Before Landing (-089): Cell Block Tango
Summary: Kai meets her first roommate, the painful way.
Date: 08/06/2016
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89 Days Before Landing — The Skybox

He couldn't even look at her. Not that Tyler Adams could ever be described as a warm and loving figure, but in that moment it sank in that as far as he was concerned.. she was already dead.

It hurt. And then? It made her angry. Show remorse, mom said. Throw yourself on the mercy of the Chancellor, wait out the time to appeal and she and dad would see to it that she could come back. But staring at her fathers face, held by two of his Guards as he looked right through her the resentment bubbled up fresh and hot.

"What do you have to say for yourself, Miss Adams?" the question asked while her mother stared with wet and hopeful eyes.

"I hope he loses his eyesight." it was worth the look, worth seeing that flare of his nostrils. Kai didn't care about looking at the Chancellor but instead glared unblinking at her father as if she could somehow force him to look at her.

"Miss Adams." came the admonishment.

"I fucking did it." Kai snarled as if spitting the words at Tyler's immaculately polished shoes,"He fucking deserved it. I'm not sorry, I'm not going to apologize, you can go float yourself." it wasn't as satisfying but when he finally broke, when those eyes finally actually flickered down and focused on her she knew she'd finally hit pay dirt and that? That made it all worth it. She wasn't even listening to the particulars of her sentence, it didn't matter.. she'd won.

The march into the Skybox was longer, the high of forcing him to acknowledge her fading off long before she found herself frogmarched into a dim two bed cell nose-to-wall as they retreated, and finally, she was alone. Blissfully alone.

Cold. That was the first thing. A burning cold that crept up the spine and settled in her teeth. It didn't even register as pain at first as she jerked awake. The glittering realization that the red that seemed to swim in her vision was her own blood brought painfully to bear as the makeshift knife plunged into her chest a second time.

Kai grabbed the arm more by instinct than intent as the would-be killer went to pull back, blade and girl skittering across the floor as she lurched off the bed and collapsed to her knee's. Rather than waste time looking for her shiv the girl launched herself at Kai and it began to sink in that she was going to die here.

Terrified, she kicked out at the other girl, felt it connect, the crunch as flesh hit metal. Desperation drove her to follow, brought strength where pain and bloodloss threatened to steal it. Punches stole her air and it was only training that helped her fight back, wrestling across the floor of the cell while distantly there was shouts and people running.

It was luck and adrenaline that brought her on top with her hands around the girls throat, a thing that would see her blamed for the attack when at last the guards arrived to break up the fight. First to medical, then to solitary, with the dawning realization that in the Box, she was screwed.

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