Day 048: Your Mother Was A Hamster
Summary: Various people hang out at Eli's camp in the shadow of camp Jaha's walls, and Lionel taunts people with Monty Python
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Related: Follows Inevitable Assault
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Eli's Camp — Outside Camp Jaha
The camp set up near the hothouse and garden outside of Camp Jaha.
Day 48

Richael nods to Elias as she sits down in the other chair and folds her legs up under her. "Yes, if it comes to building more permanent structures, more natural materials would be preferred, wood, stone, and clay. Humans thousands of years ago, and even prior to the Apocalypse made due with those things. We can do so again. I'd reserve the majority of the metallic materials for critical things, such as computers, radios, weapons and tools. And yeah, aside from mining the mountains, we'd probably have to range far away to see what remains of the old cities to recover. A lot of stuff was built underground, like Mount Weather, so we might find a lot out there to salvage for our uses until we can build an actual supply chain to produce new stuff. But that's years and years from now."

Kai's coming from the direction of the hilly grasslands, Trikru armor, sword, bow, pack slung across her body, and a brace of three rabbits dangling from a string over one shoulder. She's shaking her head to herself as she emerges on the track that's being worn in the landscape from the passage of so many people on a regular basis, a smile vaguely etched on her lips.

The smells of cooking fish haven't quite started yet this late-ish morning as they've just been put over the fire. Elias and Richael are seated in the chairs that he keeps outside of his tent while he cooks. The two of them are chattering away about the state of things as far as resources are concerned, evidently. He nods his head emphatically to her and gives her a warm smile. "Things down here…it's a balancing act. We have to be especially cautious of the local ecosystem and really plan out what we need. If we take too much from one place, that place isn't going to be able to recover." Pausing, he furrows his brows at the woman he's chatting with. "What we need is a list of resources that we need more immediately so that we can start on expeditions to find several different sources." When Kai does come into view of Elias' small camp near the 'farm', he does catch sight of her and looks up at her approach. "Hei, Niron," he speaks up, obviously not in English. "Have you met Richael?" He gestures with one hand to his breakfast companion.

Richael nods in agreement to Elias and says, "That is one area I believe that the Trikru and us could get along. If they can help us locate things we need, provided we do not take more than is necessary, and their knowledge of the ecosystems in the area, we can make what we need for our survival and make sure we do not harm their hunting grounds… or our own for that matter. I'd certainly prefer to listen to the experts of this area." She looks up at Eli's greeting to Kai, the unfamiliar words drawing a slight puzzled look from the woman before she nods to Kai in greeting.

"Hei." Kai responds with the raise of her free hand, eyes shifting in the direction of Richael with a dip of her head. The almost bald-headed girl was once one of the Skaikru; a Delinquent, former Guard Captain's daughter, many things, but now in her native gear is best known around Jaha as 'that traitor'. Not that she's concerned given the way she ambles over, slipping off her pack to toss it in Elias' direction,"There's morels in there.. some crab apples.. something I think is some kind of herb? Not entirely sure. I was going to get Britt to do these but apparently I need the practice." two are hung over one of the guidelines for the tent, the other toted with her to collect a couple of unused stakes and set them in the ground so she can tie the third up by its hind legs between the two,"Bonheur took a swing at me earlier, y'might want to keep an eye on your shit until she gets distracted by someone else." she at least wipes her hand off on her pants before offering it out to Richael,"Kai kom Trikru. Welcome."

Then there's Nathaniel, the off duty Guard Sergeant that looks like his head has had a bad date with an apple. Probably because he was clobbered by a club to the side of the head. Why he's out of the infirmary is anyone's guess. The black t-shirted and jeaned man starts to pass by, giving a nod to all the people just outside the gate. "Morning everyone." Nathaniel is in a fairly cheerful mood tonight, despite his injury. Of course, he's only passing by.

With a smile, Elias nods his head in agreement with Richael's words. "Well, this is understanding I learned from them. I have a pretty decent relationship with the Trikru. The key is keeping an open mind and listening before deciding we know better. A lot of people made that mistake. Some are dead, some have learned…others hang on like an annoying sore on the roof of one's mouth." With a smile then, he gives a roll of his hand. "Trigedasleng is easy enough to pick up. It's really only heavily-accented, slightly modified English." A conclusion he's come to, studying the language. "But it matters because /our/ English is their war language. So from 'go' we were already slightly offensive." He laughs then and gestures towards Kai once more. "What I said was, basically 'Hello, love'." He continues tending to the fish mostly, but looks up at Kai and raises a brow. "Did she suddenly go crazy or something? You didn't kick her ass, did you? But no worries. I'll get a camera set up on the garden and my camp. If she fucks with my stuff, she'll have to smile pretty for it."

