Day 014: Devin's Unity
Summary: Devin gives his thoughts on Unity.
Date: 24.05.2016
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14 Days After Landing — Tech Tent

The recording begins and Devin is seated in the drop ship seat, his eyes looking down at the ground off camera with a small frown on his lips. He seems to be thinking for a few moments before he finally looks up at something off camera then into the lens.

"I never really use to believe in unity." He says, his voice somewhat soft. "There wasn't a whole lot on the Ark that would let me believe in it. My family hid me for four years only to be ripped away, floated and then I was locked into the Skybox for the next fourteen years of my life. I was an orphan and abandoned by my only living family. I had to learn to be on my own and live by a new set of rules. I learned to survive on my own and do things myself."

He pauses for a few moments turning his head slightly as he purses his lips before he turns back to the camera. "It wasn't until we were all dropped down here and was forced to survive on our own that I started to get a true understanding of what the word 'unity' means. Ninety-eight of us made it to the ground alive. We were down to ninety-two by end of the first week, but here we are. Two weeks on the ground and we still have ninety-two of us. We pulled together and we survived. We learned to put aside our differences and are working as a single unit. A tribe. Skaikru as the Grounders call us. I guess it takes a week of life or death situations to learn what it takes to become unified." A slight smirk appears on his lips. "The fear of death can bring anyone together."

Another small pause as Devin thinks for a few moments and speaks again. "Unity is not on the Ark, but down here on Earth." He nods his head slightly. "That's what Unity means to me. Pulling together to overcome any obstacles that we face on our path. Looking out for one another and helping others back up if they stumble and fall. There are some people on the Ark who needs to figure that out."

Devin looks up to someone off camera. "That's all I wanted to say." He starts to get up from his seat, but stops and sits back down. "Oh, and to Jaha, if you're watching this. Go die in a vacuum." Devin stands from the seat and moves off camera as the recording ends.

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