Day 046: Your Generous Offer
Summary: A pardoned Delinquent is back to her usual criminal tricks. She gets more than she bargained for when spotted by a Guard and lying her way out of an arrest… only to end up blackmailed by Blackwood.
Date: 14 July 2016
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Cassandra Morgan Nathaniel 

Infirmary — Camp Jaha
This was only intended to be a secondary medbay, a backup to the main Go-Sci labs. Unfortunately, Go-Sci is still in orbit. There are 20 medical beds, and space for another dozen or so cots, any more casualties have to spill out into the hallways or nearby rooms. Each of the beds has a computer readout alongside it, and several more line the walls, displaying information or patient scans as necessary. Imaging equipment folds back into the wall or the ceiling, and racks of additional equipment line the walls, all the way up to where the top corners angle in to make the ceiling narrower than the floor.
46 Days After Landing

After spending the better part of a day tracking, a bit of relaxation was fine with Nathaniel.

Of course, he did not want to spend that time groaning in pain from hits to the head and arm from a club… but nothing much he can do about that. The doctors keep him confined to the Medbay while they work their magic, and Nathaniel lays down on the bed, his light brown stubble forming from lack of grooming.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Stealth: Success. (1 5 1 3 8)
<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Alertness: Good Success. (5 3 3 4 8 6 8 1)

Head injuries are an all-too-common occurrence down on Earth. No one knows that better than Cass Bonheur, who cracked her skull in a Grounder ambush eighteen days after the first Dropship landed — nearly a month ago, now. The bruise is still visible on her forehead, and a horizontal V-shaped scar points towards her hairline on her temple. Though it's subsided, the migraines are still intense when they flare up, and she's been trying to convince the Med-Techs for a while now that she's in need of a long-term prescription for pain-meds. Unfortunately, there aren't enough pain-meds even for short-term use, for those who really need it.

Cue skulky complainer, stage right. She's had her reasons to monitor the changing Med-Tech shifts, and made sure to wait until Lucy Dwight left the room for her beak, en route to fetch the next Med-Tech on-duty. Keeping an eye-out on the monitoring station, Cassie slips on in with quiet, hurried steps, before she starts making an ungodly ruckus. Drawers are opened, rattled, and rummaged through, as the fabled pain-meds that don't exist are desperately searched for. She knows she has a limited window before someone comes back to ask her what she's doing here, and she intends to make off with her prize before they do.

<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Resolve: Failure. (3 6 2 1 2 6)

Even if Nathaniel was inclined to let someone steal in plain sight of himself, Nathaniel was still a Guard. So when she starts to rummage… she can hear the man's baritone voice from the bed, "I suggest you stop what you're doing before I arrest you myself, Ms. Bonheur." The calm, observational tone, "Stealing is a felony, you know."

Then he sucks in a breath as the pain flares again in his head, and he brings up his hand to the wound in reflex. "I've heard about you. If you really want to get your meds, you'll need to help them to restock. Otherwise, you're out of luck."

Having noticed the clobbered-up patient over there groaning in pain on her way in, Cass wasn't expecting him to give her much trouble. Boy was she wrong. The second she hears her name — in the form of Ms. Bonheur — she immediately stops, startled, and turns around to stare at Nathaniel over her shoulder.

"That's exactly what I'm doing," she claims. "Came here to see if they're low on willow bark and yarrow, 'cause if not I was gonna go get some. Here on Morgan Blackwood's orders. You can ask him." It is convenient that Morgan Blackwood isn't here right now, and therefore can't be asked, because he ordered her to do no such thing.

The claim gets a fun little grin from the Sergeant, "Oh? I'm sure you won't mind waiting there for me to call for Morgan to verify that request, then." Again, conversational, casual. "Of course, if you just talked to him, he should be nearby… so one of the assistants should be able to find him easily." Nathaniel fidgets with the wound just lightly, before he realizes he's doing it and forces himself to remove his hand from his head.

With a poker face that gives nothing away, Cassandra moves to lean against the drawer cabinet she was rummaging through, nodding her head. "Sure," she nonchalantly replies. It would do no good to panic. Her eyes roam those cupboards and shelves she hasn't searched yet, absently casing the infirmary while they converse. Another wary glance is sent to the door, and eventually she starts walking back towards it at an idle pace, so that she can try to make a break for it eventually if she really needs to.

"Head wound, huh?" she asks as she wanders by Nathaniel's bed, peering down at his bruises. "That's rough, man. Been there." She points a finger at her own healing temple.

Morgan was indeed nearby, though not because of Cass. He was watching the Reapers, both of whom have been separately stored near the infirmary, though not too near since they needed extra secure — and strong — lodging where they can be observed once the testing starts. "Morning," he says as he walks in, heading over to Nathaniel. "One of the techs said you needed me, Cass? Lets see how you're doing," he says to the Guard.