Richael nods to Elias and replies, "Here on the Ground it's just the same as if the Ark would have landed on Mars or the Moon. Completely unfamiliar, strange territory to us. At least here we have people who are willing to teach us how to stay alive without our technology." She lets him get out the bits about the language and nods, "So you two are?" She glances to Kai and then smiles, taking the offered hand in her own. "Richael Wood, and thanks for the welcome. I'll say I've heard about you, Kai. I think what most of the others are saying is shit. Having been in the Box myself, I'm honestly surprised most of you all sent down here didn't scoot off to the Trikru. But stay or leave, you have the right to decide your own future." She looks towards Nathanial when he exits the gates, waving to him in welcome before she looks back to Elias and Kai. "If someone gets their ass kicked down here… they have done something wrong."

Corporal Lionel Weeks is on guard duty, which means he's up on the wall that separates the electrified fence from the Row. He looks bored, and probably has for a few hours now. He has counted all the trees, estimated the area of the flower fields, wondered about the realities of a giant monster living in Lake Arkadia… and now he sees Kai and Breen coming strolling up toward where Elias and Richael are hanging out. His mouth twitches, and he puts on his best worst French accent. "Hello! Who eez eet?" He dramatically flops his arms over the outside of the guard post, leaning out.

"Well, more literally it's something like 'person I'm fucking', but love sounds nicer." Kai utters with a slide of her eyes in Elias' direction, unlacing her armor with a grimace because damn those wounds still bother her. She prowls back over to the rabbit to take out her knife and carefully applies the blade around it's back leg just below the joint,"Didn't lay a finger on her, the Sargeant beat me to it." she grunts nonchalantly, pointing with her skinning knife in the direction of Nathaniel before offering it as a salute. Her gaze shifts back to Richael with a grunt,"Appreciated." but then.. there's Lionel, and all it takes is that accent,"Oh Green Eden no.." she can't help but groan.

Even off duty, Nathaniel's physical prowess is sometimes called into play. Sure, the Sargeant is seeing stars again from the exertion, but he stopped a fight between the two people from getting out of hand, so it's a win in his book. Sure, Asher will report him and he might even get some attention… but Cassandra is one of theirs, and he was well within his rights to keep the peace. He was only going to pass by. Then Corporal Weeks starts… doing something completely out of the blue. What now?

"Not /completely/ unfamiliar," Elias says to Richael with a grin. "We still have gobs of dataslates on earth sciences, after all. You're absolutely right to exercise caution, though. I'm glad you're on board with being moderate. To hear some people talk, you'd think they were trying to usher in an industrial revolution for the Trikru…which they absolutely do not want." Looking from her to Kai and back again then, he chuckles and nods. "Yes. And it's a long story." With a soft laugh then, he turns his attention back up towards Lionel as he leans over the guard tower. "Weeks!" he calls back up. "Stop making fun of my ancestry and come eat. Or I'll just send some up." There are two fairly large fish cooking at the moment. He's getting better at fishing.

Looking to Kai then, Elias raises a brow and gives Kai a very curious look. "Does it really mean that?" he asks with a laugh. "Wow. Anyways…" he watches her skin the rabbit and beams a smile her way. It is replaced by more curiosity, though. "Huh. I'll bet Cass didn't like that. So what happened?" His eyes do fix briefly to Nathaniel as he seem to be passing through.

Richael chuckles at Kai's correction of Elias's translation. "Thank you for that, Kai. It's always amusing and mortifying when one says something they didn't mean." She glances up to Lionel, raising her eyebrows at the accent and such. "Well, at least some are in really great spirits." She looks back to Elias and replies, "Some industry and science is good. Others need to be firmly buried and forgotten. Nuclear research for one thing. Gave us nuclear power, but also the bombs. I don't imagine anyone wants to fuck the world up any worse than it has been."

Lionel can pretty much hear the groan from here, and he bobbles his head in his best intimidation of the French Taunter. "Ah, Kyler!" He pauses, hand cuffed to his ear as if listening for something, even if no one says anything to him. "Well, I'll ask 'im, but I don't think 'e'll be very keen— 'e's already got one, you see?" He bobs his head in an agreeable fashion. "Oh yes, it's ver' naahs." And he looks at Nathaniel, using a loud mock whisper to say, "I told 'em we've already got one" The guardsman beside Lionel just blinks at the man like he's crazy. Obviously someone has not seen the Holy Grail! Blasphemers. Then at Elias, Lionel goes on — because he's on a roll, and fuck if he knows how to stop himself at this point. "Makin' fun? Wha' do you mean! Ah'm al'zo French! Why do you think I have this out-rrrageous accent, you silly Elias!" His hands flop appropriately at this point. He's also grinning like a mad dog.

