Day 014: Cole's Unity
Summary: Coles waxes on what Unity is, and how the teens may of forgotten it.
Date: May 26 2016
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Day 14 — Tech Tent

As the camera affixed to the screen records, Cole just sits there in the chair, almost lounging in it like some kind of ancient king in a throne. The shaggy brown hair frame his face with a darkened look, almost tired looking. Clearly his trying to frame his words right, as if appearing like anything he would say wouldn't come out right. Finally a sigh.

"I want to believe in the concept of Unity." he finally says, pulling a hand over his face weariness. "But so far, I haven't seen a lot down here to suggest that most of us down here even know what the word means. We're divided, not united. A lot of us pulling in different directions. Some believing this or thinking that, that seems like those of us who remember what it stands for are being drowned out by voices too selfish or too scared, the two of which make up the majority of mindsets here."

The screen flickers a bit, causing the tech to reach forward with a hand, adjusting something the camera can't rightly see before the picture clears. "Unity is the only thing that'll save us. I wonder how many of us really know that. Some do. I do. But I won't sugarcoat the fact that we need some kind of uniting symbol or event that'll actually bring us all together. Something that'll make us put all this other shit aside and do what we need to. Not because we don't need to, because we have to. If we don't unite, now, we'll die. That's the long and short of it. I want to believe that this Unity Day will have something worth celebrating. A part of me hopes that some of us will be reminded that it sticking together that got us as far as it has. And that going off on your own suicide."

"These things matter. We matter, but we seem to only matter to ourselves. The whole 'I only look out for me' approach isn't going to work forever. Realistically, the odds are stacked against you, but hell, we're all stupid teenagers, we all think we got the world by the shorthairs. Clearly, we haven't been kicked in the teeth enough to know that there's strength is numbers and acting with a common goal in mind. And eventually 'don't die' won't be the common goal once we're one year, two years into this whole living thing. I don't want to die down here hated. I guess…I don't want to die alone. But I feel like that's becoming more and more of a reality, the more we fight, the more we bicker. I dunno.." Cole sighs again, almost like a weight is pressing down on his shoulders.

"The only thing that makes me keep trying, is hope. And unity plays a big part in that hope. That things make get better. That it might…be the one thing that gets us through the next night. So I'll keep hoping. For something better, because if we can't at least have that, then there's really no point in doing here." He makes a nod at this, as if trying to reaffirm the point. "Yeah. Hope. So yeah, you want to know what I think Unity is, there you go. A hope that tomorrow won't be as bad as the day before."

The camera clicks off.

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