Day 045: Insiders Outside
Summary: Cage and Dante Wallace talk about the possible future of Mount Weather… outside.
Date: 12 July 2016
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Dante Cage 

45 Days After Landing — Outside Mount Weather

Two hazmat-suited figures step out of an airlock door in the side of a mountain, emerging into a small meadow surrounded by towering cliffs. As one of the figures shuts the outer door of the lock behind them, the other looks over the wildflowers blooming around them and then asks, "What are we doing out here?"

"I told you to trust me," comes the reply from the figure at the door. He steps past the other Mountain Man, looks around, and then turns back toward his fellow. Reaching up, he removes the mask from over his face, revealing the patrician features of Cage Wallace.

"Son," Even as the first figure reaches up, the second starts forward, Dante Wallace reaching as if to stop his son from removing the mask. But Cage's face remains unburned, unblemished by the toxic sky.

Cage lets out a breath, then smiles broadly, his lips twisting upward at the corners. "It worked." He turns slowly around, and then gestures to his father, "It's ok. You got the same treatment I did. Go ahead."

After a moment of hesitation, Dante reaches up as well, removing his mask as well. His own features are lined by a great many more cares than those of his son, but his face lights up as he inhales, "I'd forgotten the smells."

Cage nods "This is where we belong." He draws in a deep breath, and his smile spreads as he gestures encouragingly toward his father, "You always told me that the surface was our true home. Not some concrete coffin."

There is a long moment of silence, with Dante soaking up the view of the outside unimpeded by the lenses of a mask, and Cage watching his father carefully. And then the younger man glances down at his wrist, then back to his father, urging, "We have to go back now. We only have a few minutes. Come on." He begins to step past Dante, only to stop as the President does not move right away, "Dad?"

"Don't play with me, son." There is a sad sort of desperation in Dante's voice, and he turns back toward Cage, "What will it take to stay?" By the weight in his tone, he knows what he's asking.

"Bone marrow." So does Cage, and he hesitates a moment before he continues, "All that they have. They'll die so that we can finally live." It's not the strongest sell, and Cage knows it, so he draws in an obvious breath and lets it out again, continuing, "This is our world. We deserve this. We are the keepers of history."

Dante shakes his head a little sadly, "What we've done to the outsiders has corrupted our legacy. I can't go down that road any further." And then he moves back toward the door, only to be stopped momentarily by a hand on his arm.

"Dad." Dante continues walking, and Cage tries again, "Dad." Finally, Dante turns back to his son, to hear, "Please."

But the President of Mount Weather is resolute, and shakes his head again, "The answer is no." Dante steps into the airlock again, leaving Cage Wallace staring after his father for a long moment.

And then Cage's features harden with decision, and he follows his father into the airlock, resolute.

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