Day 049: Family Coup
Summary: There is a change of leadership in Mount Weather.
Date: 17 July 2016
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49 Days After Landing — Secured Medical Lab, Mount Weather

Dante Wallace strides through the back halls of Mount Weather, two of his sweater-clad personal security detail behind him. His jaw is set, having just come from the Security Center and seen the video of what his son did to the young woman from Outside.

The door beeps open, and the three men step into a room carved from the living rock. Two security officers have just finished setting the body of another Visitor in a cart. And there is Cage Wallace, studying several vials filled with a gelatinous, dark red liquid.

"Tell me you had nothing to do with this." Even in his anger, Dante keeps control of his face and voice.

There's a moment's pause, and then his son presses out a tight smile. "I can't do that. We've accomplished great things."

Now Dante's anger and disappointment spark more readily in his face, "You've accomplished nothing. You're a stain on our legacy."

Cage meets that quiet fury with sarcastic humor, "Our legacy?" His smile spreads across wide lips, "We've been bleeding people… to stay alive, for generations. That's our legacy. What we've done," he points toward the vials, "is gonna get us out of this prison."

The son begins to walk slowly toward the father, "How could you not want that for us?"

He's met not with pleasure, however, but with, "You betrayed me," from Dante.

Cage has a simple response, however, a disappointed, "You betrayed us all."

And now the President of Mount Weather turns to the guard behind him, "Take him into custody." There's a moment of silent tension, and the man does not move. Dante turns back to him, anger rising once more, but his head snaps back to his son when the younger man speaks.

"I never wanted it like this. All I wanted was to give you your dream."

Dante tries one last time with the security man, "I gave you an order." There's another pause, and then the man, still clad in the blue sweather of the presidential detail, steps forward… to grab Dante's arm.

"I'm sorry," Cage's words are disappointed, but… not exactly 'sorry,' "They take their orders from me now. Everyone wants to go to the Ground. Can't blame them." Looking to the guard, Cage adds, "Put my father in quarantine."

The response from the security man says it all, "Yes, Mister President."

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