Day 038: Without Words
Summary: Asher is in the infirmary again. He receives visitors.
Date: 7/5/16
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Infirmary, Camp Jaha
This was only intended to be a secondary medbay, a backup to the main Go-Sci labs. Unfortunately, Go-Sci is still in orbit. There are 20 medical beds, and space for another dozen or so cots, any more casualties have to spill out into the hallways or nearby rooms. Each of the beds has a computer readout alongside it, and several more line the walls, displaying information or patient scans as necessary. Imaging equipment folds back into the wall or the ceiling, and racks of additional equipment line the walls, all the way up to where the top corners angle in to make the ceiling narrower than the floor.
Day 38

The former…sort of…delinquent known as Asher has been couped up for two days in the infirmary. Two long, grueling days. Two days of having to shove his way out to at least get a walk in. A walk is the best he can manage right now. No running, no work outs, just ten minutes of walking. With a cane. And his IV stand. Asher is miserable.

His neck is wrapped round with gauze, covering a dark, mottled bruise. He's in a hospital gown, so the fact that his left arm is also bruised badly is obvious, and there's fresh stitches down the outside of his bicep. A less serious looking wound to his left forearm has also been stitched up freshly. Honestly the fact that he still has a left arm is probably helpful. Now that the medtechs have made their way off to go file some reports, Asher has once again tossed aside his blankets and is slowly getting out of his infirmary bed with much wincing.

The tiny redhead has been around, but she's been like a flit on the screen. A shock of red hair in the shadows. She, like a murder should, has just been watching and waiting. Perhaps this is a moment to kill the boy before her. Perhaps she is here to do something harmful. There is a light step to the left and the girl pauses. Her eyes flash around the area to take in the various sights and sounds and people. A wrinkle of her kittenish nose in distaste before she sneaks a bit closer.

The good thing about Aeron is she's tiny and likes to avoid notice, this helps her to move around people. Her eyes flick towards Asher. She's aware of him, like she is the others. Her slender fingers come out from her sides to tangle and untangle before her and finally she steps forward. The girl has been almost silent these past few months. Her eyes expressing what her lips do not. So slowly, very slowly her lips start to part.

A breath is pulled in as she comes to sit right on Asher's bed. For this moment, her eyes are a soft almost translucent shade of green as they peer at his neck and then the left arm. Her body weight barely disturbing his bed as he tosses the sheets aside. Is she going to talk? Her mouth opens and then she closes it again. There is a side tilt of her head in a questioning motion before her eyes lift to his. They hold before slowly looking towards the door and then slowly looking back. Crimson brows lift in inquiry.

Asher was only in the skybox for a year before being unceremoniously dropped from the void of space onto the gravity crushing ground. Still, Asher and Aeron both grew up on Mecha. Their dads were both mechanics. Asher has no idea if her father was also an abusive drunk, or if her mother died when she was young, but he guessed not. Those two facts were known all over Mecha about Asher, as were the facts that he ran a gang of neerdowells on Mecha, started fights, and crushed a guard's skull against a wall in mecha leaving an impressionistic bit of brain art there. This earned Asher no small amount of reputation in the skybox, and on the ground.

Still, he didn't speak much to Aeron, which given the fact that she doesn't speak much…if at all…is no real surprise. Her quiet arrival isn't really a shock to Asher, who likely felt his insides jump but didn't show it. Asher never shows it. "Yo." he offers by way of greeting. He leaves his cane leaned against the bed and slowly gets to his feet, "I'm making a break for it." He does this every few hours. It's not that epic.

Oh, Aeron talked to everyone BEFORE she snapped and went psycho death kitten on the poor boy. Some say it was all Fatal Attraction. It's always the innocent looking ones. She studies him for a moment and then looks towards the door where he is going to make the break for. One can see her turning around the physics of this in her mind, as she comes to her feet to. She taps his shoulder lightly to make sure he's looking at her. The left pale hand is extended palm up before her. It is then that she takes the right index and middle finger, nails down upon it. She will move the index finger forward and then the middle finger from her wrist to her fingertips on the left hand.

