Day 006: I Didn't Even Like Them
Summary: Grey reflects on the losses the camp has suffered.
Date: 6 May 2016
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6 Days After Landing — Grey's Tent

There was too much room inside the tent. It was more than one person needed, and tonight it felt larger than it ever had. Lucian Grey sat on the edge of his bed in total darkness, his head in his hands. It was well past midnight, and he needed sleep if he was going to get revenge tomorrow… later today. But sleep eluded him. He kept seeing Rees and Perry.

Their faces haunted him, floating before his eyes whenever he closed them. He had failed them, had led them into a trap. There were dead because of him. Because of his plan to go to Mount Weather. Grey scrubbed at his eyes, surprised to find moisture on his palms. Dropping his hands, he wiped his hands on his shirt, and looked down at them, surprised that he could actually see his palms, free of dirt and blood. Was there ever going to be anything free of dirt and blood on the ground?

Now, there in the darkness, tears ran freely down his face. His shoulders shook with silent sobs. More people were likely going to die tomorrow, or whenever they found the Grounders. Rees and Perry were already. Dead because of him. The worst part was… he didn't even like them.

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