Day 028: Yours, Mine, And Your Choice
Summary: Wren and Silver find each after so long apart, and then later he must explain what will happen to both her and Kai in their decision to go to Tondc
Date: 26 June 2016
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Gate of Arkadia, and then later on, somewhere between Tondc and Camp Jaha
Day 28

Wren was not allowed into Arkadia. Which was fine. While he had a reason to go inside, and really, there is only /one/ reason to be here, other than the fact that he told Indra he would see Kai, Fiona, and Elias safetly to the place. When he wasn't allowed in, he simply nodded, gave his massive axe to Kai as a show of good faith that he wasn't here to cause trouble and then, within near sight of the Guard watching over perhaps a bit too cautiously, sat down on the grass, crossed his legs and began to meditate. And that's what he's doing, simply sitting there. Meditating and waiting. There's little else for him to do and while he doesn't view the Guard as too large a threat, he will respect their rules in their village.

Kai told Silver that Wren was outside and was waiting for her. The medtech was uninjured, even after the battle, but she's still a little hazy from the knockout gas. Not enough to stop her from finding him, though. The door took a little more work, but eventually she made it out of the Ark and through the early stages of a camp to where he was waiting.

"Wren!" she calls when she sees him, voice cracking with emotion. Every cell in her wants to run to him already, but she spent two years under guard in the box, and the rest of her life before that respecting authority. It's enough to make her pause and look to the Guards on duty. "He's okay," she says carefully. "He won't hurt anyone, I promise."

So close. Maybe twenty feet away. But she won't get him hurt by not controlling herself for just a few more seconds.

The guards on duty won't stop Silver from going to Wren, it's not their business. So long as the Grounder warrior stays outside of Arkadia. "Go ahead. Just…" he eyes Silver carefully, then over at Wren. " careful." That's all he can really say, but he won't stop her if she wants to go to him.

For Wren's part, his eyes snap open, head turning to her. Few voices can rouse him out of his meditation like that. Getting up to his feet, he makes no moves forward, knowing his boundaries. And the men with guns. All that he can do give her that big silly smile, but mingled with a mixture of relief on his face that she look uninjured. "Silver." he says. There's a movement forward, a half-step, but that's all he takes. The partially outstretched hand to her falls a little. He can't come to her, she has to go to him.

And go to him she does. As soon as she has the okay from the Guard, Silver breaks into a run, launching herself at Wren and trusting him to catch her. "You're here. We're here. I'm alive. I'm okay." The words come out in a flood, her arms tight around his neck. She might even be crying.

Big arms sweep up Silver, picking her up and holding her against him, hugging her tightly to him. "I saw your village. I feared you dead. All I felt was rage. That I had lost you." he says, spinning around slightly, partially out of joy. "I'm sorry I could not protect you. Forgive me, Silver." he shudders a quiet breath, almost forgetting what her scent was like. "I will never leave you again. We will never be apart again." And then perhaps words only for her ears, not the guards, a phrase he made sure to teach her. "<In Trigedasleng> I love you." And at that, he will say no more, simply holding onto her that he may let go.

"<In Trigedasleng> I love you," Silver echoes through a sob of laughter, face buried against the side of his neck. Warm, and solid, and real. And here. "You did protect me, Wren. You did. You taught everyone else how to fight, and why to fight, and…and they did. We did. We fought."

It isn't something she's let anyone see, this vulnerability. Caring about someone. Being emotional. But right now, it doesn't even matter that the guards are watching, or what they might think of her. He's here. And there's a breath of a chance they might eventually be safe.

"Wait," she finally pauses, tipping her head back enough to look at him. "Kai told me you were here, but- Fiona? The mission? Did it work?"

"It was the only thing I could do. I'm…I wanted to fight with you. But, I could not." Wren replies. And she knows why. The loyalty to her or the loyalty to the people. Neither can be tossed away so freely. So it was a balancing act, one that he be able to breath a bit easier on, but still. "And you fought well, Silver. You did well, I could ask for no more."