There is a moment of pause as she watches the injured fellow Mecha survivor and then moves to take the cane. There it appears she's about to offer it to him before she chokes up on it like a bat. Her lips curve up a bit hopeful as those eyes seem to be inquiring something of him.

A brow is raised. Why can't this crazy chick just talk. "Fuckin' hell, Aeron. You got words, why can't you use em?" Because he was never creative enough for charades. He watches her move her fingers on the hand. Then he glances at the med techs filing papers, and when he looks back she's picked up the cane. A raised brow flattens into a cold stare. "So you want to go with me, or you want to try and beat me back into my bed?" A beat pause, "Which one is it?" Because those med techs will be back soon.

There is a lowering of her brows at the swearing at her. She even gives him the 'mom' look. She learned that from her mom. It's like the second thought didn't occur to her until he said it. A look of consideration flits across her features. Then there is almost a gleeful happiness at the idea. However, she shakes her red hair and points to the exit. The tiny thing will start to move with him unless he stops her. Of course, the cane is coming along too. Talking is so 21st century.

<FS3> Asher rolls Brawn+Brawn-4: Good Success. (3 4 8 7)

A nod is Asher's initial response. After the initial pain of moving his legs, he seems to be in at least good enough sorts to start moving for the exit. He's got a mild limp, that is probably worse than he's letting on. He doesn't slow down as he exits, moving immediately to leave to the right…and then he stops.

The reason he stops is apparent when Aeron reaches the doorway. Mac the Med Tech. Asher's current arch nemesis. Mac the Cheesey jerk face. This guy ruins all of Asher's best laid plans of the last thirty seconds. "Back in bed, Asher." Mac intones.

Asher watches Mac with a frown, glancing back over his shoulder, "Doc said walking is good for me." Lies.

There is a look of confusion as Aeron almost bumps into him. Then she smiles vibrantly at Mac. In fact, she picks that moment to twist a strand of red around her finger almost flirtatiously. They are probably use to her not smiling and her mother was a medtech. She looks up at Mac with pleading green eyes and indicates the cane. Her right hand coming up to give a thumbs up to him and a rapid nod. This is to signfy that she's got this and is Asher's back up.

When the brave and majorly injured Asher intones, Aeron looks over to him. There is a cant of her head before she points to him and nods. Her left fingers come up to cross over her heart as she does and looks back towards Mac. The girl waiting to see what happens next. It's easy to lie when you aren't actually talking.

Regrettably, Mac is many things, but he is not stupid. He watches Aeron with a raised brow and a dubious expression. "You know..if it was anyone but Asher, you'd have me fooled."

This is not the first time Asher has bolted from the infirmary. At least he hasn't threatened Mac yet. That's usually how this goes down. Asher sets his jaw. That hurts. He glances at Aeron, brow quirked just a bit. "Mac…pretty sure I could still break your leg and leave you the cane…" This has become a ritual for them as Mac doesn't flinch at the threat. Asher didn't put much heart into it.

"Whatever, Asher. Get back in bed, or I'll cut off the aspirin." Because that's the best pain killer they have.

That…is a harsh threat. Asher eyes Mac McCheesey with a frown and his own dubious 'you wouldn't dare' expression.

There is a tip of her head as her face sort of falls. She was so close to getting away with a lie. That has only really happened once in her life. A glance of patheticness is sent to Asher. He did this. Then she smiles and nicely offers the cane towards Mac at the half-hearted threat. She's willing to let him have it.

There is a glance back to Asher to see if they are going to go back into the infirmary or not. Her green eyes sliding over him at the aspirin threat and then she reaches out to tentatively attempt to take him and steer him in that direction. Back to bed. Her smile warm though as she does, sort of sweet with just the right amount of bitter.