"Beloved.. lover.. yeh, it's a term of endearment, after all, you're important enough to be mentioned as a lover." Kai grunts with a shrug of her shoulders, being careful about the cut up the back of the hind legs before seizing that little tail and taking a lot more care about working out where to cut that, because that's usually where she has a problem. One wrong cut and it's all bowels everywhere,"First she tried to say she'd had several offers to become a Second, which.. I sincerely doubt. Then when asked how theft among the Trikru was punished I pointed out that Trikru don't steal from Trikru, and that the sort of major theft of critical resources Morgan was talking about would be harm against the clan and count as treason. Which she then decided to get insulting about the punishment the Coesbur people suffered on our behalf, then heaped my parentage on top of it and snapped when I called her a waste of skin and tried to take a swing at me." there's a shrug, it's no big deal to her, and she hooks her fingers into the joint, carefully easing the hide away from the meat underneath,"And for the love of Green Eden don't encourage him.. if I remember it ends with something like 'your mother was a snowblower'." totally a different movie, but not like Kai remembers.

"In another lifetime, that would probably mean something to me." Nathaniel remarks as he watches Lionel, standing there. Apparently, the Sargeant isn't seeing fit to stop the Corporal… yet. Sure, he might not get the reference too well… but that doesn't mean he's going to be Captain Buzzkill just yet. A little fun helps with morale after all.

"On that point, we agree," Elias says to Richael. "I think we can still have technology, but it might be best to keep it simple. Balance is very important to our neighbors and our neighbors are important to us." A nod of his head is given as well as a smile. "We'll just have to be careful and find that balance and open with the other people it might effect. There's a consequence for every action, but see…the scientists among us are better suited to predict those consequences." With a look back up to Lionel, he grins broadly in his warm manner. He's taking a break from abject hatred of the Maunon for now. The grin breaks into a laugh then. "Gettafugouttahere, Weeks," he drawls between snickering. "Yeah, yeah. Do you want some food or not, ya clown?" Still grinning, he looks back to Kai once more and listens intently to her, nodding along with the cadence of her voice as she explains. "Seems silly to provoke you about rules you didn't make, but…that's Cass for you sometimes." There's another glance up to Lionel then and a good-humored smile. Shifting his attention to Nathaniel briefly, he considers the guard carefully and nods his head in greeting.

Lionel continues his broad grin as he continues to lean over the guard post. "No, no, no… Kyler… cm'on now… it ends with…" And he slips back into the accent. "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!" Then he offers a wave toward the gathering, straightening up. "Eli, I'll come down for fish after my shift is over… you tell Kai that she needs to take a bath… she's starting to smell of elderberries too." He winks, glance down at Breen, and then turns to resume his duties.

"… I should probably start watching some of those movies so I can tell the Corporal off in theme." Nathaniel chuckles at this, then looks to the others along the lake. The large smelling on his head is visible at this point, and the light bruise on his right arm is clearly visible from the black t-shirt he wears. With an impressive physique and shock baton holstered at his waist, there's no doubt to anyone looking at him the man is an off duty Guard. As he starts to hear the others though, Elias gets a considering look about 'balance… and he starts to head over there. His baritone is easily heard at this range, "simple? Like how?"

Benning comes into view as she comes out of the forest with a basket in hand. She has a few herbs that she's been collecting from the surrounding area. When she notices Kai amongst the Skaikru, she pauses and waves. She also gives Elias a nod in greeting but hesitates to come closer.

Richael rolls her eyes in Lionel's direction, but as the man flees before she potentially can say anything to him, she turns back to Elias and nods in agreement. "Yes quite true, provided we can deal with the Mountain in short order." She looks over to Benning when the Trikru approaches and she looks to Kai and asks, "Friend of yours?"

There's a grunt from Kai for Eli's words, and then she tilts her head back to stare up at Lionel,"I bet I took a bath more recently than you did, Leo." she challenges back as she works on the rabbit, like peeling off a very, tight, sock. Down to the forelegs, with a little less efficient separation of hide and flesh and then she takes up her knife again to sever the head from the rest of the body,"I'll take a bath after I've finished with the rabbits. No point in washing myself just to get soaked in blood right away." is her opinion on that. She raises a hand in the direction of Benning to offer,"Hei Benning, come over." as far as she's concerned, it counts enough as 'her camp' that she has no qualms about issuing that invitation. Nodding for Richael she waits until Benning's close to offer,"Benning kom Trikru, Richael kom Skaikru.. and vice versa."

