Day 002: What to do With Water
Summary: Cole builds a basic solar still while discussing camp politics with Silver, Fiona, and Mika
Date: Day 2
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With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads. Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. There are no defenses to speak of, save for the usually-open door to the dropship and the ship's metal walls.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

IC date of RP

It has now been two days after landfall. People are still doing 'their thing', by mean they've been out for themselves or operating in small groups. Cole, for his part, has been thinking larger, grander, as he is wont to do. He did say he would work on water purification, and that will be something he's working on, but getting water /now/ is more pressing then purifying later. There's always a camp fire. So right now, set off to the side ot the tent area(of which there's a number of both large and small tents constructed around the dropship), the techie with shaggy hair is…digging a whole. With a large, flat rock.

Hard labor, man. Get to it.

Silver has been - much like she was on the Ark - the quiet one. But she's also been quietly working on whatever projects she can, including trying to reach the Ark through the communications systems. When she needs a break, though, she's looking for another project, and she's heard about Cole's most recent project.

She approaches where he's digging, crossing her arms over her stomach as she watches in silence for a few moments before she speaks. "Hi," she says, ever so eloquently.

Not all their food can be scavenged or speared easily, supplies are limited, and its lead to Mikaela thinking outside the box. Thus it is she's wriggling her way out of the tent she shares with Cole, her hands full. Someone got creative. What used to be a jacket has been ripped apart and repurposed into a 'net', some line, and a few small, thin pieces of metal have been fashioned into hooks. She looks like she's going fishing! Dropping her bundle onto the ground, she picks up the small pile of tiny bones of leftover meals and meticulously starts picking off tiny scraps of meat. There's a few bits of mushroom and beery set aside already, the meat getting added to the pile. Glancing up when Silver approaches, she smiles tentatively and tips her head into a nod, "Hello."

Fiona has been collecting rainwater for a few hours, but regardless it's not going to be enough to get everyone what they need, even with minimal rations. She's back from her latest collection, hair tied away from her face with a bandana and canteens banging against her body. "Oh, hey. Silver! C'mere, I wanted to ask you something." She heads to the collection container that Cole rigged up to start pouring the contents of her canteens into it.

Cole is known as the all-around techie so far in the hundred. Nobody else has stepped forward so there's two. He's also been the driving force behind wanting to get the bracelets off, designing and building a wall around the camp, water gathering and purification, designing and constructing spears, and…well, he's been busy. Mika more or less had to pull him away to his work. The man, like the equipment he used to work in in Mecha Sation, is a machine. He does not stop, nor does he quit, short of exhaustion. Asfor the man himself, he keeps digging, getting frustrating by the lack of nothing to tie his hair up with, getting in his face. "Fuckin fuckity fuck…" he grunts, looking at the hole. "Still not fuckin big enough." leaning back on his knees. Blinking up at Silver. "Hey. Sup." he nods, glancing over at the approaching Fiona. "Fi." he greets, then finally looking over at Mika. "…who's fuckin jacket was that?" he asks.

"I was just going to…" Silver starts to answer Fiona, then pauses, looking around at the group. The group of people who've already been working on this problem while she's been focused on the communication one. "Oh. Are you working on the water thing with him? I needed to take a break from the comms, I was starting to get…fuzzy," she waves a hand near her temple. "And I heard," she looks to Cole, "You were working on water purifying. I thought I'd see if you needed any help." Mikaela's pile gets about as much comprehension as a pile of rocks would. Definitely not her skill set.

Mikaela rolls her eyes and pauses in her bait-gathering to break off three strands of the thread she's gathered up, quickly braiding them into a stronger strand. Moving behind Cole, she gathers up his hair at the nape of his neck and quickly ties it off with the braided string. "There. Sheesh, like you've never fucking tied your hair back before." She moves back to her pile and plops down to start picking off bits of meat from bone again. She doesn't even look up when his question comes, just sticks her tongue out in his direction and mutters, "Not that its any of your fuckin' business… but its mine. Yours is bigger, so I can steal it if I need to. You couldn't fit mine." She glances up to smile over at Fiona, remembering her from yesterday, the banging canteens are hard to miss. To Silver she lifts both brows, "You -want- to help? Well holy shit…" She reaches back into the tent, coming up with a big plump berry and holding it out to Cole, "You won that bet."