"The kruheda ordered me to make sure that Kai, Fiona, and Elias were all returned to their people safetly. I have done my duty. But I needed to find you. I had to make sure if you were alive. Or not. So I would take blood on those who would dare. When we saw your people we followed them here. I couldn't enter, but Kai said she would find you if you were here." is part of the explanation.

"I did." he nods. "The kruheda called a ceasefire. And that is why you all still live. She is willing to speak to your heda about seeing the people of Thripoda have justice. I am unsure if she fully believes your village innocent, but she is will to give that a chance. So…there is a ceasefire. It worked, in a sense. But, I have come here to ask you to come with me, Silver. Come with me to Tondc. Kai is coming with me. And Elias. Kai is my Second now. I will teach her the ways of the warrior. And you, Silver, are my mate. I do not wish you to be apart from me."

Silver understands why he couldn't fight next to them. She doesn't even hold it against him. How could she? If he'd asked her what she wanted, she would have told him not to fight, in hopes of being able to save the rest of his life. At his question, she looks back over her shoulder for just a moment. The Ark. The only home she's ever known. With familiar resources. Familiar rules.

Familiar betrayals.

"Yes," she says quietly, turning back to him. "Yes, I'll go with you. Yes." She leans in, claiming a hungry kiss. "Yes." And again. "Yes."

Even if Silver had asked, Wren would of begged her not to. It was not a choice he was willing to make. One he could not make. He did enough as it was simply going to their village to train them. And perhaps that was enough. He hoped it was. And apparently it is. So he watches, still holding her up, while she looks back at the Ark. "You have told me many stories of your Sky City, Silver." He observes after a moment. "I do not wish to pull you away from your friends…family..I-" And then she's shutting him up by answering many times over, kissing him. If his grip could be any more intense, the kiss any more fierce, he might explode. "Thank you." is all he says, against her lips, kssing her again. Slowly, perhaps warily, he sets her down on her feet. "There is much work to do. Coesbur has been evacuated to Tondc. There will be strife, to of taken Skaikru mate and Skaikru Second. I may be shunned for it. /We/ may be shunned for it. But, we have a ceasefire, you will not be harmed. I hope…you enjoy the idea of a challenge."

Then a beat. "You will have to ride a horse with me."

Silver settles reluctantly to the ground when he lowers her, arms still as tight around his neck as she can keep them. "If there's horses, I'm out, I didn't agree to horses," she deadpans before a smile flickers, a glimmer of humor even in the uncharted waters they're about to explore. The rest of it takes another moment to sink in, though.

"Wait, you said Tondc. Coesbur's being- Why is Coesbur being evacuated? What do you mean, Skaikru Second? Is there stoning involved in shunning? Because I don't want to be stoned." Always with the questions.

"One day you'll have to not be so scared of them. They are just horses. You sound like Arlin." Wren remarks lightly, perhaps wondering what it is about healers hating horses. Some things seem to travel across cultural lines. Arm are kept about, no intention of letting her go just yet, though he might have to here in a moment. "Yes. Things have happened. Things I will explain while we walk. Once Kai finds a prudent time to return. The battle…everything that's happened, because Coesbur lives in the shadow of the Mountain, the activity between the warband and your skaigeda, Oxfor has decided it for the best that the village be evacuated in case the Mountain reacted. But beyond that…there has been an increase in Reaver activity. There are reasons. As for Kai, that will take a bit longer to explain. But we must prepare for our journey."

Some time later, when Kai arrives and they've been on the road awhile…

Let's ignore the fact that Kai probably walked in on Silver and Wren completely making out in front of the gate. That's what emotions do when you have a life-threatening sorta situation. It also means that the Trikru man may of said some things out of pure emotion. In the time meeting up and leaving, he calls a halt to their walking, somewhere between Tondc and Arkadia. Which has been a lot of traveling(read: walking), especially if the distance between the two is a bit farther than the campsite to Coesbur was. There's a vague look of frustration on his face, deciding to pull Roach(who's he's been walking since it's the only horse)off the beaten path, into the woods. "We're going to camp here for a night. Because I think I may need to explain some things to the both of you that are very important about what you're going to do. And what you'll experience and it would be…improper of me to not tell you and give you a chance to truly consider everything. Many things have happened in a short amount of time, and I would like you both know what you're doing with eyes open and no illusions. So we must talk."

