Day 014: Grey's Unity
Summary: Grey takes part in Hanne's Unity Project.
Date: 23 May 2016
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14 Days After Landing — The Tech Tent, The Camp

Grey sits down in the Tech Tent, his fingers gnarling into the dropship seat-cushion beneath him. He's found some way to shave since landing, and looks relatively clean, especially in a next-to-new t-shirt of olive drab. There are still faint dark circles around his eyes, however, and a close look reveals the healing split in his lip. The ex-Cadet glances down a moment, collecting his thoughts, and then looks directly into the camera.

"What's unity mean to me? That's easy. It means that you're watchin' out for everyone around you, and they're all watchin' out for you." There's a moment where it seems like that might be all that he says, and then his left hand rises, the teenager nibbling on the nail of his index finger, and after half a minute, he starts speaking again.

"Unity's family. We might not have brothers and sisters on the Ark, but we've still got family. Your birth family may have sucked, but you've still got family. It's the people you trust, the people you know you can count on." His brows draw together in thought, "Even if you hate the everlovin' guts out of someone, if it comes down to it, you'll do what it takes for them, and they'll do what it takes for you. Because down on the Ground, we're all family."

"There ain't been a lot of unity down here these last two weeks, but we managed it a couple of times. We came together to rescue our friends — our family — from the Trikru. We came together to vote for reps to talk to the Trikru after that. We've shown we can do it. Now we just got to do it more often."

He pauses there, looking suddenly bashful, "So… uh… yeah. That's what Unity means to me. Family. Knowing you've got people's back and they've got yours, because you're part of somethin' bigger."

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