Day 048: Kai Scout Report
Summary: Kai's narration of the video taken of the scouting mission to Mount Weather
Date: 18/07/16
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Day 048 — Eli's camp outside camp Jaha

Okay, let's just acknowledge this is amusing. I'm not part of the Guard any longer so this is totally not my responsibility anymore. Yes, I know I agreed to it. I'm doing it aren't I? sigh Okay. After action report.. Kai kom Trikru. Advance scouting team comprised of Archer Gideon kom Trikru, Scout Pontus kom Trikru, Scout Hyatt kom Trikru, Scout Thesda kom Trikru, Scout Tuan kom Trikru, Guardsman Lucian Grey and myself.

The video begins just outside of the tunnel system we discovered, you'll see from the signage listed over it that it clearly identifies itself as a construction tunnel for the Mount Weather project, which is why we decided it was worth further exploration.

The tunnels' dark, obviously. There's no lighting in there and once you get away from the surface lighting of some form is going to be necessary even if it is likely to act as a beacon to anything down there.

You can see here, this is the main tunnel, there. Where I knelt down? I'd felt something under my foot and it turned out to be metal rails. It was easy enough to surmise that it had been used as a transportation system for construction supplies before the war, but it wasn't until much later that we saw that the carts that it was designed for are still in use for body storage.

The tunnel goes down here for a while before we came to any branches, and considering that the rails continued straight forward the decision was made to keep following the rails specifically. This main tunnel is broader than its offshoots, three people wide with room for motion, could get about six across with rifles without interfering in lines of fire. Overhead's decent, too.. a couple of the team were over a hundred and eighty-five centimeters and didn't have issue with the ceiling, but they were close.

Where we turned here, and another further up, we were following the flow of air, all the way until we got to.. there. Several tunnels led into this antechamber. We definitely heard movement off towards the left and right, I'm also reasonably sure another group passed behind us back the way we had come from but we did not see them. You can also see here one of the carts I was talking about. It provided a useful screen to us at the time.

Myself and Gideon drew bows at this point, however before.. there. We hadn't noticed the door at first in the dark but.. well, Trikru don't wear hazmat suits. That light's coming from behind him, and it's too steady and cold for sunlight, meaning electricity.. but this? This bit here is what is.. strange. Look at the video of Coesbur, speak to those who have fought them.. Reapers do not line up. Especially not like this. And you can see, he's clearly injecting them with some kind of substance that made them.. high, almost.. it was creepy as hell.

But this is the point.. yeh, at the time I didn't hear it exactly, but I can confirm that's the voice of one Phillip Oscar Wilde, a.k.a. Lip. This dark spot here, that's the chute that he and a Trikru man were ejected from into the cart itself. And the cart was full of plastic sheets, bloody, but empty.

I wanted to shoot the Mountain Man, tactically I felt it would prevent the retreat you see here and that clearly from the way he was already retreating going undetected was already a lost cause. The value of that man as a prisoner would have been worth the fight, in my opinion, but the team leader and Guardsman Grey disagreed with that assessment in favor of collecting the escapee's and retreating.

You can't see on this video but the Reapers that had been in the area pursued us back the way we came while Guardsman Grey, Gideon kom.. Trikru, and Hyatt kom Trikru carried the Trikru prisoner and we endeavored to get Lip to obey operational silence so that we could elude our pursuers. Scout Thesda kom Trikru ranged ahead to secure our passage out and Scout Pontus kom Trikru was rearguard. We stayed ahead of the Reapers until we reached daylight and rather than head immediately in the direction of Alpha station went to the south.

There's a tone here.. there.. we did not establish what that tone was for precisely, although the Reapers halted at the tunnel exist as far as we could tell. We thought it might be the impending notice of a fog release, but it never manifested.

The Trikru who escaped with Lip unfortunately died as we made our way from the Mountain, and though it is regretful it was necessary for the scouting party to leave their body behind. Yu gonplei ste odon.

Regarding the acid fog.. the entire area's a deadzone. There's no birdsong or other evidence of fauna in the area. It appeared heavier than air, flowing down the mountain towards us. The tree's in the area did not seem particularly harmed by it, but under the circumstances it was decided to not be worth the risk of attempting to procure a sample without adequate protection. We located a place of shelter and remained there until the fog had passed. No specific trigger was located. The terrain makes it unlikely that it is a tripwire, and if it is automated then it is on a lengthy cycle. I do believe there's a human component in the triggering due to the timing and the absence of additional cycles, but that is at best a guesstimate based upon very minimal data.

In terms of ingress, there's the door from which the man emerged, and I would consider the chute one, too. Phillip Oscar Wilde refused to speak directly with me so I could not question how he and the Trikru prisoner escaped; whether they entered that chute at the same point or came from different levels. But given that it's terminus clearly is linked to prisoner holding and it would provide at least two points of entry I recommend exploring the feasibility of this entry point further. While with sufficient time I'm certain that the other door could be bypassed, for time efficiency simply blowing the lock might be the best solution. A sufficient force attacking from this point of entry would also provide a distraction from the secondary point and allow the secondary team more time to evacuate the hostages. With sufficient personnel a second assault could be launched from that point, also, to keep the enemy from suppressing the attack on the other front.

There you go. That's as formal as it's getting. Now I've got to get back to work.

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