Day 015: Morgan's Unity
Summary: Morgan's thoughts about Unity.
Date: May 26 2016
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15 Days After Landing — Tech Tent

Morgan settles himself onto the seat and looks at the monitor. "Hanne's been bullying people into doing this so I thought I might as well set a good example. Strange as that sounds." Reaching up, he runs a hand over his hair before continuing. "I haven't given a shit about unity since my parents died, not even in the Skybox when it was all 'us versus them'. There weren't many people I considered part of my own 'us' and since I was going to be killed when I turned eighteen, it didn't matter much anyway. But since coming down here…"

Shifting position slightly, he glances down at his hands a moment. "Since we landed, we've had to work together to survive. Some seem to get that, some don't. I wouldn't care if half the camp fell in the river except that we're stronger with them even if they are idiots. Having to think about what's best for the camp as a whole…" He shakes his head. "It sucks. It really does. I hate not being able to do what I want to do. Or worse, having to do what I don't want to do. I hate making decisions that I hate. But it's necessary if we're going to survive.

What is Unity? Unity isn't what you feel. Unity is what you do despite what you feel. And it sucks."

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