Once Morgan arrives, Nathaniel's attention goes to him. "I was running on adrenaline out there for a while… now I can feel the bombs exploding in my head," Nathaniel explains. "But more importantly… did you tell Cassandra to help the doctors restock meds? She claims you requested it." Of course, Nathaniel noticed the 'casual' way Cassandra was going for the door, but says nothing about it. Instead, Nathaniel starts to fidget his fingers.

It's a shame Cassandra isn't Morgan's type, because the look she gives him from behind Nathaniel's head is the kind meant to melt hearts: eyebrows lifted; brown puppy eyes full of fear and pleading. Never mind that she threatened to cut his tongue out of his head just the other day. Cover me, man. When the Guard can't see her, she looks visibly nervous.

Morgan half turns to look over at Cass and there's silence for a moment. "Did I ask her to help restock the medicine?" he repeats. "Yeah. She's excellent at foraging. One of the best we had actually." he tells Nathaniel, smiling over at the girl who can see that the smile is very, very amused. And she's about to find out why. "We always need fresh medicinal herbs since the purified stuff is almost nonexistent. So when she asked if she could help keep us supplied, I said yes, of course. You'll probably see her frequently since she'll be in and out with a fresh supply of different things. Evie, one of the 100, was compiling a list before she was murdered and Cass volunteered to take it over and expand our knowledge. Did you drop some off already Cass?"

Nathaniel gives a firm nod. "Sounds good to me. I'm sure the med-techs around here will love something to put people under eventually. I'll be sure to supervise her visits." With that, he shifts back into the bed, relaxing once more with that 'confirmed'. "The sword gash still needs stitches, but the two club bruises will probably take a while." Nathaniel snorts, "I'm sure there will be fun involved for you and the rest of them later on with them."

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Survival: Success. (5 2 7 5 5 1 1 3 4 4 3)

Cassandra's eyebrows remain lifted, though she's no longer trying her luck with the puppy eyes. Right now, the look on her face says she's trying very hard to control her innate need to constantly threaten and intimidate people, instead playing the docile, gratefully pardoned delinquent. "What, the list? Still going to need access to a computer and better quarters for that, Morgan," she says with a Stepford Smile, before reaching into her bag. From within she retrieves a wrapped up bundle of a crimson water-weed, the kind that was used by the Grounders to make a poultice for Quinn's wound, after she was captured. There isn't much of it — it's a small sample at best — but it's something, at least. "Got you this for now though." She steps on over past Nathaniel's bed again, now in his view, and offers it up to Morgan. A look is exchanged towards his eyes when she's close.

"I haven't gotten around to letting Li and Kane know about your offer but I'll do that right now," Morgan tells Cass. "So sure, go ahead and put in the request or whatever. It'll be up to whoever handles that kind of thing but I'm sure it's doable." He nods to Nathaniel and comments, "While you're laid up here, you should ask her about what she brings in and learn something useful. Then when you're outside the station and see something, you'll know to bring it in. You still planning on coming with us to the mountain to rescue everyone?" he asks Cass. "She's decent with a bow," he adds to Nathaniel. "And knows first aid too. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, whether it's bandaging a wound or causing them. This one time, she jumped on a Reaper's back and tried to stab it."

Nathaniel grunts as he feels a flare from his head. "I think my ears are ringing." He grits his teeth briefly, then gives a very measured nod. "I'll be happy to learn. Do we actually have names for the stuff down here yet, Ms. Bonheur?" He looks to Cassandra. Then as Morgan explains her 'qualifications', Nathaniel narrows his eyes in thought. "Wrangling a Reaper? Impressive, Ms. Bonheur." Nathaniel gives a genuine smile to the young woman.

Cassandra's expression turns from chagrin, when Morgan threatens to secure her position with Li and Kane; to annoyance, when he suggests she join the suicide mission to rescue people trapped in the Mountain. People who, by her reckoning, have no one to blame but themselves. Look at her: she was at the dropship too, and she managed to avoid capture just fine! "It was nothing," she tells Sergeant Breen, suddenly modest, despite usually being the first to try and show off. "Emphasis on the tried to stab it. Didn't do it any harm, it hurled me off. It was the Grounders who ended up sticking it, really." Now trying to garner sympathy, she raises a hand to touch the side of her head, which has been healing rather nicely, and lightly shakes it with a look of long-suffering misery. "I don't know, Morgan… I wasn't really thinking straight when I made the offer to come to the rescue. Hadn't realised just how bad my head has gotten. It's been getting worse. I think I injured myself trying to scratch that Reaper. Can barely see straight half the time, keep passing out in the shower, and I would only slow you down."

"You got hit in the head with a club," Morgan points out. "You're lucky your ears aren't leaking. Just ask Cass about that." Stepping over to a computer terminal, he logs on and starts typing. He does pause when Cass complains about her head and looks over. "Oh? Are you sure you're getting enough sleep and eating well? Because if your head is still giving you that much trouble, you'll need to stay here till it's better. Right over there," he tells her, pointing to the empty bed right next to Nathaniel. "You can talk herbs for the next few weeks. More likely, with some rest and deer meat, you'll be fine. But if you think it's that bad, we can start doing tests immediately to make sure."