"You /tore/ up your jacket?" Cole blinks at her. "Meeks, what the fuck. You know it rains here, right? Don't need you getting the fuckin flu or some shit." he states, giving a mildly annoyed look at her. "You better catch some fuckin fish then. Make the sacrafice worth it." So, yeah, this seems to be how they flirt. By bickering with each other. However, he /does/ take the berry. "Of course, I won the bet. Somebody would eventually want to help with what's going on." Eating it, he looks over Silver. "Think I saw you in the Box a couple times." he offers to her. "Sally? Sheri?" he gessues at her name. Somewhere in the ballpark, anyways. "And yeah, this is been one of my projects, I'd welcome the help, thanks for offering." Besides his swearing, he's at least warm in saying thanks. "Right now, I'm trying to build a solar still." he explains at the hole. There's some clear plastic tarp or sheet or something like that. Cut into a pair of circles. Mika gets a look, grinning. "Next bet is you don't catch any fish bigger than a minnow. O Meeks, Mighty Hunter."

"Silver," the girl introduces herself, flashing a brief, tight smile. "And yeah, I'd like to help. At least for a little bit. And it sounds like you're someone who's interested in getting things done. How can I help?" She crouches down next to the still in process, taking a close look with a scientific eye, though she keeps her hands to herself for the moment.

"No reason you can't do both, I just - the medical supplies. I was thinking it might be best if you took charge of them." Fiona says to Silver earnestly. "You're probably better at whatever Cole needs for his…wait, are you making a still? For booze?" She sounds faintly incredulous.

Mika gives a smort and grins over at Cole, "Oh I will take that bet. If you'll recall who brought home the birds last night, you might with you hadn't. And don't trample the feathers I plucked. They could maybe be used for arrows later. Gotta find something we can use for bowstring, though." She looks back to Silver and bobs her head, "Fucking sweet. Getting anyone to help has been like pulling teeth, and this one," she nudges Cole playfully, "keeps trying to work himself to death for all those ungrateful assholes out there. Its really great to see someone that wants to pitch in, glad to have you." She digs into her pants pocket, coming up with a few nuts to offer out to the woman, "Just in case. I'm gonna be going fishing, so no moving around for me, won't need 'em." Glancing over towards Fiona, she can't help but chuckle, shaking her head, "Pretty sure he's setting this stuff up to collect more water. If I got this right, he'll keep the plastic tight around the edges of the hole, put a weight in the middle of the plastic with a container under it, and kinda angle it downward. So when the sun goes up and it gets hotter, it'll make con.. con.. condensation, and -that- goes into the container, dripping down from the plastic. Bam. Emergency water supply."

"A solar still." Cole repeats. "Read about in a book in the library. "It was a cool as hell idea. Inginuative, and I really did that kinda shit." he points out. "So…how the thing works. Dig a hole." he points at the hole. "Get some rocks." points at the rock he was digging with and two others nearby. "Get some kinda plastic sheet." points at the sheet he's got next to him. "Check, check, and fuckin check. And then you-" And then somehow Mika is explaining it for him. "Well, look who was paying fuckin attention Earth Skills. I just read the book." he points out, then nodding. "So. Yeah, what she said. It won't make a lot of water, a little is a lot fuckin more than what we already got. Just boil it to make sure it's drinkable As for the purification system. Gonna need rocks, sand, and….a couple other things. If we were near to the ocean…no, I don't nearly have what it takes for fuckin desalination. That's…that's some higher tech shit. Still, purification…we can definately do that. It'll just take some work. Got some designs around here some-fuckin-where." Finally, he smiles. "And…thanks, Silver. You helping means a fuck of a lot." That's not sarcasm. He actually means it. Just..yeah…swears a lot.

"Although I'm sure someone's thinking about booze," Silver tags on to the explanation with a rueful look to Fiona. "Just like someone's thinking about painkillers or anything else in the medical supplies they can get a little bit of fun out of. But if that's the case, for all I might make the best use of them, we're going to need some enforcers to keep someone else from just taking them," she points out. "And once we have enforcers, medical supplies, food," she points to Mikaela, "And water," she points to Cole, then we make targets out of ourselves. I'm not saying no, I'm just pointing it out."

