Day 014: Hanne's Unity
Summary: Hanne shares what she thinks unity is for the Unity Day celebration.
Date: 23 May 2016
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14 Days After Landing — Tech Tent

Hanne sits quietly before the assembled monitor, brushing her hands carefully over her frayed waffle-knit shirt and tucking her brownish hair behind her ears. She takes in a deep breath, smiles at herself in the monitor, and begins…

"Unity is a tough subject down here," she says, trying her best to keep her tone upbeat. "The only thing we all had in common when we got down here was, well, that we were all really angry and scared that we were down here — after the excitement of the sky, the air, and the trees wore off of course." She pauses, looking aside briefly.

"I guess up until then, we were all united because we were in the 'Box together. Not all of us talked to each other." Her eyes return to the monitor, looking a bit distant. "Hell, I'm pretty sure I only had one friend up there."

She takes a breath, finding that happy seed again. "But now, that's not really the case. So, I guess Unity is friendship… finding people who will stick up for you, and people you'll stick up for. People are making friends down here, and making friends that maybe they wouldn't have made before. You got ex-Cadets sticking up for Earth Skills nerds, and Farm Station kids working with the Mecha kids. I guess we got over the things that made us different, and latched on to the things that made us the same."

Beat pause, "You know, the will to survive." Hanne smiles again, dimples soft. "So, that's What Unity Means to Me: Friendship."

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