Day 028: Dead Missing And Living Ghosts
Summary: Kai's thoughts while checking on camp Jaha's rescues and a sad goodbye.
Date: 27/6/2016
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Day 28 — Camp Jaha - Infirmary

So many.

The medbay was full, or close enough to it, and yet, it wasn't enough. There had been eighty-one Delinquents, prior to the attack, who knows how many were nothing more than ash in what remained of 'skaigeda'. But others? They were out there. Somewhere. The Mountain, probably.

Anxiously Kai searched through medbay, Simmons hot on her tail. He'd already told her twice about the weapons, and she hadn't listened either time. Tink? Where was Tink? And Op? Cameron? The list of the potentially dead or missing expanded as she hunted through the room, pursued by a medtech and one of dad's cronies.

No time for any of it. Natalie. She'd found the battered glasses in the dropship, relatively uncrushed, and reunited them with the girl. Jumar, bitter, angry.. not surprising. Grey. She couldn't help but be relieved to see that goddamn murdering son of an Arrow-born bitch, for all that he was shot to shit. Again. Maps. The maps. He wouldn't leave them behind so she told him what he needed to know.

Not fast enough. Leo, but not dad? Of course not. Like he'd care. Or he would, right when they showed up again to throw her in a box and take her weapons. The niggling thought in the back of her mind that she had to go ticked up another couple of notches. Pardon. Guard? Bomb? Chancellor Kane. Resentment roiled that now, after weeks of needing the Guard and worrying about how to try and keep the camp alive, NOW they show up.

"Kane can go float himself too." she heard herself say before she thought about it, only to have Lucian fucking Grey himself actually stand up for it. Fair enough. But she'd already made her choice. But then..

Suddenly it was as if listening to someone else, someone far away. Tyler Adams.. dead? Dead. On Unity Day. She hadn't even noticed him in the feed from the Ark.. but now he was dead. She heard her own voice ask about her mom as if it were happening to someone else.. as if she was someone else, and suddenly it was too much. The room, the people, the armor and weapons and Alpha. Alpha here. On the ground. Out. Had to be out, and now, Leo looking away, Grey talking about her turning her back on them.. no. This place, these people, they were going to need time to adjust, and her friends? They had no time. She pulled Eli from the infirmary, the urge to leave a claxon in her ear, but it was too late.

"I have to stay here." she heard him say,"I'm needed here." and he was right. Of course he was right.. but that didn't make it easier to hear. She could hear herself say 'Alright.' and 'I love you' and 'I'll come and see you when I can' rather than try to convince him, try to talk him into coming with her, and with a kiss full of the desire to do so she turned and jogged away to catch up with Wren and escape this living ghost of all she'd been.

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