Well, far be it for Asher to argue with pretty girls dragging him to beds, even if in this case that will not have a happy ending. Asher limps back to the bed muttering something about fascist drug dealers. Mac either didn't hear or ignores him. Probably ignores him. Asher is not subtle.

Once back by the bed, Asher grumbles and tries to get himself up onto it. This is actually much harder than getting off. His left arm is still mostly useless. His right one is only somewhat better and bending hurts like crazy. He gasps quietly and grips at the side of the bed.

Cue Mac, the friendly neighborhood Med Tech. What a jerk. He comes over to help Asher. Jackass.

Well there is a tiny redhead that is uber quiet. It's her current superpower for the past year or so. She's been around, but just that silent background noise as she watches and waits. That's what murderers do, right? This one seems a bit happy to be on the ground and/or a certified killer. Never trust the silent ones.

She plays with the cane a few more moments though. In fact, she looks around for distance and does an attempted swing, but makes sure not to hit anyone. It is then gingerly placed next to his bed. Her green eyes slide back as she moves to sit on said bed and smiles a bit. It's a sad sort of 'we tried' smile. However, it looks like she may be about to flit off again, just as she came in the doors.

The cane is eyed with a quirked brow. Asher seems wary of the quiet or possibly mute redhead and her fascination with that cane. "Bring on the aspirin, Mac…" Asher states quietly. Because he at first is going to resist his help. He tries to lift himself onto the bed. That goes poorly as he can't hoist his own weight currently. So finally he lets Mac get under his shoulder and help him up onto the bed. There's a sigh as Asher gets himself settled slowly and Mac goes off to get the asprin.

Aeron gets a faint grin at her sad sort of smile and a shrug, "Worth a shot. They stop me like five times a day." He's only been in here two days.

One probably should be a little concerned with her fascination no matter what it is in. There is a turn of her form as she watches Mac and Asher though. She seems to be memorizing how Asher moves and how Mac moves in to assist. A glance at the boys before she sort of looks herself over. Then she looks back to them and sort of mimics Mac's actions from her position. She's obviously trying to learn the best way to assist injured movements.

When eyes fall back to her, there is a faint blush across the top of her cheeks and she nods with a hopeful smile. A thumb's up is given for next time. She does stick her tongue out behind Mac's back though before she indicates Asher's neck and arm, the girl offering a shrug as if it to ask what exactly happened. Surely, she will talk soon.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cassandra=persuasion-2 Vs MacNCheese=5
< Cassandra: Failure (2 1 2 3 5 3 6) MacNCheese: Success (3 2 5 1 7)
< Net Result: MacNCheese wins - Marginal Victory

The last anyone at Camp Jaha saw Cass Bonheur, she was abandoning her wounded fellows on the battlefield before turning to roam off to A.L.I.E. knows where. This seems to be a pattern with the pardoned delinquent, who's been notoriously vested in her own self-interest from day one of having landed on the ground. She managed to stick around this time long enough to try and take a figurative bullet for Asher Kholmin, but as always, once the dust was settled, the girl had disappeared.

It is as unsurprising that she vanished as it is that she returns now, in one piece. Going and doing as she pleases is her modus operandi, and today that seems to involve showing up at the Ark's infirmary as if she were never gone, save that she is rather stylishly dressed in the garb of a TonDC Grounder. Her form-fitting clothes are exactly her size, unlike the baggy, masculine faire she once 'borrowed' from a corpse, and a leather duster completes the ensemble.

"How's he doing?" Cassandra asks, glancing between Aeron and Mac as she brings up her hands to lean against the door-frame. She is, of course, speaking of Asher in the third person, but as soon as the Med-Tech clocks her at the entrance, he immediately looks annoyed.

"Nooope," replies Mac, leaving Asher's side only for a moment, so he can try and shut the door in Cassie's face.

At her inquiry…or what Asher thinks is her inquiry, the boy shrugs. Then winces. Then sighs. "Went with some Grounders to help take back Coesbur. There were Reapers there…They didn't take kindly to our presence." A beat pause, "I got clubbed…and stabbed…a few times." No big deal, just another day on Earth really for Asher who has been stabbed and shot and clubbed a plenty.

