Day 005: Disturbing Trends
Summary: The Ark reacts to recent events on the Ground.
Date: 5 May 2016
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Jaha Kane 

5 Days After Landing — Earth Monitoring Station, The Ark

Chancellor Thelonius Jaha steps into the Earth Monitoring Station, looking over to the man who called him, "What's changed, Marcus?" Even as he asks the question, he looks up to the board, frowning as he sees more tiles grayed out — more Delinquents with their signals lost.

"Another eight have gone dark in the last hour, sir, but it's not those that I'm worried about." Councilor Marcus Kane points up one of the tiles, "Vitals have spiked on a dozen bracelets."

Jaha shakes his head in disappointment, "On a dozen children, Marcus." Still, he steps up next to the shorter man, crossing his arms and looking up at the displays a moment before he starts pointing out the ones with red borders. "So what's happening?"

"We're not sure, sir. Tension, we think. Perhaps…" and Kane stops as one of the tiles begins flashing, vitals going wild. The Councilor looks over at the MedTech on duty questioningly.

"Pain, sir? Actually, that looks like, a wound. Puncture, perhaps, with a good deal of bleeding." The woman looks to the other tiles, and they begin to go wild as well, "Blood pressure increasing, heartbeats racing, fear?" Worry enters her voice as well.

Kane points to another tile altogether as it goes black, "That one's signs weren't increased. It just… went off-line."

And then Jaha points back to one of the spiking readouts, "There's another one, like the first wound. Something bad is happening down there, Marcus. Something very bad indeed."

By the end of the day, twenty-four tiles are dark, only two of them having shown signs of distress beforehand, seven of the distressed tiles are showing signs of bleeding and wounds. Marcus Kane looks over to Jaha, "We have to look at the reality of the situation, sir. Earth may not be as safe as we though. This makes thirty-seven of the bracelets — of the children — whose signals have gone dark. Even if it was slow to start, the rate of loss is increasing. It's a disturbing trend. We may have to act on alternative plans."

The Chancellor's face is troubled as he continues to study the readouts before him. Alternative plans mean more deaths. More deaths on his hands.

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