Kai did emerge eventually, she might have gone in with Fiona and Elias, but the lean girl is solo when she comes trotting out again armed to the teeth, unslinging Wren's axe, but well, he's occupied, so she waits until they're done and hands it over wordlessly and then turned to leave. Apparently not expecting either of the other two to join them. She was already tired before they left Indra's camp, and so when he's ready to declare it time to rest, she's only too ready to drop heavily into a spot.

Silver stayed at Jaha long enough to determine that her parents weren't on that station and weren't on the ground and collect a few bare rations for herself before she left. There are still things she wants to know, people she didn't say goodbye to…But she didn't trust the leadership there. At all. She's walked without complaint, though she's stumbled more than once, and looks relieved when it's time to stop. "Sure," she nods to Wren, moving off the path before pausing. "How, exactly, does one set up camp?"

Oh right, these are still skaikru. Wren has to remember that. "Start collecting wood. I have two sleeping rolls with my things on Roach." A beat, looking over at Kai. "Kai." he looks to her then the horse, indicating for her to get them, knowing full-well of Silver utter loathing of the animal. Finding a somewhat secluded spot under and outcropping of rocks and out off the way of the road. He himself will start clearing out the area, pushing away folliage. "We've been walking for some time and I've had a long time to think. I want to understand what's going to happen to you both if you go through with this. Because I have no desire to see trouble befall you. My people…will not be welcoming. To either of you. You must understand that my views, on the whole, are different from the majority. We wouldn't be at this point if they were not. I myself will not be immune to it either. Just because we are in a ceasefire does not equate to peace. And while Kai may be given a certain amount of give as Second, you Silver…" and he sighs a little. "Will not. With those of Coesbur, there will be some, they will remember what you've done in the past. But those who have not because we will be entering the heart of the Trikru, Tondc. You will both be treatly poorly. Not attacked outright, but you will be an outsider. It is how your guards treated me at the gate to your fallen Sky City. There will be distrust, anger, resentment."

He pauses, setting his axe down, sweeping his foot, kicking away folliage to expose bare ground. "Many are dead on both sides. Sonia is dead, and there will be a great deal of anger about that. So I want tell you everything, what will happen, how you will be treated, and if either of you feel that it will be better to wait some time for things to…settle down, I will neither judge you or view either of you poorly for that decision. I myself will likely lose standing amoungst other warriors for it, because I have taken on a Second and a mater that are both not Trikru. That we were just at war with not less than a day ago. You must both make the decision yourself. Neither path will be easy, but they are paths I cannot make you walk. It is, as all things, up yourselves."

Kai groans audibly at the instruction but lurches herself up onto her feet on the second attempt. She might not be a fan of the biological weapon, but she can throw shade as good as anyone, eyeing it as she goes to collect the stuff from the horse. She watched them deal with the horses at the camp, doesn't mean that it doesn't take her a few to work out how to deal with the saddle arrangement, and it's heavier than she expected, but still.. it is off, and she finds a spot she considers decent to set them down and plants herself down next to it again to worry about actually pulling stuff out,"Yeh." is the monosyllabic response from the former cadet,"I understand." added on after a moment.

Gathering wood, at least, is something Silver has managed to figure out by now. She listens, weighing Wren's words, then shakes her head. "I spent the last two years being watched by those guards the exact same way, Wren," she points out quietly. "What is there for me here? People who locked me up for their own benefit? Going back to working on failing equipment? Waiting in a different camp for someone else to decide we're a threat and come to kill us again? I can't sit and let other people decide on my life for me any more."