Asher glances to the doorway, head canting to the right as his gaze settles on Cassandra for a moment. It is an icy cold gaze. She did, after all, abandon him as far as he's concerned. Asher and forgiveness aren't really synonyms. He'll let Mac handle this for the immediate moment.

The redhead's eyes and facial features are expressive. When he talks, she focuses all her attention on him and the story. The comment about going to take back Coesbur gets her to give him a proud look and a bit of foolish mixed in there, but she listens to the rest of the short tale. When he mentions clubbed, there's an almost sheepish look towards his cane that she was just using as a club. Then she nods her head to what happened. Her lips part as if she was going to talk, but no words.

When Cassandra speaks there is a glance in her direction. No words from her on that one either, mainly because there's not been words from her since she got thrown into the 'box. Her eyes glance back towards Asher and the icy cold gaze with a tip of her head to the side. Then she looks back to Cassandra and stands to leave to give them alone time.

"Aww, come on!" Cass protests, battling Mac against the doorway as it slowly pushes closed. "I just want to see how he's doing!" Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one's perspective), she's never been particularly large or strong, and when she can't flick her silver-forked tongue to get her way, she is generally out of options. As a result, that alone-time Aeron is generously willing to give them doesn't seem to be on the cards, for the moment: Mac isn't going anywhere, no matter how much the Grounder-garbed girl hovers in frustration outside.

The Med-Tech soon returns to Asher's side and gives him a funny look. After all, last he saw, the two were rather cosy. But they are teenagers, and teenagers are fickle, so he chooses not to think much of it. It's one less trouble-maker making his job difficult in the Infirmary.

Asher arches a brow at Aeron, shaking his head, "No need to leave." he offers in a quiet tone and then he watches Mac. Who knew he had an ally in the McCheesy. Still, the funny look he gets from the Med-Tech earns a roll of Asher's eyes, "Whatever, man. You know perfectly well when I got brought in here, I was alone." Well, sort of. Morgan was here. So were some other wounded. Just not Cassandra.

Apparently Asher is holding a bit of a grudge right now. Fun! He flickers a glance over to Aeron, "You know, you could offer some sort of comforting words any day…week…or month now, Aeron."

There is a green-hued look passed around the trio. Mac is frowned at for standing in the way of love. Cassandra is given a curious look and then there is Asher. There are a few moments that pass as he asks for comforting words. The girl just stares at him with her head tilted and then she smiles. It's a big 'Oh, I know' look. She claps her hands to get his attention (and any others that can see). She does look a little startled that her clap was louder than meant.

Both hands are lifted so that Asher can see the backs of them. It's a magic trick! She wiggles her fingers and puts her right hand down. Now there is only a left hand. It is held in front of her. Then she makes a show of curling the thumb in towards her palm, while the back of the hand is towards him. This is followed by the curling of her pinkie finger towards her palm, then her ring finger. Awww. The index and middle finger separate a bit to make a 'V' and then she curls in her index finger and offers that sweet, innocent smile of hers.

A thump can be heard from the door outside as Cassandra slumps down against it. Mac isn't going anywhere, that's cool, but neither is she… at least until she gets bored or distracted by something shiny. For now, though, she's making a point, and pulls up her knees to wait outside until the Med-Tech either changes shifts or starts to feel bad for her.

"Quiet one," Mac notes of Aeron, in a tone of approval. Apparently he likes that in a non-patient. As for Asher, all he offers is, "No judgement today, Khomlin." Today. This momentary rapport will pass once Asher takes to threatening him again. "Cass is on the blacklist for unsupervised visits to the infirmary on account of trying to hound us for pain medication. I reckon that tells you all you need to know."

