Day 014: Roger's Unity
Summary: Roger gets bullied into — er, agrees to participate in Hanne's Unity project.
Date: 24 May 2016
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14 Days After Landing — Tech Tent

The recording starts to the sight of an empty chair, with the sound of muffled voices in the background, not quite within range of the microphone. After a moment of this, Roger backs into view. He's only visible from the neck down at first, until he drops into the chair and his face comes into focus. He's still looking at someone off camera, and seems a bit nervous and harried. The microphone begins to pick him up halfway through a sentence, as he comes within range.

"—n't think people are going to want to hear from me…"

Someone off camera says something that the microphone doesn't pick up, and then Roger looks at the camera and smiles uncomfortably.

"Oh, we're already…? Um. Okay. I guess."

He gathers himself for a moment, looking to the side and fidgeting with the frayed sleeves of his grimy shirt. Finally, he figures out what he's going to say and looks back at the camera. He's fairly solemn as he begins.

"So, my parents taught me that all living things are connected, right? And that means all the things. Animals and plants and everything. But humans are unique because we know what we're doing. We aren't just… running on instinct or whatever. We can choose to live by a code of ethics, instead of just… kill or be killed, you know? So that's one kind of Unity, I guess. Choosing to do good to others, because you know that you're really the same."

He stops and looks down at his hands, frowning while a slight crease appears between his brows.

"So like… Think about the Ark and Unity day. They weren't one people before that, right? They all came from different backgrounds, and different belief systems, and different… well, everything. But on that day, they all stood up together and said, 'Today, we're going to band together to look out for everyone. Not just ourselves, but our fellow man. We're going to make sure we all survive, whatever it takes'."

He clears his throat and looks up at the camera. He looks clearly troubled.

"So I think that's really what Unity means. It's not about our family versus the other guy's family. Or protecting our own from an enemy. It's not even just about survival. It means working together even though you're different. Maybe even because you're different. Arkers, Grounders, us… This is *our* Unity day. This is our chance to decide that we're all going to stand together, even though it seems like we're all so different. That's what Unity day is for."

He looks down and picks at his fingernail, as though suddenly self-conscious.

"Anyway. That's my perspective, perhaps you have another." This last sentence has an almost ritual sound to it, as though it's something memorized and recited by habit. He doesn't linger over it, but looks up suddenly and addresses whoever is lurking out of frame.

"Is that enough? Can I be done now?"

Roger is already fleeing the seat as the recording cuts out.

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