Elias gives a cocky sort of salute/wave up towards Lionel. It's his standard, sarcastic guard greeting that varies in warmth depending on the guard. Still chuckling at the guard's antics, he shifts his attention once more to Nathaniel. "Simple meaning we need to minimize our impact on the local ecosystem. Until I've done some studies into it, I really don't think we should be doing anything too drastic. I have no idea how fragile things are right now. Certain things about the earth seem to match our studies. Others…not so much."

When he spots Benning over on the outside looking hesitant, he lifts a hand to wave to her and then beckon her over. "<In Trigedasleng> Benning! Welcome." While they are near Alpha, this is Elias' camp they're gathered around. It's a more neutral spot out near the 'farm'. "They're all friends," he replies to Richael with a smile. "It's simple. The more we treat our neighbors like allies, the more like allies they become. People overcomplicate things." As Kai does introductions, he smiles to each of them while he keeps cooking up the fish.

There's a nod from Nathaniel at this… but only a small one. Don't want those stars to come back. As he sees Benning though, Nathaniel squints a bit as he watches the young woman, "Huh. Didn't realize the Trikru delegation had teenagers with them." He observes before he looks back to Elias, "You're the expert here. I'll let you get back to it." Then Nathaniel looks to Kai, "the incident with Ms Bonheur might have someone come to question you. I apologize for that, but nothing I can do with Mr. Kholmin there." The Sargeant gives a shrug before he starts back for the gate.

Benning gives a shy smile to Richael and Nathaniel as she approaches with the herbs. She does notice that Nathaniel is leaving but does nothing more than nods at him. She looks to Elias and tells him, "I found some basil, rosemary, sage and thyme growing wild. She motions to the basket so he can see, "If you wish to take a few bunches and harvest them for seeds…" Yes, Benning is keeping her promise to Elias even as things are quietly tense between the Trikru and the Skaikru, "I can also show you the site so you know what to look for when you forage." She looks at him cooking the fish and Kai's rabbits with a smile, "Once you have the seeds, they will go nice with your meat." Yes, she's speaking their tongue so that the strangers can understand her.

Richael smiles warmly to Benning in welcome, as she watches quietly the interaction between Benning and Elias. Nathaniel's departure is noted with a wave from Richael before she acknowledges Elias's remarks on allies, "It should be done simply because we want to be friends and good people to each other. Not because we want allies. Honest friendships and alliances, not simply out of convenience."

Kai gives Eli a sly look and lopsided smile, but can't help but turn her attention to Nathaniel and blink slowly,"Benning's not a teenager. She's a Maker in her own right." she explains before her gaze shifts to Benning and then slowly back,"I get to answer a lot of questions from guards, Sergeant, until the Heda gives us our orders, I wont be far away. But they will have to work around my other duties." there's a shrug of her shoulders,"You're welcome to join us for breakfast. Britt suggested trying snares for the rabbits.. I found some deer but I swear I heard them laughing when I tried to shoot them." she offers with a shake of her head. the last of the skin is cut free so she can set it aside and wash over the corpse with water carefully,"Y'got a long path to walk on that one, Richael. As people are fond of reminding me when I get pissed off at Alpha being Alpha.. there's already been a lot of blood shed on both sides and it's going to take time for people to forgive that."

"Actually," Elias says to Nathaniel and motions towards Benning. "She's the expert. I know the science, but she knows the land. I'm learning." There's a nod then before he looks once more to Benning. "I appreciate it. You're always welcome at my fire, so you know. No one will bother you who doesn't want their ass kicked into their throat." After nodding to her seriously, he lets a smile creep back to his expression. "Would you like to join us for breakfast, then? Show me how to season the meat with what you have?" Of course business and fair trade, but he doesn't hide his fondness for who he considers at this point to be a friend despite tensions. With a smile to Richael, he raises a brow. "I am always genuine," he tells her. "Part of being genuine is recognizing and admitting to conveniences provided by a friendship. I know that sounds…bad, but there's nothing disingenuous about it." Taking a breath inwards then, he shifts his gaze over to Kai to smile at the young woman, leaning upwards to offer a kiss to her. "I take it Britt's keeping her distance," he says with a small frown still. "Is she alright? I haven't actually seen her since…the incident."