The words of comfort, which in Asher's circle is known as the big ol' fuck you, are eyed with a smirk. Asher's gaze lingers on Aeron for a few moments, and he shakes his head at her, "Cute." And then he nods to Mac, "She's always quiet." he replies with a shrug followed by a wince. "No idea why. I think someone made her drink acid." That sounds plausible.

A beat pause is offered and Asher glances at the door and then he looks back to Mac, "Your pain meds suck, why do you care if she takes them? Morgan's tea is about the same thing." He clears his throat, and watches Mac. "So gimme the good shit, yeah?" There is no good shit, according to the docs, but Asher is sure they are lying, "I had like a foot of glass in my gut. I think I deserve the good shit."

Aeron turns her eyes towards the thumping door. There is a frown a bit. Twue Love and all that. Or something. She then looks at Mac and smiles towards him. She is always quiet that's a good thing, never mind what she did to get locked up. There is a lift of her frame as she slides off Asher's bed with a hop. Then a pause. She hops a few more times in place to smile at the men. However, she will move over all nice and calmly to attempt to open the door for Cassandra. The girl has to be quick to get in though.

This causes Aeron to skip back over and settle back on Asher's bed. Her nose wrinkles at the mention of drinking acid and opens her mouth towards him. Everything looks intact in there. At the mention of a gut of glass she reaches for the sheets to attempt to peer beneath it. Of course, he has on that sexy sexy gown. Rawr. Of course, it means she stares at it in attempts of figuring out how to see his gut without seeing his boy bits. Some things one cannot unsee.

Mac is really a better guy than people give him credit for. He became a Med-Tech in the first place because he likes to help people, and was able to combine that with the sense of wonder medicinal science fills him with. So what if he's a stickler for the rules? Someone has to be.

When Aeron smiles at him, he smiles back. He even grins a touch, looking flattered by it. It is refreshing, for a change, to have people not be awful to him for no known reason, even if those nice people happen to be murderers… At least this murderer isn't abusive towards him.

But then the murderer skips off, and it's back to business for Mac. "Our resources are finite," he reminds Asher in a self-important tone of voice. "You might not think our aspirin is up to scratch, but it's all we've got, and it's stuff we need. If you'd like to…"

This speech, which may have continued until all three of them were starting to grow grey hairs, was about to segue into imparting upon Asher the importance of civic duty and suggest ways in which he might make himself useful rather than complaining. Unfortunately, he is interrupted by Cassandra rolling in through the empty doorway, since she didn't even have time to get up in the quick fraction of a second in which Aeron pulled the door open. Cass looks up to the redhead, her expression surprised and grateful, and then up to the other, semi-redhead, the one who just has one streak of the colour. "Ash," she greets to the cold-eyed man, sounding relieved.

Asher was falling asleep from Mac's tirade. Not literally. Just on the inside. "Not this rant again…First off, I have a job. I kill bad guys." That's helpful. And apparently he is SUPER good at it, given he's been in this infirmary for about 105% of the time he's been in Camp Jaha. Also he is not a guard, or anything else authorized to kill anyone.

"And another…" And then he realizes that Aeron just let Cassandra in, "What the shit…" he grumbles and looks from Mac to Aeron. "Seriously?" A beat pause and his gaze falls on Cassandra, "Yeah, I'm fine." Sort of. Not really. A glance to Aeron, "You tryin' to kill me here?"

Those green eyes are less translucent and more bright green at the moment. Aeron looks towards Cassandra and smiles. There is a definite 'you owe me' to that look, but hopefully she won't collect. She pauses in her inspection of that blanket and shifts it down to his hips as she tries to pull up on the gown to see his abdomen. Yes, all parts are covered. Also her hands can be slapped away.

When Asher asks that question, he receives a blank look at first. Her eyes shift towards Cassandra and then towards Asher. Both her hands come up before her again. This time her left hand is curved like a C and her right hand mimics it. She places them together so a downpoint is made with her fingers and her thumbs.

