Day 031: Cameron Fathers Day
Summary: Tech Tent
Date: 6/18/2016
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Day 031 — Tech Tent

It's Father's Day. Cameron is in the Tech tent, and he's speaking to a radio that doesn't hear him. But he's speaking words he needs to say.


I'm sorry I let her die. I'm so sorry.

You know Mom. She said everyone should have first-aid training, everyone. In the heat of a moment, in a crisis, everyone should be able to sustain life until the medtechs came. I'm her son. I tried. Morgan did better.

But that means when I saw those dark bruises under her skin, under all her skin. She was dead already, Dad. She was a memory, a dream, whispering to me. I knew it. Morgan knew it. You'd like him, Morgan, my boyfriend. He makes me alive like she made you alive.

Now she's dead, but I need you to remember what she meant to us.

I need you to remember Lydia and say: we are stronger then this.

I know you can't hear me, but you have to be thinking about this, and Dad, you have to listen.

I know you needed her to really have direction— I know more then most— but now you have to be strong. For me, Dad. I don't have anyone else but you and Morgan, and I love Morgan, but I can't ever tell him that, but I need you too.

This world is hard. Is harder then we ever imagined. And I need you to help me. I try to be strong, I try to be that guy who is always the first to volunteer and act, but I don't know if its enough.

I don't know if I'm enough.

Yeah. You're just a botanist. But so am I. We both know I was her little boy, her kid, but it was you that I followed. Now I need you to be strong, Dad. You're not just a botanist.

You're my Dad.

Help me be strong. Be strong yourself.

You know she would want us to be.

Remember her.

Be who she needs you to be for me.

Please, Dad."

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