Day 028: Grey's Report To Kane
Summary: Lucian Grey makes a report to Chancellor Kane in the wake of the rescue.
Date: 26 June 2016
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28 Days After Landing — Camp Jaha

It's been far too long since Lucian Grey had to type up a report for a Guard superior — two years, in fact. And so he sits in front of a dataslate, his tongue caught between his teeth as he hunts and pecks at the keypad. Even if it weren't for the dulling effect of his painkillers (and head wound), even if it weren't for the way his mind wandered out into the woods around the camp, gathering his thoughts together would be difficult. There's just so much to say.

After Action Report, The 100 Project

There's just been too much that's gone on in the last month to go through everything that's happened. But the why's what's important, I think.

The Ground's a complicated place. The Trikru, that's what the Grounders call themselves, are a complicated people. We don't know enough about the Mountain Men. And they're all a threat to us. Understanding the Trikru is going to be life or death for us down here. They're fierce warriors, smart, there are a lot of them, and we're on their land. Oh, and they're the type of people willing to infect their enemies with a fever that makes you cough up blood before they attack. It doesn't kill most people, but it lays you up for 12-24 hours. On the other hand, they're also a people where some of them will help out a bunch of teenagers they've known for two weeks, even when their boss's boss says they're at war, just because it's the right thing to do.

And they've lived down here as long as we've lived in space. They know how to do it, and they can teach us, if we can convince them we've got something to give them in return. But it's not going to be how to farm, not our way. It's not going to be information about how to fix a computer, or how to fight. And it's not going to be things they don't need. It's going to be things that actually help them. Things like engines, and the solar panels to run them. Things like surgery and medicines we can make and radios and things they can use.

Because there's another side to the Trikru. They're hard as nails. You wrong them, they don't forget. You kill them, they don't forgive. You make a deal with them, you've gotta honor it. Because there's a ton of them, and unless we can get them in a place with wide open fields of fire, we're dead if they all come after us. I might've talked good game about surviving at the camp, but if they had all come for us and Fiona Kattegat hadn't worked her magic and you hadn't brought the Ark down, it would've just been a matter of time.

So how do you keep relations good with the Trikru? Talk to them straight. Don't try to lead them around. Just find the most important one you can, sit down, treat them like people, and talk to them. Find out what they want, and tell them what you want, and try to make a deal. The important ones should be easy to find. Each of their villages has a steheda in charge of it, and each of their clans has a kruheda in charge of it, and then there's a Coalition of twelve clans with a heda in charge of it. They also recognize Ambassadors. Fiona did real good at that.

Trikru have a couple of hot buttons, too. You don't want to mention missiles or nukes around them, or talk up the fact that we've got guns. Apparently, the last time Trikru had guns, Mount Weather blew up a village or two with missiles and left a warning never to use guns again. They won't even touch them now, from what I've seen. They don't even let people get within like ten or fifteen klicks of Mount Weather. That's how we started fighting them in the first place. Oh, and I would never, ever, ever mention that Mimiya Veeyang tried to contact Mount Weather on the camp radio. Never. Ever. The only thing I've seen a Trikru scared of, ever, is Mount Weather, and they don't like being scared. It makes them angry.

And if the Mountain's who's got our people, we're going to have to get the Trikru on our side. At the very least, we're going to need information. But they've also got numbers, and they know how to move and to fight down here. We might be able to get our people out without their help, but it's going to be really, really hard, and we're probably going to lose a lot of people.

And I'm tired of losing our people. I may think some of the other people in the Hundred are self-obsessed assholes, or dangerous radicals, pie-in-the-sky dreamers, or braindead bullies, but there aren't that many of us left. We tried to settle things democratically, the big things, like Magnola Trentin's trial and execution, and whether to fight or run when it came down to it. And that sort of worked, but only sort of. Some people, like Morgan Blackwood and Asher Kholmin, are going to be real angry that they don't have guns anymore. They weren't happy that the ex-Cs (that's the ex-Cadets) were keeping control of the rifles in the camp. I don't think we can have arguments like we had before. We need a strong leader who's willing to talk to the Trikru if we're going to get our people back from Mount Weather.

Because Mount Weather's got missiles, they've got guns, they've got some defense system that melts and boils your skin, even through your clothes, and they've got gas that knocks you out. And our people are in there. Not only that, but I made them a promise, that if any one of the One Hundred got captured, I'd come for them, bring them back. If that's not something you want the Guard doing, I'll resign, hand my gear over, and do it myself, sir. But I'd rather be ordered to do it.

Lucian Grey

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