Day 031 & 035: Report To Kane
Summary: Memoir Summary
Date: 7/3/16
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Day 031, before Morgan leaves for TonDC and Day 035, the day after he returns from the fight at Coesbur.

Kane. Here's stuff I think is important.

We first learned there were survivors when they ambushed us on the way to the mountain. There was no warning, they just started firing arrow at us from cover. They killed two of us and captured four. I was one of the four. They treated us well and while they showed a lack of any advanced (or even some basic) medical techniques, they did display a strong knowledge of herbalism, healing our injuries, keeping them from being infected, and keeping Quinn alive where I doubted we'd have been able to at the dropship because of our lack of even the most basic medical supplies since we were sent down with absolutely NOTHING. It became obvious that if we wanted to stay alive down here, we'd need to learn from them.

We were rescued and killed seven of them in turn, taking some prisoners including the one who showed the most interest in us. They were eventually escorted back to their people where it was discovered that a number of them very ill, having caught a virus from us that they had no resistance to. It was agreed we'd come heal them in exchange for peace talks. We did so and the camp voted on who to send as representatives to bargain with Oxfor. Me, Fiona, and Quinn were picked. We ended up with a truce in exchange for teaching their healers to suture wounds, whatever we left behind when we left the dropship permanently (which we knew we'd need to do eventually since the closest water was a four hour round trip) and a percentage of what we find after raiding the next three supply depots. At this point, the Grounders in the village were mostly cautious and bordering on friendly. They did not know we had guns. While all we arranged was a truce, from that point on things were generally promising. A number of people on both sides were curious about each other and saw the potential advantages for us all though there were those, especially in the camp, more distrustful than not and sometimes aggressively so. Then the dropship destroyed their village and you probably know what happened from there but I thought you should have the start of it in detail. Now some miscellaneous shit that's important.

They originally attacked us because we were headed for the mountain. It was a warning not to do that. No attempt to talk first, just an ambush.

Blood must have blood. I've always understood this. Everyone needs to who deals with them.

Honor is important. Oxfor was caught between a rock and a hard place, having sworn loyalty to Indra but agreed to a truce with us. He delayed as much as he could and even let his people help us if they chose to.

They have a knowledge of herbs and plants we need badly. They know how to survive down here. The Ark might have tech they don't but relying on it for survival is stupid. As you know, tech can break down or be destroyed. Not to mention the food is horrible.

There are twelve clans. The Trikru is only one of them. The Azgeda live to the north and they Grounders hate them. There is a clan that lives on the ocean. The Boat People. No idea if they have real ships from before the war. They don't seem to interact with the Trikru much.

Fiona is doing a Grounder named Tuan. Grey is doing a Grounder named Gideon.

Here's what Gideon told me about how things were right after the war. Everything broke down. All the tech was gone. Society broke down. Everyone was in it for themselves just to survive from day to day. I'm guessing lots of years passed. Eventually someone got them to organize so they could build something from the rubble and try to live instead of just survive. That was the first Commander. The Commander is the one who leads all twelve clans. Each clan has a leader. Each village has a leader.

The Trikru have a method of execution called Death By A Thousand Cuts. I don't think the name is supposed to be figurative. But at least they don't kill people for minor crimes.

You owe me, Kane. You owe every single one of us you sent down here. You definitely owe Cam who decided to use the radio that his mother died to bring down here. You owe his dad who lost his wife just weeks ago and you owe the other parents as well. The entire Ark owes Cam and his dad. We don't know why the Mountain Men want them or what they're doing to them but it can't be good. Grey might be an ass but he knows you don't leave your people behind, especially not in enemy hands. Loyalty goes in both directions. If the 600 think they deserve it, they better be willing to give it. Get them back no matter what.

Day 35 Report

Kane. I'm sure you heard by now that the Mountain Men destroyed most of the village with a missile. Jumar is looking over the video to see if anything was caught on the camera I was wearing. The Reapers were extremely dangerous but they die just like anyone else. If not for the missile, it would have been a clear victory. What happened just makes it all the more obvious that we need to kill the Mountain men. It could have just as easily been the camp that was targeted.

The first step is figuring out how to get through the mist. To do that, we need to know what the acid is and to do that, we need a sample. I'm not a chemist or an engineer and am not the one to talk to about what's needed for that. But I did talk to Jumar about it. Obviously, a hazmat suit would be ideal if we have one. If not, perhaps some kind of gel to coat the skin. Based on the condition of the bodies of the three guys we lost early on to it, I'm guessing the acid is only fatal in a short exposure if it's inhaled. They managed to walk at least some distance before succumbing so even if we don't have a suit, being extremely cautious should keep anyone from dying. Especially if an escort with a rover is available to return whoever it is to camp ASAP. And yes, I'll do it myself if I need to.

He also said seeing it in action would help identify what it was so we should record some raw meat being exposed to the mist. I intend to ask Kai and Silver if they can get any information on it from the Grounders. Assuming not all of them blame us for the destruction of the village (we used guns to defend ourselves against them trying to kill us so it's our fault - yes, one of them said that), they should want revenge and if we can get through the mist safely, they might agree to an assault on the mountain.

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