Day 047: Sargeant Breen's After-Action report
Summary: Sergeant Breen makes a report to Chief Kane with details on the mission to capture live Reapers.
Date: 7/16/2016
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47 Days after Landing: Camp Jaha Infirmary

Sergeant Nathaniel Breen never in a million years thought he'd see the ground in his lifetime. Yet here he was-no, here they were. It was everything he dreamed of from the vids and the books. The air was sweet, the sun was awesome, and the water. The water was the best part. The sound of running water would never get old. Being with the initial scouting missions allowed him to see a good part of the region.

Now… now he was in the infirmary. From a club to the head. Sigh.

It was certainly a wake up call to feel that much pain on the job. The training never prepared them for any of this, but he was one of the few who studied warcraft before they dropped… and now he was putting those theories into practice. Now came the paperwor-wait, does it count as paperwork if they were using dataslates? Whatever.

After Action Report for Chief of the Guard, Kane.

Started out mid morning due to organization problems and personnel delays. Once started out, the squad was put into a star formation with Mr. Blackwood in the middle. We stayed like this as we went to the former 100 camp per Mr. Blackwood's suggestion. Heading north, we encountered no resistance, tracking from north to northwest. Upon nearing the unofficial 'border' river, Weeks spotted six Reaper candidates in a clearing. I ordered a halt and gather, giving orders to focus fire on one Reaper with semi-auto fire to get Reaper attention. Me and Guardsman Grey were to act as bait for melee and use the slope to counter as much of the inevitable charge as we could. Shiver, Weeks, Mr. Blackwood, and Simmons were to act as firing line behind, and were weapons free once Mr. Blackwood had selected viable objectives for capture.

Initial volley neutralized one, with less then expected target hits. Grey and at least one other ignored initial targeting orders in favor of their own targets. Minor discipline issue, as it was in the heat of battle. Once targets were identified, I ordered Reaper on Grey to become priority for capture, with secondary chosen by Mr. Blackwood to be a luxury if we could manage it. As engagement continued, I was forced to withdraw for medical care due to club injuries sustained, ordering Grey to cover me as I did so. I switched to covering Grey to allow Mr. Blackwood to administer first aid to him next. Firing line was in majority melee engagement by this time, forcing shock baton use for majority of squad. In the end, me and Guardsman Grey were the only major injuries sustained, with Corporal Weeks sustaining minor injury. Two captives were obtained, with the rest neutralized.

Mission was a fair success, barring some hiccups. I should note, however. a few things.

1. Morgan Blackwood seems to be under the impression that he is in charge in the field, as the civilian was attempting to give orders throughout the mission. I did not antagonize him in the middle of the mission deliberately, as the team was doing well as it was and did not take his orders over mine. Nonetheless, should Mr. Blackwood's expertise be utilized at a later date on Guard missions, this should be dealt with early on in my opinion. He was nonetheless competent on engagement and did follow orders if given directly by myself.

2. Guardsman Grey is competent and follows orders well… mostly… but directly disobeyed on the first volley of rifle fire instead of going for designated target. Given time, I feel these discipline issues will either be dealt with or cause him to be discharged for disciplinary issues. Given his stated goal of rescuing the captured 100 in the Mountain, I recommend waiting until after the war with the Mountain is dealt with and see how things stand with him. I am willing to take him on as a mentor should permanent unit status be assigned to me.

3. Corporal Weeks and Guardsman Shiver both performed well and within discipline. I recommend both be given commendations for their service.

4.Guardsman Simmons not only ran from the field near the end of the engagement, but disobeyed a direct order to return to the field on threat of being recommended for insubordination. I recommend a reprimand given on his record for his conduct, at least. Given how new we are to fighting against these Reapers though, I am neutral on the idea of considering him for charges of insubordination. I leave that to you to decide on.

In summary, despite a few minor and one major discipline problem, and injuries sustained to two members of the unit, mission was a success overall, in my estimate. Two viable candidates were detained and fourty rounds were expended during mission, roughly.

Nathaniel Breen, Sergeant of the Camp Jaha Guard

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