Day 069: No Easy Answer
Summary: Tuan goes fishing with Fiona's Father
Date: 06/08/2016
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Day 69 — Lake Arkadia

The question echoed in the now silence that surrounded Lake Arkadia. Standing with his feet in the water, Tuan slowly pulled on the fish line that had been carried downstream by the current as he stood there, processing the words over in his mind again. It has been minutes now of silence from him while the question echoed in his mind.

"Son, what are your intentions for my daughter?"

It had started as a rather pleasant day. Tuan had woken at his usual time, just as the light was beginning to break the day because that was all he knew and had nudged the languidly stretched form next to him a bit so that he could crawl past and to his feet. Since the celebration of the Skaikru at Lake Arkadia, Tuan had accepted the offer from Fiona to stay with her, and her parents, in The Row. She had stayed with him so it was natural to stay with them and see how they lived, or so it was explained.

The way they lived. Tuan did not judge the Skaikru for how they lived, it was different. He had heard others call them soft, lazy and other such terms which he found completely unfounded. They worked different. They emphasized different things. Always an accepting soul he had simply let it be and observed. Living with Skaikru for the past two days, well living with Fiona's parents, had proven to be different. Her mothers was constantly shoving food at him; Tuan had grown a bit suspicious that perhaps they were intending to ripen him for some kind of harvest, or at the very least to see just how much one person could eat. Of course he'd been reassured that the mother was simply happy to have someone in the home to feed but with them having so little in the ways of food, Tuan was dilligent in his efforts to supplement by morning walks to the woods to gather and fish.

That was why he had rose at his normal time this morning. The softness of the bed beneath him was excruciatingly uncomfortable, not that he would complain. A lifetime of hard ground or a nice bed of furs, perhaps straw if times were good, that was what he was used to. The blankets smelt… odd. They were not his blankets. That was what Tuan struggled to understand. How many things in the Skaikru camp smelled odd to his nose. Fiona did not, he was used to her but the rest of the camp was just off.

Having pushed out of the bed, Tuan was greeted by Fiona's father who looked groggy eyed but had wanted to accompany the Trikru on his morning gathering and fishing undertaking. Out of the Camp in the morning with Tuan taking a slow pace while listening to Fiona's father speak about many topics. Where Tuan was a listener, her father was a talker that much was certain. Questions about various plants, about why he would do some of the things he did such as covering his tracks all were explained with respectful patience. After a couple of hours of making their way through the forest to gather berried, mushrooms, wild onions and other offerings for the day Tuan had led to the side of the lake where a short time later the pair were fishing. It had been silent for almost an hour, the only noise the chirping of the birds and rustling of the air then it was broken.

"I noticed that you have caught enough fish for what we would need today Son. Do you enjoy fishing that much to keep on?"

Tuan shook his head slowly, "My mother taught me, to gather what you need for yourself, then the same for another in need. Everything you bring is divided between yourself and those who cannot get for themselves. So if I bring back 8 fish for our meal, I must catch 16 fish so others may have 8. If I cannot get all 16, then I go with less so others may have what they need."

For a man that spoke as much as Fiona's father did, there was a silence after that. It was enough of an uncomfortable silence that Tuan's eyes lifted up to see what he was doing only to be greeted by an appreciative smile and a measuring look directed at him.

"Fiona always speaks of your character. Of the person you are Tuan. I see why." The words, delivered with a kind tone drift into the silence of the air for long moments before he speaks again, "I am not too old to have forgotten what kids your age do when they look at each other the way you and Fiona do. I appreciate the discretion you show with Fiona's mother and I."

That was enough to draw a blush out of Tuan for certain. It had been a topic of discussion between himself and Fiona, a respect he had for her parents to not be blatant with their relationship in front of them. It was less an issue among his own people but he had picked up the subtle hints that Skaikru had in regards to physical intimacy and public interactions. Again however, there was no real response which Tuan could give to the words other than to nod his acknowledgement. Then it comes, the question that still was echoing.

"Son, what are your intentions for my daughter?"

Trikru simply didn't ask questions like that, at least none that Tuan had encountered. The intentions were usually pretty clear but this was not a Trikru asking it and it was something that Tuan had never truly considered. Through everything it had been to keep Fiona alive, to help her so she could help her people. But with that era fading was something more needed?

The silence remained and then finally Tuan's shoulders slumped a bit as he looked over to Fiona's father. "I do not believe in being dishonest. I cannot answer your question because I do not know right now. If I may have time to think on it?"

A slow smile was given to him in return, a nod of the man's head in understanding. Then both returned to the silence of fishing until it was time to return to the Camp.

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