Day 070: Duty and Justice
Summary: Nathaniel watches the Death of a thousand Cuts, in his own way.
Date: August 10 2016
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Day 70 After Landing — The Hood, Tondc

He had come here with a purpose. Nathaniel had almost decided not to come here, but he was never one to shy away from the results of his actions, and so he summoned his resolve to see this through. So it was that the Sergeant who had stopped his squad from killing President Wallace now half walked, half limped up to the place where the Grounders had put him on display. His blue eyes surveying the crowds and the leaders of the Coalition, along with the Chancellor. All of them got a few seconds of a glance as he came up to a respectable distance.

Nathaniel had been shot in the leg multiple times during the mission in the early part of the fight (he had grazes in other places too, but the bullet went right through at the right leg), and it was still reflected in his stance as he came over to the 'execution'. He had come here to see just how far the Grounders would go with this ritual torture of theirs, and now that he had come over, he almost wished he didn't.

It was around the 500 mark or so. The number didn't matter to him. The party was a distraction for revenge drunk barbarians who delighted in inflicting pain in defenseless men. Yes, he was a monster. Yes, he needed to be punished. But like this? Nathaniel surveyed the countless cuts. The cauterized wounds, and the general bloody mess he had become.

His orders were clear. People who surrendered were to be taken prisoner. He was an orderly man, and saw the previous laws of the Ark as draconian, but necessarily ruthless. Coming down here, he expected that trend to continue. After all, anarchy was only a tool for the strong to use the weak as prey. Everyone could be useful if they applied themselves, no matter how much you might dislike them. Ms. Bonheur and Mr. Kholmin prime examples. Even Guardsman Grey had potential, despite his lack of discipline. Time would mellow that out, or see him removed from the Guard.

Orders were orders. His parents never understood that, so they had disowned him… but he had made his choice. Hierarchy was how civilization prospered. Only the lone wolves and fools who thought they could do everything thought otherwise. You could rebel against authority all you wanted.. but at the end of the day, someone had to make the decisions in a group, otherwise all you had was a bunch of aimless cats with no coordination… so either way, authority was necessary.

Now that he saw the direct results of his orders though… for the first time in his life, Sergeant Nathaniel Breen wondered if it was worth it. This… this abortion of justice made it all clear. The Grounders might as well be Mountain Men themselves if this was somehow righteous to them. Ms. Adams would rage against that idea as she already did against him. The very idea of keeping Mount Weather intact an affront to her. His words? "So, you honor the Trikru, but not us. I see how it is." He had kept an open mind towards her defection… but the instant rage he got from that one statement and the accusation of wanting what's left of the Ark to become the next Mountain Men… he had tried, he really did. He was a fair man. But that accusation had made it clear just how low of an opinion she regarded the Ark with…. and she wonders why people call her a traitor? That moment had changed his opinion of her. He had no doubt Britt would share her sentiments as well as countless others with the amount of hostility he had received in his visits to this Tondc.

Richael was right, these people were way far gone. This… wasn't justice, and his actions had led to the ritual torture of a man to sate a twisted need for vengeance. Fools didn't even see the irony in it. Even the Chancellor tried to make excuses for them.

Nathaniel stayed there for what felt like hours, the mix of emotions evident on his face. In truth, he didn't know how long he stood there, just… watching. Eventually though, he cast a final glance to Chancellor Kane, watching him for a few seconds…

If this was a sign to come of what the Coalition had to offer Camp Jaha, they could keep it.

The walking cane was easily heard as Nathaniel went back into the city, not inflicting his cut.

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