Day 014: Silas' Unity
Summary: Silas takes part in Hanne's Unity Project
Date: 24 May 2016
Related: Part of the Unity Day mini-arc.

14 Days After Landing — Tech Tent

The recording finds itself starting with Silas seated, looking away and off-screen with an expression that is a bubbling mixture of annoyance and slight confusion. "Well yeah, but-" he begins, before he stops, the faint sounds of someone saying something that can't be made out. With a slow sucking of air through his lips, Silas shuts his eyes for a moment before he sighs, "Whatever." he says, looking towards the camera as his hands come over to quietly pick a twig or two from his hair before running his fingers through his hair and brushing it away and out of his face.

"Unity is… A weird word for me, now." says Silas, his eyes drifting from the lens of the camera for a brief two seconds before he looks back.

"The few days I've been spending down here have been making me question everything, really. Unity Day is all about when the stations came together for survival, so humanity could return to earth… But being down here and having encountered the Grounders, I can't help but wonder if everything that happened up there mattered in the end." says Silas, pausing for a second to point a finger upwards before he lowers his hand and clasps his hands together and rests them in his lap. "The fact that people were down here to begin with, it makes me wonder if everything we've endured was all in vain. The thought kind of pisses me off too."

Silas looks away from the camera again with pursed lips and furrowed brows.

"Part of me feels that the Unity we went through up there might have been for nothing, and that feeling makes me fear if the few acts of Unity we did down here will be for nothing too. But the thought of being together- working together with everyone like this, even if we don't all see eye to eye and butt heads sometimes…" begins Silas, his brows rising somewhat as he looks back to the camera with a firm gaze.

"It gives me the hope I need to look forward to our own bit of Unity down here. So, that's what I feel Unity is for me. Hope." Silas quietly stares at the camera with pursed lips and arched brows before he lets out a breath, looking up and over the camera as he says. "That's all I needed to do?" he asks, and after a silent response he nods and begins to rise- prompting the recording to flicker to an end just as he's tripping and falling towards the camera.

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