Day 045: Judgment
Summary: The Heda passes judgment on those Trikru who did not heed Indra's call to battle.
Date: 2016 Jul 12
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Day 45 — Lake Audo (or Arkadia for those who insist otherwise)

To run the risk of stating the obvious, the following is all spoken in Trigedasleng.

It is late morning when the Commander arrives to the Trikru encampment outside Camp Jaha. The woman — a young warrior of twenty-one — is flanked by two of her trusted companions, and the three do not slow their approach until they are fully within the camp. The Commander dismounts, greets some of those in the camp, and goes immediately into the Kruheda's tent.

The two warriors who came in with Lexa make short order in preparing a seat for the Commander in the center of the camp, and busy themselves while they waited for their Commander's return.

Lexa kom Trikru does not emerge for another hour, and when she does, Indra is walking beside her just off her right shoulder. The two approach where Lexa's chair has been set, and Indra takes a place behind her with Lexa's two bodyguards.

The Commander does not sit, but instead addresses the group.

"Trikru!" She says, voice sharp and loud, carrying easily throughout the space where the thirty-some Trikru have gathered. "This is not the first stop on my journeys… but this is where judgment will begin." Her gaze cuts over those gathered. "I have heard much of the Skaikru… from my own agents, from Indra kom Trikru, from Oxfor kom Trikru… but I am displeased that not all Trikru heeded their kruheda's call."

Her chin raises slightly, hands resting purposefully on the wide belt, heavy with weapons. "To fail to answer a call is to fail the clan."

There is a pause here, letting the words sink in, to hear the deep disappointment in her voice. If there is anger, it is cold as Azgeda steel. She continues, "But, I have heard your steheda's words, and Oxfor kom Trikru has accepted his failings as your leader." Her eyes fall to Oxfor who has remained silent up to this point at the back of the gathering. It is then that he begins to move forward, stepping through the parting crowd. When he comes before Lexa, he kneels. He murmurs something, and she nods.

"Fifty cuts, Steheda Oxfor kom Trikru… fifty cuts for not bringing your warriors to join your kruheda's warband when she called."

Oxfor's bald, scarred head nods in a single note of acceptance, and he says in that deep, rumbling voice, "As you wish, heda."

The Commander draws a knife from her belt — a mahogany-handled weapon with a long, double-edged blade. It is sharp, there is no doubt. She hands the blade to Indra. "The first cut to the kruheda."

Indra takes the blade, stepping forward. Her eyes meet Oxfor's as the large man stands. He turns so his attention is out at the crowd. Indra comes around to stand before him. The kruheda's cut is slow, and just deep enough to leave a fine scar across his right forearm. Her eyes do not leave Oxfor's, and she does not clean the blade when she offers it to another warrior of Tondc.

And so it goes. Warriors of Indra's Warband administer the fifty cuts. Since there is so few Trikru warriors present, most give Oxfor multiple passes until fifty are given. Each cut is anywhere from two to three inches, and they bleed quite easily.

Once done, one of Lexa's warriors steps up to guide him off, but Oxfor shrugs his grip aside.

"I will stand here… until each of my warriors receive their cuts." The warrior looks to Lexa, and the Commander nods.

Lexa turns her gaze back out at the crowd. "Judgment is done." Though this does not seem to be the end. "For each person who refused the kruheda's call, five cuts. Save for Wren kom Trikru, Gideon kom Trikru, and Que kom Trikru… for their complicit assistance to the Skaikru, they shall receive ten. Thesda kom Trikru, for the complicit assistance of your Second, you shall receive ten."

There is barely a breath from the crowd as the first Coesbur steps forward — a maker who had voted in the Thing to remain neutral. When her cuts are done, a warrior steps forward.

And so it continues…

Lexa has passed judgment. Five cuts will be given to warriors and those who spoke against answering Indra — whether to support the Skaikru or to remain neutral. The cuts are given by Trikru warriors, including Britt, Luther, and Rinnan — the latter whom some may (or may not) have noticed seemed entirely too comfortable giving out the cuts. The wounds were treated by healers at the Trikru camp, including Arlin, who watched the earlier proceedings with a level of impassiveness some might say was actual zoning out. Later, in the evening, Rinnan passed out an Indica-blend that seemed to offer some higher than average medicinal respite.

When it comes time for Que to receive his cuts, his expression is stoic but dark. "For the shame of displeasing my Heda, may I be cut five more times then she in her mercy demands of me, that she may know that though I did what I thought was right at the time— but her judgement proves I was wrong without question or argument— and that every drop of my blood is hers to by rights. For any call." During the cutting he manages, just barely at times, to not cry out, before bowing his head to the Heda and going to get healing.

Thesda kom Trikru accepted her cuts in complete silence, including those due Tuan kom Trikru, as she is responsible for the actions of her Second.

Wren took the cuts without a word, looking as if he was meditating during the entire process. And then he left to his tent to take of his own wounds on his own, refusing any help or assistance. And yes, that includes any Skaikru healers as well.

After the cuts are given, Lexa makes one final announcement tot he group: "I have been given the report from the scouts I sent to the Mountain." Her gaze cuts to Indra, who shows clear displeasure with her arms crossed and jaw set. "I go now to speak with the Skaikru's kruheda — " For there is no way in the Flame that Lexa sees Kane as a equal to herself. " — to determine the truth behind the claims of unthinkable atrocity laid at the Mountain's door step."

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