Day 049: Grey's Reaper Capture Report
Summary: Grey submits a belated After-Action Report at Major Wu's request.
Date: 17 July 2016
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49 Days After Landing — Computer Lab, Camp Jaha

After Action Report, Capture of Reaper Specimens

Major Wu,

I didn't think you'd want an AAR from me, so I didn't put one together until now. I figured Sergeant Breen would take care of that.

So here's how it happened. We went out to the dropship, because that's where they ran into Reapers before, and then Sergeant Breen led us north and west, and Corporal Weeks found us a trail. We followed it until we spotted a group of six Reapers crossing a clearing close by the river.

Sergeant Breen through me and him out front of the others, then told everyone to focus their fire on one Reaper, single shots only. Now, anyone who's fought Reapers could tell you that's a stupid idea, because you've got to pour fire into them and try to stop them before they get to you. But the Sergeant didn't ask any of the three of us who'd fought Reapers.

So I shot another one in the leg. Slowed it down. Pumped the next round into its gut and dropped it. Morgan put an arrow into another one of them, and I don't know who Lionel shot, but it kind of says something when the two people with the most experience in real fights on the ground think your idea's piss-poor. I didn't put bursts into them, though, because I was trying to follow his orders without getting us all killed.

Of course, they crossed that clearing like their butts were on fire, just like I said they would. Chucked weapons at us. Caught Weeks in the leg, me in the face, and then the Sergeant, Simmons, and Shiver started putting out bursts, and then Simmons and Shiver went full-auto. The Sergeant never ordered it, but it was the right thing to do. Slowed the Reapers down just a little, right before they hit us. The Sergeant still took a big hit to the head, and then things got confused.

The Reapers were on us then, and I was doing the best I could to fend them off with my baton, keeping two of them busy so Morgan could tend to the Sergeant's head and the others wouldn't get overrun. Morgan started giving orders, and Sergeant Breen was still giving orders and they were mostly the same orders, but whatever the case, I was trying to put their orders together so I could do what they were saying, and I got clipped in the side twice.

Morgan hauled me out and patched up my face at least, and then I was back in the melee. I remember getting more orders from the Sergeant, about who to attack and when, but there he was with a damned concussion trying to call out targets for all of us in the middle of a brawl. I blame the concussion, but I also think we gotta train our people on how to let people use some initiative in a fight. Tell them what you want done, not how to do it. That's the only thing that works down on the Ground.

He wasn't the only one who showed he wasn't ready for fighting on the Ground. Simmons was whimpering and yelping the whole damned time, and he tried to retreat instead of holding the line right at the end. That's one idiot who needs to be way up in a guard post, not face to face with the bad guys. Shivers did good, and so did Weeks. Morgan should probably learn that he's there to give advice and help out, not try to take command, but it all worked okay in the end, even if the Sergeant tried to have Simmons chased down and hauled back in before I talked him down. Not like we could carry Simmons and the two Reapers anyhow. Sergeant Breen did make totally the right call to bring the Reapers in the back door though. Marching them past the Trikru camp like Morgan wanted to do would have been nuts.

I talked with Sergeant Breen the next day, and he didn't seem to think he did anything wrong. I'd suggest having his head checked before he's allowed back on duty. What works in a raid on citizens just don't work in a real fight, and he's got to learn to get input from the people who know what they're doing. Because he damned sure doesn't respect the lessons we learned down here, or what The One Hundred are feeling after we got shot down here to survive on our own. And that's going to cause trouble, especially if he tries to lead any people who don't have Guard training.

Lucian Grey

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