Day 051: Kai Incident Report
Summary: Kai submits an incident report to Lieutenant Sharon Wexler regarding an altercation between her, Cassandra and Sergeant Breen
Date: 19/07/16
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Day 051 — Eli's camp outside Camp Jaha

Lieut. Wexler: "Please state your name for the record."

Kai: "Kai kom Trikru."

Lieut. Wexler: "This report is regarding the incident on July 16th, between yourself, Sergeant Nathaniel Breen and citizen Cassandra Bonheur. Do you recall that incident?"

Kai: " Yes."

Lieut. Wexler: "In your own words, please describe what led up to and occurred during this incident."

Kai: "Very well. Before dawn I traveled to the old growths to set some snares, and through these netted rabbits for the camp. It was just past dawn and I was returning through the grasslands when I came upon Morgan kom Skaikru, Cassandra kom Skaikru and Silas kom Skaikru."

Lieut. Wexler: "You mean Mister Blackwood, Miss Bonheur and Mister Pike?"

Kai: "Yes."

Lieut. Wexler: "Continue."

Kai: "They were in search of plants. Opium, specifically. They asked if I had seen any."

Lieut. Wexler: "Had you?"

Kai: "No."

Lieut. Wexler: "And then what?"

Kai: "I recommended to them people among the camp that might be able to assist them. We spoke about the… situation with the Mountain and what might happen regarding it."

Lieut. Wexler: "I understand that is what happened to your head? Dealing with these… Reapers?"

Kai: "Yes."

Lieut. Wexler: "Continue."

Kai: "Kru's were discussed. Silas complained about the nonavailability of rifles to the hundred after how they had tore up those… bark monkey's. I spotted Sergeant Breen at a distance and noticed that he was injured."

Lieut. Wexler: "And what happened next?"

Kai: "There was a disagreement. Cassandra took offense at what she perceived was an order from Morgan, and claimed that she had been offered the opportunity to be Second to more than one Trikru."

Lieut. Wexler: "A Second?"

Kai: "An apprenticeship."

Lieut. Wexler: "And was she?"

Kai: "I find it doubtful."

Lieut. Wexler: "And this is when the fight broke out?"

Kai: "No. Morgan told her that if she had such an offer that she should take it, but that if she got up to her usual tricks that she would be punished for it. He asked me how many cuts someone would receive for stealing valuable… stuff, from their kru."

Lieut. Wexler: "And what did you say?"

Kai: "Trikru do not steal from Trikru. But things that harm the clan are treason."

Lieut. Wexler: "Go on."

Kai: "She insulted my kru."

Lieut. Wexler: "In what way?"

Kai: "She suggested that treason was not a serious offense among the Trikru."

Lieut. Wexler: "And then what happened?"

Kai: "I informed her that the fact she did not understand the seriousness of the punishment she was referencing showed how manifestly unsuited she is to being anyone's Second. Which devolved into an argument as to which side killed more people for less reasons. She then endeavored to insult my parentage and claimed that she had more in common with the… Grounders… than I."

Lieut. Wexler: "And then?"

Kai: "She tried to take a swing at me."

Lieut. Wexler: "And did you fight back?"

Kai: "She's not in medbay, is she?"

Lieut. Wexler: "Ky.. Kai kom Trikru.. did you assault Miss Bonheur?"

Kai: "No ma'am. She tried to strike me, but before I could respond Sergeant Breen shock-lashed her."

Lieut. Wexler: "Did Sergeant Breen endeavor to interfere in this altercation before that point?"

Kai: "No ma'am. I believe he was planning on stepping in if I had taken a swing at her, but she beat me to it."

Lieut. Wexler: "Is there anything else you need to add Miss A… kom Trikru?"

Kai: "No ma'am. At that point I collected my rabbits and continued on to camp."

Lieut. Wexler: "Thank you for your time."

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