How to Post a Memoir

To create a memoir, please use the module below to create the page based on the memoir title; they should not include non-alphanumeric items. Please do not include semicolons or slashes. Spaces are allowed and will be substituted by a dash by wikidot. Do not include the date of the memoir in the page title. It will create the page, set the template, and even set the primary tags.

Please do not forget to tag the log with the participating characters. The topmost memoir should always be the most recent.

Posted Memoirs: 5.

Day 081: Happy Birthday Kyler — Kai goes and talks to her mother on her eighteenth birthday.
Day 077: Some Things Aren't Worth Having — Something Grey brought back from Mount Weather just isn't worth keeping.
Day 071: Long Way Home — Sev goes home to Polis, visiting a family he hasn't seen in over twenty years.
Day 070: One Cut Among Many — Grey takes part in Cage Wallace's Death of a Thousand Cuts.
Day 070: Duty and Justice — After ordering the capture of Cage Wallace, Nathaniel reflects on the nature of duty and the consequences of his actions.

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