Fiona missed the part where it's a moisture trap, only caching mention of still initially, not that it was a solar one. So she takes Mikaela's explanation with polite grace, offering her and Cole a nod at their explanations. Looking back to Silver, "If we don't do something, people are going to ransack a pretty readily diminishing supply of everything as it is." Fiona's been an advocate for sending a team to Mt. Weather. "I could talk to Faolan, maybe a couple of the others, convince them to keep an eye on things."

Pointing towards Silver, Mikaela utters a low, "Bingo. You know this, he knows this, I bet she knows this, and I know this. But if you try to tell anyone else this.. they snort and roll their eyes and just keep on about their way. Its up to us to find the other people that are willing to pitch in and make a go of this. Together." She shows a rare moment of solidarity with her erstwhile boyfriend, giving him an affectionate nudge, "Like my man keeps saying. If we don't do this together, none of us will make it. Just some people are slower to figure it out than others." She lifts a brow towards Fiona, "What would stop them from taking all of it? Its the one thing I don't like about grouping all the biggest, most martial people in one place. Can you really trust them to not take over?"

"Meeks…" Cole starts, looking he's about tell her to stop pushing so hard for more people, while going through the process of starting to set up the still before he stops. "Oh….sonavabitch!" he grunts. "A container to hold the goddamn water." eyes streak around, as if they could pick out something that'll work for something to hold the water. Bucket, can, something. "So…anyone seen something that I could use to collect the water?" he asks, looking between the three women. In his focus, he almost doesn't notice the elbow from Mika, noting Fiona. "You make a good point, but the moment we stop restricing people from resources, we start developing restentment with everyone else. I'm not…not saying we should, but goddamn." A look at the still in progress. "This won't creat a lot per day, not enough for hundred people by far. What we need to do, for now is start boiling water. A purifyer will allow to keep a large amount of water instead of having keep heating water. But if I can set up a purifyer /at/ the river, we'll have clean water a moment's notice."

"I could probably convert some of the equipment from the air scrubbers on the dropship into something more large-scale for purifying water. I mean, since we've pretty well determined the air's not killing us. Yet." Silver glances back toward the ship, then to the activity all around them. "No one's talking about restricting resources, outside of making sure the resources get used for actual injuries and not for people who want to get spaced out of their minds."

Fiona shoots Silver a grateful look for the clarification, which leaves her free to answer Mikaela's question. "You just said we need to do this together. And for us to do that, we need to exhibit some trust. I'm not saying we should go ask Lucian Grey…but there are others here with the skills we need who feel like we do, and those are the ones we need to talk to about helping in the interest of all of us. I don't think there's any decision we make down here that will only have an upside. There's always going to be risk. Which is why I suggested Faolan as a start. I think he cares about what's right, and might know who else we could take a chance trusting."

Mikaela gathers up her bait and her supplies, tucking it all up into a bundle and looking back to Cole, "No, Cole. You said it yourself. We can't make it on our own, we need a group. One big enough to deal with whatever comes at us. For someone who thinks weeks in advance, you sure are short-sighted sometimes. We don't necessarily have time to wait around for people to come to us. I'm not saying you or me personally has to do it, but we need -someone- who can approach people, find out who's willing to help and who isn't." She blows out a breath and shakes her head, glancing to Fiona, "No. NO, that's right. We can't be the paranoid bastards if we're going to make a go of this. We need people that will respond and want to help." Mikaela looks back to Cole and shrugs, "I'm gonna go fishin'. See if we can't get a more viable… more… fuck's the word… reusable? Something like that, source of food. Gonna try setting up a net while I'm fishing. Something that we can leave in the water and check back on.

"Ooooh. Okay, yeah I get it. Sorry, wasn't listening all the way." Cole must've not been completely listening, as he is scrouping around a pile of tossed away junk, looking for something that'll hold water, not far away. "Who throws this fuckin stuff away? I can /use/ this. Food wrappers, bits of metal and plastic, hey-hey…." he lifts up an empty metal canister. "This'll do just fine. May of been a thermos or something." But it looks like he's keeping the rest of that stuff that others would simply call junk. He calls them 'parts'. There's some speculation at Silver. "Air scrubbers modified to water…maybe." he considers. "Not like the dropship is gonna need them. Alright, let's pull them out. Probably have to adjust their shape to fit in the purifier itself but…yeah. Yeah, I like that, Silver. Good fuckin idea." Going back to work on the still, trying to set it up a little better, he lifts his eyes to Fi. "Faolan? Not for fuckin nothing but…" then he puts his hands up. "No, you're fuckin right. People deserve a fair shake." He gives Mika a dirty look. "Hey, I'm smart, I'm not fuckin perfect."

