Day 015: Cameron's Unity
Summary: Cameron gives his Unity project 'address'.
Date: 26/5/2016
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Day 015 — Tech Tent

Cameron settles down into the seat, and for a long moment he just stares at the recorder. He's clean, but beneath each eye is a smudge of black ink, as are his right index finger and thumb, and there's a triangle on the back of his left hand of the same ink.

He takes a deep breath, and begins, lifting his right hand and pointing a stern, stained finger at the recorder, "We are the children of the Ark, but we didn't make it, instead the Ark is the creation of men and women from the old world. Its the product of a world that died. In the Ark we preserved as much of their knowledge as we could, for the day when we could reclaim the ground. Now, well, 'reclaiming the ground' is a pretty stupid and arrogant turn of phrase, since as it turns out there's a lot of people who live on the ground already and it remains to be seen if they have any use for us.

But, we have hope. They Grounders have forgotten what we've preserved. They know things we need to know to survive, but our heritage— our legacy— is that we are as a people a beacon to the past— to the industry, sciences and technology that made the old world great, that our destiny could be to achieve again.

But we have to remember, those same industries, sciences and technologies are what the old-worlders used to destroy themselves.

We can be better.

To me? Unity is hope, its about us being a bridge from the past to the future. Its also dangerous: the Ark ruled with an iron fist because it had to, but its time the People of the Ark turn away from tyranny and embrace what it means to live on the ground— alongside people who have survived what we thought impossible.

Unity is about us needing to be a bridge between the Grounders and the People of the Ark, because therein lies a future we can hope for. But we have to be careful not to force it, not to let the … necessities of Ark life twist the future into something that is cold, constrained, unyielding.

Unity is remembering that mankind can be better then what the world did with its knowledge. Unity is the responsibility to do better."

And that said, Cameron adds, "There will never be true Unity as long as tyrants use the Guard to crush all ideas but their own. The Council as an institution should die with the Ark. Try to chain the human race as you chained us in the Ark and you'll find Unity is nothing but propaganda and political dogma used to prop up your own sense of self-importance and power. And you'll find we won't accept it for very long. Unity without Freedom is nothing. Think about that, Councillors."

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