"I am not trying dissaude either of you." Wren shakes his head. "I am laying out the facts for you, letting you hear them, and then letting you both decide what you will do. Don't let what I want influence your decision. It is your choice. It will always be your choice." That is the point he's trying to make. "And keep in mind, there may be war again between our people, I cannot say. I do not know what will happen if that passes. Hopefully, that does not happen. But both of you, should you do this, you will have a hard path to walk. Both of you, more than any other Trikru, will have to go above and beyond what it takes to prove yourself. Because for some time, you will not welcome. You will not be /wanted/, and I will be responsible. More Kai than Silver. But she already knows that." Once Silver has collected enough, he'll offer to take it off her hands, kneeling down at the center of the area he's cleared out and beginning to arrange the wood into a cone shape. Smaller twigs and scraps in the center, larger pieces leaning against each against each other. A roundish looking stone is picked out, as well as one of his hunting knives. Then he starts to scrape the edge of the blade against the stone, which produces sparks. "You must be prepared that while you may not be caged, being ignored may be preferable to constant scorn. Because that is what will await you. I'm not saying that is how it will be forever, but that is how it will be at first and that may not change for some time. I…will try to make sure that we end up with the rest of the Coesbur evacuees either way. It is where my family will be and everyone else I know." Finally, after enough sparking, fire catches, starting as smoke first, which he lowers down, blowing on the embers until real fire starts to lick at the wood.

"Wren, I already made it clear to Leo and the others what my choice is." Kai utters very quietly,"I'm used to people hating me. But I can't live.. there. I do ask that.. if possible, if you'll allow it, that I can look for my friends." this is a subdued Kai, out of anger, worn out far beyond her athletic skill,"My word that I wont do so without your say-so. And that I'll keep my temper to myself." her eyes flick to Silver, then to Wren again, absently massaging her damaged hands.

"And if I go back, what then? What other option is there, Wren? Staying there is futile. One way or another, we're going to have to make peace with your people," Silver shakes her head. "And there will never be any reason for them to trust us if we hide behind the gates and the Ark insisting that our ways are the only ways. We have to be willing to learn. We have to try to understand. And we're not going to succeed in that by pretending we're back in space and everything is like it used to be."

Wren is quiet for some time, just listening to the both of them. There's worry etched on his features. If what he's doing is right, or maybe worry that he doesn't want two of his friends, never mind himself suffer for anything he does. Obviously he can take of himself. "I would not deny you to look for your friends, Kai. Sometimes, we still carry obligations with those who we have done much for. But, what of Elias?" he suddenly asks her. "I don't…" a grunt, perhaps being a bit more personable than he wants to be, "..don't wish to divide the two of you apart." Saying that, he looks back at Silver, then eyes studying for the fire, making it does catch before leaning back. "There will need to be those that blaze the trail towards peace, that is true. Just…remember that much has happened so recently. The wounds will need to heal some before your true goal can be endevoured upon. I have said what I needed to say. I have told you both my concerns for you two. Of what will happen. But it appears you are both decided. What will be, will be."

Kai can't help but nod her head in agreement with Silver, in a 'that' kind of fashion as she stacks the things that seem like they'll be needed with weary determination,"Thank you Wren." she pauses,"Or is there something else? I should call you? Sir? Now?" there's a furrow of the brow that's still currently mobile, making a passing gesture,"Eli made his choice, too. It's.. better, he stays there? They need his knowledge. And it's not like I can't go see him again, eventually. It will be fine." she worries at her bottom lip, catches the split bit and winces, looking first at Wren, then up at Silver. It's to the latter she says,"The feed cut out on Unity Day because of a bomb. Mags was telling the truth. They killed most of the council and.. my dad.. to. Others. And took the dropship." which is the part that makes her attention come down to Wren,"They crippled the Ark, and took the ship. The people who did it were on there, and Indra's.. not going to like that answer."

Silver frowns slightly at Kai's explanation, piecing things together. "It was rebels, then," she says quietly, brows furrowing in a frown as she thinks it through. "It's not very satisfying for justice, no," she agrees. "Although it means the perpetrators were killed in the act. But maybe…Maybe there are recordings on the Ark?" she suggests, looking back up. "Audio recordings. Maybe mechanics readings. Something that can show them that the Ark tried to stop it? And I'm sorry," she adds belatedly.

"That will be something the kruheda will have to discuss with your heda. Not something I can really comment on. I will simply hope, for your Sky City's sake that there is something that shows your…rebels were the ones that caused the crash. And their foolishness also resulted in their deaths. It may not be enough for her. Or it may. Perhaps it'll depend on how it's presented to her. Some kind of evidence that'll suggest that it was nothing anyone still alive had any part of." There's a small nod at Kai. "Wren is fine, Kai." The matter of her father he says nothing. Not something that needs to be said. She said enough to him about her old man.