Benning nods at Kai's words and confirms, "I am a Maker and no longer a Second to a Craftsman so yes, I am considered an adult in my own right." She gives a bittersweet smile, "I even had my own shop at Coesbur." Of course it's gone now because the Mountain Men destroyed the village, "Until the Heda forbids my trading with Skaikru then I can continue to share knowledge." Benning gives Elias a look so he knows that if she does forbid there will be nothing that Benning can do, "And yes, I would like breakfast and can show you how to season food using these herbs." She flashes a bigger smile, "It does bring out the flavor in things." She motions to the the bow and quiver of arrows on her back, "Do not worry for my safety Elias kom Skaikru, I do not walk amongst you unarmed." Of course she doesn't have her weapon pulled but that would be rude to Kai and her niron.

Richael nods to Elias about his remarks on friendships and genuineness. "True." She looks to Benning when she speaks of being her own adult and no longer a Second but she glances to the bow and arrows on Benning's back before she looks over to Kai. "Perhaps it is a long path, but with everyone wanting Blood for Blood… someone has to try to. I'm not asking anyone to forgive or forget, but I'm asking them to hold back from violence and at least see if it's possible to forgive."

"Keeping her distance?" Kai echoes in puzzlement for Eli,"Ah. She is staying away from Alpha. Because she does not wish for something like that to happen again." color her confused, at least, though her gaze shifts to Benning,"<In Trigedasleng> You think that likely?" she asks of the girl, her Trigedasleng's getting better at least, marginally. Once the rabbit is gutted she removes it from the posts, asking of the other Trikru,"Would you like to finish this one up so I can start on the others?" her attention shifts back to Richael before she gives a burble of laughter,"I was Skaikru, and now I am Trikru." she points out, as if somehow this should explain everything.

Elias nods his understanding to Benning with a smile. He's not at all ignorant of the climate, but for right now in his camp things are pretty chill. This is the atmosphere he likes to maintain out here. A safe zone. "Excellent. Before too long, I think I'm going to have to get more chairs out here." He gives her a good-humored look. "Armed or not, I'm responsible for the peace at my camp." He gives her a more serious look before shifting his attention to Richael once again. "That's what we're all endeavoring to do. It's only been our people who have crossed the line of assault during this delegation. The Trikru have been honorable guests." He continues to tend to breakfast, of course, making sure the fish get an even roasting on all sides. "Understandable," he says to Kai. "When you see her, can you well-wish for me? I don't want to show up in the Trikru camp to stir up shit right now. People are angry as hell and rightly so."

Benning gives Richael an odd look when she speaks of ignore Blood Must Have Blood but does not rudely interrupt and tell the woman she is wrong. Instead she focuses on Kai, "<In Trigedasleng> I do not know why Britt has stayed away but perhaps it is more because the Heda would prefer we do not interact with the Skaikru." She then pulls out her knife to help Kai with the rabbits, nodding that she can help finish up this one, "And yes, we do not disobey our leaders." To her it seems odd that Skaikru would and attack guests. She nods in agreement with Elias assessment to stay away from the Trikru camp, "None would bother you for visiting Kai, because she is your Niron but yes…it is tense right now and better that we keep careful ground." Or meet in neutral places like this, "Now…Elias, I want to show you how I prepare this rabbit." She grabs a few of the seasonings and mashes them in her hands and then uses it to rub the inside and outside of the rabbit.

Richael raises an eyebrow to Kai but nods and says, "As you will." She does frown as she looks to Elias and asks, "Who from our people assaulted someone else? That person needs to be locked up until this is done. And what all happened?" She tends to stay in the Camp itself, busy busy and is rarely seen outside the fence except here to the fields. Benning's look is not missed before she says, "Benning. If you have something to say, I would like to hear it."

"<In Trigedasleng> Heda spoke save Skaikru." Kai offers in her more limited way, pointing at the camp as she collects a second rabbit,"<In Trigedasleng> Mountain enemy now. Have say scout again." which is about as simple as it gets for her, even if her conjugation is horrible, she's getting better at least. She puts the second rabbit where the first one was and starts in on making the cuts to she can strip the new one. There's a nod for Eli,"I will. But you are known as my Niron, you should not be afraid to come into our camp." her echoing Benning in her own words before grunting for Richael,"Britt kom Trikru was attacked inside camp Alpha," she refuses to call it Jaha,"Fiona kom Skaikru was present and it was stopped.. they have been punished for it. Bonheur took a swing at me earlier, and missed, but Sergeant Breen already shock lashed her for that on the spot."