Silver's smile quirks at Cole's compliment. "Thanks," she says, amused. "I'll work on getting them out. As far as the medical supplies go, Fi…" She looks to the other girl, taking a deep breath. "If I can pick them up without causing a stink, I'll do it. If not, we'll need to actually have some organization and support." Rubbing a hand at the back of her neck, she looks around the camp. "Is it really that hard to get people to cooperate on the whole surviving front?"

Mikaela gives him an arch look right back, "Smart enough to know we need a wall between us and whatever the fuck's out there. I'm just sayin'.. if the girl knows people that can help, let her fuckin' well do it. There's not enough of us right now, Cole. We need more hands doing more work. We can't all do our own thing all the time, gotta start poolin' resources, puttin' heads together. People need to see the kinda trouble we're in. Exposed, open. They need to know we're all vulnerable." Looking back to Silver, her bundle tucked under one arm, she sighs and give sa nod, "So far? Yeah, it really is. People don't like Cole cause he's rude and doesn't mince shit and swears a lot. People don't like me cause they think I'm just some spoiled Councilman's kid tryin' to tell 'em what to do. And I am, but not because I'm entitled or anything. Because we need the people that are best suited to certain jobs to be working on those jobs. Otherwise? We're fucked. Right now, people are too busy bein' scared or posturing over supposed power to see that." She glances back at Cole, Gonna be at that spot we washed up yesterday. If I'm not back in two hours, bring lots of spears and hopeuflly lots of people." She glances up in the sky to mark the position of the sun and starts off.

"Let me talk to someone who can have your back." Fiona assures Silver. "I think I know the right person and - " she ooks to Mika. "I'll poke around. See who wants to work together. I know where to start, I think." Cole is offered a wry grin, but she doesn't pursue his thought just yet. Maybe later. Instead, she looks back to Silver. "There's a couple of people who are already making it clear they're in for themselves, or want to try and make the camp their personal kingdom. I'm pretty sure you're the best medic we have down here, and if people don't get that, they'll figure it out eventually. Somebody's going to get hurt sooner or later."

"I think…if I can crawl under the dropship, pull off one of the bells…" Cole looks between, using his hand to make the shape of the cone exhaust…which really makes him look like he's trying squeeze a pair of boobs. "Y'know, those big, round conical exhaust bells? If I can pull one of them off…" The wheels are already turning in his head, drawing the shape of the design out in his head. "First layer, rocks and light gravel. Then a layer of air scrubber. Layer of coarse sand. Another filter. Finer sand. Then a layer of charcoal….charcoal…" he ponters the last ingrident, the looking at the small campfire outside his tent. "Ah, charcoal." the design scribble on the ground almost makes it look like some kind of layered sundae. "If we wraggle up some kind of tubing, run it into the purifier…we'll have clean water whenever we want." He shakes his head once Mika leaves, making a silent face that imitates her comically. "But…yeah, we need to fuckin work together. An I think to Fi here I sound like a goddamn broken record. But, I will say it's a little positive to hear that I'm not just screaming at the wind. The people who're out for themselves will come around when they figure out they can't do it alone. But if you can talk to people Fi, go for it. I've tried but…I've found out that I come off like a fuckin asshole for some rason. Fuck if I know why. I have no intention of making some kind of Kingdom Cole or anyting. People better me can lead. I'm just doing what I am so we don't fuckin keel over." Right, the guy who keeps saying he doesn't care. "Hey, Silver's alright in my book. She's good fuckin people." Beat. "You too, Fi."

"All right then." Silver listens to Cole's description, nodding along. "Sounds functional to me. Though it's a lot of work if we don't end up staying here. Not exactly a portable set-up. But there are a lot of things we're going to have to figure out before we move anyhow, so. Might as well have clean water while we're here. And…maybe keep it relatively quiet, Fi," she suggests. "If we look like we're making some sort of move, people are more likely to get pushy."

