Day 051: Morgan Incident Report
Summary: Morgan is interviewed about the incident between between Kai, Cassandra and Nathaniel.
Date: 7/19/16
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Day 51 - Guard Station

Lieut. Wexler: "Please state your name for the record."

Morgan: "Morgan Blackwood."

Lieut. Wexler: "You are a med-tech in Camp Jaha?"

Morgan: "So they tell me."

Lieut. Wexler: "This report is regarding the incident on July 16th, between the former Cadet Kai kom Trikru, Serg…"

Morgan: "Second."

Lieut. Wexler: "Excuse me?"

Morgan: "Kyler Adams was a former cadet. Kai kom Trikru is Second to Wren kom Trikru."

Lieut. Wexler: "Regarding the incident on July 16th, between the Second, Kai kom Trikru, Sergeant Nathaniel Breen and citizen Cassandra Bonheur. Do you recall that incident?"

Morgan: "Of course."

Lieut. Wexler: "In your own words, please describe what led up to and occurred during this incident."

Morgan: "Cass was being a bitch."

Lieut. Wexler: "Can you please elaborate from the beginning?"

Morgan: "Fine. Me, Cass and Silas were out foraging when we saw Kai. Silas was being Silas, Kai was being Kai, and Cass was being Cass. This went about as well as you would expect. Insults were made all around then Cass attacked Kai.

Lieut. Wexler: "Did Miss kom Trikru fi…"

Morgan: "Kai kom Trikru. Kom Trikru is not a surname."

Lieut. Wexler: "Did Kai kom Trikru fight back?"

Morgan: "Cass isn't in the infirmary, is she?"

Lieut. Wexler: "What happened after Miss Bonheur allegedly attacked Kai kom Trikru?"

Morgan: "Breen zapped her."

Lieut. Wexler: "You are referring to Sergeant Nathaniel Breen?"

Morgan: "Right."

Lieut. Wexler: "Did Sergeant Breen endeavor to interfere in this altercation before that point?"

Morgan: "There was no altercation before that. Besides, Breen shouldn't even have been out of bed."

Lieut. Wexler: "So he was in violation of medical instruction by being outside of camp?"

Morgan: "He's a big boy. I'm not his mother."

Lieut. Wexler: "Is there anything else you need to add, Mister Blackwood?"

Morgan: "Nope. Once I was sure Asher wasn't going to attack Breen, I took off."

Lieut. Wexler: "You're referring to Asher Kholmin?"

Morgan: "Yeah. He and Cass are doing each other. It's cute."

Lieut. Wexler: "Thank you for your time."

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