Before Landing (-1447): Grey Past Fathers Day
Summary: Paris Grey was not exactly how Lucian Grey remembers him.
Date: 28 June 2016
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Just Under 4 Years Before Landing — Arrow Station Mess Hall, The Ark

"To industrial accidents!" Rough laughter follows the call, and another voice adds in, "Here's to anything that gets rid of that dick Paris." The laughter redoubles, and cups that are decidedly not water are passed around the table.

"So whaddya think, you think the kid screwed it up?"

"I dunno man, he's a Grey, there's always a chance."

"Naw, not a chance. It's gotta have been Paris. Man was too stupid to live."

"And too mean to die." That draws another toast of cups and a laughing, sputtering cheer. Six men, Arrow Station roughnecks, sit around a table. They are janitors, plumbers, waste reclamation specialists, and other relatively menial workers. And all of them were previously victims of Paris Grey.

"No more black eyes, man." The words are said with almost religious reverence by one of the men. Another adds in, "No more bruises and bumps. No more shakedowns for supplies." A third chimes in, "No more scorched-Eden Paris Grey!" Cheers follow that call from the table, "I'll drink to that!"

Leaning back in his chair, one of the Arkers takes a thoughtful sip of his 'engine degreaser,' musing, "Happy Fathers Day, kid. Your life — and all of ours — just got a whole lot better."

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