Day 006: Contingency Plans
Summary: Cole considers his plans if the camp go to war against the Grounders.
Date: 05 May 2016
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30 April 2149 — Forgotten RV

Cole has found it better to spend time at the RV he and Mika have found, instead walking from there to the camp to work on the wall. He'll deal with Mika being pissed off at helping the same people who have, for the majority, shrugged off his warnings about not having said wall, and his suspicion that they were never alone to begin with. That he doesn't owe them anything, and doesn't need to break his back for them, considering that nobody was well to listen to him. The camp has become toxic, full of scheming, stealing, back-biting and who knows what else. Why even bother getting involved in that.

Maybe he doesn't, but it still feels like the right thing to do. So he'll go back in the morning, work on the wall. Gather whatever tech people he can, tell them it's an idiot idea to support the idea of war. If Grey, Faolan, and the others to go get revenge, fine, just don't be the cause of having everyone in the camp killed because they're pissy and hormonal about it. That's how retaliation works, and it won't end until one side is dead.

This doesn't mean he's not skeptical. Already made it pretty clear if the others go to war over this, he's leaving the camp, and he and Mika will take their chances in wilderness and the RV. Already taken steps to plan and design a smaller wall around the RV and a bit of land around it. It won't be made of metal, but the rock wall that RV is set up against will make his life easier, less work to do. They can hunt, he can build another purifier, and make some kind of life out here. Strength in numbers is nice, but not when they're going to make stupid decisions where the instigators wins Darwin awards for it.

Using a piece of coal, he's written on the side of RV using it as a caulk board, having written down the possible outcomes that he can foresee.

Chance of violence: 45%
Chance of negotiation: 55%
Chance of peace: 15%
Chance of cease-fire: 35%
Chance of violence regardless: 50%

Cole will do all he can, but if he sees where the wind is blowing, he'll vanish, and the rest of them are on their own. Because he's been right twice so far, and if he's right again about trying to fight these people, he may not have anyone left alive to tell them 'I told you so'.

And that would suck.

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