Elias does catch bits and pieces of the conversation in Trigedasleng and squints between the two to try to pick up some association. With a nod then, he nods once to Benning and then to Kai. "I'm not afraid at all, but I think there should be a certain amount of respect and consideration given to the grieving. It's my way of respecting space, I suppose. When more Trikru start coming by my camp, I'll do the same." A smile is given to them both then. "It's a respect thing, not a fear thing." At Benning's request, though, he nods his head to her and stands up from the fish-cooking. "Can someone take over for me for a few?" he asks. With a look to Richael then, he squints and tries to think. "I actually…don't remember their names. Some kid and an older guy. Was it a guard? Don't remember." He looks to Kai to fill in the blanks here, though she wasn't there. "Britt was assaulted by two of our own. One of them had a knife."

"I have lost my sister to my tribe because of the Skaikru's presence," Benning tells Richael, "I have lost my village, the only home I have ever known, because Mountain Men sought to punish us for helping you." She gives the woman a look, "I have had friends killed by Skaikru." She folds her arms, "What have you lost?" She gives her a pointed look, "What have you gained? I do not bear your people ill will but I also do not like those that seek to judge without first walking in my shoes." She gives a look of apology to Kai and Elias, "I am sorry but she asked." She then turns to Elias, "And I have offered friendship and you return it so I give that to you." She looks back at Richael, "Would you do the same if you lost so much?"

Richael frowns to Elias and says, "If someone had a knife, that's not assault, that's something worse. I hope the Chancellor…" She says that word with a dry, disliked tone, "locked them up?" Then Benning goes into her speech about what she has lost and Richael nods to her. "I am sorry for what you have lost. I can't say that I would not feel the same way."

"His daughter was one of the hundred. She died at skaigeda." Kai grunts in a tone that suggests that she at least doesn't want to probe that particular wound further, her attention shifting to Benning before she lofts a shoulder,"I have that conversation what feels like at least twice a day. I heard that Gideon went to speak with the skai-kruheda, however. So she may well soon be one of their people, even if she is considered.. natrona.. to the Trikru." another thing that Kai isn't happy about, to judge from her grimace,"It is no different than what some of the Skaikru say of me. But at least she will not be Nokru." that's the comfort that she takes from it, her gaze shifting to Eli,"If you set them higher off the flame you could dry them out for some fish jerky.. I could use some for my pack, for sure."

Elias does look saddened by Benning's words, but he nods to them in agreement. While he doesn't speak up right away, he does eventually give a wave of his hand to her like it's no big deal. Apology not needed. "She understands balance. By my measure, she's good people. She can take the truth." An approving nod is given to her before he does look briefly to Richael, apologetic for talking like she wasn't right there. "They were punished," he answers her with a nod. Locked up? Only a guard would really know that. When Kai speaks to him, he's nearing Benning already, but he turns to tilt his head at her. "Hey, I'm not Cookie," he tells her, making a silly face at her before laughing and gesturing towards the fire. "Can you take care of that while Benning's showing me how to prepare the rabbit?" It's late morning and breakfast is being served, apparently at Elias' small camp out by the Skaikru farm when Khesu shows up. He smiles to Kai and pauses, back-tracking to plant an affectionate kiss on her lips. "Mm. Yeah, right now we all have to deal with a bit of prejudice. Fortunately, the One-Hundred have become proficient at navigating shitty situations." With a wag of his brows then, he winks at her before going back towards Benning.

Indeed. The sun is nearly high overhead and it's become quite warm. The group that's here seems to be getting along well enough, though there do seem to be rather serious discussion going on. For the most part, the focus seems to be on finishing up the cooking of breakfast.

"Gideon seeks to be of Skaikru?" Benning looks thoughtful and nods. She is not surprised that Gideon is taking this route because she has left the Trikru and it is not wise for one to be of Nokru, "To be with her Houmon?" She nods to herself because there are times that people leave the village for another when they seek mates elsewhere, "<In Trigedasleng> There are some that might see it as worse than Nokru, Kai." But clearly Benning just wants her sister to be happy by the look on her face, "You will have to let me know what the skai-kruheda says." Because she has not spoken to her sister, "When are you leaving?" She looks to Kai she mentions that she might need jerky for traveling.

She turns back to Elias, "Here…I will do it again for you." She then starts to show Elias how to mix the herbs in his hands and then rub it all over the rabbit, inside and out, "The better you spread the seasoning, the more flavor you have after cooking it. Sometimes if it has tough skin…I cut lines down the meet and shove the herbs into the meat."