Kai nods for Silver slowly,"I don't know. They weren't super happy about me being there in the first place." there's a bitter little bark of a laugh,"But hey, I could totally join the Guard if I wanted to." there's a slide of her eyes towards Wren as she gives a quiet sigh,"Fi and Eli can.. help them understand the importance of that. And okay, I just.. want to make sure. Plenty of people going to hate me enough without saying things that are going to get you in worse trouble too."

Silver tucks her knees up to her chest, pushing a hand through her hair. "I'm not leaving, Wren," she finally says, shaking her head. "Not unless the people in Tondc are going to kill me. If that's the case, then fine. I'll go back to the Ark and take my chances there. But I can handle some nasty looks."

"We're all going to be disliked." Wren remarks slowly, frown etching his features, then shaking his head at Silver. "You're not going to be attacked, Silver. They are not like that. They will simply be distrustful, wary, and angry. And as I said, you would do well to stay around the Coesbur refugees. They know you, know what you did. They will give you perhaps a bit more give than others would. They may still be standoffish, but you…this is what you want. Your aim is honorable and I support it." Granted, he speaks nothing of how he'll be treated. Whatever aspirations he was working towards, he may as well just flushed them. "You're both strong. If you persevere, you will be alright. Just wanted to prepare you for what will come next." At that, he sighs. "But, peace is never easy. Especially in the beginning. I am no craftsmen, but bridges are difficult to build."

"They don't know me. And the war camp.." well, there's a shrug of Kai's stiff shoulders,"It is what it is Wren. I will do what I can to make you proud and make them see that you made the right choice. I understand it wont be easy, that they're going to be very unhappy.. in truth I'm not entirely happy knowing that they attacked and killed some of my friends, but it is what it is. I gave you my word, and I gave Indra my word too. You've already said I can look for my friends, and as far as I'm concerned.. that's enough. It's a damned sight better than living in the ghost of the goddamn Ark going back to being Kyler fucking Adams." she curls her lip and sighs heavily,"Can I.. sleep, now? I know Eli was concerned about concussions.. but I think if I was going to die I would have by now."

"The people of Coesbur are a start," Silver nods to Wren. "If I can find a healer to take me on, then I'll study with them, too. I'll help where I can. And maybe eventually people will see." Speaking of healing, she pauses at Kai's question, looking back to the other girl with a flicker of concern. "How hard did you hit your head? And have you been vomiting?" She hasn't noticed any herself, but there's been a lot of walking.

"By being impetuous." Wren grunts at Silver's concern on Kai. "Bold, but impetuous." So maybe he doesn't completely disagree with how she got hurt. "I'll let her explain just exactly how she got her marks." Though speaking of her, he nods at Kai. "You may visit your mate when you wish. I will give you…ten days a month to see him, should you so wish to take him. I would be something of a hypocrite if I were to deny my Second to be with the one she loves. While I sit here with mine." Eyes then go to Silver. Though, he gives that consideration. "That is, if you wish to go see him."

Kai shakes her head stiffly,"No vomiting." she confirms,"Well, that bit on the way back to the camp, but that was.. yeh. I feel like I've walked half of Trikru, and I'm pretty sure that it's actually only such a small portion that I'm gonna cry if you tell me just how little it actually is." at least there's something resembling a smile at that for Wren,"Never figured on putting those hours to work in this kind of way.. and yes, it's my own fault. And no, I still don't regret punching him.. he deserved it." she settles down a little lower in her spot,"I want to go see him. I will. We're adults, twenty days a month is nothing compared to two years."

"If you're not vomiting, then you're fine to sleep," Silver nods to Kai, offering a faint smile of encouragement. "Especially as long a day as it's been. You need rest to heal." She does reach over for Wren's hand, at his words, moving a little bit closer to the grounder.