Fiona shrugs her shoulders, grinning unapologetically at the other girl. "Aww, Sil." she replies, still wearing that gamin grin. "Who do you think you're talking to?" Which could mean she aces subtle, or might mean she's as subtle as an elephant, but either way she's well humored about it. To Cole, "If talking to people and convincing them to work together is some of what I can do at least in theory, I'm good at it. Keeping that in mind? We still need to put a team together for Mount Weather."

"Gonna need Grey for that shit." Cole says, in the process of setting the solar still up, spreading the plastic sheet over the hole, the metal cannister at the bottom. Rock weighed in the middle right over the opening of the can, the sheet sagging down, and a series of rocks keeping the sheet in place. "There. That should help. A little." He shrugs at Fiona. "Dude is about willing to work in a group as I am to do brain surgery. He made it pretty clear to me that he wants to do his own fuckin thing. If /you/ think you can convince, try it. He won't listen to me. There's that chick Quinn, the one who likes to assume that Mika abuses me and I'm her personal whipping boy. She reeks of fuckin Guard. Faolan…" Another shrug. "Guys seems a little unstable to me but…I dunno, could try him too. Also ex-Guard. Though…" he turns his head, looking in the direction where the mountain would be, were it not for the trees. "I'd really like to see if they got any decent radio equipment up there. Tempted to go along."

"I'd feel better going in that direction if we had better instructions from the Ark," Silver admits, following Cole's gaze into the wilderness. "There's still a lot we don't know about things down here. And I sort of skipped as much of Earth studies as I could," she admits with a sheepish shrug.

Fiona glances at Cole askance. "Trying to talk to Grey is a waste of time. He's not going to be convinced of anything coming out of the mouth of someone he considers to be less hardcore than he is regardless of the facts. He'll have to see to believe. Quinn and that guy she's always around are also in it for themselves that I've observed. Faolan may be on edge, but he's got a conscience. I promise you, Cole - I know I'm not perfect, but I'm pretty good at reading people." Silver gets a rueful smile. "I'd feel better if the Ark hadn't dropped us with a sketchy amount of supplies in the first place. There's risk in going, but if we don't at least try, it won't do much good for our odds in surviving. The weather's been kind, but what about when it gets cold? If nothing else, we'll be able to scout potential habitable settlement zones along the way."

"So I've fuckin learned." grunts Cole, wiping his hands on his pants. "All the shit I've been telling him? He's gonna owe the biggest apology ever. And I'll have the most fuckin epic 'I told you' ever. Oh, I'm fuckin waiting for /that/ shit. The stupid part is, he's not a bad guy, he just seems really self-absorbed." The technie makes no bones about being able to read people. Machines and computers don't talk back. Well, maybe they do to him. "Quinn's on my shit list, but don't let that fuckin stop you from talking to her. She likes to assume /a lot/ of shit between me and Meeks. That Max guy is the quiet, can't say I know fuckin much about him. And Faolan…" he shrugs at Fiona. "Gonna take your word on that one, Fi. Guy seems unstable, but if you think he wants to help, knock yourself. And about that…" he glances at his bracelet. "For wanting to see if we'd survive down here, they didn't really help out a whole helluva lot with that. But I suppose, we are all fuckin expendable to them." A laugh at Silver, smiling lightly. "Shit, Sil, you gotta get the goddamn crash course, ain't ya."

Silver glances to her bracelet when Cole brings them up, pausing. "You know. I've been trying to get into contact with them, but it hasn't been working. But if they're still getting signals from these things…" Her fingers twitch, as if she's drawing out equations in her mind. "Maybe there's a way to hack into them and send some sort of morse code message. I mean. Even if we could reliably spike vitals, that might do it. Not a lot of good ways to spike vitals reliably to send a message, though. That probably ends poorly." She trails off, lost in the thought for a long moment before she looks back to the others. "Just about everyone here is here because they're unstable or make poor decisions. Those are the tools we're working with." The sad part is, she probably doesn't mean 'tools' in the slang sense.

"Everybody's divided on what to do about these things." Fiona observes, lifting her wrist and giving it a shake. "Talk to the Ark, screw the Ark, let the Ark think we're dead. I don't think it's something we'll get a consensus on, but as long as nobody forces the point one way or another…" she shrugs. "I'm going to go see if I can collect the people we need. Hang tight, Silver. And Cole? You're already leading, even if you're doing it from a seated position." With that, she gives the pair a little wave, and heads off.

