Before Landing (-090): Captain Buzzkill
Summary: Kyler Adams gets Boxed.
Date: 05/06/2016
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Cadet Training - The Ark

"Shh. Shh. There she is. It's her." not a whisper that Kai hadn't heard before, at least a few times a day for the last year and a half. Even here. Even amongst the other cadets. Of course the speaker wouldn't be looking at her if she turned around, but she found if she could find a bright enough surface nearby, sometimes she could make out who it was.. this time, no such luck. Blurry. Brunette maybe. Shorter than her.

Didn't matter. They wouldn't say it to her face anyways but she'd overheard enough before. Oh the Captain's daughter. Stay away from her. She got her own boyfriend Boxed for theft. Can't trust her, she'll make stuff up if she can't find something to pin on you. Captain Tyler's perfect little narc, if she can't win for talent she'll get you dumped in the Box to make herself look better. So far she'd been blamed for some cadet getting busted for theft of resources, breaking up a party on Alpha and getting someone boxed for treason. There was probably other things, too, but it didn't matter anymore. Kai had given up long ago fighting the label.

All she had to do was pass the marksmanship test today. Hell, if she got top marks, maybe at least her father would stop looking at her like she was a disappointment. Like there should have been a Tyler Adams the fifth instead of her. Then she could join the Guard proper and be free of this shit.

Laughing, joking, one guy shoved his friend almost into her, and there was that gesture, hands up, smirking. Sorry Captain Buzzkill, don't turn us in for assault. Kai gave.. Jenks? Was that his name? Her best flat-eyed stare, stepping ahead into the testing room so she could go find her place. Take-downs. Shock-lash use, gun handling. Range was always last. Short target, long target, moving target. The first ripple of laughter she didn't catch the words, maybe they were just congratulating one another, ribbing one another.. whatever, she tried to tune it out.

"Hey watch out, beat Buzzkill and she'll see you boxed!" Jenks. Of course. The rubber bullet missed the target, and that brought more laughter. Stopping to center herself she couldn't quite miss the sneered,"Though man if I'd been dating that, I'd have turned myself in. LaPointe got lucky."

The second blank also went off target and the laughter gained a new edge. Fucking hyenas. Kai hunched her shoulders and endeavored to ignore them,"What's the matter Adams? Y'forget how to shoot?" one of his friends called out from somewhere behind her. Just one last try. The battered civilian target seemed to leer at her disapprovingly, it's askew mop of wilted hair somehow reminding her of her father.

"Bet he's looking forward to floating, hell, who wants to be remembered as having hit /that/?" Jenks uttered at the same moment she fired. If the civvie had been the target, it would have been a beautiful shot but had already been forgotten. She'd had it. There was Jenks smug face and for once she gave in to the desire to punch him. And it felt good, damnit, it felt satisfying. Where he fell she followed, smashing her fists into his smug face. She felt what she assumed was one of his cronies grab her and start hauling her up and kicked out with the satisfying crunch of teeth and jaw. The ragged snarl of animalistic fury didn't even register as belonging to her, but the shock lash did as she found herself airborne and hauled bodily off of him and out of the room and finally, finally it was her turn to laugh.

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