"She got into a fight with another warrior." Wren finally says. "She was trying to prove a point. And she's lucky she did so before becoming Second. Otherwise, the first thing she'd be doing is latrine duty." Oh, he'll think up some very creative punishments for the Second. Because he's fun like that. Still, they did talk about why she did it, no more reason to discuss it. Problems were discussed, talked about, and then put behind them. "In time, Kai, he maybe be able to join you. But not now. It is…enough that I bring two of you to Tondc. Three…" a non-verbal grunt, perhaps not really wanting to think how that'd be received. The hand is taken and squeezed. "Yes. I wasn't going to push you both hard. No reason. We're not in a hurry."

"Deserved it." Kai insists as she curls up, decides that side's possibly back, and rolls over to the other side,"Problems for another day. He's where he needs to be right now." she insists softly, too worn to worry about the blankets or y'know, taking off her sword or the armor or anything, as far as the former cadet is concerned, it's sleep time.

Silver sighs softly as Kai rolls over, waiting until it sounds like the other girl is asleep before she scoots closer to Wren. "You're going to let me stand on my own there, yes?" she asks quietly, looking up at him. "Warn me if I'm going to do something I can't come back from, but I can't be your Skaikru pet."

"Nor do I want you to be. You are not 'my pet'." Wren mutters, putting an arm around Silver, pulling her in close to him, while the other grabs one of the larger logs and places it on the fire, stoking it a little. "You will /have/ to stand on your own feet, Silver. I will not protect you, unless you do something very stupid. Say something improper. We will begin the names and titles of people tomorrow. More about our culture indepth, plenty of time tomorrow on the road." There's a moment, where he looks down at her, studying her. "Do you regret doing this? Do you regret us? I don't wish you to."

"Not yet," Silver answers, a brief note of humor in her voice. "Let's try not to make me regret it. Honestly, though, I look forward to it, Wren. To learning from your people. Helping people. Fixing things. Making them better. I don't think I can do that with the Ark. Not the same way. And if I have to earn your people's respect, that's fine. I'd have to do the same with my people. The difference is that there, I can do it with you."

"So long as you stay with the refugees from Coesbur, you will be fine. They know you, know you've done for them. They'll give you a better chance than those who haven't met you. Start with what you know, work forward from there. That is all you can do. All that we can do." Wren replies. "Keta knows what you are capable of. Stay with her, work with her. She'd likely be the most willing to give you chance, she was around you the most. But yes, you will have to earn their respect, and that will not be an easy path. But I will be with you. I will support you, but I will not carry you. This, is something that you will have to do yourself." There's a sigh after that's all said. "Nothing against Kai, but I would of prefered that we were alone."

Silver smiles ruefully back at him, resting her cheek against his shoulder. "Yeah," she laughs softly. "Yeah, it does sort of put a crimp in things. Though I can't see it getting much better in Tondc," she points out. "Where are you all even planning on settling there? Won't you need to build homes? Find places?"

"We could if you could be quiet about it." Wren offers. No, no shame. And Kai passed out isn't going to stop him from at least asking. Though maybe it wouldn't be how they imagined their first time would be. Perhaps a tad bit less romantic. "I don't know. There is a guest area in part of the village, that is likely where they'll be. They cannot stay there forever, they will have to either go back to Coesbur eventually, or begin a new village, or perhaps break away and join others, I do not know. But for those of us who stay? Yes, have to build new homes." A pause. "We could build one for the two of us, if you wished. Eventually, with time."

"I have no idea if I could be quiet about it," Silver points out, amused. "Though it doesn't sound like there's going to be any more privacy there. At least not for a while." She looks over toward Kai's sleeping form, then out into the night, speculative. "Maybe if we just…went a little bit further away?"

Oh my. Is it time? Is it finally time? Wren almost looks /giddy/ about it, looking at her if this time it's finally legit. "…really? No more teasing? Or tension?" Not to say the tension is bad or anything. But, maybe not waiting for an answer, he'll do what he can to make it a little more romantic, getting up to his feet and picking up Silver in his arms, taking their bedroll with them. They'll move off a ways, toward another clearing, the light from the fire giving them enough visability to see each other still. "This far enough?" It's about twenty-five yars away from their little camp. And Kai is still dead to the world, not even stirring when they moved away.


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