"Of fuck /that/." Cole remarks as Fiona leaves. "I'm no goddamn leader. I'm just a guy who knows how to fix shit and get shit done. I'm not a leader. I don't /want/ to be one. Since when did wanting to make sure everyone stays alive turn into leading." he remarks, tapping the hard part of his bracelet. "Personally, I don't give a fuck if the Council thinks we're alive or dead. They help us with supplies, why should they help us now?" Folding his arms across his chest, he glances at Silver. "I've been working on it. Managed to to pull a counsole out of the dropship and turn it into a laptop. Well…it was already a laptop, some shitty quick fix to help navigation. And I say shitty because it did a great job at getting to Mount Weather didn't it? Thankfully, it had a running OS on it. Just…had to be pulled out of the wall. I've done some digging on things and I can't detect a signal from the Ark. Rather, I can't detect any kind of broadcasting but…I may not have the range to detect it even if they were. Could use some help on that."

"I should be able to help with that, too," Silver nods, looking after Fiona. "And I think she's just looking for someone to lead. Someone she can feel all right about supporting. That's all she was ever looking for. The good news is, I don't think anyone here is likely to be subtle enough to convince her to follow if they're hiding some other agenda. I think we're in more danger from violent anarchy than from complex politics."

"Boy, that's presuming a fuckin lot." Cole blinks at Silver. "Got all that from her, eh?" He is not a political creature, he's a guy that was raised in the lower caste in Mecha Sation. That whole powerplaying stuff between Consolers is not something he's ever been exposed to. Workplaces politics, but that's just people being people. "I have no 'agenda'. And frankly, nobody should have one. Not right now. Not when the liklihood of death is staring you in the face." Pragmatic, he is. And perhaps a tad idealistic, even if it comes off differently from the way he said it. "She can read people, I'll give her that. I dunno, I'm just trying to keep people alive. That is my only goal. Because it keeps me alive. And frankly, having shit to do keep me from freaking the fuck out."

Silver quirks a brow. "We used to talk, back in the box," she clarifies, smile quirking with amusement. "So. Not presuming quite so much. Me, I'm just grateful to have things to do. Anything. That was the worst part about being in the box," she shakes her head. "No lab. No equipment. No tools. No projects. Nothing but a mind turning to rot and nothing to keep it occupied. So maybe this is all a little bit terrifying, but it's better than doing nothing."

"I forget that people actually talked to each other in the Box." Cole notes idly, turning to pick at the rest of the junk pile, seeing what else he could scavange from that others thought was junk. "But I hear you. A year of no work. Missed working on…fuck, /something/. No air filtration systems, no EVAs, no toolshop. Heh, miss my nail gun right about now. Called her Jessie. I managed to get my hands on a notebook while I was in the Box, able to at least sit and design shit. Good thing we got dropped down here, I was starting to run out of paper." A rare item that, made out of recycled toliet paper and compost. But the way she talks, he looks her over. "You sound like a fuckin goddamn techie, Silver. But I never saw you in Mecha Station."

"I was in the box for almost a year before you showed up," Silver shrugs. "Also, I did most of my work in medical. Medical, mech, electronics. Mostly I was doing a lot of work on the med tech in the Ark, maintaining systems and equipment and working on designing better ones. But training for medical, too." She says it like it's standard, but if she'd been in the box for two years, that's a lot of advanced material for a sixteen year old. "Which is why I'm glad to help," she concludes with a flicker of a smile.

"Two years, eh." Cole nods. "Med techie. The rare, chosen few." there's mirth in his voice, obviously considering the positions one of the more highly sought after ones in the technical field. "Yeah, not surprised I never saw you before. I was mostly delbt with solar generators, waste reclimation and recycling, EVA work, heat dispensators, y'know, the dirty shit." Though he is pretty proud of being EVA certified, as hard as that is to get into. "I was never…good enough to be pulled into engineering, so I was mechanic and computer tech." Not going to both talking about it wasn't so much being 'good' rather being the fact of where he was born. "My ego would say I could do it all, but I tell my ego to shut the fuck up. I welcome the help."

"It was a great opportunity," Silver agrees. "Taking the fall for someone else's abuse of my prototype was a little less great. Anyhow. I'll go check on those air scrubbers, see if I can get them out and if they'll work for the filtration. I'll meet you back here in a couple hours."

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