Khesu has been out hunting again but this time he's been further west since before day break and away from the lake. He returns now walking through the tall grasses with his bow in hand and instead of geese today, he has a couple of pheasants as well as a pair of wild turkey. Obviously the tall, dark haired and bearded Trikru warrior has had good hunting! His eyes, ever sharp and alert to his surroundings see the others up ahead, at least one of them working with cleaning and preparing rabbits outside of the Trikru camp. His long legs slowly bring him down towards the lake. Khesu sees one whom he has been watching out for since yesterday, so he adjusts his course to go and meet them. The tattooed warrior has seen Elias before but his gaze lingers to study Richael, whom he does not know.

"It is ok. I would not have asked if I could not handle what she was going to say. I've learned to be patient and at least willing to hear what others have to say." Richael gives a smile to Elias before she looks to watch what Benning is showing Elias about seasoning meat with some curiosity. When Khesu arrives, Richael's gaze goes to him, studying him as much as he her before she asks, "Another friend?" A nod indicates Khesu as the subject of her question.

"Why else would she seek to meet with the Skaikru kruheda?" Kai points out,"Granted, they probably don't speak of it as much near you than they do when they think I can't understand." there's a faint smile and then snorts at Elias,"Fine. But some of it? Totally jerky." which is why she reaches for the cloth to move some of it further out of the flame to slow it's cooking, only to be distracted by the kiss offered,"<In Trigedasleng> Some say same of me." she notes for the other girl, then shakes her head,"I heard they are looking to do another mission, I have placed my name in for it. Britt had some ideas and there's.. things I want to test." there's an apologetic look towards Eli, she was going to tell him, really! But then Richael's pointing out Khesu and her attention goes his way,"Hei Khesu kom Trikru, come join us!" offered his way by way of invitation.

A nod of his head is given to Benning as well as a little bit of a wince. "Yes," he answers her. "Sorry you didn't find out from Gideon herself. She is concerned about your feelings on the matter and even said so." Quietly then, he watches her prepare the rabbit, eyes taking in the motions she uses with the knife as well as the insertion points. He nods to her words about the spices as well, smiling to her once more. "Mochof, Benning." While he continues to watch Benning, he does look away briefly to Khesu and answers her. "Huh. I have seen him before." With a wave of his hand in welcome, he beckons Khesu over. "<In Trigedasleng> Hello. This is my camp. You are welcome here." This is spoken loud enough for the man to hear. His grasp of Trigedasleng is still fairly basic, but he's clearly a fast learner. While his attention once again returns to Benning in short order to respectfully give her his full attention. Kai is given a smile, though at her own invitation and a nod of his head. "Totally jerky," he says. "Mount Weather is a long way off. You'll need it. Find out who is in the forward party? I'll help add to their supplies where I can."

"I am not surprised that my sister has not told me herself," Benning tells Elias with a shake of her head, "She thinks I will lecture her on joining the Skaikru tribe, does not want to hear it so she lets others tell me what she is up to." This is nothing new to Benning. When it appears that not everyone at the camp knows Khesu, she introduces him, "This is my uncle of blood, Khesu kom Trikru." She looks to her uncle and tells him, "<In Trigedasleng> Gideon has gone to the skai-kruheda to ask if she can join their tribe so she will no longer be Nokru and be able to be with her Houmon." She wants to make sure that at least someone in the family Khesu before he finds out second hand. It's doubtful that Gideon will also talk to him.

"We are preparing a meal uncle, you are welcome to join us," Benning gives her uncle a smile, hoping the offer of food will cover the sting of the information that she just gave, "Ahh…many of the warriros plan to go back to the Mountain." How could they not with what everyone has just found out.

The new arrival gives Kai an up nod as if she were any other member of his people. Khesu looks to the man who greets him and his own baritone rumbles low, "Mochof. You are Elias, niron to Kai?" They have met before though it was briefly and in passing. The uplands birds are all tied together by their necks on a thin line of braided horse hair rope. These he hooks on something or another to keep them off of the ground for the moment so that his hands may be free to slip his bowcase and quiver off. A small pack is attached there with the long handle of his axe. Quietly, Khesu digs out a cloth wrapped lump from the pack ere he goes the last few steps towards Benning. "<In Trigedasleng> I have these for you, as well as the wing and tail feathers from the turkeys and the pheasants, if you want them." Inside of the cloth are goose and uplands grouse wing feathers for her fletching.

Benning's news gets a nod out of Khesu, "<In Trigedasleng> That is wise of her. Houmon should be together and she should not be without a clan." Even if he's not very happy about it. "<In Trigedasleng> I will go with them." Assuming whom ever leads the party will have him.

