Before Landing (-031): Pixie Fallen
Summary: Tink takes a stroll down memory lane on what led to her downfall.
Date: 06/15/2016
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Tink Bella 

Day -031 in Holding Cell - Skybox

It started out so well. The design for the more efficient generator was sweet. My dad even blessed the plans, giving me a hug and letting me know he was proud of me. It was hard to scrounge up the parts…but a few friends over at Mecha helped her find the salvage. Bella was right on hand to help her build it. She had been so careful…even had Bella run through the last check…and then it happened.

Flashback: Fire…burning…her arms are on fire. A few folks that had come to watch were burning…no…no…mom…dad…where are you? Did I blow you up too?

Dad came to visit me in the ER, angry at me. I thought he was mad that my generator had gone to hell. I was upset, angry at myself for missing something. I had to have missed something.

Flashback: “Is it true?” Her father’s quiet voice penetrated the drug haze that was keeping the pain at bay. “I’m sorry…I am so sorry,” Tink manages to croak out from her throat that’s sore from inhaling all that smoke. Her father says nothing else…all she hears is the footsteps of her father walking away.

That was the last conversation that I had with my dad. He didn’t show up to my hearing. Mom did. She just couldn’t believe…

Flashback: “Tabatha Imogen Nimue Kinsey, you are accused of arson, which led to the destruction of Arrow station generation in section 15. Injured ten other citizens. Our investigation has shown that you have a history of arson in at least 10 other incidents. Let us begin…”

Yeah…arson. Not accident. They actually accused me of arson. Over the next few days, I got to sit back and watch as they mounted the evidence against me. Each new ‘fact’ they brought up was circumstantial. Nothing solid until…

Flashback: A video plays on the screen. It’s a young girl who’s back to the camera is starting a fire that blows off the panel. She’s wearing a black hoodie with stitching on the back that shows off two dragons circling.

A hoodie that Tink owned. That Bella stood up and testified with tears rolling down her cheeks that matched the one in the video was Tink’s favorite hoodie. A hoodie that…

Flashback: “Hey Tink…mind if I borrow this?” Bella asks, picking up her favorite hoodie, her fingers tracing over the two dragons circling. “Ummm, sure…” Tink mumbles as she works on her latest project, glancing up to flash her a smile, “Just do me a favor and wash it before you bring it back.”

A hoodie that her mother also had to testify that she owned. Jenks’ fucking linchpin that proves I was at least at one of the previous fires that I was accused of setting. A hoodie that puts me at the right place, right time. A hoodie that my best friend, Bella, borrowed and never gave back.

Flashback: “Tabatha Imogen Nimue Kinsey, you are convicted of 11 counts of arson and hereby sentenced to the Sky box until your eighteenth birthday when your case will be reviewed…”

I stopped listening after that. I didn’t care at that point. I was dead. I was so dead. I was going to the Skybox that’s filled with the worst delinquents that the Ark could offer. What the fuck was I going to do to survive?

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