulders slump. He doesn't say anything else as he heads out, obviously giving Kai a bit of a cold shoulder.

"I swear my week gets more shitty by the hour. Telling us to treat the people who were just trying to kill us as an 'ally'." Jumar just turns in the bed, "I'm too tired for this shit." He curls into a fetal position, "Kane needs to know what the fuck is going on for sure."

Taking a breath inward, he looks to Grey. "It's not like that, man. You know peace is better. Kai being considered as Wren's second is a big deal for future diplomacy." Elias rubs at the back of his neck then before exhaling again. "Not that…I'm sure people want to hear about peace talks right now. I'm hopeful still." Chewing the inside of his cheek then, he looks towards Lionel as he begins leaving and nods his head to him in parting. Looking to Kai then, he raises a brow. "Where are we going? Are we going to be able to make it to Agro Station?"

Grey waves slightly at Lionel, "Inna minute. I'll… ugh… write up a damned report inna minute." Which probably means when he wakes up. He gives Kai and Eli a vague gesture that's probably meant to be a wave, "Yeah. An' it means she's turnin' her back on us. But… may we meet again an' all that. Don' forget who you are." He makes another sound but… it's a snore. A soft one, but still a snore. Full-on mouth-breathing, too. He's gonna have cotton-mouth and nasty breath in the morning… not that he doesn't already have nasty breath.

"Wren was with Eli and I making sure that we got to Indra safely so we could negotiate the current peace, you wanna ignore that, you go right on ahead. C-bur people showed up to help us in every way they could to the point that they were risking getting wiped out themselves, but let's forget that too." she eyes Lionel's retreating back, then looks to Grey with an upnod,"I'll keep an eye out for Arrow, and do what I can. I'm not turning my back on my people, I'm just not Kyler Adams anymore. Not interested in ever being her again." she offers his way,"C'mon Eli. Let's talk to Wren and find out. Until we meet again you guys."

"May we meet again," Elias says in parting, giving a nod to those still awake. Everyone seems to be drifting on, so he dips his head and quietly turns to duck out as well. "I'll try to find our people and bring them back if I can."

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