Richael listens to the conversation quietly, even if she doesn't understand the Trikru language yet, she's attempting to follow it, albeit with almost no success other than some common words she knows. She glances to the meat that Khesu brings for Benning and she raises her eyebrows before looking back to Elias. "Is game really that plentiful around here?"

"As Benning says.. I would be surprised if all of the warriors present were not called upon in some fashion soon." Kai opines with a dip of her head,"Though most will no doubt have their own supplies, additional can never go astray. Among Trikru or Skaikru. Soy protein does not become any more appealing over time." she slowly peels the hide off the second rabbit and goes about gutting it so that it can be added to the stuff that Benning and Eli are working on, the grey-eyed girl casting a look at Eli like 'see?' before getting up to fetch her final rabbit,"<In Trigedasleng> Not know if yes, yet. Have gone. Know to look." it's not the best, she mostly works on stringing the words together she knows that are closest to what she wants. Her attention goes over to Richael,"Compared to up by Tondc right now? Yes. The game is very plentiful here at the moment. Granted, hosting Coesbur is putting a strain on things, and this area didn't have a settlement until Alpha station crashed. Rabbits.. breed fast and well.. birds I don't know about."

Benning's admission about how Gideon is handling things does draw a sympathetic look from him. She has her reasons, certainly. Still, Elias can't help but feel bad about the current situation. Not pushing further on that, he focuses more on the business at hand. That business is introductions. With a warm smile to Khesu, he extends a hand to the man without any sort of reserve. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes. Elias of the Sky People. Good to know you," he expresses. It's a little familiar for having just met, but it's clearly his loose grasp on the language. It'll come in time. The next question is for Benning and Khesu, his eyes flitting between the two. "What is the difference between niron and houmon again?" he asks. "Is there a special…ceremony or what?" It is a point of curiosity.

This also draw Elias' attention to Kai as she speaks and he listens with a smile. "Right, but I'm still going to send you guys off with the soy protein just in case. It's disgusting, but it's energy that will keep you up and moving and it won't go bad on you." He does watch her for the moment as well and nods in agreement to her words. "From what Benning has told me, it's about moderation and realizing that taking has consequences. I'm currently studying the local ecosystem and trying to get some sort of census."

Benning cleans her hands on a nearby towel and then moves to her uncle's side. She smiles as her uncle hands her the package he brought and when she sees it's feathers for her fletching, her smile gets bigger, "<In Trigedasleng> I will put this to good use uncle. And yes, please give me the others as well. I will have to make you some arrows for your journey." Benning turns back to Kai and tells her, "As long as you do not hunt too much, the area should be fine. Rabbits breed quickly. The birds have many eggs. There can be a balance…and I am glad Elias that you are paying attention" She pauses and notes, "And you should also look to plant crops so that you are not dependent on game. It will get harder if you do not have stores for colder months," She nods to Elias, "I am trading knowledge with him so his people can learn our ways." And perhaps appreciate them, "Uncle…can you explain to Elias what it means to be Houmon?" Because he knows better than she does.

Richael simply remains silent and listens, although her gaze does go to the food being prepared. Yes she is still hungry Elias. Other than that, she doesn't have much to contribute to this conversation.

A hand clasp with a Skaikru? Hmmmm. Khesu eyes Elias but it's a gesture that isn't unknown to him. Only instead of taking Elias's hand, Khesu clasps Elias's forearm to forearm as fighters are more inclined to do. Should the arm be clothed, one would know at once if there is a knife up that sleeve. There is direct eye contact and his grip firm and calloused. A faint nod rather than any verbal reply from him to the introduction.

Once that is done, Khesu draws his long knife but turns away from Elias. He steps back to the game birds and begins to carefully cut the wing and tail feathers from them for his niece's fletching. His gaze flicks briefly back to Richael before he answers Benning and Elias in his low rumble. "One may have any number of Niron. But a Houmon is taken for a mate, usually for life. One rarely has a Houmon and Niron as well. That can cause offense and shame." Though it may be possible. The feathers he can simply pull out, Khesu does so, but if they prove difficult he trims them off with the knife and doesn't worry about it.

Kai can't help but give Eli the hairy eye as she collects rabbit number three for the question regarding 'niron' and 'houmon', wiping a hand across her cheek and then grimacing,"Okay.. now it's time to bathe. I will be back soon." because it was only after doing so that she realized that warm rabbit guts do not make the best makeup.. and well, admittedly, the grey-eyed girl is totally awking the heck out of there to avoid anything embarrassing relationship-question wise.

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