Nathaniel gives a nod to the bed. "I'd be glad for the company. I'd love to hear about all the herbs in the region. I haven't really had time to do much collection, what with the scouting we've been doing lately. Now that I'm going to be in medical for a while, I have time to catch up." Nathaniel may or may not believe them at this point, but who cares? She's got witnesses this time, and Nathaniel is most definitely the type to keep her to her promise. "Of course, if you're well enough to go outside, I'm sure I'll see you soon either way. I'm really looking forward to our talks."

Cassandra turns to flash Nathaniel a broad, ingratiating smile. Maybe trying to steal from medical wasn't such a good idea. "Great," she tells him enthusiastically, evidently looking forward to their upcoming talks as well. With a glance over to Morgan and a pause for thought, she reluctantly concludes, still playing up the frailty of her expression, "I guess I haven't been getting much rest. I've just been really worried about everything lately. What with Reapers and so many of our own injured. I'll feel better after checking up on some more of our own. How are the others doing? Grey? Corporal Toothpick? Kholmin?"

Morgan nods to Nathaniel. "You can learn a lot from Cass. Like I said, she's one of the best ES nerds." That's even not a lie. "Well, Cass. Take it easy today and get a lot of rest and eat well. I'll check up on you tomorrow and if you're not better, I'll tell Li you need to stay here for a week or two till you're recovered. I know things have been stressful and worrying about everyone doesn't help. I feel the same way. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing," and here any trace of amusement or fake cheer fades, "is more important to me than getting Cam back safely. That's why I'm glad you'll be there with us when we rescue them." And then he's smiling again. "But if you're laid up here, recovering from whatever surgery we might need to perform to fix your head, I totally understand."

"Corporal Toothpick? Who's that?" Genuine curious about that, Nathaniel sits up a bit to watch the two. "What have you found around here so far, Ms. Bonheur?" Nathaniel isn't a doctor, so he makes no comment about what might or might not be needed. He does, however, grit his teeth in pain again. "Next time we go hunting, I'm requesting more personnel."

"Who do you think?" Cassandra asks Nathaniel in reply, baring the teeth at the corner of her mouth and pinching her fingers at the side of it to mime chewing a toothpick, the way that Weeks always does. Her eyebrows wag and she flashes an insipid smirk, swaggering her narrow shoulders as she trots in an exaggeratedly butch fashion — clearly performing an unflattering impression of the man. Deepening her voice to sound as much like an arrogant, flirty dudebro as she can, she then answers his question with, "Yarrow, man. Yarrow is everything. Got me some silver birch, jewelweed, St. John's Wort, goldenrod and this red lake-weed the Grounders use too. But yarrow is the most underrated plant round these parts."

Tossing aside the imitation for now, she turns to look at Morgan more seriously, not missing the threat he just issued to needlessly lobotomise her. She gives a slow nod of her head, which is suddenly feeling much better. "Thanks, Morgan. I'm gonna go check on… Kholmin, then, and lie down some. I'll let the food-techs know you said we needed some deer meat, for medical reasons."

"Yarrow is a coagulant. Good for stopping bleeding." Morgan explains, turning back to the terminal to finish the message and then sending it off. "There. Li and Kane know about your generous offer, Cass. Tell Asher I said hi and make sure he gets some deer too. The Ark slop might be healthy but nothing beats some nice rare deer meat. Feel better."

Nathaniel gives a nod, "I'm sure Corporal Weeks likes that nickname." He gives a grin, then tilts his head… which only serves to make him grit his teeth before he sits back onto the bed again in obvious pain. "Sounds like you have your stuff figured out. I have guard duty as well of course, but I hope I can start helping with that soon." He looks to Morgan, then. "How long do you think I'll be in here, Mr. Blackwood?"

"It's more than just a coagulant. Stimulant, analgesic and all kinds of useful too," says Cass, who swears by the plant. Eyeing Morgan, but still smiling, she adds, "Really glad to be working together, Blackwood." She somehow manages to make that sound vaguely threatening, but is soon retreating out into the corridor, with the same casual gait as when she first started plotting her escape, from under the clobbered Sergeant's nose.

"Oh, I think we can get you up and around by the time we assault the mountain." Morgan assures Nathaniel. 'Cause even if he technically shouldn't be fighting by then, so long as he can walk and fire a rifle, he's needed to go save Cam. Nothing is more important. Just so long as Li doesn't take too close a look at things.

"See you later, Cass," Morgan adds as he stands back up.

Unfortunately for Morgan, Nathaniel is a Straight-Arrow type, not the blind type. Li will definitely be consulted for a second opinion given Morgans known leanings. "Sounds useful. Maybe we can get something that can put people to sleep soon too."

"Now that would be nice. I've had to cut off blood to someone's brain to make them pass out and that's less than ideal," Morgan tells him. Still, it was better than having her thrash around when she was that injured. "Alright, I'll look in on you later. Try to get some rest."

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