Aeron then flutters her lashes at Asher in that cute 'who me' innocent way of hers. Flutter. Flutter. Then she goes back to attempting to inspect his injuries out of curious measure. Ignore he's a person and not a slab of meat. Curiosity gives no fucks.

Cassandra definitely owes Aeron. She knows this. Her eyes likewise say, 'Thanks, I owe you', but then again, it is Cass, so who knows if she intends to deliver when it comes the time to collect. Now that she's balled on the floor near the door, which she slams shut with the heel of her hand behind her, she is considerably harder to move.

"Seriously?" Mac echoes Asher, turning to stare at Aeron. And she was doing so well! The two could have had a beautiful friendship! Poor Mac. He moves to try and shoo Cass out, and explicitly says, "Get out," but beyond slamming the door in the girl's face, he isn't about to physically try and pick her up and throw her out without the assistance of a guard.

"Screw you, Mac," says Cass, frowning up at him. It's only when he finally gives up on trying to intimidate her out that she stands up, moving over to Asher's bedside on the side opposite to where Aeron stands to inspect him. She raises an eyebrow at the heart-shape, then questioningly down at the boy with glass in his gut, as if to ask, What have you been going around telling people? All the same, she reaches out for one of his hands, mindless of his icy stare, and tries to pick it up and lace her fingers through it. She doesn't apparently mind that this is all occurring while another girl's vaguely undressing him.

Asher has definitely been telling no one anything about heart shapes. He eyes Aeron, brow raised and smirks just a bit, "Yeah, not so much, Aeron." And then he watches Cass as she moves over to his bedside.

Asher makes no move to stop Aeron from taking a peek at his stomach. He's not really the bashful type. This used to be because he had an awesome body. It's not that his bulging muscles and rock hard abs don't exist anymore. They do. They are just covered in scars now, new and old. The wound in question is around four or five inches across his stomach, sort of diagonally too. That's healthy looking. It's sewed up and the bandage looks like it needs changing from seepage. Asher wasn't going to say anything.

And then Cass tries to take his hand. "You left me," he says in a crisp tone.

Aeron arches a brow at the hand holding and looks distinctly uncomfortable to be there. She shifts a bit but smiles at Mac and points to the bandage. They are still friends. They can have tea later, surely. Then she holds her hand out as changing bandages isn't hard. There is a thoughtful look at the hand hold and the couple though.

She gives them both an apologetic smile and will start to fade into the background.

Despite Asher's lack of cooperation, unless he physically pulls his hand away, Cassie still comfortably laces her fingers through the limp-fish hand, and even gives it a small squeeze, pressing her fingertips into his knuckles. "Yeah, well, I came back…" she replies, the aggressive delinquent's voice a fair bit more tender than it usually is. What remains usual: she doesn't trouble with defending or denying anything she's charged with. She looks up towards Aeron, still aware that the other inmate is here.

"One of these days, we should have a chat, Aeron," Cass suggests, cognisant of the irony there.

A glance is given to Aeron as she starts to back away, and he hrrrms quietly. "Chat? I just wanna hear her talk…She used to talk all the fuckin' time back on the Ark." He says with a momentary lapse where he forgot he was angry with Cass.

It's back on him again though, and Asher glances over to Mac, then to Cassandra, "Yeah, you came back. After you left me here for days." He falls silent again. Asher isn't really a whiner. This particular moment notwithstanding.

Aeron nods her head but she's slinking off as it becomes more relationship moment. Sure she'll 'talk' to people. In her own manner of ways doing it.

"He needs rest. You're bothering him," says Mac. For a moment Cass looked like she was about to say something more, eyes on Asher's, but then she's forced to look up at the Med-Tech with an annoyed furrow of her brow. Whether his statement was true or false, she does opt to relinquish Asher's hand, tucking her own to her sides with a stiff-shouldered posture.

"I'll be outside," says the disreputable delinquent, for once deciding to be good natured. "When you wake up." With that, she gives a sharp nod of her head, then turns and heads on out, offering the Med-Tech a reprieve.

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