Day 050: What Comes Next
Summary: Lexa and Fiona discuss the future of Skaikru.
Date: 25 July 2016
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Fiona Lexa 

Outside Camp Jaha
Lexa's tent.
Day 50

Eventually Fiona gets what she's always wondered if she'd ever be able to earn; an audience with the Heda. She'd stepped in to find Lexa lounging on a makeshift throne, and found herself somewhat tongue-tied. There's a break in the tension when Lexa offers her an apple, and finds herself giving a civics lesson as she explains the democratic process involved in the selection of a potential new Chancellor.

Lexa listens to the process, frowning in some confusion. It is different — very different — from the process of selecting a kruheda, and even more different from that of a heda. She refrains to point this out quite yet, nodding slightly. "I see… and if the new Chancellor does not wish to uphold the terms that I agreed upon with Chancellor Kane?" The question holds some serious weight behind it — a deep concern.

"Then things are going to go south very fast." Fiona says frankly. "And they'd have to deal with the consequences, along with those who choose to stay with Skaikru." The suggestion unspoken perhaps, that some in light of such a situation, might throw their lot in with Trikru. Is she one of them? At the moment, she couldn't say.

"So… what must I do to help ensure that Chancellor Kane remains in his seat of power?" There is no careful posing, no edging around the issue. Lexa is forthright and confident in her words, and her gray-green eyes fix on Fiona. She takes a bite from her apple now, chewing thoughtfully while she listens to Fiona's answer.

Fiona doesn't answer immediately, rolling it over in her mind. "Every action has its equal opposite reaction." she says at least, her thumb rubbing along the apple's skin. "Involving yourself directly would bite you on the - " A halt, and she revises, "It would probably have the opposite of your intended effect." She starts to pace, as she often does when she's thinking hard. "No one could stop you from speaking. From saying you respect him and the way he honors his promises - assuming, of course, that's true." There's a pause in her steps. "May I ask you a question?"

Lexa muses a she finishes her mouthful of apple. "Then I shall do that," the Commander nods slightly. "I would not wish to involve myself in your politics, but now your politics are intwined with mine… and I will not see my work undone." She hesitates then as the pause and following question come from the ambassador. One brow arches ever so slightly, and then she gestures. "Ask."

"So let's say we take the Mountain." Fiona says, lifting her chin to regard the Heda. "And we satisfy Trikru's need for justice regarding the Rees traitors. What comes next?" She cuts to the chase. "I can't imagine the woman who rules the Twelve Clans doesn't already have the long game in mind whe it comes to Skaikru. What do you want, Commander? If everything we hope for comes to pass, what is the future for Skaikru and Trikru?"

The question — and its context — draws a small hint of a smile at the Commander's lips. She considers the girl before her — a girl only a year or so younger than herself. She offers a slight nod. "If things go well… there is a chance that the Skaikru could become the thirteenth clan… but, only if they prove themselves worthy of such an alliance." Her mouth thins slightly. "There will, of course, have to be some negotiations. Your guns…" Her gaze sweeps toward where Alpha Station looms and Camp Jaha lies.

"From what I understand, the anathema of guns has to do with the fear that the Mountain will answer with fire." Fiona seems to be seeking clarification. "If we take the Mountain, if we pull out their teeth, is there need for that fear, anymore?" Considering a moment, she notes, "I think, more than anything, Skaikru longs for a future with some semblance of stability, even if life can't offer certainty." She recognizes the difference, and her brows lift as she takes a step toward Lexa, inspired. "If we defeat the Mountain and you provide that stability, I think the probability of the power of our armaments becomes something you call upon against any other threats pretty likely."

"Yes, there is," Lexa says without missing a beat. "The Mountain has guns, and so do now the Skaikru… and the clans of the Coalition did away with their guns long ago, and it is against our laws to have them. They are… a symbol of fear, power, and destruction." The Commander's voice is firm, but still soft. "I have told the Chancellor that I respect the laws set forth in your Charter… that only your soldiers will possess them, but I cannot see the Coalition lifting their ban on such weapons, and your people's use of them will be carefully watched." Then she breathes out a slow exhale, taking another bite of apple. She doesn't speak again until she has finished the mouthful. "The Coalition does not need your guns."

"You don't need a lot of what we have to offer." Fiona points out. "But sometimes there's what you need, and what it doesn't hurt to have in your back pocket - just in case." Fiona looks at the apple in her hand. "You know," she says, "It's not that what Skaikru has to offer is so much better than what Trikru has. But we're always being asked what we have that makes us worthy, and I have to use what I've got." She looks up at Lexa, realizes how earnest she looks, and tries to dial it back. "It's what I've been doing since I got on the ground. Using whatever I had to keep us safe."

"It is not just about whether it makes the Trikru stronger, or any other clan… it is about whether or not it makes the whole stronger, and the whole includes every part," Lexa offers with a wise note. "There is much that your people can teach mine, and much mine can teach yours… but, it is also about finding a place for your people here. You have shown that you care about belonging as much as you care about being useful." The Commander offers a small smile at the earnest look. "I find what I saw in your camp to be useful things. I'm sure that you are overlooking some of your own value, because something we value from you, you may not have known had value… like the water systems your people are currently building, or the panels that you use to power your technology, or the machines in your infirmary that can see bone through skin."

At that, Fiona can't help a small a smile. "My parents work on the water systems. I know they'd be incredibly honored to share their knowledge. My dad in particular really wants to visit Tondc." she confesses, "And I think yes - we can bring those technologies to the Coalition. I'm not the Chancellor, I can't make those promises, but I can advocate for them. I want to help my people cross the bridge that keeps us apart from the commuity that we have to share now." she takes a breath. "A lot of people are speaking for Kane. Hopefully it'll be enough."

"Hopefully so, ambassador," Lexa's tone holds a sense of weight. "I would hate to undo what has already been carefully done to ensure that the Trikru and Skaikru have a foundation for peace." Her expression becomes quite serious. "As you will see in Tondc… the weight of the Twelve Clans brought to bear is quite impressive." Then she relaxes a bit, not wishing to be seen as threatening. Not yet at least. "After the Mountain is dealt with, we will see to justice, and then to peace." The Commander looks thoughtful then. "May I ask you another question?"

"I'd like to see how the Twelve Clans function when they're brought together." Fiona admits, and then with knitted brows, she nods. "Of course."

"Some of your people do not seem… willing to follow the laws of your people," Lexa says this carefully, and with some serious thought. "That the laws should not apply." Her head tilts slightly, but it barely disturbs the gathering of braids. "Should I be concerned that, if your people cannot follow your own laws… why should I believe you will follow the Coalition's?"

"I'm not going to tell you that you shouldn't." Honesty and diplomacy are at war here, so Fiona makes the best of it. "People who choose to defy the rules either do so by violating them, or by leaving the community. When they violate them, they are punished. You've seen that. But when people choose to leave…it's not our way to prevent them from making their choice…and living with the consequences."

Lexa looks thoughtfully at Fiona, and then she inclines her head ever so slightly. "Thank you, Fiona kom Skaikru." There is a small hint of a smile. "You should be proud of the way you represent your people." Then she gestures. "I have to ready to return to Polis, and then back to Tondc. I imagine that we will meet again there, if you are coming with Chancellor Kane to ready for the march on the Mountain."

"I am." Fiona affirms. "Thank you for speaking with me, Heda. I'd like to speak more, when opportunity calls for it." She won't loiter, leaving Lexa to her thoughts and plans with an eye for the long term.

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